Excel Automatic Database Creation with Input Card (Includes Conditional Drop-down Menu)

This is a fun tool that can be applied to all kinds of business situations. The basic premise is that you can use data from an input card and automatically pull specific fields from that data over to a clean database. Then, from the database it can be analyzed in many ways.

Free with any other purchase, just email me. Also, check out these HR templates in Excel and Google Sheets.

About This Excel Model:
  • Add up to 100,000 rows of new data (depending on the scope of the input card).
  • Track information based on time-stamps.
  • Has conditional drop-down menus (many can be built based on your specific criteria).
  • Includes a macro that will transfer the input card data over to a clean database format with one click.
  • Includes chart visualizations.
  • I will add in and explain all the various was this data can be analyzed.
  • The macro can be modified to work even if the input card you want only needs to pull certain cells and those cells don't have to be aligned in the same column.
The nice thing about conditional drop-down menus in excel is that you keep the data that is being put into the excel model congruent and as free from human error as possible. This is always important when tracking information that goes through the hands of humans manually.

If you have a specific range of products that have specific prices, that can also be dealt with and based on a given product sku/product type there can be pricing that looks up data from yet another table with static pricing hard coded in.

For example, you can have a set of sku's with 5 pricing levels or tiers. Based on the sku, the next data point on the card can automatically populate when taking into account all the previous factors on the input card.