Financial Visualizations for any Pitch Deck

 If you are putting together financial projections that need to go into a pitch deck, they need to look professional. This means consistent formatting, easily readable fonts, very clear number display, and consistent coloring that is not distracting. Your only goal is to allow potential investors to easily view what you think your financials will look like over time in a digestible presentation.

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pitch deck visuals

Using this pitch deck template is really easy. You just enter in your annual financials and all the visualizations update accordingly. I tried to stick to the most relevant and used metrics that 99% of businesses will have readily available if they are building standard financial projections. Visualizations include:

  • Revenue
  • Gross Profit
  • Revenue Growth Rate
  • Gross Profit Margin
  • Break-even Revenue
  • Year-end customers
  • Customer Growth
  • Fund Usage
  • Net Income
  • Margin Analysis
  • Revenue vs. Break-even Revenue
The deliverable is an Excel and Google Sheet version. On the Google Sheet version, just click through to the link and then hit File > Make a Copy in order to use your own editable version.

Another use of this template could be to show historical figures. If you need to present past performance, simply enter that data and change the chart labels from 'projections' to his 'historical actuals'. Or, if you need to show some historical actuals alongside future projections, you can easily change the coloring of the 'actual' years so they stand out from the 'projection' years.