Increasing Max Hold Period to 30 Years on Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet

This is the easiest investment analysis sheet I've built and a customer requested the template be able to handle 30 years worth of time instead of 10. I have updated accordingly.

You can buy this investment spreadsheet here.

  • Increased the maximum hold period from 10 years to 30 years. Updated all formulas, ROI/CoC outputs and visualizations accordingly. 
  • Made the increase in rent and expenses per year driven by a percentage input per year instead of hard coded inputs per year.
I imagine the reason this customization was requested was because the user wanted to see a 30-year mortgage (debt) live out its entire life instead of having an early exit. That made complete sense and so I made the update a global one. This didn't reduce any previous functionality and only added to the flexibility. When that is the case, it is a no-brainer to made the update for everyone who buys the spreadsheet.