Amortization Schedule Excel Template: Includes Loans, Bonds, Interest Summary

This excel sheet was designed to be versatile enough to show an amortization schedule for various loans and include the function of allowing for varying payment amounts and a variable interest rate over time. The other side of this model shows a bond schedule.

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The goal is to compare different loans to each other as well as the effect of using a bond issuance to finance loan investments or getting a loan to invest in bonds. It can go either way and you can play with the interest rates and terms to see what kinds of things are possible.

The primary inputs include:
  • Amount
  • Term (years)
  • Starting Annual Interest Rate
  • Payments per Year
  • First Payment Date
  • Origination Fee
The primary outputs include:
  • Interest
  • Net profit
The loan amortization schedules are dynamic enough to deal with real life situations such as late payments, varying payment amounts, varying interest rates over time, and varying payment amounts (less or more) than the schedule.

If the interest or payment amount changes on any period, the interest/principal amount will adjust accordingly so the balance gets to $0.00 by the end of the loan term.

You don't have to compare various situations. If you just want to use the loan amortization schedule for your own purposes (to use for a friend/family member) etc...than that is just fine.