Excel Models: New Service Line

What is going on everyone?! I am going to start really putting the hammer into the value you can get from smarthelping.com and in order to do that my content is going to make a bit of a shift from forex trading to excel models and builds that help businesses with decision making, data cleaning/manipulation, visualization, and cash flow analysis.

Normally, you can go and find a lot of free templates for some of the things I will have, but much of it is unique and specially built by me. The value I plan to give and why there will be a small one-time cost to any of the sheets is that this logic is on the advanced end and likely will take an average to intermediate excel use an immense amount of time to duplicate on their own. This is where my excel templates will differentiate themselves from the free counterparts you may see.

On top of that. Each excel model/build is going to have an accompanying video that comes with it and explains use cases as well as general explanations of all the pieces and how they work together.

None of the cells or worksheets will be protected so you can change/see the formulas as well as add-on or adjust the model with ease.

Finally, I am also going to be available to help tailor any of the excel builds to your specific business. As long as it sits within the scope of what the excel template is described to do, I will help you with it free of charge. The only thing I would charge for is something that is add-on or new and for that my time is currently $165/hr.

Anyway, this is the kind of content you can expect to see as we move forward.

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