Futures Margin Calculator

I have been working on a tool that futures traders can use to see at what price they would have a margin call. It works for long and short positions as well as any futures product as long as you have the necessary information about buying power requirement and how much of the underlying 1 standard lot controls.

no longer available, check out all advanced financial models in Excel and Google Sheets here.
  • The most recent update on November 28, 2015 now allows for you to calculate when a margin call will happen and the corresponding profit/loss of any futures product and no matter if you are long or short.
  • Simply enter two inputs at the top (amount that 1 standard lot controls of the underlying and the % of buying power it takes to control 1 standard lot). 
  • It can handle well over 7 additions to the initial buy price and I can build it for you so there are more if necessary at no extra charge (within reason).
  • The next and final update will enable this futures trading tool sheet to show long/short positions all in the same sheet rather than two separate ones.
I will go through all of this with you after the purchase if you need more insight on its use or slight modifications and fee free to email me: jason@smarthelping.com