Aug 31, 2011

99% Of People Fail Trying To Make Money Online

This statistic becomes more and more real to me as I continue working online. There is lots of people who want to learn how to make money online. The problem is becoming successful at it. It is difficult because of all the self-motivation and learning it takes. Nobody is going to be there to tell you what to do first or guide you through the process so nothing gets screwed up. Wasting thousands of dollars, lots of time, and many stressful situations is common for people trying to make money online.

The reason why it is difficult is because people try and dive into things before knowing anything. This can lead to painful experiences on your wallet and psyche. One key trait that it will take is being able to push through the work and not get unmotivated when the money doesn't immediately come in. Peoples first reaction is that it will never work, no results will ever come, and they want to go back to their old job. In my opinion, a regular job is actually less rewarding financially. It is also not as stable. You are at the mercy of your employer and have to do as they say.

Working online is like being your own boss. You have to actually be your boss though. It requires you to take necessary actions and steps to put yourself in a position where it is easy to earn money. The driving force behind this will be taking initiative and wanting to learn more. Results will come as long as you perform the correct steps over time. (8 months on average).

If you have never had any experience with running a website or having a high traffic blog that brings in the money, this is going to be very hard. It is very hard to teach people how to succeed. I have tried many times and it is difficult.

Steps To Start A Website and Make Money Online

1. Find a blog hosting provider and register a domain. The link above is to a trusted site that compares the biggest hosting providers. The domain name you pick doesn't matter as long as it is short and easy to type out. Search engines will be more concerned with what the content of your site is about. (Google ranks according to content)  I would suggest going with SiteGround when picking a hosting provider because they have the best solutions for starters and can scale as you grow.

2. After you have signed up for a hosting package and domain to go with it, all you need to do is start getting traffic to your blog and then monetize it. This means making a homepage to describe what you want your site to be about (make it broad and something that is of true interest to you so you can write about it for 10 years plus).

3. Start making new pages. When you make a page, you have to title it. This is very important for traffic in search engines. Use something called "Google Insights For Search" in order to pick the most used phrases for the topic your page is going to be about.

When I pick a page title, I take into account how popular the phrases in my title are. This gets higher traffic levels. Once you pick a title, write your page content. Don't think about keywords when you write this content. It is better to write for your users in an easy to understand way.

4. After you start reaching 20 to 30 pages of high quality and unique content, it may be helpful to begin throwing up some products on your site. The easiest way to do it is by signing up for affiliate programs and promote their products on your blog. Try to find affiliate programs that offer products that are congruent with your website content. This allows you to make high conversions. There are thousands of them out their for all types of niches.

The professional way to implement advertising of products is by having hundreds of pages that link to a few "sell pages" that have your affiliate links on. An affiliate program pays you commissions whenever you refer a buying customer through your affiliate links. Keep in mind about 20% of the affiliates online are making 80% of the money while the other 20% scrape and claw for the scraps.

Getting To The Top

If you want to make it to the top as far as money making goes, it is going to take consistent efforts to keep writing more and more content. Don't get discouraged and give up when results don't come. You just have to learn more, write more, and make smart business decisions to eventually make it to the top of online income.

If you have made it this far and are not scared away, I applaud you. Good luck on your website and I hope the best for you. Be dedicated and fully commit to your ideas. Eventually you will be making money in your sleep.

Managing Time

This is not my best topic, but here it goes. I think that in order to manage your time the best all you have to do is eliminate time wasters until you have gotten things done in your day that involve long term success. I generally allow myself to indulge in things like video games, card games, basketball, and other "fun" things only after tasks have been completed that determine my success.

Personally, I am trying to get my degree in Accounting (1 semester left as of today August 31, 2011) as well as building online income. My first priority is writing things out on my websites. Once I have finished doing enough work that I feel comfortable leaving the computer screen for a day, I will look at any homework assignments that I have and do those. If this is all done, I now get to pick what to do.

If you become efficient at getting essential things done that are going to directly lead to your success, there is ample time to do whatever brings you joy in life. This works double time for me because I also love to write online. It is now fun to write about interesting topics such as this. I have started this blog in particular because I was tired of writing about things I didn't care about very much. My other websites have to do with Natural Supplements, PDF solutions, and weight loss information. After getting about a full 400 pages worth of content in a year, I have decided to work on this blog.

I am making all of my money on these other sites, but plan on making this my long term strategy. How this fits into my time management is simple. I now focus on this blog first, then school work, then if I have free time and feel like writing about health, I can do that. Not all the previous work has gone to waste though because this would be extremely inefficient and a waste of time.

In my mind, I think of the past year as testing in order to see what is going to work for long term income. For me, it is my main natural health product website that makes all of my income right now. I can let that propagate and grow online as it is creating a cash surplus while I build this site. The reason why I am more excited about building this site out is because there are no limits to what I can write about and it allows me to genuinely help people with their life.

As I write this post, it is only the second day of being live online. Making this information available to everyone is an exciting time for me.

Is Google Making Us "Dummer"

This is an interesting concept I have researched lately. In my opinion, there is no way that Google is making us any less smart. What it may be doing is limiting our perspective on certain issues. The pages that reach the top of Google are usually there because other sites online have voted for them to be at the top by way of back links or webmasters who own the websites have built their content in a way that is search engine friendly.

Note I did say "Dummer" instead of "more dumb" in the title. It is a joke.

Either way, our perspectives become skewed from Google. It is not like we are more dumb, but our views are limited to what others think. This information could be bias and not credible because some people may write false information in order to sell something. The big search engines have no bearing on verifying information or content of a site. They can penalize people who spam random crap over and over, but that is all.

The reason why a source such as an encyclopedia or specific topic based book is better than a search engine is because the information in these reading materials is backed by credible sources as well as verified by intelligent individuals who are professionals in these fields. Google might be faster, but it is not always credible or accurate. Some ways to check your work is by looking through multiple websites to verify if something is correct or not.

One thing that is good about big search engines is it allows for reputable organizations to put their knowledge and information online. A good search based website such as Bing, Yahoo, and the Big Cheese can be thought of as a giant database that retrieves information based on queries the users type in. What makes them different from one another is the criteria for which all websites are ranked. The Big Guy uses over 200 factors (quality and accuracy are not one of them) to rank websites. Since almost all webmasters make websites with a financial interest in mind, millions of people are competing against each other for the top 10 spots.

Usually, you will find that only the websites that provide true value to people and are useful make it to the top for long term results. Inherent things that come along with an "authority site" include high quality back links, lots of rich and unique content, and powerful tools or ideas. It doesn't matter that the site has been online for so long, but what the site has done in that period of time. The reason why a long term authority site gets lots of back links (a hyperlink from an outside site to the authority site) is because it has proven useful to thousands or millions of people. Sites that change lives and help people with their problems are commonly ranked well.

I don't want to limit your perspective on a "back link". It is simply a link on one site leading to another. It does not have to lead to an "authority site". Usually these links are in the form of hyperlinks and provide some kind of descriptive term or phrase in the hyperlink that describes the website you are clicking too.

How To Invest In Stock, Forex, and Trade Options

Binary Options Trading (Day Trading on Steroids):
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Start Trading Binary Options - I Use This Broker Myself

As I have said on my site many times, trading options is a very risky business, but you can make some good money on this and double up your investment if you do it right. Just beware that you can lose your entire investment in a matter of hours or weeks if your contract has become out of the money. It's simple, higher risk but higher chance for reward. Doesn't take a lot to make a lot, but you could also lose a large percentage. Learn how to read charts for this.

A few of my live binary trades can be found here:
Forex Trading
Forex trading means Foreign Exchange trading. This is a way of investing for people who would like to risk anywhere from $1000 to $1,000,000. Trades like this have high volumes and allow trades to complete within seconds. The way it works is by making trades by betting one currency will increase in value compared to another.

How This Type of Trading Works

In order to start trading like this, you need to find a good Forex Broker. Most brokers will allow you to start with a practice account of anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000's. This makes it easy to learn more about foreign exchange trading and allows you to play with the trading system in real time with real quotes. They always provide the option to start trading with real money.

Let me explain this more in depth. Say you want to buy the Yen. You buy 100,000 Yen's for $1,000 USD. Let's say over the course of a few months, the value of Yen has increased compared to that of the USD. Now your 100,000 Yen is worth say 1,500 USD. If you end the trade at that moment, you get a $500 gain. This is an example of going long on the Yen. "Going long" just means you are betting the value of the Yen will increase in value compared to the USD.

Most of the currencies around the world are available to trade against. It is a good way to invest with low risk and chance of substantial gains. Paying attention to world news and markets is a good way to get your due diligence in before placing a trade. You can also view this as an alternative investing strategy if the stock market and trading securities are not of interest in this moment.

Trading Stocks

There are a few things to know before you decide to do some stock investing. With stocks, you can take $50,000 a year and turn it into $80,000 a year or you could go the other way and lose $30,000. The best way to start trading is slow. Make sure to do your due diligence before buying into any company. It is also important to treat the stock market like an investment and not a bank. The main goal for the majority of traders is to make money off of their principal. What this means is leaving your initial investment in forever and just take the money out that you have gained.

If you are going to trade stocks, use Scottrade.

How To Maximize Gains

Many individuals will want to know how to get the most gains on their investment. In order to do this, you need to find a strong company. What I mean by "strong" is a business that has substantial cash inflows as well as long term sustainability. Their products should be something that is of interest to the majority of the public, commercial ready, and easy to make a profit with. Basically, find a company that is not going bankrupt any time soon. This reduces your risk a lot and for new investors it is good to minimize risk.

Staying with this strategy of finding a good company, in order to make a profit off of them you need to know when to buy. The best way to do this is wait until there is some sort of news or slow period where the stock is down for reasons that don't have anything to do with the actual business of the company. If you can find this time, it will be easy to get the stock at a low price and it will bounce back.

The reason the stock bounces back is because the sales and model of business never dropped. In this situation, the company just had a slow period as far as trading goes. What you need to do is find the drop off point and buy as low as you can. Only do this if you know that the company is not going bankrupt because it is healthy and there are no obvious indicators that say money will stop flowing in.

Commercial Friendly

Earlier in this article I was talking about commercial friendly. This applies to people investing in start up companies or research and development companies. One of the major reasons you see companies going bankrupt is because they have a good idea for their product, but it is hard to scale it up to a point that has sustainable and long term interest to its potential market. If the company you are thinking of investing in can't find a market to fit it's products and the product can't be made in a cost effective way, run away from them and don't think about investing.

It is easy to know this by reading financial statements and the annual reports. News stories are also a key way to get more comfortable with business operations to better make an investing decision.

The Dark Appearance

Something I have been thinking about is appearing dark in a confident way. What I mean by dark is a feeling you have by taking certain actions. I don't mean anything like Emo. This is a way of being attractive to people that are close around you without looking like you are trying to do anything at all.

When I say "Dark" I mean taking actions that come off as cool, calm, accurate, and pristine. Try to put yourself in a state of being that looks friendly but cold at the same time. One part of this is getting into shape. By being in shape, it is easier to appear strong mentally. Obviously when words come out of your mouth perception might change. This goes back to learning things for yourself and not depending on what others think in order to shape your own perceptions. Create your own perceptions by gaining pure knowledge independently.

Treating your body like a temple helps this overall "dark" and "strong" look. Keep it groomed, clean, smelling good, and smooth. Most people can't be completely happy with themselves. As a result, they worry about opinions that others might create of them. This is completely useless and serves no purpose. In order to be in a state of self-confidence, it is helpful to think of how you want to be without any outside influence. Once you have an idea of how you would like to be as a person, start living it. This is a way of forgetting about how others look at you because you already are aware of the way you live and who you are.

This should make it easy to interact with people. Having a complete understanding of yourself makes for a confident self. In situations, it won't be hard to feel comfortable. Instead of thinking about how to come off to people, you will just exist in a situation completely as yourself the way you have chosen to be. The only opinion that matters is your own, and if it says to change something, do it. Make sure this idea of change is stemming from nobody else's ideas but your own.

Being able to feel this way is a nice way of feeling rich. Imagine going into every social or work situation feeling completely comfortable with yourself. This is a fairly nice way of living at higher levels. Hopefully this idea can assist peoples lives in a rich way.

Aug 30, 2011

How To Know If Money Will Make You Happy

This is a question many of us debate about. Some think they will be more happy if they had more money and others think they can be happy without it. I have been thinking about an easy way to figure out if you would really be happy with it or not.

Ask yourself this question:

Am I happy right now?

If we factor out all the bills and debt that you owe, and decide that the only difference in your life is having 10 billions dollars in banks compared to having 200 dollars in the bank, how will you feel. This depends on what your life consists of and if you feel as though you're making an impact on the world.

By examining the sports world, we see that guys are continuously unhappy and not fulfilled in their life. The thing that gives them the most joy is probably playing the actual sport and not the money. The downfall comes when people expect to feel much happier when the money comes, but don't appreciate the good feelings they get while doing whatever it is that is actually making the money for them.

If you find something in your life that brings joy and happiness, the money will take care of itself. As all things, learning and making intelligent decisions will enhance your ability to live in a way that is considered wealthy. This is not easy to do, but it helps you feel more fulfilled. In this day in age, businesses thrive because they give value to their customers. Now, bring this philosophy into your own life. If you can create value for people, they will be willing to pay for it. Hence the economy goes around.

An easier way to implement this strategy is by thinking of it as this: Imagine you are working for a company and they think you are worth 40,000 per year. Chances are the job you are doing is bringing in much more than that for the company or else no company would survive. Put yourself out of the company and do the same job. Now it is going to be easy to make the full amount of money that you're worth while providing things to people that they want. By doing this you eliminate the extra money a business makes off of your work and keep it for yourself.

Learning From Myself

Something I have realized over the past few years is that I need to learn from myself. I find it very easy to give advice to people, but I don't usually take this advice for myself. Keep in mind I work hard at not giving advice unless it is asked for. It has become apparent to me that listening to my own ideas can be very beneficial. It is what got me writing this blog, starting my other websites, and becoming healthier.

It is one of the hardest things to do, but can be well worth it. Some ways to help yourself do this may be taking ten minutes at the end of your day before you go to bed and reflect on what you have said to others, and what you have done. If you can get a happy medium between your current actions and what you tell others, your life will have better congruence.

When you are living in a way that is congruent, it is much easier to talk in conversations, perform activities, and succeed at a high level in life. Think of it as fitting all of the parts of your life together so that you are one person with one philosophy that guides the way you think and live. This does not rule out God either.

Having God as part of your congruent life is possible and recommended. I talked about being the boss of yourself in another post. This does not contradict having God at all. Most Christian folk might say it is important to submit to God and rely on him to take care of situations. By being the boss of your life, you can choose to follow the teachings of the Bible and work at having a relationship with God. This doesn't mean sitting back and not taking care of anything. It is important to work at relationships and continually seek learning and better understanding of things.

Even if you are not religious, you may still want to think about the possibility of having someone available to you that will listen to you. Think of it as a way to have a conversation with the being that created everything and knows everything. This will work best if you don't think of it as praying or religion. Just try it out and see what happens.

Anyway, to get back on topic, living in a together and complete way helps with overall performance and feeling joyful. It is much easier to complete tasks and enjoy things like music, art, scenery, relationships, entertainment, and other stimulating things if you are all together at the top.

Living In Abundance

I am constantly working to get into a mindset that is abundant. It takes time and isn't something you can just have one day because you decide you want it. What I mean by this is living a life that has little scarcity. This could be terms of anything. For example, if you see someone spend 25k on a vacation and think that is outrageous and too much money, it means you are living in a mindset where it is difficult to provide enough value so you can earn 25k in a short amount of time.

I myself am working to do this with day trading. I try to risk a lot of money in order to make a lot of money. After doing this for a little while, the amount of money that seems a lot to me keeps getting greater. As a result, I am moving closer to abundance.

What Abundance Means

Abundance just means not scarce. In my relationship, I feel abundance because I see the rest of my life together with my partner in crime Brittany. If I did not feel abundance with how much time we have together, I would probably always be worried about the next time I get to see her instead of being able to enjoy each moment as it passes by me.

Another feeling of abundance I find is money. In order to feel this way I have started tithing 10% of my income. It is for a good cause and the underlying feeling I get when I do this is that there is plenty of money to go around if I can give 10%. It is like tricking my mind into feeling abundant. Anyone can do this. You don't have to give to a church. There are plenty of ways you can give your money to help others. It's all about how you can allow yourself to feel a certain way. Feeling abundant is pure joy, trust me.

As far as other aspects of my life go, I have been working toward my basketball skills and training my body. I am not doing this for no particular reason other then it makes me feel good mentally and physically. Some say you release endorphin's after exercise so this might have something to do with it. Couple this with the fact that I love to play basketball in the first place and you get one happy camper. 

I think my pleasure in basketball stems from when I use to play with my dad a lot. He was not there to talk much, but he did like to play ball with me. Cancer took him away when I was in ninth grade. This is alright though, and I don't blame anyone or anything for his death. 

Some more abundance that I am working for is filling my cup full of learning. I have a few months left of school and I will have my Accounting degree. It is fun when you take an approach to school as if it was not school. I think of it as a way to think about ideas I would normally not think about.

One of my professors who is a CPA and worked in the field for many years was asking us about what we think the meaning of "Rich" or "Wealthy" is. Most of the class said things like love, family, and having a sort of rich life emotionally. Part of this is a result of most of the class not being close to a lot of money. The point was that my Professor was unable to think of these things. She has dealt with money her whole life and said it was all about the money. 

Everyone has different ideas about what it takes to get to a point where you may call yourself rich. I believe you can do this if you have abundance in many aspects of your life. This is to say that money is a part of it so that you can do things like travel and pay off debt or help your parents out. There are other parts to abundance though. Having a very strong emotional support so that you never feel alone or without a purpose is also beneficial. 

Being able to fully depend on yourself and run your life is also good for working towards abundance. To explain this further, I mean it is good to be able to be the boss of your life. Some requirements that you need to do include taking full responsibility of what you do. This means money flows, actions, and anything else that you are involved in. Don't blame anyone but yourself for the situations you end up in. The life you live is the life you choose. What this means is that you pick what your life is going to be and live it out. 

Some may think they are stuck doing one thing and don't have a choice to do anything else. This is not true. You can start by educating yourself in a broad way and narrow it down to a specialty over time. The more knowledge you have, the easier it is to make sound choices and end up living in a way where you don't feel stuck and sorry for yourself. 

Something I can not stress enough is human interaction. This is important for abundance. Naturally, the way human beings are set up, they like to talk and be social. If you can get yourself involved in some kind of group or activities, it is going to help take your mind off of work or stress so you can relax. 

Aug 29, 2011

What Is Rich

My definition of “Rich” is being able to find your purpose in life and incorporate it into what you do for a living. Being able to take this purpose and use it to provide some sort of value to people is very rewarding financially and psychologically. It also takes some money management skills to maintain wealth and make it sustainable for you and your family. One major part of money managing would be the ability to save and live within your means. Living comfortably in a way that is congruent with your beliefs is another meaning of “Rich” for me. One of the best ways to obtain this state of being is by finding a safe affiliate program and then developing a website or blog in order to provide valuable content. 

I have interviewed some of my closest relationships to figure out what they think is rich and how to obtain it.

Interview 1: Chanda Varner

Background: She is my sister and is a senior at Toledo University. She has worked in the dietary department of Geauga Hospital for 4 years during the summers. Also, she lived in a lower middle-class family.
Answer: Being successful and being able to do what you want without struggle.

Reflection: I found this answer to be short but to the point. I think she meant that being “successful” meant being in a position she liked and turning it into a way of life. The second part that she said was “doing what you want without struggle.” I think this meant being able to live a life that is not pay check to pay check. One reason why this has come out in my opinion is because growing up my sister and I couldn’t do everything we wanted as a result of low financial funds. Our parents had jobs that allowed them to pay bills and that’s about it.

Interview 2: Virginia Wilcox

Background: This is my Grandma and she was born in 1933. She worked as a home care provider/cleaner and then did insurance work later in life. Now she is retired and still volunteers at the hospital.
Answer: To be rich takes money, discipline, and a budget. Takes money to make money. Savings instead of spending.

Reflection: I think this answer stemmed from her living an entire life working at jobs that provided enough money to help support a family as well as support some savings. She would not believe in extravagant spending. There was not a lot of extra money for her to spend and nothing was ever wasted. She is a very good saver and has money in very safe securities but does collect interest on a few things.

Interview 3: Connie Varner

Background: This is my mom: Connie Varner. She works at Geauga Hospital and has been there for 39 years. Also holds a job at the same time working with Home Instead Senior Care. Also does child care.
Answer: Hard work and good investments.

Reflection: My mom’s answer shows that she has worked for everything that she has and in order to be rich she believes you have to work hard no matter what you are doing. I agree with this and think hard work equals success no matter what the outcome.