Jul 30, 2014

Today's Bins Trading Results...Trading Client Account and 7.3% Return on 7 Trades Fixed Risk

Happy day everyone. Today is the first day I am taking on client account to trade with in front of the lions den trading room for everyone to follow. It was a tough day with all the GDP and Oil inventory data coming out on the NY session, but ended up getting 5 wins and 2 losses, all 5% of initial balance fixed risk trading. This is the safest and easiest way to grind up profits consistently. I wish I had started the account on Monday because we went like 15-1 for the day session last two days.

Jul 26, 2014

5 Minute Binary Options Strategy

There hasn't been a good bit of content for binary options trading, so here you go. Let me start by saying that this is going to be a way to help people trade binary options with more accuracy, less stress, and more daily volume. Whenever you can increase your trade occurrences with less risk and more volume, it will make it much easier to build a consistent profit machine with this kind of win or lose derivative.

Jul 23, 2014

Setting the Perfect Limit for Spot Forex

What is going on! It was an amazing morning after have a great couple of days to start the week. The best trade I have ever done happened overnight on the London session. Last night I had just closed out some usd/jpy shorts for about a $40ish profit and that came off a day where I scalped small for $23 of profit. The initial entry to the u/j trade was just to make another $10, but the profit exceeded that as the Asian session played well for me. After that, it was all about the perfect limit order set on the gbp/usd buy.

Jul 22, 2014

Trading Multiple Forex Pairs at the Same Time and Making Profit

Whats up traders. Here is the update on my latest trades and strategies to make money on spot fx. So from Sunday night to Monday I had made about $60 of profit going short on the aud/usd, gbp/usd, and usd/jpy. Then, I got into my first real challenge for a position that had to be held through Monday and into Tuesday. It was a short on the eur/usd for a limit profit of $24 and short on the usd/jpy with a limit of about $60 profit. They were both taken at the same time and I had about half the margin risk on the e/u compared to the u/j.

Jul 18, 2014

Spot FX for Thursday Night Into Friday Morning: Lots of Profit Beats

Great Friday everyone! Well I have been setting spot fx positions like crazy as my $30ish profit target has been getting hit a lot more over the pat couple days. It's nice to get quicker traders rather than waiting 3 days and being down $100 at a time. It's just what the market gives sometimes though. Anyway, between the close of the aud/usd shorts last night and right now we had a bunch of medium to large size winners and only 1 small $11 loss on the usd/jpy and $15 on the aud/usd short this morning.

Jul 17, 2014

Amazing....The AUD/USD Short Came In Again for 5% Balance Return

Well look at this. I have been in this AUD/USD short since Tuesday, but instead of getting into it all at once, I scaled in with six 0.1 lot entries. 3 were made down around 0.93477 and the rest were set around 0.93607. After a day the trade was about $90 loss and then barely came in for a $10 profit. I would have cleared the trade if it had dropped another $20 and been short the usd/jpy, which would have turned out great.

Jul 15, 2014

Salvaging the Day with Spot FX Short on AUD/USD

Well it was a tough day after the nice morning spot fx profit.The problem came as I started trading on the fed chair testimony and interest rate guidance. I would have made a really nice $200ish profit and had about a $300 swing in the trade balance of this forex account if I stayed in my original pre-news position which was short eur/usd.

Finally Got out of A/U Short with $98 Profit ($25 of Interest)

Well this spot fx trading is proving to be very interesting. It's Tuesday morning and my limit orders just got filled for a big profit on this A/U short trade. It was held since last Thursday at 0.66 lots and has been about $100 out of the money for most of the time. The plan is to only make $36 a trade and exit as fast as possible. Patience is key. Some trades may last a couple minutes and some may last a couple days, but the strategy seems to allow for profitable sustainable trading even if you are dead wrong on direction originally.

Jul 11, 2014

Friday AUD/USD Huge Drop: Saved Trade

Well it was an interesting week. It started off with a profit and then things got bad through the mid week and into Friday. I have been starting a brand new strategy that seems to be proving to be a really good trading technique even if you are completely wrong on direction in the short-term. The risk management is setup for about a $2,000 account and lots/trade is from 0.50 to 0.66 with a profit target of $35/trade. Every time you get the profit target, the idea is to look for another trade and just keep it rolling forever.

Jul 7, 2014

Experiencing a Little Draw-Down in Forex Markets Overnight and Morning

What's going on traders and people seeking good information on how to trade on a daily basis within the forex markets. As you saw from Sunday night's forex trading session, it was a great start to the week. However, right after closing the last profitable trade, things got a little rough.

Jul 6, 2014

Sunday Night Spot Fx: 1.8% Return...Slow and Steady

Alright, had some great directional plays in forex trading tonight. I got into some shorts on a/u and longs on u/j that both limited out at my profit targets while I was out and about. This is an awesome feeling. The plan is to keep staying small and the positions are about 20% of my max lot buying power for now and still getting a nice balance return.

Jul 3, 2014

Great Trading on NFP This NY Session (6.7% Return)

Well we had an awesome morning trading binary options and spot forex. I had a lot of indicators that made it seem that we were going to go lower on e/u, a/u, and long on u/j. As you will see in my trade history for today, these setups paid off nicely with about $100 of profit in about 8 seconds after 8:30am EST as the data was released. It ended up being very good economic indicators for the USD (dxy).

Jul 2, 2014

Huge Beat on ADP Non-Farm Employment Change: DXY Soars

Well it was a good night last night for spot forex as I got short on the AUD/USD for a nice little $80 profit, but then the greed set in and I went in on another short right at its bottom for the night. It sucked because I ended up checking on it every couple of hours and it went between -$15 and -$99. Luckily the ADP jobs added number this morning was so much better than expected and it shot the USD way up and the AUD/USD down so I closed that for another $80 profit as you will see in the video below. It was tough to hold it all night.

Jul 1, 2014

Trading Forex with Data

What is going on. This morning in the forex markets was interesting and I'll try to walk you through how a spot forex/binary options trader may have viewed the price action. First off, there was high impact news for the USD at 10am on PMI numbers. In the end it didn't move the markets, but right when it was released we swung big. That doesn't help a binary trader much, but would be good for a quick 5m forex spot trade if you get the right entries.