Sep 22, 2014

Starting off the Week Strong and Making Profit Daily

Well it was the puts that paid again today. No matter if you were trading equity options or binaries the short side of this market was paying. You could have bought the outright weekly puts in tsla for a gigantic scalping profit or even been in on some 10 to 30min high/low binary trades with those underlying assets and had a great morning. Also, for forex the best trading came out of the eur/jpy in the lunch to afternoon session as it made nice 3-4 five minute bar long trends sideways. It was nice.

Sep 19, 2014

How to Trade For a Living

Well, I feel this is long overdue. I want to talk about the trading week update, but more importantly I want to explain some things that every trader needs to know if they are doing it as their primary income. It's tough and you have to treat your activities as if you are a business so here is how I am doing it.

Sep 9, 2014

Week 6 Binary Trading and Equity Options

What is going on. My Monday was just too busy to get any writing done, but things have heated up even more today. I am doing my best to get this trading update out today and begin the updates for this week's entire trading status. Again, I believe this is huge because the things discussed are ways any one individual can put their own skills to the test and try to make a living for themselves. Yes, it does take money to start, but if you hone your skills, you have the power to make as much money as you want. People do it every single day.

Sep 2, 2014

Week 5 of Binary Options Replicator Results and Daily Forex Setups

Well we are starting another week in the forex pits. It's a short week with labor day closing down the volatility on Monday so we are starting on a Tuesday. That means just like a regular business holiday we have trading holidays where no money is made. The difference for you as a trader is now instead of getting a day off of work, you are a business and you get a day of potential profit loss. Now you know how your business owner feels :)