Dec 31, 2014

Stock Option Setups Dec. 31, 2014

Whats up option traders. It's the last day of the year so I know many big players are off on holiday and it will be very thin markets. Keep this in mind if you plan on trading, but since the market is open here are a few morning stock option setups that I will be watching.

Dec 30, 2014

Binary Options Broker Proof of Withdrawal To Bank Account

I have heard some concerns and issues with getting withdrawals from binary option brokers. Since I do promote a bins platform as my #1 broker, it's prudent to show the proof that I have used them and taken profits from them.

Stock Option Setups for Dec. 30, 2014

Morning option traders. It's still a holiday week so I would stay pretty far away from the forex markets no matter if you are trading binary options or spot fx. There could be some opportunity in the options markets though as that is what I am following this morning.

Dec 29, 2014

Using Stock Options Order Flow to Find Trading Signals for Scalping

Morning, while I wait for the launch of our new trading room, I am just playing around with order flow and trying to use it to create short-term trading signals for stock option traders. Basically, this is a great way for you to see what other people are doing in the market, if the stock you are trying to trade has any action in it, and at what prices most of the options are trading at in a given time-frame. All of these is useful to traders.

Dec 27, 2014

Stock Options on Friday and New Forex/Binary Options Strategy

Happy Saturday everyone. I have a few things to go over with some stocks and a recap of how Friday expiry could have gone for you stock option traders as well as a new strategy that can be used in spot fx or binary trading. Also, stay tuned for the new trading room news.

Dec 23, 2014

Managed Binary Options Accounts: Don't Do It

No matter if you are from the U.S. or not, avoid having someone manage your binary options account unless they are a close friend that you trust and don't mind losing whatever they plan to trade.

Call Option Opportunities: Dec. 23, 2014

Good morning. It's Tuesday the 23rd day of December in 2014 and we have two long opportunities. Normally I look at put option plays, but today these two stocks just look too bullish in the near term to get short. We also had a pretty large beat on economic numbers this morning pre-market.

Dec 22, 2014

Dec. 22, 2014 Stock Levels for Possible Trade Entries

Well, I know it's hard to figure out when to enter a trade no matter if you are trading binary options or stock options or even regular buying/selling stock. It's a bright and sunny Monday morning, finally. The trading levels presented our mostly stocks and 1 index.

Dec 19, 2014

Stock/E-Mini Analysis: Trading Opportunities (Friday Dec. 19, 2014)

There has been some huge moves in the overall broader markets. Some say it's a dead cat bounce and others say all-time new highs for another month straight. This last bid in tech stocks and the E-mini S&P's was the biggest in 4 years. So what do you do now?

Dec 16, 2014

Best Help For Options Traders

Well in my daily drive to help traders make money, I constantly think about what will help the most. What is the best resource for traders that has a significant impact on their profits over the life-time of their trading accounts. So this is a work in progress, but overwhelmingly the most important thing is managing account rather than how to find entries.

Dec 8, 2014

U.S. Market Starting to Sell and Trading This Week (binary/vanilla options)

Well it's a pretty red Monday. The rest of the week will tell if we are starting to crash down, but the chances of the overall market and DXY to drop in the next month is high. For binary options that means looking at put setups all day on a 5m time frame for the usd/jpy, eur/jpy, and gbp/jpy. On stock options, I am personally keeping an eye on BIDU. Today it opened down about 0.5% and as with the rest of the market traded down nearly 4% in the red.

Dec 5, 2014

Weekly Happenings: Binary Trading, Stock Options Trading on Fridays, and Money Making Businesses Overview

Hey traders and anyone out there looking at different things to make money with. Today was a pretty decent day for binary options as you will see in the video. Also, my options trading on strictly Friday expiry stock options went fairly well today.

Dec 1, 2014

Waiting for Capital to Build and Binary Trades Today

Well here are the binary trades taken in the trading room today. Went 3 wins and 0 losses. That is pretty good. It's tough to work on other things like the health sites and other business endeavors when all I want to do is have enough money to do credit spreads, but it comes right back to the heart of trading, which is discipline.