May 31, 2015

Calculating Max Loss for Credit Spreads

In advanced stock option strategies, you will come across something called a bear or bull credit spreads. This is when you sell to open a closer strike and buy to open a further otm strike. It's a defined risk trade, but how do you calculate what your potential max loss can be?

Should You Sell the Bid and Buy the Ask in Options Trading?

Just like in every market, the pricing of options is done with a bid and an ask quote. When you go to make trades, there isn't just one singular price no matter if you are buying/selling stock, options, futures, or forex. So what is the significance of this to the average trader?

Stock Options Trading Help

I am building a series of free insights on the stock options market. This is something primarily built for traders within the United States, Canada, and Mexico, but there are some countries considering opening up their borders to equity option markets through various brokers.

Why Trading Engagement is Bad for Options/Stock Traders

This is a topic many traders have talked about, buy many are on the other side of the argument. Most others say it's good to be engaged to the markets and certain underlying assets because it helps you make better trading decisions. However, my argument is it causes traders to make terrible decisions.

May 29, 2015

Live Forex Triangular Arbitrage For Retail Traders on Oanda

What is going on. This is turning into an amazing Friday as I have basically found out how to trade forex, binary options, and stock options all at once by the numbers. I have been able to apply my Oil case study results to any market place as long as a 50/50 opportunity is available and the payout is at least 70% on total potential loss. The returns are nice even in stock options where you can only make trades weekly.

Day 38: 2-3 on Oil For a Risky Friday of Binary Trading

What is going on guys. I was getting a little scared there at the end as we were a fraction away from getting 1-4 for the first time since starting this system. No worries though because that was one of the worst case scenarios as I accidentally picked the wrong trade amount on the first trade and cancelled it (I still counted it since it would have been my first trade theoretically).

May 28, 2015

Figured out How To Implement "Oil Fields" Strategy to Nadex Platform for Consistent Profits

What is up guys. I know a ton of people want to learn how to trade on Nadex profitably. Well, the case study I have been working on for the last 37 days has proven that it is valid and the numbers work on in the favor of the trader if they adhere to the parameters.

What Young People Need to Know About Finance

Do the old ideas of investing have any real weight to young people? The answer is a no for majority. Most twenty-somethings don't want to buy something and hold it forever in the hopes of a 10-15% return. That is mostly because they don't have a ton of money and they want to be active in how they manage their own money.

Today's Biggest Morning Bell Swings for Stock Options (weekly)

Well, I think this is a cool thing that many traders like to see. How much can a weekly stock option move in one day? I don't want to go in depth on how to find these opportunities or use them to build your trading account because that is part of the trading course, but I do want to at least show you what the pricing change was on some of these derivatives on a daily basis.

Day 37: Pushing Past 66% for Binary Options System Anyone Can Use

What is going on traders. It's now day 37 of this case study on probability based binary options trading. The overall record after today's 1-0 broke through the goal rate of 66%. This is a great thing and shows simply by picking a random direction and stopping when you have wins with a max of 5 trades is how you get a statistical edge in this market.

May 27, 2015

Day 36: Make $382/Month Optimizing Market Randomness

What is going on. The trading today was excellent again as we hit our max profit with the least amount of risk possible. That is 1-0 ladies and gentlemen and it was on Oil right around the 10:30 am est hour. The signal was generated randomly and this system is truly becoming something to behold for anybody interested in binary options trading.

May 26, 2015

Importance of Truly Random Signals Over Randomly Trading

This pertains specifically to trading this binary options strategy. It deserves some more information how why the trade is generated using a true random number generator rather than randomly picking up or down yourself. This is a system that anyone can use and it's sustainable.

Day 35 on Binary Options Trading with Probability (1-0)

We ended last Friday with a strong 100% and start Monday with another 100% regarding our binary options trading case study. It uses complete randomness to generate direction and over the years of trading binaries I have found out how to optimize this in order to make consistent monthly profits.

May 22, 2015

Week 8 Live Binary Forex Trading Room Overview

Welcome new and old traders alike. It's Friday and that means another wrap-up of the live skype trading room signals. It was a slower week, but we are about survival here and not recklessness. The overall record was 2-1 and here were the trades this week:

Day 34 of Binary Options Trading Case Study (using randomness)

Nice 1-0 day on Oil as we continue to produce some really amazing results using the only binary options system that is 100% universal, very easy to understand, and has a track record now of 86 trades in 34 days with a 65% accuracy. Every single trade was taken randomly as far as picking up or down.

May 21, 2015

Today London Session Binary Options Signal

What is going on traders. We had a solid hourly put this morning in the London session to bring the weekly record up to 2-1. The trade was a gbp/usd hourly put called at 6:45am EST at a price of 1.56820. It was a full winner as any price between the following :45 expiration, hourly exact, or the 8:00am EST was lower than the entry price.

How Currencies Were Rigged by Banks and What You Can Learn as a Trader

So yesterday I saw a headline that was talking about a bunch of large banks around 4-5 billion dollars for rigging the currency markets in order to profit. It involved simply quoting really bad prices all the way to many banks' traders working together to create advantageous markets for their own profit.

Day 33: Binary Options Case Study Proving Anyone Can Make Money

Well today we had a near 2-1, but had a tie on the third trade so ended up going to the trade max of 5 and a record of 2W and 3L. I figured it was a due day for something less than profitable, but the binary options trading strategy being utilized in this case study still held strong and we didn't see tail risk of 1-4 or 0-5 still.

May 19, 2015

Forex Trading Update (consistent profits)

I have finally come to a point where there is a great ability to use technology in order to make really clean and consistent profits in the forex market. There are very specific things to keep in mind while trading in the way I am now learning, but so far the results are super strong and as you can see in the video there has already been a really high trade occurrence per day with very low draw-down.

Day 32: Binary Options Case Study: 2-1 on Oil

What is going on binary option traders. Well today I started trading a little later, but still well within the parameters of the system and as you will see it was a nice clean 2-1. I almost forgot what direction I assigned to the random number generator tool, but it was fine. It's very important to keep the direction (call or put) the same throughout your entire set for the day.

May 18, 2015

Forex Market Very Predictable Today and Trading Room Signals

When I say the forex market was easy today, it's because I have been short the gbp/usd for the past 3 days and in my head it had nowhere to go but down. That is just what happened for the eur/usd and gbp/usd all day today. I have implemented a new trading strategy that is a bit safer and non-directional so it didn't really matter what happened to anything today.

Day 31 of Pro Binary Options Trading Style Case Study

What is happening binary traders. We are really showing some amazing tools that anyone can use for free in their binary options trading careers. This is the first system of its kind to truly take advantage of the random nature of the markets in order to give a theoretical edge without being insanely risky like the martingale systems.

May 15, 2015

Week 7: Trading Signals Group (Now Doing London/Asian Session)

Hey forex, binary, and stock traders. What is happening? Well, today we do have a new update that might be of interest to those living in the US. Because some clients can't trade during normal work hours, I am implementing at least 1 trade during the London and Asia session combined. That will allow for you to get trades that you normally may bot be able to see because of work schedules.

Day 30: Teaching Anyone to Trade Binary Options Like a Pro

What is going on binary options traders. If you want to know how to trade like a real pro with these platforms and make money month in and month out, than this is the data and strategy that you need to go with. It's because the system is can scale with any account size and it doesn't involve insane risk. Instead, I have got the optimized parameters to used a fixed amount of trading risk per trade and get 66% accuracy over time.

May 14, 2015

Day 29: Monthly Income Potential with Binary Options System

Hey binary options traders. We are continuing to work out the expected profit that can be made on a monthly basis with the random trading style used in the recent case study. Now that we are closing in on a full month's worth of trading days. The cool thing about this is anyone can do it and you never have to worry about blowing your account or having to be right about direction.

May 13, 2015

Today's End of Day Binary Options Signal: Oil Put (Big Winner)

Well I do still run a binary options trading signal group here at smarthelping and share the results daily and weekly with you from what is sent out in the skype room as well as e-mailed out. Today's end of day put on Oil takes us to 2-1 on the week and the winners were both clear and clean winners for anyone taking them on any binary options platform.

Forex Signal on GBP/USD Currency Pair

Well, I feel like I need some good vibes coming my way so here is my current position in the Great Britain Pound currency in my spot fx account. You can use it as a free trading signal or whatever, but if it starts to weaken I believe it will come down 700 pips before re-gaining support.

Day 28: The Only Real Advantage to Binary Option Traders

Whats up traders. This morning was another consistent showing of using randomness to take binary option trades. Since they allow only 1 outcome and 2 possible choices at the start along with a fixed amount of return depending on if it is a win or loss. (hence the term "binary" option), there is an advantage to take here.

May 12, 2015

Day 27: Binary Options System Making Consistent Monthly Profits

What is going on. We are now moving closer to a full month's worth of results with this case study on binary options trading. It stinks that it only works for fixed contract up or down platforms, but all you should be concerned about is being able to get your profits out every month and that means going with the biggest and most trusted platforms.

Forex Winners: 5% Return Per Trade

What is going on forex grinders! Well I nearly escaped alive going long nzd/usd over night from yesterday morning at like 9:00am EST. This was after making 15% on the day as you saw in yesterday's video. I am pissed at myself for trading more, but luckily there was a great opportunity today to close it out with only a small loss.

May 11, 2015

End of Day Signal on TSLA for Trading Room

What is going on binary option traders. Well, today I called out a really nice range bound trading opportunity in TSLA at 1pm EST for an end of day put. This signal was a clear winner at the close with nearly $2 of gap between entry and expiry.

Day 26: Making Money with Randomness

Well here we are, it's now day 26 of the case study and today we had a 3W and 2L result, It started off 1-1, then went to 1-2. From there we had 2 wins in a row to make a small profit with 70% return on money risked. This is the kind of thing you can only do with these binary option platforms and it's purely based on statistics and using a random indicator to enter calls or puts.

May 10, 2015

Engaged Trading Vs. Non-Engagement

This is a pretty common dynamic that happens to most traders. It's the feeling behind when you make a trade and hopefully you are able to avoid this feeling as much as possible, but it does happen. It's the way you engage yourself to an underlying asset. It could be futures, forex, regular stocks, indices, or even options.

May 8, 2015

Trading Room Week 6 Results: 3-1

Hey binary options traders. This is the regular weekly update that I give on how the trading room went. It was a slow start, but strong finish with what looks like a 2-0 Friday. So I will go over each signal that was given for binary options and the result, which you can verify time/direction/price in the video.

Day 25 of Binary Options End All Trading System

What is going on. I have been getting a little more feedback on this binary options system and some of it is good and some bad. What is important to understand is there is not really a right and wrong as far as what the numbers are. They simply are what they are and I am showing the results I generate live in front of you and the factors that go into it.

Importance of Stop Losses in Spot Forex Trading

Well, as you may have read or heard, I have been hinting at yesterday trading day. Basically, I got punched in the mouth....hard. After being up 13%ish on the day, I got greedy and went for one more gbp/usd short. It was up a few times and I could have taken it off the table to get a few more %, but my urge to really bang in the profits had me holding off on closing it. Problem was we had elections in that country yesterday....

May 7, 2015

Forex Directional Trading (7% On Balance)

Well as we continue to try and position ourselves in the spot forex market, the profits keep rolling in. I don't think this week will be a full double up on balance, but it will be a solid 5%/day average, which is about what we had last week. Anyway, early this morning, about 5am est, I was up shorting the gbp/usd and held it just up until 10am EST.

May 6, 2015

10% Balance Return Spot Fx Today...Trading Room Got Even Better

I finally closed my aud/usd short about 30 seconds after the news came out tonight at 9:30 am est. It had doubled my 5% daily goal per the position so it was closed and good thing because just after that it popped right back up. The jobs number was bad for them, but their unemployment rate was unchanged. A bunch of people got short on that so the market tried to stop some of them out as far as what I can see.

For Investors, When To Take Profits?

If you are a longer term investor that has yearly outlooks, how do you know when to sell if you have just bought stock or even real estate? Well, you may never want to sell, but in order to get paid and actually capture the work your money has done, you have to.

Forex Market Analysis (eur/usd, aud/usd, and nzd/usd)

What is going on forex traders, scalpers, and position setters. I feel like my engagement to the forex markets right now is the strongest it has even been and all the research and effort is getting lost so instead of just letting it disappear, I am going to try and keep an ongoing daily update on what I think about the daily moves in the forex market.

Using Probability to Make Money (Day 24)

Well this is the best way I can try to explain the binary options trading system that is being tested in the current case study. The key is to base trading decisions directionally on random chance and then all you have to do is manage the amount of occurrences you do and when to stop.

May 5, 2015

Live Forex Trading Room and Signals (long eur/usd, nflx eod put)

What is going on forex grinders. Lesson I have for you today is always, always, always wait for your levels. If you miss it don't worry, there will always be another opportunity. The market moves 100's of pips every day and it's not shutting down any time soon so you can't afford to make an entry just because you think you will miss a move if you don't. That will kill your forex trading.

How to Never Blow a Binary Options Account (Day 23)

As I continue to trade binary options with this new random directional trade entry strategy, it is becoming really clear that at the very least this will never blow your account if you are managing it correctly. It took me a few years to get to the point where I knew what parameters to put in place to optimize probability of profit on a daily basis, but now you get them all here for free of charge and instead of it taking you thousands of dollars and years of time, you jump to the front of the line.

May 4, 2015

Showing How Anyone Can Make Money with Binary Options: Day 22

Well we are back on track here Monday morning with a 66% outcome (2 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie). This is right where we want to be and you can see that the reason we changed the max trade amount per day from 10 to 5 is because the 3 day's out of 20 that went to 10 basically cleared all the profits from the 2-1 and 1-0 days.

May 1, 2015

Day 21: Binary Options Case Study for 60 Second Options (2-3) and Forex/Signals Update

Hey binary traders. It's early and I won't be around for the regular trading times on Oil so I went ahead and did today's trading on Gold. As you will see, getting away from what was the strongest results has always meant worse results as it should, but today we see how capping things at a max trade size of 5 seems to be the best technique for limiting losses and getting the most out of 1-0 and 2-1 days.