Nov 30, 2011

Update for Business Site

Aright, I am excited because there is an easy way to help build my brand credibility with the health site business. Google Checkout is amazing and free. It allows me to have a cart on my site and combined with some drop-shipping networks, I can now sell some product directly from my site. The cool thing is that I mixed this with affiliate referral type product pages.

It will be interesting to see the difference in ranking for a page that has a direct way to buy compared to a page that offers a referral to another merchant. I think it will increase sales in the long run. Some of the benefits of having a cart mean people trust the site more and can keep coming back to my actual site for orders rather than going to a referred merchant.

Over the course of the next few months, I am going to be only adding products that I can directly ship instead of doing affiliate product promotions. It only took a little bit of learning and reading to implement this and it is actually easier than promoting products with cloaked affiliate links and looks more professional to users.

There is a little bit of a hiccup because Google Checkout Merchant services don't allow you to withdraw funds until they have cleared for 10 days. This is fine for normal operations, but at the start, I will have to provide my own funds to ship the products out for orders. After 60 days, this changes and it won't be a problem. This is a good function though because it keeps fraudulent activity to a minimum.

New Update: Google said I could not sell weight loss supplements. I had to structure my entire Herbal Showcase brand to be an affiliate site for the products, but I still have one page left that goes through Google Checkout. It may rank better, we will see.

Nov 28, 2011

Applying for Jobs - Day 4

Today was fairly interesting. I have now gotten a few replies back from the CareerBuilder leads. I talked with one guy from the mortgage banking industry. He asked a few questions, but one basically made the decision about what my future was with them instantly.

He asked if I was a behind the scenes worker or a guy who like to be up front and in the lead. I said behind the scenes since I like technical stuff, hate dealing with people, and would rather work on things by myself instead of calling about 200 people a day trying to convince them that they need to take out a loan or do something to make the company more money, but hurt the themselves financially.

The other company that I heard back from is a little more up my ally. It is a large advertising company that deals with providing advertising campaigns for large companies. It also said looking for someone who is sports-minded. This is perfect for me because I have played basketball since I was 5 and love training, watching all sports, and dealing with people who are into sports.

It may sound like I am making the thing that I think I have a chance at look better than everything else, but I will say that it is difficult finding a job that fits you right. In my opinion, it is worth taking the time to find a place to work that is enjoyable because you will be spending a lot of time there.

The pressure that starts to hit home is my loans that are coming due. I had to borrow a little bit of money this month to get the entire loan interest and car insurance payment covered. It is very hard to keep a tight funnel on what jobs I am willing to put a full effort towards. The desperate need for a new car is making this difficult. Writing online is becoming slow because I am transitioning the brand of my main endeavor. Google doesn't like this very much so I am suffering from low funds as well a lot of bills.

Basically, I am attempting to tell you this is a very tight spot I am in. The end result of the things I am doing now should make me a lot of money and enable financial freedom in the future. Keeping this mindset is good for me.

Nov 25, 2011

Applying For Jobs With College Debt - Day 1

Well, I am entering the job market as graduation comes in a few weeks. I have a BA in Accounting and the search for jobs is interesting. So far I have just been using career builder to get leads and submitting my resume to a bunch of different places with sales, financial services, and accounting. It is rough entering the world with about 50k college debt and no concrete income yet. I hope that things start to turn and am trying to affirm myself that the skills I have acquired have been worth all the time and money.

It is a time of chaos and high anxiety, but I am sure that once a good job has been acquired my nerves will chill out. This blog will be a nice place to document the whole process and let people know how things go, interviews, and such. Through all this I am still building Herbal Showcase and adding product reviews daily. In the end I want my entire income to come from websites that I own. For the short term, this job search is necessary to pay for my loans as fast as possible.

Today, I applied to a few places. One was a sales/marketing position for an advertising firm and the other was for a financial services professional position. Either one would be nice in order to pay off debt and provide me some industry experience that I really want. It is intriguing to me to figure out what the actual job environment is like and how I can use my strengths and knowledge to provide value. Since I started my accounting degree endeavor, I have always wondered what it would be like to actual use that knowledge to get paid on a regular basis.

The potentials here are deep and I see lots of opportunities even though much of the mass media are saying there are no jobs out there. The opposite is true. There are tons of jobs available. The hard part is building your personal value so that you can actual be able to complete the work and do it well so that you benefit the company financially and boost their reputation. We will see how this goes and be ready for more updates on this situation.

Nov 19, 2011

Tips on Investing by Successful Investor

This nation used to be one of the richest and most free places to live. Now it has turned into a nation of debtors and wage slaves. I am going to try and give you some tips on making investments that can help you make money and get fairly high returns. Most of the mainstream media and stock brokers will not tell you that the system is actually stacked against you. In order to beat it, you have to be smart and take lots of care in investing.

I am not trying to get your money. All I want to do is give solid financial advice in order to help you succeed. People need to learn how to save correctly. The average American recognizes that the financial system is stacked against them sub-consciously. Nobody saves money because of this and we have landed in lots of debt.

The first idea to take hold of is that there is a central banking system. They are there to make money for themselves. You need to know that any investor that is saving their money in an interest baring account will never gain any long term gains. If the bank paid out more in interest than they were able to make, banks would not make money. We all know that central banks make a lot of money. The interest you get is usually below the inflation rates, which means you are actually losing money by putting it in a bank. Skip the bank and invest your money yourself.

As our currency inflates each year, the government taxes us on this imaginary rate. The central banks are great for the government and themselves. They hurt the average person that tries to save money. As a result, most people have stopped saving and stepped into wage slavery. By wage slavery, I mean all the money you make is thrown into bills and none is kept to gain value for you. It diminishes all your hard work if you lose every penny you make within a few months. A highly misleading story that corporate america tells us is that stocks always go up. It is not true. Eventually, every company will go bankrupt.

There are two choices you have. This is saving money you make and the other is earning money on gains and stock speculations. Very few people will succeed at speculating on stocks. It is actually much better to save your money rather than spending it on the stock market. If you are able to spend your money on something that holds value, it can allow you to hold the money you make and increase it.

Own something of value and it will help you. Stocks always go broke and paper currency always goes worthless. Real estate, precious metals, and other things of value will never go to zero. It is always worth something and usually increases with inflation. It puts you on a level playing field with the rest of the market. If you learn to save and invest money in things that hold long-term value, you don't have to go into debt to get everything you want. It allows you to be free and not slaves to labor.

Our ancestors took for granted the freedoms that we no longer have. The mass media is a major reason why people don't know how to invest right and keep the money they make. Self-learning has gone out the window and most people just want to be told what to do.

It is very simple. Buy things that will retain their value and won't ever go to zero. If you are very savvy and have the time and effort to speculate on stocks, you can make large gains in this way. However, it takes a lot of knowledge and luck to be successful at this. The market system is stacked against you because it is based on human emotions and things that are out of your control. Stock and paper money all lose value over long periods of time. Some stocks lose all their value over night.

By saving, I don't mean putting your money in banks. Save by putting your money into assets that bring you more money without you doing anything. Everyone wants to gamble in the markets and think that they can make a lot of money. This is not true. Once you know how to save money correctly, it is easy to protect its value from inflation. Humans have done this for thousands of years. Its not that complicated. Learn more about how to invest.  

Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs

As entrepreneurs, one of the biggest things to overcome is our own limiting beliefs and thoughts. These things hold us back and prevent us from achieving and expressing our true power and potential. For example, say the thought comes up that "I don't have value". As we know as an internet entrepreneurs, attracting people to you through value is important, but many people fail to think they can provide value to others.

Lets look at this limiting belief that will hold you back and prevent success. Our minds create this problem and it is only an illusion. This has most likely been a thought that has been a repeating pattern that has come into your life for a long time. It can be difficult to deconstruct, release, and overcome limiting beliefs that are not one time thoughts but deeply ingrained into your everyday life. I am going to list four main steps to help get rid of this and see through your limiting beliefs so you can get yourself on the right tract.

Take the problem: "I don't have value" and think about it. Do you really not have value and know this for sure beyond a shadow of a doubt. Most likely the answer is no and you don't know if you really can't provide value to others.

Ask yourself what this belief costs you in your life. Is this hurting your experiences with success, confidence, joy, relationships, and happiness? Having this limiting belief might be costing you everything that you hold important.

Who would I be without this thought? If this thought is not true, who would I be? Think about how your life would be if you could provide value and it was not true that you couldn't provide value. It would mean you could become a value creator and get out into the world to be productive.

4th (most important)
How could the opposite of my belief be true. See how the opposite of the belief "I don't have value" can be turned around. Let go of this limitation and think about ways that you do have value and figure out ways to implement this into your life. It might be hard to trick your mind into saying and believing "I do have value". This is very important though. This last question that you are asking yourself will get rid of the idea that you don't have value.

If your belief deals with other human beings in a business situation, things can get tricky. If you feel like your business partner is taking advantage of you, it might actually be a mirror of what you sub-consciously see in yourself. It can be a very rewarding exercise to view every other person that you come into contact with as a mirror of yourself. It can blow your mind when you go through this process listed above and see that most things are really illusions that we create in our minds that limit us.

Just try to find the reverse of a belief that you think is negative or holding you down. It may be difficult at first because beliefs are very deeply ingrained. When you put yourself through the 4 step process above, things will get easier and your whole life be turned up side down.

I find this idea very interesting. To think that my whole life, I could have been making assumptions, developing ideas and feeling certain ways about others based on how I view myself. To think through this some more, get some ideas on how you could possibly be acting the exact way that you think someone else is acting toward you. Maybe in the example above, you were actually the one taking advantage of your business partner in some way, shape, or form rather than him taking advantage of you.

I directly experience this the other day and I am thinking about the ways this theory could be true. My friend in class was telling me what we should do for our project and he game me some work to do and said he would put together my information on a website for the final presentation. I immediately created a belief that said I was being taken advantage of and made to do all the work. When I think about this situation more closely, I saw that maybe I was the one that was taking advantage of my partner by having him do the whole website.

I have a contradiction thought. One thing I brought up after my partner told me what he wanted me to do was that we should work together on the project after class. It is a tricky theory, but seems to hold some truth in some situations.

Why We Need Insects

All this is from an article I read about bugs. The last paragraph might help you the most, but the whole post is required if you want to understand the last part.

This is an interesting article and it starts out by explaining that life on Earth would all come apart if a few bugs were taken off the planet. I was not aware of how important bugs actually are to our survival. It was important to note that the article did talk about the amount of bugs that do hurt our survival by spreading disease and killing crops. It was only 1.5% of the total, which doesn’t seem like a great deal.

The amount of dependence we have on insects is unknown because the webs are so complex. It is only theorized what could possibly happen if we wiped out a certain species. Since many of these inter-community relationships between plants and animals are so in depth, it is hard to say how disruptive it might be. People do seem indifferent to these concepts that solely survive in concrete cities, but their lives are impacted greatly by insects and plants.

The article makes another great point about how important it is for us to have plants and trees that can turn carbon dioxide into oxygen that is breathable. Without insects to pollinate these types of plants and trees, they would not be able to exist, which means no oxygen. Other important functions insects have include bridging the gap in the food chain between things that are too small for larger animals to eat. Without certain insects, bigger animals would starve to death.

The next point made is about someone trying to study just one single animal in an ecosystem like a fish. In this research, the observer finds that it is necessary to also study all the things that affect the fish. This could be other water life that provides food for it, predators that eat it, and things that aid it in its own survival. It becomes apparent that you can’t just study one simple thing in an ecosystem. You begin to see all parts of the ecosystem, the impacts each part has on the other, and how everything works together.

There are also important roles that insects have in controlling other insects that are not very important to the whole ecosystem. If they were to go unchecked, it could be a disaster. This has been studied in a farm situation. The article talks about what happens when insecticides are sprayed and fail to kill the unwanted insects that only cause harm to the crops. Instead of killing the bad insects, the pesticide killed the insects that keep the bad ones under control. As a result, the crops were dissipated.

I think that the bad insects still perform an important role in this system. They provide food for the good insects that help the crops by killing off crop ruining bugs. Without the food supply of bad insects, the good ones would die off. Looking into this further, the affects go all the way up to us humans because without the food from crops to eat, we would starve.

The last example given that shows how inter-correlated our ecosystems are dealt with a shrub that harbored a queen bee for the winter. It also harbored a beetle that ate its rotting wood and returned essential nutrients to the ground that the shrub needed to live. The queen bee survived the winter in a hold that was dug out in the rotted wood. By surviving she can help the colony of bees pollinate the shrub and keep it spreading through the ecosystem. The shrubs than provide pollen to other bees and insects as a food source. There are a lot of important relationships found in nature that go deep in complexity.

Personal Development Through These Ideas

Well, this might be a little bit difficult to relate importance of bugs to growing yourself emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Here goes. I think you can think of your life as an intricate part of the entire human population, but more importantly the people you have direct contact with. What you can do is spread yourself out and the more people you can connect with, the more options you have for survival and fulfillment. That is about all I can come up with for now. Hehe. 

Nov 18, 2011

Crisis in Economy

There seems to be a problem with the perception of the economy and how the money is flowing. Since most of the baby boomer's kids are now at this stage in life, we are seeing some major ripples in the economy. The crisis is that companies are not tailored to fit market demands. These companies are forcing themselves to stay in existence though. As a result, the economy is changing and becoming less risky. No investments are being made by the major corporations. Instead, all of this type of money is being saved or thrown at the government in order to get regulations passed that benefit certain corporations.

Right now, in 2011, you had better not be starting a business unless the services or products you are offering are in high demand or need by the public. Nobody is spending money on useless things that they can live without because the money is not flowing. One major issue is the baby boomers and older individuals in general are married to their money and have strong emotional attachments to it.

It is difficult to change the way a person feels about their money and how it works if they were never taught financial literacy. Not knowing that investing can be good if you know what your doing and pick the right ways to make your money go to work is problematic. If this knowledge were being taught at the grade-school level, I believe it would benefit all of society.

The problem is that money is not being taught to the majority of people. Instead, very large companies that control the world are holding onto as much money and power as they can, while people are being trained to make our society keep working with little pay. Here is the major problem. The people with the most intelligence and training that make everything work are being paid the least amount of money because of little financial literacy. It doesn't mean they need to be greedy, but it means that these people should educate themselves on how money works. Teachers, technical workers, environmental researchers, and others that make this world go are not being compensated proportionally to their value.

Big companies are trying to make as much money as they possibly can without a thought to their overall impact to everyone else in this world environment. People begin to get stuck taking any type of job they can get in order to pay for the high cost of living that our economy is producing. Nobody is able to stop it because nobody has enough money or power to make a difference by themselves. The only way to fix this is to invest in smarter and more intelligent businesses. By investing, I just mean purchasing products from.

Many of us get blinded by the thought of starving or not being able to pay all our bills. High amounts of individuals live in debt for the majority of their adult life. This is stressful and clouds peoples inner freedom and judgments. It becomes unclear what real impacts they can make to benefit their environment and instead the focus is on making more money by moving up in a company or trading more hours for more money in the form of an hourly job. This system produces drones and a very few rich people. There is an increasing gap between the people in the middle and the people at the top.

Something that perplexes me is how this happened. We all basically let it happen by buying into the system. It will be interesting to see how our world progresses with these ideas running the minds of the majority.

Nov 15, 2011

Working More Efficiently

I have been implementing the doubling theory to my work as I need to develop my site into something much larger than it is. I don't have the resources to higher quality workers so I have to do it all myself. This is good because it means all the work is totally unique and it has a personal tone to it that people hopefully feel like they can trust.

Anyway the results are nice. I was able to get 7 complete and quality pages done yesterday. Both of the two days before yesterday I was able to get a steady 3-4 pages done. The long term goal is to be a respected and trusted voice about what health supplements are good and who to buy them from. This is getting done much quicker than if I would stick to the one-a-day sustainable method. I hope to reach 400 pages by the time my loans start to come due in a few months. It is proving difficult because I have only gotten 2 pages done today and its about the 4th day since I really started pushing out content.

There is a weird line between putting out quantity and quality. I believe that as I write more and stay strict on myself, both quality and quantity can increase. The more pages I end up with that people like, the more money will be coming my way (hopefully). You may have read the doubling theory that I linked to above and saw that I said I got 7 full pages done yesterday. The reason why I give credit to the theory is because it demonstrates the power of doubling your work. I might have normally done 3 or 4 pages in that day. It became obvious that there was plenty of time left in the day and I still had all my fingers so I doubled up on the amount of work.

The only thing I am scared of is burning out. The key to not burning out is seeing results and knowing the results will come eventually. It is hard to feel what it is like to be at a successful point in the future when you are not at it now when dealing with online business. I just don't know how I should feel sometimes because the site is not where it will be and the results are extremely exponential. Online business growth is slow but when it hits, it hits hard. The problem is getting from a small and low authoritative site that doesn't really have a public perception to a giant well-known site that people know to go to if they want what I am offering.

As I get more actual stuff up, it will be easier to provide value to users. Just going to take it one day at a time and never give up. We'll see what happens and I will let everyone here know in case they are curious. One thing should be clear. That is that I knew nothing about the online world about 2 years and 3 months ago. I didn't know how to start my own website where I owned the domain until about 1 year and 4 months ago. It usually takes business 3 to 5 years in order to turn a profit. Sometimes it could take as much as 8 years or more. That means anyone can follow my same path for themselves in order to get a large passive income online as long as they follow the principles and not the exact method I used.

One thing that seems increasingly important to me. The more you work, the more you need to listen to music. If you are stuck on something, take a minute and listen to your favorite music or make some music yourself. Do whatever it takes to keep your mind entertained and satisfied with ideas, feelings, and interesting thoughts. You will be surprised at what your brain may stumble upon.

Nov 13, 2011

Running a Successful Online Business

I currently run a successful business online. It was not easy, but with hard work it is becoming one of the most rewarding things of my life. The reason why it works is because I have found a niche that allows me to apply my unique skills to the online world. By this, I mean relating to others. Ever since I was young, I was able to put people in the right mindset to get something done. It could have been jumping the biggest dirt ramp, doing a difficult trick, or playing basketball better.

This should give a little hint. Do what you're talented at and find a need you can fill with that talent. Also make sure a lot of people need what you are going to provide.

Now, applying these types of skills to survive in the online world has taken a lot of hard work on my end. Hard work is not bad though. It is rewarding and cathartic. Don't try to avoid working hard. Instead enjoy it and it will set you free.

There are two main business projects I am working on. The first one that I started was a health product review website launched July 15, 2010. It has made much more money than was put into it and currently pays all my bills. Having a passive income (almost passive) to cover expenses is very nice. The costs only included $50 for web hosting and $10 for the domain. These expenses occur once each year.

The only thing I wish I would have known back then is what I know now. It has taken a very long time for me to figure out exactly what it takes to run a positive cash flow business without losing all my money and motivation. Entrepreneurs, who want to learn quickly and with correct information, about how to build a website that makes a lot of money should see my internet marketing resource page. I fully endorse and use these solutions to make myself a successful online residual income creator. There is no other resource like it online that actually helps people make long lasting and money-making blogs or websites. It will save you years of struggle and lots of money that you might otherwise have wasted on fruitless promotional schemes. Basically, it allows people who no nothing about the internet or codes, to make it online.

Second Venture of Mine

Above, I had mentioned there were two businesses I have developed online. I guess you could lump everything into one, but I prefer to keep them separate. The second project is this actual blog. It was made because I decided I had a lot of ideas to share with the world and there was a need for information that aimed at getting truthful knowledge that is helpful to people. Wherever there is a demand or need, businesses can enter. And so here I am speaking to you about developing a way to earn income online.

This blog has a simple model. Give away free content and grow traffic numbers to the millions. Smart Helping was started on August 31, 2011 and right now has 93 total posts. I might as well have none if they are all useless because I need my information to spread. Each new article that I write on here is designed to give people value. The theme is personal growth and self help because I believe a lot of individuals could benefit by growing emotionally, intelligently, and challenging their beliefs.

So many times, people find themselves in a mindless life that has no purpose or sense of joy. To get out of this sort of stall-out, you may need to become more aware of the things you are doing and not doing. Try to focus on the relationships you have with yourself, others, and with spiritual figures. This is my tip for prospective business developers. Go with your gut and try to do what you feel is good. Work hard enough so that you make a way that fits your life rather than letting life push you into a space that doesn't fit right.

Getting Back to Business 

There are some things that I can help you with as far as online business strategies go. It may not always be enough to provide valuable content. It becomes important to market your website as well. Put in the effort to develop a sense that people feel when they read your writing and view your site. It is also important to have a lot of content. This is because search engines pick up on all this content and rank you. Hence, the more content you have, the more types of ways people will be able to find you in search engines.

Play games with yourself. Try to see how much work you can get done before lunch time or breakfast! Hard work is something used as a growth tool. Embrace it and feel it making you get to where you are.

There is also the idea of keeping your visitors as long term clients. It could be done by having a unique site layout that is unforgettable. Having a unique angle that makes it beneficial for users to return is also invaluable. For blogs, this means updating with new and interesting posts that can benefit people. It also means writing content that people refer back to when they need to get something done or just want to re-learn what you have to say.

The question: How do I rank on page 1 in Google? might come up. The answer is tough, but I would say the most important thing is having unique content and getting highly reputable sites to link to your site. There are over 200 factors used to determine where a page comes up in Google's search results. I believe a site that has done the right things over a long period of time has the ability to rank high.

This method of ranking in organic search results is completely free and builds a lot of credibility with prospective users and a website. There is another method called ppc. Paying for Google, Bing, or Yahoo to put an ad up for you can be really expensive, especially to get on the first page. I don't do it and have lost a few hundred dollars trying it out.

Just ranking high in search engines is not enough for true success. You have to balance out your traffic so that it isn't all coming from one place. By doing this, it mitigates the risk that all your traffic stops. When traffic stops online, so does revenue for the most part.

Keeping The Money Budgeted

Making sure you don't run out of money is very important. No matter what, make sure you keep track of the money going out compared to the amount coming in. It is not too difficult for users running a blog like this. It only cost me about $10/year. The catch is that it also took 1.5 years of experience to realize how to do it the right way. The internet is slow to react. You may need a full 8 months or multiple years in order to grow an online presence.

The reason why money comes into play is because you need to realize even though you have already paid your money for a project, it is still growing in the web world. You never know when growth will begin to happen so make sure you are only spending money on what is absolutely necessary to keep your site running. Don't put yourself in all-out situations where you either make it or break it. Pay what you need to get the site online, and than the rest of your effort should involve writing and creative marketing.

It is so easy for people to fail when trying to make a living online because of the amount of effort that is required while you may not be making any money at all. Think of your project as a 10 year deal. Over that time, you have to build and grow a presence online so that lots of people know what you are about and what you have to offer. It is possible to make millions of dollars and people do it.

After reaching this point in the life of your website, money will begin to flow. The reason why it is such a nice thing to develop is because once you actually achieve residual income it doesn't just stop all of a sudden. It keeps coming and the cost and time to maintain a site is very low when you get to a certain point. Keep pushing for productivity out of yourself and results will come to you.

Nov 12, 2011

The Greatest Gift Anyone Can Give Africa

Many of us try to give money to Africa in hopes of helping them get out of their long-term problems. This is not an intelligent idea in my opinion. To look at direct results, not many people like to give money because they believe it is very scarce. Secondly, giving money to Africa is sort of like giving food to hungry people.

What is a better way to meet this hunger need? Spend the time and resources to teach people how to survive better. At first it may take a whole lot of money, effort, and resources from the rest of the world. However, in the long run, you will teach a people how to survive without living in poverty and depending on others for money. It is the same principle as teaching a man how to fish instead of giving him the fish without explaining how to get it.

You can teach people something once and let them get their own results forever, instead of just giving money with no knowledge. There! Now we have stumbled across the key ingredient in this sustainable idea. Knowledge is probably the most useful tool anyone can ever give to Africa. This will help produce much more joy and happiness to impoverished areas of the world.

Education system implementation would do wonders. I don't mean exactly copying the way the Unites States or Europe works, but have areas where people can go and learn from one another. Also have places where free ideas can be talked about. This can help people grow and learn from one another. I am just guessing here, but over time I believe individuals learning useful ways to survive and think about the world around them may produce some better results than the current way things are.

It is very simple. You just have to get the ball rolling somehow. I believe the first type of forum Africans may want to have conversations about could be better ways to interact with their surroundings so that there is a lot of resources for everyone, but work is required by all in order to keep things running. Education may also help people in this sort of area learn why they should do a certain action or not do a certain action.

One great skill would be deductive reasoning and forecasting the future based on their current action. A specific example would be learning why it is important to keep reproduction down if there is not enough food to feed everyone. Or think of ways that having more kids could be beneficial to their groups.

Anyway, all I am trying to say is help others by teaching them how to help themselves. This is sort of the theme of my blog and it could be a great way of helping Africa or other places in dire need of change.

Nov 11, 2011

Doubling for Productivity and Money

Do not underestimate the power of doubling. I am talking in the sense of doing double of what you might normally do for work and experiencing the results. The biggest benefit of doubling is when you go from 1 to 2. Everything else is less of a gain for more work, or a larger proportion of the same value. There is a lot of gains you can see by simply doubling certain things from once to twice in one day or week.

It doesn't matter what the time frame is. If you can pinpoint a time period where you would normally do something once, just do it twice in the same period of time. I believe it is the most sustainable way to get long term results. Obviously if you do something 3 times or 4 times as much it will give you great gains. However, it takes much more effort to get these gains. By simply doubling, you can expend a little bit more effort and get 2x's the results.

The direct example I would give bloggers or online businesses who are trying to grow their presence online is write 2 posts instead of one. Don't sacrifice your quality for this extra quantity. This means it will take you more time and effort to do the 2 posts, but try to get the 2 posts done in the same time you would have normally done 1. In my opinion, it may not help you to keep raising your productivity because an eventual burnout and possible collapse of your online presence could happen. Instead of increasing productivity over time, stick to the simple doubling rule. Do 2 instead of one in the same time.

Think about this in the long term. Over the course of a year, if you decide to make 2 quality posts instead of 1, you will have double the posts that normally would have been done by you. It could mean the difference between a long term income site that has authority and a dead site with no results. This is a good rule to get beginners over the hump as far as blog income goes.

This principle can be taken out into other things in the world too. Results could be more money, better living, enhanced joy, or a better sense of accomplishment. Try to take something you do once in any given time and do it twice in the same time. Say you make it a point to trade stocks once a week. Instead of sticking too this, try to raise enough money so that you can do 2 trades a week for positive income. It is not necessary to keep doing more and more trades a week to stay sustainable. Just double from the 1 trade to 2 trades.

This could make you a significant amount of money in the long run and help you save more for investing. There are millions of situations that the doubling rule can be applied to. Don't get me wrong though. Sometimes this rule won't have any relevance. Just try to keep it in mind and see where it might benefit you in your life.

Nov 10, 2011

Strategy of U.S. in Vietnam Compared to Business

A lot of the strategies implemented in the Vietnam War can be learned from if applied to the business world. For me to demonstrate this, I just need to give a little background on how the whole war started and the first battle that led to the U.S. to do what they did for the rest of the war.

The first battle that was fought ended up being a victory for the U.S. side. The way they went about it was called "Search and Destroy". It was a new tactic being tested out. They inserted soldiers into a landing spot that was near where they thought the enemy was. From there it was just a matter of finding the enemy and taking them out. In the end, air support was called in to save the ground troops. This whole thing was called Search and Destroy. It was the tactic that would be used for the rest of the war.

There are a few main problems with this tactic. The major one that glares out is that it had little residual effects. Residual effects means long lasting impacts on the situation as a result of one action. When a hill was won or battle won by statistical matters, like body count, (we killed more of them than they did of us), it didn't matter as far as winning the whole war goes. The objective was to kill all enemy troops and by default they will give up and the U.S. can implement a democratic government in the whole of Vietnam.

Things didn't work out though. The goal of killing more of the enemy than of us was supposed to be accomplished with a search and destroy type strategy that modeled the first so called victory. Campaigns were run all over the country in order to get this done. The enemy would not be defeated in this way. Once U.S. ground troops left a hill that was taken or an area that was fought for, the Vietcong would re-build the area and keep fighting. They had about 18 million people to fight with and this was the ultimate reason why the U.S. could not gain any ground under Search and Destroy.

Business Application

I don't know what the proper way to go about Vietnam is. Nobody has been able to take it over for 1,000 years and if I knew how, I would probably be a general in the army. The key points that should be taken away from this conflict and applied to business is this: Change during an intense situation is crucial for long term success if you see that your strategy is not going to work in the end. When you start up a business, you might see small successes and failures at the beginning that result from a certain strategy you implement. Don't get too caught up in this however. Figure out if what you are doing can be a long-term solution for your business.

The problem that occurs is when your strategy is not producing residual effects that mean something. To me, this meant article writing as a way to get sales. It produced immediate sale results for a little while, but did not last long. I would submit a few articles to and point them to my sales pages. The problem was that if I stopped writing articles, the sales would stop. In the current search engine industry, there are a lot of problems with articles becoming scraped and than losing all their rankings. This means each article I wrote only worked for a few weeks and than it might as well have not be there. It took me over 100 unique articles being written to figure this out.

I still keep this articles online in order to have back links for my site, but they don't really give me any substantial benefits anymore.

The solution to this was a change in strategy. Instead of being like the U.S. in Vietnam who did not change their strategy, I decided to start working on making a website that were sustained themselves without me having to take part in outside PR promotion. This means bypassing article marketing all together and instead writing directly on the site. One thing I had to start doing was guaranteeing that every word I wrote meant something to the user and was not useless fluff.

Making your business in a way that each step you take has long-term residual effects is a great way to build something. It could entail creating demand for products or services you are trying to sell. It could also mean developing a trust between customers and products through some sort of medium or market. Having the trust of customers is priceless to any business.  

Nov 9, 2011

Living Sale to Sale and the Power of Brands

Welcome to the life of a struggling affiliate. I have college loans and car insurance among other things coming up for next month. There is some danger in making these payments as I don't have a steady job and still have about a month left of college. If I don't make a sale within the next 6 days, I am going to be completely screwed for next months liabilities. Lets hope some people can find my health site.

Some things I have recently been working on in order to increase the value of user experience is making a more memorable name for the site and also improve site navigation. I had a title called "UK Supplements" up and I decided to swap that with "Home Health" because it gives a wider range of easily reachable pages. The strategy here is allowing more people to find out the wide range of organic solution that are available. These changes were enacted yesterday October 8, 2011.

It is exciting to see where this goes. My brand name for this site is now "Herbal Showcase" and sort of follows the name of this blog. It may take a few weeks to get my pages up there for people typing this in, but for the long run I want people to know exactly what Herbal Showcase offers and how to find it quickly.

Something many businesses have to make sure they do is make their product or service scream the brand. Don't make it overly in your face, but make sure there is a distinct feeling when a user experiences the product your putting out there. The rewards are much greater once you develop your own brand and lots of people know about it. The key is recurring customers, which are far more profitable than having to acquire new customers every day.

With a website, this principle holds true. It is better for a website to keep visitors that visit once and keep them coming back as well as adding new customers at the same time. So how can you do this well? Make it easy for a user to contact you and keep your content up to date and useful. Do this for a long time and the benefits will hit you like a ton of dump trucks.

Nov 7, 2011

A Little Bit on Investing in Stocks

Some want to know how to get a higher return on their investments. By return, I mean a percentage of money that you get back that is more than what you put in. Stocks allow for large gains of 10% - 100% depending on when you buy and how the market is doing.

I want to tell you that investing in stock is a great way to make money. Pretend each of your dollars is a little worker for you that makes more money. Investing yourself and bypassing the banks is a great way to get the money you deserve. You just need to educate yourself about a good broker to sign up with and then read posts like this to figure out when you should buy a stock and of how much.

When to Buy a Stock

In order to make a good buy, you should keep yourself up to date with current events and financial news. Get yourself into a regular habit of checking reasons why certain companies have had their stocks plummet or go up. Wait for a crisis to happen, or maybe a shift in the thinking of many that has no real effect on the business you are looking to invest in.

Make sure you know the company has sustainable ways to make money and are in no real danger of going bankrupt. If their stock is going down because something has happened in the World, like a natural disaster or financial mishap with other companies that has buyer confidence down, get in. You have to be the one buying when nobody else is. Check out the company and know exactly why nobody is buying that stock at the moment. If you get in with a business that is making good profits and it looks like they can keep it up for the long run, buy. The stock will rise if they keep making money and their model is sustainable.

I wish I would of done this with IBM in 2008. Their stock went down to around $75/share in 2008 because the so called financial crisis hit. It dealt primarily with housing. IBM dealt with selling business machines, software, hardware, databases, and other essential tools that make businesses work. I should have known that the financial crisis would not make IBM go bankrupt or lose any net profits in the future. It was also a very stable company that has been around for almost a hundred years at the time.

For these reasons, IBM has more than doubled its stock value in the past 3 years with no huge changes to their core business. The only reason their stock price fluctuated was because of unforeseen market conditions. If you are able to spot the market downs and invest more during this time and less when prices are high, you can make a lot of money. The more profitable and sustainable the company is, the more I would risk with it. If it is a start up that may or may not be able to make money, I would invest little and see how it goes.

Nov 6, 2011

A Million Bucks by 30 Review

This book by Alan Corey was very well done and informative. After reading it, I have a much better feel for investing and building a solid financial base. The risks and rewards of financial decisions, getting bank loans, and borrowing money become much clearer. I thought it went through the beginnings of how to start your life out from college in a relatable way. There was a little luck mixed with a lot of hard work in order for Alan to achieve his final goal to be a millionaire. He got lucky that his college was paid for. That extra loan would have made it more difficult for him to save money. I think he would still be able to do it though. It was also lucky that his girl friend’s dad was into real estate because it helped Alan make his first big sale on a million dollar property.

All the work that was put into Alan Corey’s savings was what made him have a chance to make passive income in the first place. Since he saved every penny, lived in the projects, and lived as cheap as humanly possible for about a year, he was able to save enough for a down payment on his first house. I learned directly from this that it doesn’t take a ton of money to get into real estate, but you must have some capital saved up.

Another key point that this book goes into is the value of having passive income. When you can live with your expenses being less than your passive income, it opens up a lot of time to develop business strategies, allow you to save more money, and work on side projects. Alan kept his day job even when he was worth over $700,000. It showed how necessary it is to have a steady income from somewhere that you can depend on coming in. Without this day job, it would be very difficult to become a millionaire in Alan’s situation and strategy.

One of the biggest points I took away from A Million Bucks by 30 was the idea that if you save now and hold off on the little rewards you want to give yourself, the rewards become much better when you have built up all that saved money and invested it.

I think one of the main overlaps between this and Rich Dad/Poor Dad was the plan of investing in real estate. Both thought that it was a good idea to get into buying properties in some way. I think Rober Kiyosaki did this among many other things and relied on a little bit of a higher paying job to get his capital. Alan, in A Million Bucks by 30, pretty much did everything he possibly could to raise enough money in order to invest in buildings that he could re-sell or rent out.

I also think the idea of real estate was explained much more clearly in Alan Corey’s book. Both of these books had good ideas about putting your money into things that rewarded you with appreciation in value, rental income, or both. Neither man liked to spend their money on things that had no returns. In Robert Kiyosaki’s book, he demonstrated financial statements and personal finances in a similar way as Alan Corey’s end of chapter net worth statements.

My favorite cheapskate strategy was putting things on E-bay before throwing them out. This is something I already have done and it is good for getting a little bit of money out of your stuff instead of throwing it out.

One of the cheapskate strategies that I would never do is carry a coin purse. I just can’t justify picking up every cent I see on the ground. I don’t have a much of an issue making dollars form change because I pay everything with a debit card. I could marry someone like this. It would be easy because I am also in the same boat and think about money as a means to invest. It seems like a fun way to live when you think of games to see how much money you can save or cool new ways to get money from different gigs. This type of person would be right up my alley.

Strategy for Passive Income

There have been a lot of different strategies that people have made work in order to make a passive income. One of the primary ways that many successful individuals have started to earn more money outside of their day job is by saving every penny they can. Once you start building up a big enough lump of cash in your savings account, you can than take this money and put it into something that makes you more money than you originally put in.

Update: I wrote this post back in November of 2011. In April of 2012, I started a very in depth passive income series. To progress through the series just go to the bottom of each page and hit the link on the bottom left that says "new post". It has a lot of valuable information that you need to know in order to build your wealth.

The key is that you fully understand everything you are investing this money into. It could be with stocks, real estate, or an already highly profitable site that somebody wants to sell. The success you attain will be based on the ability to pick out a good deal and roll with it. Many times, a stock will be undervalued or a website that makes a lot of money each month is for sale because the owner needs a big chunk of change immediately.

To figure out if it will turn out positive for yourself in the long run, look at how much potential income you could make per month as profit compared to the initial investment. It might only take 10k - 15k to begin your road to millions of dollars in passive income or residual income. Usually the hardest part is saving this initial amount of money and living below your actual expenses for a long time.

It is a good estimate to take about a year and a half to get yourself in a good position to make an investment. This depends on how much you make from your current job or income. Start saving every single penny you make and use your time to learn about opportunities that are available for you to get in on. Only spend money on  actual expenses you need in order to survive. Live at a very cheap place and work to get into positive savings.

Real Estate can be such a nice thing if you know how to get into it. This will take a little bit of cash upfront, but allow you to live without a house payment. The reason why so many people recommend this is because you can get a mortgage for a multifamily home and rent it out. Set it up so that the total rental income you are collecting is enough to pay the entire mortgage each month to the bank and enough to give you some extra money. This is not so easy, but if you set up the right living situation and don't mind living with a tenant, you can live for free and have lots of time to work on other projects.

I have to write a stupid college paper now, or I would write more. Keep in mind that some things I will be getting into personally and sharing with you include graduating college in December, working on making some stock investments, growing this site and my health site, and looking for some real estate to get into. I will document all my experiences on this blog for your benefit. Always being interested in opportunities, I would not mind if anyone has some propositions for me.

Start building a website and see the tools you need to do so at my page called make money tools.

Nov 4, 2011

Providing Value

If you ever tried starting a business or currently run one, you know that providing something of value to your customers is the only way to make real money. Some get confused or gloss over what it means to give value to others. Its most basic definition in my eyes is providing something that someone else needs or can benefit from in their life.

Update: In my newest series, I have added a post called "Learning to Provide Passive Value". It is a very useful series that gets you in the right frame of mind to actually succeed in the online marketplace.

Usually you can provide value when there is a demand for something. Either, a business steps in and finds a cost effective way to give this value to the demand (only cost effective if they are smart). There is another option available. One can create demand for something and than provide the solution. This is a common thing done with large market makers. A market maker develops a place where people can take risks by buying and selling things in some fashion. The value comes in because the entity that takes commissions off the top of every transaction made within their market provides the place for people to come and take risks.

By creating a demand for a market and than making it possible for people to join this market, allows for lots of money to be made. This is something Goldman Sachs does and they are in the billions with their profits.

I try to provide value to all of you who read this blog. In some way or the other, I hope that my insights give others help with any issues they are looking to solve. In addition to this, there is also value in the things people may read here that they never thought about before. Giving people new ideas to work with and get them out of their slump in life is my value also.

Being able to develop something that is valuable for another person is not easy. You might find that I make it sound easy, but it is extremely flipping hard. The rewards of doing this can be great but you need to develop creative ways to figure out innovations to fill a need where there is demand. By default, if you do figure out some way to give people value, people will be willing to pay for what this value is worth. This is because it is valuable! I find that when I experience something that is truly helpful it makes me want to give my money to whatever has given me something worth while. These situations don't really come around too often, but when they do you know it.

Duplicating Value for Profit   

There may be some people out there who may think you can't be successful by duplicating value, or maybe you can be successful, but not as successful as the original person who provided this value. I disagree with this 100%. It is a high probability that someone out there is able to look at a situation that helps others and improve upon it. For example, if I decided to be a financial adviser for other people who want big returns, it is not something new. However, I may be able to take a new approach to this problem and find ways to get very large returns on the initial investment of these people.

This is just one case where I have duplicated the type of value that someone already thought of and made it better to benefit for myself. The only thing that was required was my own intelligent and creative investing ideas. You can apply this to various situations that come up in life. One key element that is important to acquire is problem solving skills. Most reasons why others need something is because they can't solve their own problems, or know how to but need help to make it work. This is where businesses come into the picture.

Google did just this. They were not the first search engine, but they took the idea of providing valuable content to people when they search for anything on the internet and made it better. Their algorithms were completely unique and gave people non-bias search results in a manner that ranked information on the web. They now have a cheap business plan that is attractive to advertisers (a recipe for success online).

Nov 3, 2011

Getting Caught Up

One thing that is always interesting to observe is when people forget about everything that is not in their immediate thoughts. I was just watching television and noticed that sports analysts are saying they miss basketball because it is locked out. A few months ago, the same people were saying nobody would miss the NBA (National Basketball Association) if it skipped a season. The exact opposite was true.

I believe this is a result of getting caught up with the current sports that are upcoming and forgetting what it is actually like when the NBA is not there and we are all facing a lot of Hockey. If these individuals were able to sort of predict what their life would be like and how they would feel in a future situation, they would never have felt like it didn't matter in the first place.

Applying this to your own life is helpful. By viewing your life in a more holistic manner and trying to connect what you are doing and experiencing now to what you will be doing in the future, it becomes much more clear what your purpose in life is and what you really like and don't like to do. It is not always easy to envision how you feel when the future comes and you are in it. The best way to do this is by not getting caught up in all the situations that are facing you at one moment in time. Think about the effects of what you are doing.

Living a life that is sporadic with no direction can lead to a lot of anxiety and depression. Avoiding this would be ideal to most people. It is tough when you get caught up in little things that occur and forget about working on the things you love most in life. Keep a perspective that is larger than what you are doing at any given second. This is good for people who get their focus shifted easily.

It can be very rewarding to find a direction you want your life to go and stick to it as long as it is making you happy and satisfied. You can obviously change this direction to anything you want at any time, but it helps to have a general direction you want to move towards. Working and building things is essential to keep our minds busy and life fulfilled. It doesn't really matter what it is that you are working on.

It could be anything that allows you to give it everything you have and reap the rewards, whatever they might be. It could reward you financially, emotionally, both, or even in other ways. Don't justify settling for a job that you have just to get by. You may have to get one of these torturous jobs for a little while, but if it is not what you really want, use it to get what you want in the future. See how certain opportunities arise and figure out the best way you can take advantage of these opportunities in your current circumstances.

If you think of your life as a very long dream, decisions are like willing things into existence in a dream. The only difference between a dream and the reality you experience outside of your head is that it happens much slower. This doesn't mean you can make things happen out of thin air, but over long periods of time, you can guide your life to whatever you think is possible. If you don't think it is possible, it won't be.

No Order of Cause and Effect

I have been keeping this idea in my head for awhile. It is almost impossible to comprehend if things can be the cause or effect. Over a few weeks I have figured out that it is increasingly difficult to learn from the future. However, it does seem like there may be some truth to future events and past events flowing into each other in order to make the present.

This doesn't make much sense at first, but our bodies senses and the way we have hardwired are brains to think has hindered us. We only think one way about how the world works until somebody figures out a new idea that explains our universe.

I am finding that some things I do earlier in time do correlate with events that happen in the future. It is almost like the event that I went through in the future was the cause of the action I did earlier.

There are some concrete examples you can think about. About a week ago I suddenly began thinking of an old childhood friend out of the blue. He just kind of popped into my memories without warning. Than, a few days later, this old childhood friend that I have not seen in 10 years happened to be trick-or-treating at my door for Halloween. So, did his appearance at my door result in my brain thinking of him a few days prior to this happening?

It raises some questions about how things exist and interact with one another. Our senses probably limit us to experiencing only part of reality and our brains most likely limit us from truly understanding how things work at a very high level. One cool mind game you can try playing with yourself deals with correlating the future and present time. You can try and realize exactly what you are doing during a normal day. Than think about why you did certain things. Keep this at the front of your head for a few days and see if anything in the future correlates with the past.

To go on with this further, you may want to try and see if actions or thoughts that happen to you right now can have influence on things that happen in the future. This would be more along the lines of subjective reality. I have also gone more in depth about the possibilities of learning from the future in another article. Holding these new ideas in your head and just meditating on them for a little bit each day, might be able to help you grow in ways you have not been able to before.

It is easy to fall into the daily, monthly, and yearly grind where you focus solely on working at the same job and paying the same bills, without trying anything new or thinking in a new way. Challenge yourself to break the monotony of your life and experience some new thoughts. All the major impacts on the world had began with a tiny and random idea is somebodies head. Was this the future sparking the actual idea because it was supposed to happen? It is fun to theorize but who knows for sure.

The most important thing you can take away from reading this is that nothing is for sure and the way things truly work is always changing on some level. Don't take facts or how things are lightly without question. If you want to change your life and the events that go on within it, start by thinking new things. They may start to come into existence.