Apr 28, 2012

Passive Income at Critical Mass

Lets talk about what it's actually like to experience life with a passive income. You need to know how it feels to really have some streams coming in so it will motivate you to develop these for yourself. Another good name for this post would be the "end game" of residual/passive income. Wait until you learn what life is like with a salary type job compared to a life of creating your own wealth with passive strategies. It may intrigue you to learn the truth of what each scenario is like.

At an actual job, you will trade a certain amount of hours directly for money that is given to you for those hours.  Some people call this slave waging. The bottom line with this way of life is that you only get paid if you keep working. By eliminating your work, you effectively eliminate your income in most cases.

Working at developing residual income means you most likely will make no money for your initial effort. It simply takes time. This differs from active income in that you don't get paid right away, but once the cash starts flowing, you can stop working or tone it down, and your activities that you did earlier will keep providing money to you.

Also, keep in mind that there are various types of work you can do that may be able to be monetized into passive income. Don't think there is only one way to do this. It is all about how creative you can implement a passive income strategy.

The Difference Between Active and Passive Income

Here are three different scenarios that all involve making income. First, imagine that you are a writer for a publishing company or magazine. Each day you come into work and have to write things or start on projects that your boss tells you to do. The way you earn money is by getting a salary or some type of wage for the hours that you work. What will happen if you decide to stop writing for your employer? You will stop getting paid.

Another way you could work as a writer is through contractors or developing your own client base that pays you for work that you provide. Again, in this case you would no longer get paid by your clients if you suddenly stopped doing work for them. It is another case of active income.

Finally, picture yourself as a writer of a book. You end up making a killer piece and sign a publishing deal with a company. This company then decides to cut you a deal where they pay you royalties for each book that is sold. We now have a classic version of passive income. In 6 years, your book could still be making good sales and you keep receiving checks about twice a year for a cut of the book profits. What happens if you stop writing now? You keep making residual income on the work that you did in the past for that book that you signed a deal with. It is possible to stop work, but keep the money flowing into your bank and it could keep coming for a lifetime. That all depends on how good your book is and how well people like it for how long.

Each example listed above is about someone doing a certain activity, writing. The first two income strategies exhibited how you can write for a job that provides no residual effects. The last scenario shows how you can be a writer and get paid with passive income that lasts. The same type of work is being done in each case, and you can see how it is possible to pick what type of way you want to earn income. You have the choice to pick what scenario you would want to do for yourself and even do all 3 at once.

Don't limit yourself to one thing unless you really struggle with time. I would say it is easier to do some kind of hybrid between active and passive income activities. If you really see all your time being sucked up at a job, it might help you to quit that job and focus all your time on getting the ball rolling on some passive income streams. Once those are started, you can then focus on more streams, building old ones up, looking for more active activities to earn income, or doing some kind of combination.

Imagine Achieving Passive Income

Lets take a step back and I want you to seriously think about what would happen to your life if you succeeded with passive income and made it work for yourself. Visualize how it would impact your life and what changes it would cause if any.

What would you be feeling if an extra $250 were coming in each month. Think about what you would do if an extra 10k, 25k, or 100k were coming in every month in a passive way. Set a point where the amount of income changes from not making much of a difference to becoming highly useful and taking away all your financial anxiety. It could pay all your debt off or get the kids through college while you paid off your house.

Start picking target monthly income numbers that you could live off of and then think about what amount you could make that would completely enhance your entire lifestyle. I don't want to make it seem like more money will solve all your problems. All this is doing is explaining the types of rewards and pressure releases that can result when you no longer have debt. It will allow you to enjoy all the things life has to offer.

When you think about earning a certain amount of income per month that puts you in the mindset of wondering what you will do with all your extra free time, set that earnings number as your goal. At that point, the amount of money you make won't matter any more and the most important thing that you think about will shift to thinking about what you do with your life. Everyone should be able to get into that mindset, but sometimes it takes a nudge of passive income to ignite peoples lives a bit.

The last point here is what many individuals can fear. Once you do make a level of passive income that allows you to no longer worry about money, what will you do with all the free time. It is common for individuals to fill up their day with work and being busy so they can hide away the pain they feel inside.

Now we have the major hindrance of achieving passive income machines. If you don't even want to live a life where more than enough money is coming to you each month without you having to work for it, how will you motivate yourself to reach that point. Success is going to be hard to come by with this in the back of your head. Clear it up and decide what you want.

Will Your Passive Income Ruin Your Life or Enhance It Beyond Joy?

Lets start with my own feelings. I struggled with thinking about my own answers to the question of what I would do if all my bills were paid for ever without me having to do any more active work for money. Ask yourself this also. The most truthful answer would probably end up being doing something that you could do even if you were broke and poor.

The only difference here is that in one scenario your bills are paid and you have money in the bank. The way to truly develop your passive income and be motivated to keep it going is if you use it as a means to do the things you really want to do with your life. Make your passive income the key to allowing you to do what you feel is most important in life, whatever that may be.

It can be hard if you don't know what you want to do with your life. Drugs could eat you alive or you might fall into a deep depression. A common feeling among super successful people is depression and a struggle to find meaning in life. Some may kill themselves because they are unable to work at something they like and actually have purpose.

My primary motivators of creating passive income strategies for myself are making it allow me to do things like playing basketball as I please, working out, developing relationships with people that I enjoy being around, creating new things, and discovering new things. No matter if I was broke or had a billion dollars, those things are what I want to be doing with my life. Having a passive income makes it much easier to focus on those things.

How Do You Motivate Yourself?

Being broke can offer you clarity with this. Try to imagine what you would do with your life if you had barely enough money to survive for the rest of your life. Think about what you would do if that were the case. For many people, that thought helps them get past the immediate fear of bills, debt, and income. I am at a point in my life where the motivation for what I would like to do with my time is build and create new things that allow me to feel joy. This gets the focus off of worrisome anxiety and allows you to get a bearing on what is important to you as far as how you want to spend your time. Ignore all your problems, while still taking responsibility for them, and focus on what you can actually do with your time left alive. By allowing yourself to think in this way, it should make it easy for you to enjoy your life no matter what the financial state is and allow you to gain happiness.

This line of thinking is helping me as we speak, and has helped me in the past, develop streams of passive income. It got me going with investing in options trading, building e-commerce brands, and writing on this blog that helps others. You want to remove your distractions so that you can have your life focus on what has meaning to you. If nothing has meaning to you, build something that will create meaning and purpose in some way.

Problems enter peoples lives when they get caught relaxing in the lazy river. By this I mean drifting through life unaware of all the things it has to offer you and everything that you can do in it to create fulfilling joy for yourself in a sustainable and life-long way. Life will flow much nicer for you when you avoid drifting through periods of meaningless stretches of time.

Developing ideas like this about the end result of creating passive income might feel like your jumping the gun. However, it is very important in developing your base motivations and actions. Without a goal and vision of what you want things to be like when you achieve passive income, it will be difficult to get there. Also, by picturing it happening, it will help you stay focused and succeed. Another important reason for doing this is to know if you really want to do it. If you think having a ton of passive income will still result in your life being meaningless and not fulfilling, there is no point in proceeding.

On the other hand, if you think having a lot of passive income will be enjoyable for you, that idea will drive you. It will make it easy to keep pushing and develop new ideas or strategies to succeed in living a self-directed life that has meaning to you. This pretty much makes it so you won't be fighting with yourself the entire way about if you really want to achieve your goal of passive income or not.

Now imagine what types of factors will keep you from earning passive income. The answer is going to be yourself 10 times out of 10. The external tools and factors are already in place to allow you to succeed. Every time you think of an excuse to why you can't make money in a passive way, you have to realize that it is possible, doable, and many others have done it. Re-evaluate what you think is stopping you and search for a solution to it. After much research, the answer will almost always be the only thing stopping you is your own motivation, intelligence, or knowledge. In those cases, just learning something, read how to do it, or figure out why you are not self-motivated. It is easy to mess up a lot when you first start out. Everyone does including myself and almost anyone I have ever talked to about this. The trick is how well you bounce back and learn from your mistakes instead of letting them cause you to fail forever without another attempt. Just know that you are the biggest thing that will stop you from making this work.

A Look Past Success

There is a lot of hype and excitement among people who have made this work and have more passive income then their expenses as well as some extra to play with. No doubt it can be good and provide you with a life that allows for more fun, much less financial stress, and more freedom to do what you want. At that point, will you know what to do with yourself or will you feel more lost then you do now?

Some may need a job to help themselves feel like they have purpose and direction. If you took that away from them, what would they do? If you really achieve financial freedom through residual income and make it work, is it going to be what it is cracked up to be. Think about living for decades at a time never having to worry about paying bills or surviving. Will you be able to feel true happiness in this situation?

Well, you should answer those questions now. Develop a sort of paragraph or list of your vision for how you will live your life once your passive income has reached critical mass or "end game". Keep in mind, this situation would mean you would not have to work to pay your bills either. Write down how you would spend all that extra free time so when you do get there, you have a plan on what to do.

After you have wrote down your vision statement or plan for living with plenty of passive income, set down the paragraph/list and look at it again fresh tomorrow. Really look at it and decide if you would really be happy living in that way and filling your time with those activities.

Finally, think about those things you just wrote down. Why are you unable to do them now in some capacity. It might benefit you to start if it is possible. I will tell you exactly what I do and will do in the future. I will continually play basketball forever at some level. I will be developing online brands because it is fun and something I really enjoy regardless of the money. I will be talking with whoever I come into contact with about truth and what it is because discovering the truth of something seems important to me. I will play Magic the Gathering as long as it is still be updated and played.

Those last few things I just shared are what I would do if I had a billion dollars in the bank or no money in the bank. Develop your list and fine tune it. Then try to do the things in that last.

Pattern of Money Scarcity and Making Excuses

A bad pattern to have is saying "I don't have enough money to do the things on my vision list." This pattern would predict that once you have an abundance of passive income, then you would find other reasons why you can't do the things on your vision list.

The main point is separating lack of money from being able to do what you truly want to do with your life. If you can get a good harmony of both, it will be easy to feel more joy then you have ever felt before. An issue with people who have tons of money is that their excuses of why they can't do the things in life that they feel have meaning become magnified and more obvious.

If you have a problem of thinking up reasons about why you can't do something, getting a ton of money flow will only heighten your excuse making bad habit. Some people like to have the fun and live the party life 24/7. The people who do that aren't usually fulfilled or happy and the people who wish they could do that are probably feeling happier than if they were actually living the party boy/girl type of lifestyle.

One truth about us humans is that we feel good the majority of the time by doing work that has meaning to us. Think about what type of work you may want to pursue if you didn't have to work for money. What would you do for free that you simply enjoy. Now, ask yourself that question: Why are you not trying to do some of this type of work right now? If it is possible for you to do it in some way, why are you not pursuing this work that you think truly has meaning?

Understand that having a ton of passive income should only allow you to be able to have the free time to do work that you really enjoy. When you have no passive income, it could result in you getting stuck working at a place that you completely despise just because you have no alternative income sources or means of survival. Don't let passive income allow you to become eternally bored. Instead, make it your secret tool for being able to do the types of things that you think are very important.

You might not think this right away, but by living more towards your overall vision, it will be a lot easier to create a few new streams of income for yourself and use them to expand the vision you have. It puts all the focus off of money and onto actions and meaningful tasks for you to begin. At the end of the day, you will end up making a lot more money by having this mindset.

I would suggest that you quit Facebook, avoid television at all costs, and try to stay present in your own reality. Don't get distracted by the things that make you try to be like something else or tell everyone everything you are doing at all times as it is happening. Instead, focus on what you want your life to exude. Try inserting a few of the ideas that are in your vision for when you have plenty of money and residual income available. Maybe do them a few times per month or work on them a little each week. Over time you can grow to do the things you really think have the most meaning, while you grow the passive income that provides you with time to do the meaningful work that you actually enjoy.

Why I Haven't Told You exactly what/how to Do This Stuff Yet

Now that you have received all this information, you probably want to know what exactly you can do right now to start making some money. That is good and as this money making series continues I will get more specific about what exact things anyone can start doing. The key is that you have to get in the right state of mind in order to make it to the finish line with this stuff or you are destined to fail. That is why these first few posts were more emotional and general. It will get technical shortly.

Next Post In this Series: Monthly Passive Income Goal

Apr 26, 2012

Explaining Passive Income

I would like to start this series about passive income off by explaining to you what I actually mean by it. The basic working definition that I give to this is money you earn while you are not working. Another word many people use is residual income.

An example of something that is not passive income would be working at a job where you get paid by the hour. This isn't what you are shooting for because it requires you to only be paid while you are working. When you stop working, the income stops. If I quit my salary paid job, I would no longer make any income from that job.

Another example of active income would be if you are self employed and you have clients. If you stop working for your clients, the money stops coming in. It might allow you a little wiggle room if doing work with contracts, but at the end of the day if you don't deliver, you won't get paid.

By contrast, when you start getting some passive income streams going, you can continually earn on those streams even if you don't actively work on them. Know this though. It might take a lot of work up front to get this in gear, but if you work in the right way on this, it can give you income for the rest of your life. The goal is to be able to stop working and keep getting income coming to you each month that doesn't taper off.

Don't think of passive income as inheriting a whole bunch of money or selling assets. The idea here is money that you get on a monthly basis that is recurring and happens as a result of something you did in the past that has provided money to you over time without extra work added.

Obviously, this income won't just keep coming in for ever and ever. Some types might only last a few years, while others can last a lifetime and across multiple generations depending on how you have it set up and what your sources are.

Another aspect of generating passive income is the sense of security. Even the most secure income sources can have issues that impede them from working any longer. For this reason, it is good to diversify and have a few completely different sources of revenue. Nothing is ever 100%. One small income stream that I have is someone who I referred to an affiliate program. They make sales each month and I get 5% of all their sales without doing an ounce of work. All I did was sign them up. It has generated me $50 - $100 per month over a few years and is still going strong. However, if he decides to stop what he is doing, I am out.

Some types of passive income are very easy to manage. It might be a royalty you get or just a sub-affiliate like I described above. If that is the case, those sources can earn you money for lots of years without you doing anything except depositing checks into your bank or if you have it set up as direct deposit, you don't have to do anything except report taxes. This would allow you to basically go away for awhile and you could still sustain yourself.

Other types of income streams might be semi-passive but still require far less work compared to salary work. One example of this would be real estate. You can purchase a home through a mortgage or straight up with cash and rent it out. Your investment takes some managing and upkeep and you have to find tenants, but from there you just collect the rent and if it is more than your mortgage, you put that money in the bank as income.

One very important point that needs to be made is about moocher income. Don't fall into the trap of getting something for nothing. At some level, you will have to provide some type of value or work to activate passive income streams. The saying "there is no free lunches" still holds true. If you have online income, it requires building brands, managing advertising campaigns, or simply doing work to build traffic. The difference between that and active income is once you have everything built, it will work for you.

Don't think this series is going to help people that are lazy. Just the opposite. You won't be able to make it work unless you are dedicated and willing to put a lot of time, effort, and creativity into it. Keep in mind, as the great philosophers said in the past, good things are hard. It holds true in this case. The more you put into it, the more you get out.

Next Post In Series: Passive Income at Critical Mass

Apr 25, 2012

New Series on Passive Income

I started earning passive income a few years ago and have steadily grown. In the next few weeks and months I will be explaining how the average person can do this. It is important that anyone who is struggling to survive and pay bills on a month to month basis read this content series closely because it can get you out of the mode of living paycheck to paycheck. I guarantee these ideas and strategies are going to help you make money while you sleep. I will say that it is going to take you time and effort, but the payoff is very rewarding financially and emotionally.

The key behind this whole strategy is to put yourself in a position where most of the money you make in your life is not generated from a job or salary. Instead, you want it to be from your self-directed actions and good decisions. For me personally, I have basically hit ground zero along the years, but learned what I needed to in order to get things going for the long term. If you are willing to learn what you have to learn as well, this will work for you and provide nice benefits.

Let me share a little bit of truth with you. Right now, today, it is far easier to earn passive income compared to 15 years ago. The reasons why include mint online opportunities and increased transparency of investments that are available to the average person (such as buying liens on property). More people are talking about these things and the people can use at least some of their intelligence will prosper.

You might be thinking "I can't start a website" or "I don't have the technical knowledge". Honestly, you can make money online now even without a website, and generate a pretty sizable passive income stream. It won't take you very much start-up costs either.

Some people build up big blockers in their head that say they are unable to do something for one reason or another. You can, however, earn a passive online income by doing a few things that are not very difficult compared to other things people are trying. The way to get around the mental blockers is by picturing yourself as a person who is doing this and being successful at it. By picturing yourself succeeding at generating money online, it eliminates illogical perceptions and fears that are not really there. Then you can get out there and start doing these things. 

It's simply a matter of your ability to develop your own person into an individual that can make things happen.

The goal of this entire series is to provide people with real success that they can touch and feel. Expect these helpful posts to go on for the rest of the year. The ultimate goal is to have comments and feedback saying "Thanks Jason, I am now making "X" dollars a month as a result of your series. 

Steps of this Series

The first post I will share, besides this one, is going to be about how you develop the correct mindset about earning a passive income. Almost every new person coming into this market, and even experienced entrepreneurs that are still struggling to break through the passive income barrier, have terrible beliefs / false barriers built up about this whole game that prevent themselves from being able to do this for a living. A lot of junk gets into peoples brains and they just completely fail.

You will notice that this first part is going to be more emotional and basically breaking down your old beliefs and building new ones that are conducive to earning a large amount of income. The motivation behind making money is largely emotional rather than logical. Our species has survived for a long time without any kind of money. We don't instinctively try to earn money. It is something we learn how to do. By squashing these financially damaging ideas, it will help you get to where you need to be. What you have to do is make passive income a habit or mandate instead of a necessary evil that you hate.

After that, there will be some posts on how-to help. It will consist of general posts that are still essential to know and can be used to think about every single type of passive income that is out there in the world. There will also be some highly detailed information included about how to develop passive income that I am personally very familiar with. This is going to be primarily the online world and stock option trading because those are my two specializations I am experienced in. These posts are going to help people learn how to create their own passive income that fits their abilities and motivations. 

The last part is going to mainly consist of action steps that you can actually do along with me to start doing things that will propel you into the money making world. It will be a free guide of a step by step way to generate passive income. The fun part about this is I am going to develop a new income stream for myself and you can follow along with me and start on your own thing at the same time. I will be blogging about each of my ideas and strategies so that you can try and mirror these strategies and try them out for yourself right along with me.

The goal of this final part is to provide individuals with a way that they can easily follow what I am doing and even be able to follow along without much investment. It won't necessarily take a website, but clearly my own blog is going to give me a big advantage as far as marketing goes when developing these new streams of online income. I will show you a way to get that side of things going from scratch if you want to go that route. The goal is to allow even a high school student to dive into this and start making money from their home as they follow along.

Note a few things about this whole process. You can read along just for your own entertainment, but the only reason this is being written out is to help those people who really want a way to start making money. It is for people of action. This is not for wannabe's or people who are not willing to put in effort. The specific result of all this is to help many different people get at least 1 new stream of income for themselves.

If you know anyone else in your circles, friends, family, etc... share this post with them if you think they want to know more about how to do this and start making an income that doesn't take much time and can cover some monthly expenses. Ultimately, the goal will be to develop passive income that covers all monthly expenses. At that point you can consider yourself wealthy and successful. It is attainable by really getting into these ideas.

For those who think logically, logically this goal can happen and it is possible. It is not like we are trying to develop time travel or deep space exploration. The concepts and tools available can be used and understood by anyone. Hope to talk to you soon and we will be getting started. As a reference, the current programs I encourage you to join for free are these residual income opportunities. They will offer you a tip of what is available. To make these opportunities make you money, build a niche site based on on one of the products groups or services of an affiliate program.

Next step in this series: Explaining Passive Income.

Apr 24, 2012

Saying "I Don't Know How" as an Excuse

This is a very good point and the truth of Steve's post about saying "I don't know how" is very helpful to anyone who is an adult and feels like they have been making excuses for themselves justifying why the can't do or have something that they want, just because they have decided they don't know how to do it.

I agree with Steve. When anyone says anything like: "I wish I could be an investor but I don't know how" that person is really saying: "I am too lazy to learn anything about it and don't really feel like putting myself in a position where it is possible for me to invest in things". 

One major issue that a lot of adults face is not knowing what knowledge was important to retain when they were actually learning things in school. Another bigger problem is simply not being taught anything that is useful enough to allow people to do things that they really enjoyed and wanted to do during their lifetime. Financial literacy is something that K-12 schools fail at teaching, but need to do.

To me, it seems like this is how society functions. A certain amount of people have to be willing to do jobs that they don't want to do or else things would collapse. If absolutely nobody ever wanted to be a garbage man again, that would mean we either have to develop intelligent machines that can go do it without humans or figure out a way to dispose of trash in a safe and economic way without workers going around to pick it up.

With respect to my own education, I feel like there was a really good base in the core subjects. I learned Math and English skills pretty well and was taught the Sciences. This gave me a fairly solid base, but the problem comes in when trying to pull valuable and life long skills out of that. Basically, I still didn't know how to survive even up through my last year of college. The best life skill I finally attained at the very end of my formal education was being able to learn on my own about anything I wanted.

I didn't know how to invest in stocks until one of my college friends talked about it and got me into it. This is a very good income source for me now, but after my 12 years of required schooling and 3 years of college, I did not know how to do it. Just 3 weeks ago I taught myself how to trade options and that information was essential for me to boost my income by a few hundred dollars per day. The same was true about starting an online business for myself. There was no prior information that I had on how to do it. I wanted to do it, but didn't know how. As a result, I taught myself about it so I knew everything there was to know and learned a ton of things on the way. I spent about a year during college trying to learn how to build a successful online business outside of college. Those skills I attained while doing this were just as important or more important compared to the skills I attained paying $60k for college education.

The skills that I did get from school were pretty much "learn how to learn". That was key and it is one part that Steve does not mention in his post. He, himself probably learned how to learn when he was in college. After that, he started his online business and now he is making almost 6 figures a month online. 

Even though I didn't get much use out of the specific information I was being taught in grade school and college, I did figure out how to learn about things and work hard to understand all parts of a problem, situation, decision, and action. Some say college is just to make people drones that know how to follow orders, but this point I have to disagree with. Instead, if you have the right professors, college can teach people how to learn and think in a more critical way. That is very important when trying to survive in the real world.

Bottom Line of All This

The main point or takeaway that you must have is to simply teach yourself the skills that are required for you to do something you really want to do. Don't let lack of knowledge prevent you from living a more fulfilled and happy life doing something you like for a living. You can always teach yourself the skills and information necessary to give yourself a fighting chance at anything. It comes down to your motivation.

Any time that you catch yourself saying "I wish I could do that but I don't know how" go and learn how, or you must not want to do it bad enough. Realize that you can do it. Put forth some effort and see where it gets you. 

Investing in Forex

If you want to further diversify your portfolio or maybe start it out with Forex investing, it can be a great way to earn some good gains and provide a very safe investment tool to guard your money from losing value over time. You can pretty much trade 24 hours a day with this investor vehicle, except for the weekends. That is probably a good thing so people don't completely lose their minds.

If you have decided on going with this route of investing, read on to learn more about how it works and to see a more technical side of this market as well as sign up with a highly reputable Forex based broker, see my other post called How to Invest in Forex and Picking the best Broker. It is a good idea to join a website broker that is specifically design for forex trading because it makes everything more user friendly, gives you better news, and is already geared toward providing the tools that those types of investors want.

How it All Works in Forex Trading

The way it works is by betting one currency is going to change relative to another. This happens all the time with all the currencies so the trick is to find out which direction one currency is moving relative to the other. If you have a decent idea of that, you can snap up some great residual income.

Here are a few key points you want to know about this entire market:

Represents that biggest asset class in the entire world. (That is because everyone in the world is part of it and the volume of trades that go on are very large) It is a good thing because it means very high liquidity.

You can trade forex through an entire day since different markets are open at different times.

Sometimes it is easier to tell if currencies are changing than trying to figure out of a regular stock of a company is going to go up or down.

Some people have said this is a market that has perfect competition. There are some very large firms that trade this kind of money and do about $4,000,000,000,000 worth of trading every day. With Foreign Exchange Trading, you can make different kinds of transactions that include spot, outright forwards, foreign exchange swaps, currency swaps, and options.

Options is just like options in the regular stock market. They offer individuals more risk but more potential reward. The bottom line is that an option is a bet of where the underlying asset will be worth on a certain date.

One reason why this type of trading is very safe is because the chances that a currency is going to be worth 0 is very rare. That means fairly low risk with chances to clean up on whatever gains happen as a result of currencies changing value relative to one another.

The things that cause this currency valuation change on a daily basis can be many different things. Some of it can be attributed to poor country policies and a weak overall economy in a given country. Some currencies relate to one another and directly effect each other. That means if wars happen, large nation wide catastrophes, or central bank issues come up, it can all move the market and effect the value of your investment.

Apr 21, 2012


Think of two different things.

1. Picture what you are going to do tomorrow and develop a perception of how it will go, how you will feel, how much or how little you want to do something, and just try to get a picture in your head about all of tomorrow.

2. Think how you feel right now this second looking through your own eyes out into reality. See the things that are literally right in front of you. Be completely aware of what you are doing and how you feel about your entire current state of being.

These are two different ways we view our world. The first one is about our future and thinking about things that are going to happen and how we feel about them. The second idea is just a gauge of the now. I can almost guarantee you this: If you were to go back in time and perform the process for idea #1 it will almost always be different from how you actually feel when you go through the events or time that you had thought about one day prior.

If you can live in idea #2 and focus on that, you will see that reality is far different compared to what human perceptions starts making it out to be. We get so caught up in worrying about the future that we forget every second we are going through the same time that we were worried about earlier. I find life more clear when you don't start building false realities about how you think the future will be and then letting that thought direct what you do right now.

For example. If you had to do a big set of tasks the next day, chances are you will dwell on this in your sub-conscious and conscious until you figure out a way to feel good about it or end up putting it completely out of your head, so you think, and blocking the anxiety you feel with something that keeps you busy immediately.

Anyone who has anxiety issues has a hard time feeling content and pleased with what they will be doing at some point in the future relatively to their present state of being. As a result, they will be unable to enjoy their life because they are spending the whole time worrying about things they have not gone through yet.

Don't get me wrong. Planning is always good. You should not have to plan as mush as you need to set up a life for yourself that is fun and stress free. If you are going to have anxiety about the future, think about one thing. Think about the time when you are no longer living. What will you be worried about then? This will be a time when nothing that you are doing right now will matter or have significance. As a result, why are you worried about anything at all?

In the bigger picture perception, you should only be focused on having a fulfilling and enjoyable life. Every single person has their own idea of what this state of being is like and what they have to do or think to get there. Ponder what you really want out of life. Soon, it will be too late to get anything out of it.

Apr 19, 2012

Why You Should Not Get a Job

Alright, I read this post awhile ago and it is what motivated me to be financially free, which I have attained within about 8 months of going through the article called "10 Reason You Should Never Get a Job". This post has got to be shared with anybody who is stuck at a job they hate or looking into the prospect of seeking a new job.

I will say that society has to function so some people have got to do the jobs that help society thrive like picking up trash, maintaining cities, and other functional jobs. As our technology gets better, more and more of these jobs are going away and the pay is decreasing. That is alright though, because there is always a balance. The article I linked to above explains in detail the exact benefits of how you can live without a "job".

It doesn't show any shortcut to life or how to live without doing anything. Instead it helps people see why you can benefit from being self-employed rather than work for someone else. The concepts hold true to anyone in the entire world. It is very good.

Let me give you some statistics. That article above is the most popular post of Steve Pavlina's blog and that blog gets about 30 - 40 million visitors a year. Much of that is because of how the truth get uncovered.

The most important thing you can get from putting yourself into a mindset that doesn't need to work for someone for pay is that you are free to choose how much money you make based on how much value you can provide to others. If you want to make passive income, then you have to provide passive value in a way that is cash positive. All it takes is developing a system that allows you to monetize it with little long-term time input. This may be the hard part that separates those who make money as needed and those who live paycheck to paycheck.

I believe everyone should read about this because it gives a broad and helpful set of truths that can help anyone who thinks it is a good idea to get rid of their monotonous job and start out on their own. You will come to find out that creating your own streams of income is much more stable, safe, and lucrative compared to working at an hourly rate for some large corporation or franchise. It is also much more fulfilling because you are directing your own actions. The most successful individuals, that make tons of money without having a job, are those that find channels to deliver their strengths and passions to others. They do this in a way that is helpful in return for fair payment. 

That is all you have to do. Doing this is also much less risky compared to working because in order to make money, all you have to do is provide your value. There is no boss that can shut off your income if you make your own streams of delivery.

Besides being safer and easier to become financially free, making money on your own is really fun and enjoyable. It is fulfilling when you sustain yourself with your own skills and ideas. If you don't have anything you can think of that others may be willing to pay for, start building that value in yourself. One way to do that is by reading this and Steve's post above.

You can make it work. The hard part is just motivating yourself.

Making Decisions Based on Fear

The worst thing you can do when searching for a job or deciding if you want to have a career of slave waging is deciding what you are going to do with your life based on fear of money. This can end up making you a life-long employee of the local Starbucks or factory in town with no room to grow. If you do take a job out of fear for survival, try to take a step back and see the big picture. Identify your positives and understand how much your skills are really worth. Companies love to make a ton of money off their employees and in most cases they do.

You may find rare cases where the job you have is performance based but also gives you base pay that is lucrative. Jobs are also good when you first start out and allow you to gain people skills and confidence. It will get you comfortable at making sales and show you first hand how commerce works. It's hard to see how e-commerce works if you have never made a sale yourself. Just try to have an exit strategy or plan to do something with your life that you feel has a purpose that you align with.

Apr 18, 2012

Reduce the Clutter and Become Less Busy

K.I.S.S. That stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. It is the most helpful phrase I could ever think of or tell anyone else. Think about all the stuff you are doing right now in your life. If many things are over complicating your life or you feel like your emotions are swaying with the millions of different advertisements, world news, or brand new products that are supposed to make everything better, check out some of these insights. A good post about being too busy inspired my following thoughts.

The main points of this article explain how we spend so much of our time thinking about the future or what we are looking forward too. So much so that we end up constantly in a state of seeking the next thing instead of being happy with where we are right now. When you are working, you might be dwelling on the weekend or what you get to do when you get home.

This is another case of seeking abundance and not living it. You may be at dinner with the family and secretly zoning out about something at work that has to be done or sitting at your friends house dwelling on the next time you get to go home and play a video game. When you have all these things flying around in your brain, it's hard to enjoy the moment in anything. Next time you are doing something or even as you read this, simply be content with what you are doing and don't worry about what is happening tomorrow or next week.

To help more, you can try and think about an event or state of being that you can't wait for and when you reach it, make a conscious effort to be happy in that moment and not think of another future event after that. This could help stop the perpetual cycle of failing to feel abundant.

Covering Up Pain with Busyness

Another reason why we like to stay busy is to cover up pain. A lot of individuals may feel like they are afraid to be alone with themselves and just doing nothing at all for one day. It can harm your emotional health if you don't deal with the pain and just work through it. Although work can be a good release, it is still going to help you to think about why you feel the way you do and if there are things you can actively do to fix it.

Some things that could help you include writing down a plan of action or getting to a cool looking place outside like the beach or your favorite outdoor scenery spot. Just sit and think about what is bothering you and if it is truly important or if it is just stupid stuff that doesn't matter in the big picture.

Connect and Disconnect

There are times when I have to shut down all the music, television, and computer for a little bit and just sit and think or sit and be content with life. It helps me feel less busy and less cluttered. Some other benefits include having a clear perception of reality.

When you are at work, be totally there and do a good job. When you are away from work, be away from it totally. Don't check anything and don't think about it. Establish times where you are going to focus  on only one thing. Move through your day like this for a few weeks and see if you notice anything. It may surprise you at what you encounter.

That is one thing I like to tag onto posts is an action that you can do that will help you understand more what I am saying.

Apr 17, 2012

Do Our Minds Need Drugs to Be Successful and Creative

A recent post by another website has decided that it wants to make it sound like LSD is positive and can help you become like Steve Jobs. LSD and Steve Jobs is their post. They say that the late owner of Apple had once done drugs like this and then they show an alleged letter written to Steve by the inventor of LSD asking for help on PR. Basically, the person who invented this drug wanted help creating a good view of the banned substance.

This is disturbing to me because no matter how many toxic or mind altering substances you give your body, it won't help you become a founder of a multi-billion dollar company. The fact that Steve may have done these things does not mean he needed them to get where he was.

Now we know that every single decision or even that an individual does can greatly impact their future. The fact of the matter is that if you want to be rich and successful, the chances that you achieve it and put stuff into your body that makes your brain nuts are low.

To me, it is like saying that only reason why the most successful people have gotten there is because they ate a certain kind of cake. Just because one out of a hundred ate the cake (not special cake), it doesn't mean that it is the reason why all those top tier people got to where they are.

There are millions and millions of factors that lead each of us in a direction of life. The best thing you can do is understand what decisions you are making and how they effect your future to the best of your ability. Most of the time the most important things end up happening to us unexpectedly and lead us in a completely different direction for the rest of our lives. There is just no way to pin success and creativity down on one specific thing.

Apr 16, 2012

About Bad Habits and How To Break Them

I have a very good article about breaking bad habits and actually understanding how they work. The piece I read from was called How to Break Bad Habits and Develop Good Ones. The main points from this were the 3 elements that make up a bad habit loop.

The three things were:
  1. Cue - This is the trigger or what causes you to want to do the bad thing. (In my own opinion I think that sometimes there may not be a cue and you just suddenly what to do the routine. The chances are that 80% of the time you will have a cue though.
  2. Routine - This is the part where you are actually actively doing the habit on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.
  3. Reward - This is what you are seeking to achieve as a result of doing the habit.
The loop simply works like this: Acting on a cue in order to get something.

Now that this is clear, it becomes easy to learn how you break a bad habit...somewhat. In order to do this, the article says to replace the routine with something else but try to keep the same cue and reward. Sometimes bad habits have to be done in order to attain the reward so you may think. In that case, you need to use some self control and find another routine that will give you a reward that is close to what you previously attained from the bad habit.

Find some new things in your life that you can do that replace the old habit. Attempt to make that action give you the same feeling afterward. It may be hard to find something. Here is an example:

Say you smoke. Your cue for smoking could be an emotional state, a craving after you eat some kind of food, or a default mechanism you use to cope with a situation. The reward you would be seeking by doing the routine of smoking is to feel more relaxed and in a better mood. 

Now that you see what you are trying to achieve by smoking, replace smoking with something that can give you a means to feel better or more relaxed and do that routine when you feel a cue that makes you want to smoke. 

I have a better example for myself. One bad habit I have is eating too much junk food when I am bored. In order to fix that I have tried to change my routine to writing on this blog in place of eating junk food. The cue is still the same - when I am bored I will write instead of eat, and the reward is similar - to feel satisfied of boredom.. I also had to use some common sense and realize that eating snacks was not going to get me my desired reward in the first place. 

So far this is going pretty good. I have been feeling more healthy and am getting a lot more work done online. Think of some bad habits you want to break and try this method. It may work for you as well. There is nothing to lose.

Apr 15, 2012

Are We Going to Have A One World Bank?

Alright guys, this is getting scary. Normally when this sort of thing comes up, I would say it is some sort of conspiracy. However, these things he is talking about are actually happening in reality today so it is no longer conspiracy. It is simply what is happening. Below I have a video of the famous Alex Jones talking about what is going on in front of everyone's eyes. He is a guy that is trying to get down to the truth of what is going on in this world and simply informing the public about what is going on.

Basically, he is saying the banks were able to conquer all of Europe, you know what has happened there in the past few years, and they are moving toward turning the U.S. into the same thing. Their (Large Banks) purpose or motivation in doing this would be to simply gain power and make everyone a slave to debt. This video is geared toward Warren Buffet and explaining some of the stock moves he made as well as the deals he has done with major banks and bail outs.

One of the major issues is how the regulations and rules are set up. Since all of the billions and billions of dollars that certain corporations have i.e. Goldman Sachs and other giant banks are able to influence the government as far as certain tax regulations go and how Business Law is made, it hurts the general public of the entire world. People such as Warren Buffet are able to have all their money in stocks, bonds, and securities that don't require much tax payments. As a result, the main people who suffer the tax load are people who make a few hundred thousand dollars and up to a few million. Here is the problem with that. The people who make that kind of money are who employ the rest of the Unites States. If they go out of business, people have to depend on the government for assistance and give up some of their freedom. Over a longer period of time, this type of action and events will lead us to a one world government and all that crap. One Option Anyone Has to Become Financially Free I will offer a solution to anyone who wants to listen. You may think I wrote the above post just so I could promote this, but the truth is that this is just a thought that came to me after I wrote above about banking world takeover because I think this is a legit way to help fight against it and help yourself. If you can become independent and stable, there will be no power held over you because you will be able to survive without a lot of assistance. And guess what, I just so happen to promote money making opportunities for those entrepreneurs who want to make some money online. I know this makes me very bias about you doing the following, but I am only promoting something I do myself and believe in. The bottom line is that you can become financially independent, if you want, without much start-up resources or capital. If you want to learn more about how this is done, see my page called Residual Income. It shows you some really good programs that are free to join and can make you upwards of $10,000 a month if you do it right. All it takes is knowledge and motivation. I know this sounds sales-pitchy and all that crap, but it is a solution to a problem of not enough money and it works for me so I think anyone can replicate the process and make money for themselves. Also,  if you sign up for those program, I will only make money if you make sales. Therefore, you can think of me as a partner and I will do whatever it takes to get you making some sales. Also, these income streams are possible only if you have a website. For those that already own their own site, you just need to implement the affiliate network banners that I linked to in the above paragraph and watch the sales roll in. I think it is much more effective than advertising with ads from adsense because if even one person clicked through your banner, you could make a commission if they buy something. If you don't already have a site, the best company that will give you web hosting, information about how to set up the online business income streams correctly, and teach you the correct way to start, see this post about Starting an Internet Income Right. I think that the most important thing for anyone who is just starting out online is to know the right way to set up everything. People fail 99% of the time because they never start off the right way.

If Your Life Sucks and You Hate Your Job: Listen to This

I am sure most of you have heard this song, but you probably have not listened to it with the perspective of making it part of your default vibe before. Anyone who wants a motivating and calming song will enjoy it. All the meaning will be derived from the perspective of setting this song as a large part of your baseline feeling. You will need to read the post about default vibes to really know what I am saying.

When you are at your job that you freeken can't stand and just need something to focus on to get you through the day, play this in your head and think of where you want to get yourself to. Maybe it will help you develop those goals or maybe it might just help you cope. Keep in mind the guy singing here is blind.

 Here is the video:

By putting this as a sort of theme song of your life, it may help guide some decision making that could lead you to a happier place. I'm not talking about death either. I mean a more enjoyable state of being where you see all the bad but feel all the good. 
For me, it sort of gets me into a mood where chaos becomes normal and calm. There is a UFC fighter that does have this as their theme song when he comes out to fight. It makes perfect sense to me because when you are in that ring fighting it is pretty much chaos, but by having this song running through your mind is like intense calming. One of the main effects I think it has is pushing you through. Think of it like a sledge hammer just slamming you through barriers and allowing you to finally get to that point that you want to be.

Motivation From Someone Who is Deaf

I find it interesting to listen to someone who has no ability to physically speak or hear. A post written by an individual who is deaf, has only four fingers and is an artist, as you can see from the picture shown below, was called "3 Ways You Can". This is a motivating type of work that might help you feel better about your own life and understand a little better what it means to be content.

One of the more powerful ideas from this was when the individual, Barry, said that even though he was disabled, his parents made sure he knew that he was not disabled from living life and being happy. Barry was teased as a kid and honestly I don't understand why that happens among children except they have underlying problems themselves or have simply been raised, to that point in their life, in a way that prevents them from performing any sort of critical thinking.

In the end, the 3 things that he teaches are
  • Learning
  • Changing Your Attitude
  • Finding a Way
Don't Make Excuses About Why You Won't Be Able to do What You Want to Do

The end of his article was very profound to me. He talks about the idea of not making excuses for achieving. This is something that almost every single person struggles with at some point. We all have our hopes and dreams, but many times we decide to think of excuses of why we are unable to do them. It could be a result of fear, being too ingrained in everyday monotony to make a change, or the inability to make a conscious shift that causes you do make decisions that will allow you to have what you really want out of life. Instead, it would be more fulfilling to think of ways that make it possible for you to achieve success and happiness.

One big example of this is anyone who went to college to do something and now does something they hate even though they have a college degree that would allow them to attain a job that allows them to enjoy life more as a result of more money, but more importantly, doing something they like for a living. Just break through all the barrier, push through everything, and get to where you want to be. 

Barry is a great artist who just happens to be deaf. His work can be found at BarryDraws.com.

Apr 14, 2012

Older Times

Google has posted their new daily brand brainwashing image as a compilation of pictures from the famous photo journalist Robert Doisneau today on April 14, 2012. I really like this video of his work and the music that goes along with it. To me it's about older times and how things used to be. Obviously things were never perfect, but this guy was able to take away from commonplace moments and capture unique events that were considered art.

When I watched this it made me feel good and content with the way life is. This sort of brings out the underlying joy of our lives. The pictures are not all of super happy  moments, but just capture a different era of time. Take a hard look at what Robert Doisneau did from 1914 until he died in the 80's. I can almost guarantee he felt abundance and joy with what he did in his life and he didn't need any personal development blogs to get there. 

All he did was make a decision on how he wanted to impact the world and he did it. Now, many decades after all of his photo's were taken, this man's work is still making a difference. Use this as a positive thing that motivates you to form your own reality into one that is pleasing to you. Note that the link I just shared is about developing your own reality based on decisions you make and realizing what you can do with your life, even though it is titled with something about "Letting Yourself Earn Money Online". You can shape your life into what you want and start living it that way all starting with shaping your default vibe. You will have to read that post from the link about reality in order to get more on this.

Developing a Story with Tiny Moments in Time

Think about how fractions of a second can give you images of what the past was really like. If you add up all the tiny fractions of time these images were taken in, all of it may only add up to a few seconds, but it has enough meaning to explain an entire story. 

Why do you think Google has used this for today's brand picture thing? Well, they just had some nice earnings reports two days ago, but some investors got scared about cost per click prices dropping so the stock lost about 4% the next day of trading. I believe this story and picture gets people to feel more acceptance toward Google itself and respect what it is trying to do for the world. For full disclosure, I have a long call on Google Stock.

Apr 13, 2012

Allow Yourself To Earn Money Online

It's All About Your Default Vibe and You Can Do Anything (Including Make Money Online)

In a post recently discovered, I found some very helpful material about visualizing what you want as though it were in another dimension. The information was from this post called, How to Switch Dimensions. I am going to summarize and try to make sense of the most important points from that post and add a little of my own ideas. Lets take a deeper look into what this is all about.

If you are struggling to earn income online, read through this and when you are done, you will find that your desired vibe is one where you are making a lot of money online. It is important to go through the process so that your mind sub-consciously and consciously believes it will be good for you to earn an online income stream.

Think About The Options

Some hold the belief that there are an infinite number of universes or dimensions. In each of them is a you that has something slightly different about it, or majorly different. In order to get a grasp of this you have to accept the belief that every single possibility that can happen to you has happened and exists in one of these infinite dimensions. Clearly nobody is aware of any type of plane or existence other than the one that they are in. However, let yourself believe that all those different versions of yourself do exist and are real.

Let's say that in one of these dimensions something crazy happened such as Hitler winning WW2, you live someplace else, you make a ton of money from your website, or made a different decision about marriage. Just imagine what could have happened to you if you chose a different path or allowed yourself to do something else that is different than you normally would do.

Relation Between Reality and Your Vibe

Some of these different dimensions that you are thinking of yourself existing in may have you being rich, successful, or just happier in general. Now think of something else. Everyone has a sort of vibe and in Steve's post he talks about how we usually have a default vibe. For example, somebody that has a depressed default vibe might be happy and laugh occasionally, but they always return to their sad default feelings, beliefs, and desires as their main outlook. Your default is how you are 80% of the time.

The universe or reality that you experience is going to be determined by what your default is. Lets get into what he means by this.

Figuring Out What Your Own Vibe Is

This is important. It may be difficult to know what your standard settings are for how you feel because it is how you are the majority of the time. One easy way to notice how your vibe is the majority of the time is by contrast. We humans notice things when they contrast sharply.

When you experience something that is not the norm or out of the ordinary and makes you feel very different from how you normally feel, you can see what your default vibe truly is. It is hard to just make one up out of nowhere because this "vibe" is basically who you have been as a person forever. It won't just change out of nowhere.

If you struggle doing this alone, try to find another person that has a very different way of seeing life compared to yourself. They tend to drag you into that direction and then you can see how different that feeling is compared to how you normally feel about life and in general about everything.

Developing A Vibe That You Really Want to Have

After doing the previous activities, you should be able to get an idea of the most desirable type of vibe that attracts you the most. It might be the one you have or it might be one that is very different from yours. Identify which one you want the most. It can be developed into your new default with some hard work.

It will most likely be a combination of all your favorite vibes that you found enjoyable. Let's say that one default vibe that you have results in a feeling of fear, self loathing, lack of confidence, and scarcity. These things are what dominant you as a being. In order to contrast these and make a drastic and effective switch to a dimension where you don't feel these things, you have to experience the other vibes and make them your go to ideas and feelings. The contrast of feeling scarcity in life would be feeling abundance. Abundance is simply feeling like everything you have in life is enough and you don't need anything more to be happy.

The contrast to low confidence is being self confident. Start working at the things you think would help you feel more confidence and switch into that dimension where you exist as a self-confident person.

The opposite of living in fear is living fearless. Generally the best way to not be scared is by knowledge. When you learn more about things, they become less scary and right in the open for you to not be scared of. Think of fear as irrational. Seek understanding.

Setting A Trigger for Your New Vibe

Now that you have figured out which dimension is the most desirable to you, it is key to figure out how your mind can trigger the new vibes. Don't think of a vibe in word form as much as a feeling or expression of emotions. Here are some things to do on a daily basis that will help you change into a more desirable dimension of existence:

1. Create a scene in your head that brings out the vibe you want to feel.

2. Be specific with the scene and make sure it is clear and really brings out the way you want to feel. It might take some tweaking and playing around with.

3. Note that what you are doing is not to manifest something into reality. It is just supposed to be a thought that brings out a desirable feeling about yourself and who you are.

4. Find songs that make you feel the way you want. 

What I Think About These Ideas and Relating it to Making Income

Now you have all the tools you need to create a new life for yourself. The ways this could impact you are countless. It is up to you to see all the possibilities that are now available to you. It is really possible to develop a new outlook on life and set your identity as a person to what you most desire. One thing you should be thinking about is what your other versions are doing to make all their income online. Start getting into these things and be the person in that dimension.

I think that doing this is not an exact science either. It is more of a tool to slowly shift your life to what you think would be good. You may get there and realize there is no fulfillment or joy. In that case, keep working at it and developing new types of realities that you think would be fun to live out until you find one that is suitable.

It is possible that you may never find one that is perfect. The joy is that you have the power to make these shifts and directly effect what reality is around you. This shows how powerful your decision truly are and the effect they make on reality around you. There are situations where you have to make a choice and you will never know what could have happened if you choose one thing over the other.

Don't think of this as scary or a cause of anxiety. Instead embrace it as power to guide your life into what you choose it to be. Start with these money making tools.

Should You Care About Anything

There are some interesting thoughts here. I was reading this post about how we act around others and I started making an argument in my ahead about what thinks are important to worry about. So here it goes.

Let me start off by asking you, the reader, a question. How much do you care about how the people you come into contact with think about you? I bet that you care more about how they might feel about you compared to how worried you are about their lives. Based on this sort of dynamic, it becomes clear that we act differently when around different people.

As the link I shared above states, the people we are around most likely determine what kind of person we are when around them. Doing this is detrimental to personal growth and development. The main focus of trying to become more self-confident and experience some sort of personal growth has to be having a congruent life style. That means you have the same base line of feelings, beliefs, emotions, and thoughts no matter where you are.

One way to help yourself out is by impacting others in a good way. When you are able to help others feel good and important, they will act in a way that is positive for yourself. Try this out a few times and see how it goes.

It is important to keep this line of thought and level of consciousness because living in a congruent way will help you succeed as well as have a better understanding of who you are as a person. This could be like trying to find yourself when you have 10 different versions of you. Get down to one version and then you can move forward in a comfortable and secure way.

How To Start Feeling Free From Your Surroundings

The first step of doing this is by being the same person no matter who you are around. No matter if you are play sports, doing a certain kind of activity, at church, at a bar, with different friends, by yourself, or with a partner. Get yourself to behave in the same way. It might be hard for you to know how you want to be. It may seem robotic to think of it this way, but it's the only way to quantify your purpose and self-identity.

We all have a version of how we see ourselves. Normally, one would want to make that version a good one. The difference comes in when people have different ideas of good. Most do, so that is why I can't tell you one specific thing to work at being like. Find out what feels right to you and try to go in line with that belief in what you feel is right.

One result of this is getting a better grasp on reality and being able to work hard and something knowing your core motivations in life. To know why something is important or why you should do something might be difficult to get a good grip of when you don't know what your own core motivations are.

Does Luck Exist?

An interesting piece of work called "works like magic" explains a study done about luck. They gave individuals at random a golf ball. Half of the people were told that the ball was lucky. The other half were told nothing. And guess what? The people that were told the ball had some luck drained 35% more of their puts.

It is an important psychological effect that we are looking at here called the placebo effect. Many studies around the world have been done and a lot come out with results showing that if people think something is helping them or hurting them, it directly effects their performance, feelings toward their abilities, results, and sometimes even health. 

This shows the power of our minds and the power of thinking. By saying positive affirmations in your head when you are going to have to do something and believing that you truly have confidence when being involved in a task, it will most likely allow you to perform better.

Mind Power

The trick is to actually get yourself to believe in yourself. If you let yourself succeed or allow yourself to do a certain thing, such as making a certain amount of money, it will be easier for you to accomplish it. By psychologically allowing and saying to yourself that it is ok or acceptable to get something you want, the thing you want will come easier. 

Here is the practical reason why it works. If I say to myself, "self, I allow you to make $5,000 per month". then my mind starts thinking of ways to achieve this. Every time I do any type of action in my life that I think will help me attain this goal, I feel good about it and like it is the right thing to do. However,  if you dream of things but think they will never happen, they most likely won't because you have sub-consciously decided you will never do anything to make it happen. 

Apr 12, 2012

Perspective and Mood

Alright I can't find a really good post around the internet about this certain topic so I am going to write about it myself. All I wanted to say was that your perspective can effect your mood differently depending on if you are depressed or overly happy. I believe going too far in one direction of mood often will result in a very unhappy and content life.

Feeling Very Depressed

The concept to look at is how you feel when you put things into perspective. Usually, if you are feeling really sad and like the world is simply out to make you miserable, it will benefit you to think of a broad perspective such as what are the most important things in life and how bad can it be because at least this gigantically infinitely large universe has decided to let us be alive and experience life itself. This would be the cosmic perspective, which sort of makes things that you are worried about seem not so bad. This in turn might make you feel a little better.

Feeling Very Happy

On the other hand you have this side of things. When you get super overjoyed over one little event and you spike your happiness up for a little bit, the thing that usually brings you back down or to normal levels of mood is thinking about the big perspective of everything. At that point you realize that things are not so great and what you are happy about is not that super important.


It seems like if you are able to hold a wide and holistic type of perspective through your entire life, it will help you stay in the middle ground and be content with what happens to you, good or bad. Overall, this stability will be good at making you feel joy and not feel like a sociopath or as if you had multiple personalities.

Is This Truth?

Now we have to think about this and how close to the truth it is. I think there are little ways to prove or disprove this dynamic of the human emotional aspect and the only way to see if it hits home for people is if they read it and decide it does or doesn't apply to them.

Why Not to Conform

Here is an interesting thought that many people should wake up to. The post from "Art of Non-Conformity" does a good job at telling you why you should think for yourself. I guess that even by reading this idea you would sort of be conforming to what this person thinks is the right way. All you need to get from this is that you can think for yourself and be happy with who you really are.

One of the main ideas of that article is about examining why you do things. This is good in my opinion because a lot of times we all get caught up doing activities over and over that we have always done without question. Your life can turn into something you have compartmentalized and dread doing. Spice things up and try some things that you personally think would be really exciting to do.

The blogger from "The Art of Non-Conformity" writes that your only benefit to conforming is that everyone around you will like you except for yourself. I don't completely agree with this but it has some bit of truth to it. Try not to get caught up in the latest trends or things that everyone tells you is good. Develop a direction for your life that fits your style and go with that.

There are a million different ways to live. Don't worry about which one is the right way. Instead focus on making a new way that is unique to one person, which would be you.

Apr 11, 2012

Coping With Job Stress

Here is an interesting post from "Self Growth" about dealing with job stress. They start off very slow by explaining what job stress is, the causes, and why people feel it often. The most interesting part of the entire piece is there number 8 way to reduce this problem. It is...

Self Growth.com claimed drinking alcohol in moderation will help you. They say it will reduce your worry and anxiety, which I completely think is true. It just seems a little funny to think about. I would add that the moderation factor is huge and you shouldn't let your job lead you to becoming an alcoholic.

The rest of their 13 steps that help reduce your stress from work are fairly generic and include things like being emotionally intelligent, eating healthy, and relaxing. Exercise was also on the list and I thought that was major. In my opinion, working out and doing some kind of physical activity is almost the only thing that really works at making you feel better overall. If you workout with a friend or do activities with others, that pretty much covers everything else in making it easy to cope with job stress.

Everyone Could Probably Make This Change and Benefit

Something you might not have thought about is trying to eliminate your caffeine and nicotine consumption. Those two substances significantly reduce blood flow to the brain. Nicotine may appear like it helps you stay calm, but it's actually a stimulant that will add to your anxiety. Both make it more difficult to deal with stress from work. That means no more coffee or cigarettes and you will feel great.

Apr 10, 2012

Levels of Manifesting

Here is a unique post about how your thoughts change reality. I have some comments that I would like to make about things in the video that are good and bad, but first here is the post: The 5 Levels of Manifesting. In this video they explain the 5 levels are:

  • Mild Awareness
  • Specific Intent
  • Release of Past Programming
  • State of Allowing
  • Personal Bubble of Reality

My Commentary On This Personal Development Video

Here is how I believe this works in a practical way. The only way your thoughts shape reality around you is by enforcing your actions as positive or negative. Obviously nobody is able to simply think of things and can magically pop matter into existence or cause things to happen just by thinking about it. Here is what happens. You get an idea in your head about how you want your life to be or think about how you really want to live. Once you develop this idea in your head and confirm that it is what you want, certain triggers start occurring. 

What I mean by triggers is that when you do an action that you think is leading you into the direction that you have been thinking about getting to, you feel a positive confirmation. If you do an action that you perceive as something that is the opposite of what you want, your mind will sub-consciously trigger a negative feeling. 

Over time these negative and positive feelings add up and lead your life to be what you had decided you really wanted. There is no way to control the things that are out of your control. All you can do is accept the circumstances and do what you can do.

It's so simple. Just visualize what type of life you want to be living and do things that you think someone like the person you are envisioning would do. Think of it as an alternate reality with a different you in it. Try to merge that idea of you in a different reality into what you are now.

Turn Off Your Programming

Lots of underlying beliefs have developed everyone's beliefs of what they think is right and wrong. What you have to do is ignore what you have been taught your whole life and learn things for yourself. It is important to let go of the things that you think you are supposed to want and just allow yourself to feel what brings you joy.

What I Disagree With: This Video Talking about Multiple Universe Creating Events

I don't think this is true. It is only a theory and is as easy to prove as proving the existence of God (very difficult). I think there is only one reality and ever single decision or event that happens results in the ongoing creation of this 1 universe. The video that Finerminds talks about explains at the end that everything that can possibly happen will happen in an alternative universe and the universe splits into two when events happen. 

My mind does not understand this idea and I don't think it happens that way. They relate this to thinking of a room full of some amount of people that are all of equal "brain power". Then they go on to say one of them will win $10,000 depending on who wants it the most or wins it based on some competition. The guy then goes on to say all of them win. I disagree with that. Only one of them will win. The other people will not get anything and no new universes are created out of our minds or by nature itself. 

I think us humans have a complex that tells us we have to be more important than we really are or nothing has meaning. That is simply a limiting belief and the truth is that your life has as much meaning as you let it have. It is not based on anything at all except how you feel about yourself and what you do.

Apr 9, 2012

Mistakes Made by Those Who Just Became Self-Employed

Alright, this will be the first post where I begin changing this blog from personal development creation to content curation. That means some posts that I post will be from other top blogs and news sources that have something to do with personal growth, finding your purpose, and becoming happier overall. It is my goal to give you the best of what the internet has to say about self-help and growth. Anyway...now to the content of this post. It is about becoming self-employed.

A post written by the famous/infamous online blogger Steve Pavlina talks about some stupid mistakes that some people make when they try to become more independent and work for themselves. "That is a link to his post". He is very good at helping others so his blog is a good post to pull information from. Keep in mind that I will only write about his most important and meaningful ideas. Here is one of them. This is a list of 10 things you should try to avoid. Keep in mind I am writing this as I see it and not word for word.

1. Developing the wrong customer base

You need to know exactly who you should be selling to based on demographics and targeting. Make sure the people you are trying to market to and get in front of actually want the things you are offering. When your products and services fall on ears that don't want to here it, no sales will come for you.

2. Taking too much capital risk

Basically don't think if you throw more money at your project it will work better and give you more returns. Just do what makes sense as far as expenses go.

3. Don't cut costs that are necessary

This is also important because you don't want your project to be under funded and unable to achieve the goals it has set. Being too stingy can result in you getting very low quality work outsourced and poor services or products as a result.

4. Masking Your Appearance

Here are some things you should not do. If your business is run only by you, use "I" instead of "we" when referring to your company or business. Just say what it is and people will trust you. It is bad for business if you hurt your credibility from the start. Another big point here is making sure you don't over promise what you can do. People will hate you if you promise something that you can't deliver in the end. Make realistic customer expectations and deliver on them.

5. Don't rely on a signed contract to enforce what is right in a deal 

If you do business with large corporations and a CEO signs something of a deal with you, they can get out of it if they want. That is because it will cost you a ton of money to make the courts enforce the deal. Basically, keep a good relationship and the deal will be good. If it goes bad, just move on and focus on your business goals.

6. Don't ignore what you think is the right way

Lots of new business owners try to do what everyone else is doing to model their success. The best thing to do is what you think is right. That usually leads your organization in the right direction. The key is to make sure you are informed about each decision that you are making.

7. Don't Be Too Formal

The only thing that matters in business is relationships. Get people who are your prospective clients to like you and business comes as a secondary effect. People like to feel like they are talking to another person rather than a computer or big company.

8. Avoiding Your Uniqueness

Basically, you can't take yourself too seriously. That results in things that you say and do sound like it is from a "EULA" of IBM or something. Avoid letting things get to your head and pretend you are just a kid again doing what you want to do. The only difference is more money is involved and you have the ability to effect more people.

9. Creating little Value

Corporations and businesses are supposed to make money, but the more important idea here is that you are giving value to your customers. This is what keeps the money coming back each day. Focus on what your business is offering others. It is a poor business model if you are just trying to sell random stuff. Instead, give meaning and value to the things your business is creating and providing.

10. Not Optimizing

Here is where some balance has to take effects. When you focus too much on providing value and don't produce that value at a cost that makes you money, the business will fail over the long term. This is not true if you have billions of dollars and can just keep feeding the company your own money, but who has billions of dollars? Very few self-employed people. That means it is going to be highly important to keep your operations running in an optimized way that allows you to be cash positive rather than negative.

People who start an online business, don't succeed for the most part because they are not using the right online money making tools.