Jul 31, 2012

July 31 Binary Option Plays

Today is July 31, 2012. I did not do morning post predictions or anything of the sort because today the market was relatively scary with AAPL. It did not have any major rises or falls that enticed a good binary options trade. That would have made it hard to predict if the market was going to finish higher or lower. The stock rose steadily throughout the whole day. It opened up 5 points higher than the previous day close and never looked back. It would have been too risky to predict a higher or lower day close. However, I would have recommended a trader to a weekly put because I don't feel like this name can get much higher before it pulls back to the 600 mark.

What you could have traded on today was the S&P 500 index. It went flying straight up and down multiple times and you could have done a high/low put binary option at 6 big peaks during the day and made your profit. If you put $1,000 up for risk, it would have returned $700 in pure profit along with your original investment. Do that put binary trade on all 5 of the big peaks today on the SPX and you would have made a nice $3,500 bucks. It's no mystery on how to make money in this world. You just have to have some balls and a little bit of money.

The NDX (Nasdaq 100) traded very similarly to the S&P 500 as it went through about 6 major peaks and ended up trading much lower than all of them. I don't know what causes all this index price fluctuation, but it did happen and after the first few hours of the day you could tell something was going bonkers. The market may be slightly confused on if it is going to go bullish or bearish for the 3rd quarter trading period in 2012. That means it's prime time for making a lot of money with binary options.

As far as trying to make money in a passive way, this is pretty passive. You could just pick 1 successful binary trade per day that will take you about 5 minutes to complete and the income potential is high. There are no transaction fees so you can invest with $100 or $15,000 and make the same percentage of profit.

If you want to start doing this day trading based on the prediction of the current market price being higher or lower by end of day, week, or month, you should use one of these 3 binary option brokers. I really like using anyoption over the other two just because of there features and platform. They have some nice roll forward deals and give you 15% of your investment back if you are out of the money.

Best Hosting for Building Niche Site

Building a niche site to make money from affiliate products can be lucrative if you are able to capture the market and get in front of people who are truly interested in the products of whatever niche you are focused on. In order to help you do the best job possible at getting new traffic through search engines and building a fantastic looking website, you need the right hosting provider.

This is considered the holy grail of making money online because promoting a niche affiliate product line by way of using a website to become an online presence and authority for the niche is an amazingly fulfilling and profitable passive income strategy.

Even if you are going to sell your own products through an e-commerce website, you have to get a solid web hosting provider to start yourself off on the right track. It took me over a year to figure out I needed to build my own websites in order to maximize the amount of money I could make online. It wasn't going to come by simply article marketing or ppc ads with affiliate links. Google has since banned that practice. The answer was building my own site that had paid hosting and my own domain name. This is essential to look professional and allow internet surfers to find your site easily. Your own domain also ranks much better than if you were to get free hosting and have a sub-domain of a larger company (webs.com or others). Don't do this when starting off. You have to get your own domain name and host it. It will cost you less than $10/month and you can make hundreds of dollars per month with a site even when you first start out.

The potential of a full website that you create with a web host is going to be over 40k / month, but that will only happen if you add unique and valuable content that users like to keep updated on and share with others. finding that kind of content or creating it will be difficult, but possible as thousands of internet marketers do this every year.

Start with a Web Host that Has the Ability to Scale up Service if Need Be

To make things easy on yourself, it is definitely a good idea to start hosting with someone who scales their service so that if you grow your site to a point where you need a dedicated server, your original web host can offer you that capability. Many beginners in the online marketing game don't do this and it hurts trying to transfer over all your data smoothly and hope that the other hosting provider has the same content management system that your site was built on.

I recommend 1 web host for building a niche site and 1 e-commerce host (shopping cart included) right at the top of my page on this blog called make money tools. Feel free to scope them out. They offer a marketer everything that is needed in order to get going with their first site. Look for SiteGround (hosting services for a niche website or wordpress blog) and Shopify (e-commerce).

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Jul 30, 2012

Passive Value is not Just About Making Money

I spent a long time writing deeply detailed posts about creating passive income. One of the most important points in that series so far, as the series is not yet over, was to find ways to create passive value. Doing this might be very valuable to you as it relates to personal growth and becoming a person that feels happy.

If you find something that offers true value to others and it is enjoyable for you to work at, you may not even require or demand income in exchange for what you have to offer. The abundance of being able to do what you want to help others could pay for itself and allow you to live however you want doing what you like to do, whatever that may be.

Many times it becomes easy to get caught up in how much money you can create when the focus should be how much value can you give away. Increase this and your income will rise without you having to beg for money and offering nothing to your potential customers. That business model is not highly recommended or sustainable, but you may experiment as you wish.

One thing I have been trying to do on a daily basis is give my analysis on highly popular stocks and index fluctuations. This is something I would do for the pure happiness I experience from analyzing what the market is doing. I like researching it and predicting what will happen to see if I can get close to what actually happens. The value of that could be millions and billions of dollars, but I give the information I discover away for free in the blog posts.

If it helps enough people, my blog will be rewarded with great in-bound links and reputation. That reward is exponentially great because it allows me to reach more people in the long run and grows the amount of daily readers that I have. It doesn't matter if what you do makes you a billion dollars or 0 dollars. At the end of your life, the digital set of numbers that shows up in your bank account won't mean anything to you compared to what the content of your life was composed of.

The most important things that you should put value on are figuring out what you enjoy doing. Think about it deeply because there is no worse thing you can do than sacrifice your life for money if the actions you did to make that money did not bring joy and happiness to you or others around you. I am thinking about the mindset people have when they are near death.

The goal is to figure out what the biggest regrets people have are when their life is over and figuring out what your own regrets would be at this point in your life. You can't change the past, but you have complete control over your ability to choose to live in a way that is constantly seeking meaning and positive impact in some way. Don't try to operate out of frustration, hate, or animosity because no matter the outcome is, you're not going to feel good afterwards. Your motivations need to be congruent and consistent in order to help yourself reach a state of abundant peace. How did you impact this universe?

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High/Low Binary Option on AAPL

It is 10:46 AM eastern time on July 30, 2012. What is happening on this fine Monday? AAPL is up 2% within the first 1 hour and 17 minutes of trading. Some things that have pushed this movement include talks of Apple delving into a larger relationship with Twitter and a possible purchase by Apple of Twitter. Keep in mind that is just rumors and not news. It has not happened yet.

One thing that did happen was 3 trillion dollars of equity was pumped into the markets by central banks over night. We basically have to trust that the world banks know what they are doing and know that this will fix things. The market seems to be buying it and you can see that first hand with the AAPL jump this morning.

In order to make money on a binary option trade with this underlying asset, we need to enter soon if we think there is a good chance the stock will end higher or lower than it is now. I would trade it like this: Wait till it approaches the 599 mark and evens out. Once it has done this, look to do a high/low put daily expiration.

You could also enter the market right now at 10:53 AM. It is at 596.15. If you think it will trade at a lower market price, do a high/low binary put. If you think it is going to end higher, do a high/low call. To make a better decision, I would recommend waiting another hour or two until around lunch time and see what has happened.

Usually, when news pumps a stock that is speculative, such as Apple buying Twitter, the stock may come back down. This means you may want to put more risk onto the put side today now that the stock has pumped up 2% already.

Update: 1:06 PM - Alright, looks like this stock has hit a range for the day. It has its resistance around 599 and support at around the 593 mark. That means you would buy calls around the 593 mark and puts around the 599 mark if you are trading options on this. If you want to sit back and monitor what happens, you can do that too. Watch for one of these levels of resistance or support to be broken. At this moment, the market price is at 596.11 and seems to be on the way back toward the support for the day.

I feel that the price will move down and approach the downside going through the rest of the day. Don't expect the price to fall any lower than the 590 level though.

End of Day Update - There was a good prediction made on my last update. The stock price was at the 596.11 mark and my trade was to do a daily expiration high/low put binary option. This would have paid good profits and you could have made about 70% profit return if you followed today.

For tomorrow, AAPL could rise up a little more and try to push up through 600. IF any bit of bad news comes along, it will fall back down toward the lower end of this trading range that it has been in for the past few months.

To start trading binary options, I recommend you use 1 of these 3 options brokers.

Selling Online

If you have a big brick and mortar business that retails a lot of products, there is no reason why you should not have an e-commerce site set up for your business. It helps you look much bigger, grows your market share to cater to the rest of the world, and will increase your sales if done right. The percentages of people who shop online are going up like crazy every year so you can't miss out on getting these valuable sales and new online customers.

Looking bigger can be very important when gaining a new customer. People like to be able to trust who they are buying from and when a company looks big online, it correlates to trust in the consumers mind. The reason why you can look bigger is because the online world allows your store to showcase all your products in one spot. People won't know if you are a large retail chain or a mom-and-pop-shop.

Selling your products online through an e-commerce platform is also going to give you a large market share. Imagine your storefront being in the front of worldwide internet users compared to the people that drive by your storefront on the street everyday. You literally have billions of potential customers depending on what products you are selling at the niche they are in. Anyone who has been in this game for more than a few years knows how important it is to help develop an online brand. It gives customers more ways to understand what your company is about, the products or services you offer, and makes it easier to order things.

If you have some nice manufacturer deals going with your store on the corner, you should be creating a website to sell your stuff on. The costs are minimal compared to what your earnings can be. With an easy flow and vast marketing tactics, you can truly streamline customer checkouts and the entire buying process. Having this automated leverages technology in your favor. You just have to build the site one time through an e-commerce hosting provider and then let the sales roll. It's easy to build a site with the tools available to the retail user. You don't need to know codes or complex things like that. Most back-ends are really easy to understand and offer lots of functionality.

How to Make Money Selling Online if you are Starting from Scratch

This is what I did with my Chairosity site that sells outdoor patio furniture and will soon be expanding into the indoor world. You can offer products to customers through drop-shipping. The way that works is simple. You just have to make some deals with manufacturers of a certain niche and tell them you are creating an e-commerce site to sell their products on. If they have a dealer or drop-ship program, all you do is add their products to your e-commerce site, write a little description for them, set the price, and start selling. When a customer lands on your site that you build and makes a purchase, the e-commerce platform will allow you to process an order, process credit cards, use google checkout, paypal, etc..., and then you have the money. Once you have the money, you buy the product from the manufacturer and send it to the customer's shipping address. The money you make is whatever margins you set. Manufacturers will give you a percentage off since you are a retailer and will be expected to make regular sales with them. This percentage off the retail price is going to be your profit.

So lets go over that again. You first sign up for an account with an e-commerce platform, build the site with products from manufacturers that you forge deals with, and then build your online presence. When you get a sale, your site will collect the money and you use that to buy the product they bought from your site from the manufacturer and have it shipped to the customer. You keep the margin between the price you set and the price you can buy it for in your bank account. No inventory is ever held on your part.

The Best E-Commerce Platform that You Should Be Using

At my make money tools page above, I recommend a really good company that offers e-commerce solutions for enterprise level clients or small business owners. Look under e-commerce hosting. It is near the top of that page.

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Jul 29, 2012

Trading Nasdaq 100 Index Options

Today is a Sunday on July 29, 2012. This index has ran back up within its ranges. Every gap up for each day should have a resistance level. What you need to look for is buy puts at resistance levels and buy calls at the supports. If you want to look at historical numbers, this time of year usually leads to break outs with the economic easing (Qe3). Pay attention to possible large up trends and if you want to make a lot of money, get in at the bottoms and let it run. Then sell into strength.

You can make a lot of money on the Nasdaq 100 if you do it properly. Just trade at the right times and watch the direction of the index.

Trading Options on both Sides of the Market for NDX

Use risk management to trade on directional price movement and make tons of profits. It follows trends. When it comes down to test support, you make money on high/low or one-touch puts. When it goes up to test resistance, the call side pays. You can't get into a mode that only looks at one side of the market.

Just look at the past charts. It has been very slowly making higher highs over the past few months. Right now the index is slowly approaching the next high and should resist and come back down over the course of a few days. To trade binary options on that movement daily, just look at where the pressure is in order to predict if the market closes the day higher or lower than a point during the day.

The NDX is breaking past all the moving averages. The next big resistance level is 2,675. Look for this level of resistance and consider making some put options. Use all the tools available to you. Enter some binary options and regular options for the short. On the brink of good news, the NDX could break way up past 2,700 over the next 2 weeks. Remember, it was way up around 2,800 in March and April of 2012. The market could try and make a push right back up to that level in anticipation of 3rd quarter earnings.

Watch for break outs and watch for resistances that push this back down. You have to enter right as things start to break. In order to do that you have to watch the next resistance price at 2,675. Trade after something happens with that number. If it breaks past, look for big calls, if it resists for a few days, it could break back down and keep following its trend that has been going on the whole summer of 2012.

What Will Move This Index?

If the wall of worry is taken off by people who are making policy's and Romney wins, things will look great. If there is no tax hikes and the old American way of manufacturing takes off, there is going to be great market runs up.

If things get worse, people keep losing jobs, the U.S. keeps printing more debt, and Obama gets elected again, you might be looking at one of the best options shorts in history.

Update on July 30, 2012 at 1:12 PM - It looks like this index hit the resistance levels at the start of today and now look for the market price to fall down in the following 4 days of this week. It would be a good time to buy some puts on the Nasdaq 100.

Jul 27, 2012

Binary Trade on AAPL July 27, 2012

This is why you wait till mid day to do high/low binary option trades. Look at this stock today. It started down a half percent in the first thirty minutes and then went on a huge run. The trade today is going to be the daily expiration put and get into it if a double top happens. It is resisting at 580 so watch for that price plateau.

If AAPL levels out today from 11:30 am to 2 pm look for it to fall back down to the 575 mark. You can get into this trade between this time for the best capital risk move. Obviously if it is leveling off after a huge pump up, there is a good chance you could profit on a high/low put binary option. 

Update: 12:47 - Look at what happened. Exactly what I said. You would have seen that if you read my post this morning and then watched the stock price. It is resisting at 580 and it will go down for the rest of the day. If you want to make money right now, do a put binary option that is in the money if the price is lower at end of day. This will give you 70% return on any amount of money you put into the trade. You have to do the trade now before the stock starts going down. Current Price is 578.74 as of 12:49 PM.

Update: 1:37 - Alright, now you can see first hand how this market trades. There is overall optimism in the market and AAPL bought a company for a few hundred million to help it raise higher. All stocks have now taken off. The question is how far can this momentum take the stocks up? It looks like everyone is going to buy into this so if you want to try and get back some losses if you entered into a put earlier, you want to do a call through the rest of today on SPX or AAPL based on a strong pop up. Lots of traders got in, but it won't last because of so much uncertainty about next week. As for today, the stock will probably rise a bit more to finish out the week. Right now the tech giant apple is at 583.01 as of 1:41 PM. I think it will end the day slightly higher than this. Trade accordingly.

Update: 3:54 - Well, the stock ended up keeping up its gains for the day. It went from 583 up to 584.74 since I said to do a call for end of day at 1:37. If you would have done exactly what I said today, you would have broke even. That is the importance of setting up multiple trades in the day if you think you are going to be out of the money. You have to be nimble and aware of what is happening to move stocks. With big jump ups in the market like today, you should try and understand why the market bought up the market and rallied.

For the weekend and into next week, look for some big reactions on good or bad news. Traders and investors are over reacting to every bit of news.

Updates will occur through the trading day today.

Best way to Trade Binary Options

People learn by doing themselves and watching others do things. Having said that, here are a few of my posts where you can see live binary option trading.

Some of My Best Live Trades

I usually do this kind of trading on a daily basis. Everything is on Youtube and I try to explain in more detail here on the blog.

Also see: binary option strategies.

If you have been investigating the safest and best way to profit from binary options and keep making good money on a daily basis, there are some things you have to do in order to put yourself in the right mindset. The most important thing is discipline and analysis of what you are doing. If you are a binary trader that studies the market and knows how to make decisions based on past market reactions, there is a good chance you will be able to make money with binary options.

One of the first things to understand is a trading range. It makes it easier to navigate trades and helps traders know where they are within a given chart. That is necessary and gives traders an edge. You can see how I did my first live binary option trades of my life here.

Let's talk about reactions based on past market pricing, I don't mean chase the market or think just because there was a past run up and drop there will be another run up higher. You have to make the best decision with information you have at the moment of trade that gives you the best chance to make money in the future. You have to look at how the market reacts to events as a way to gauge your chances. If investors and traders of an asset value a company higher for it buying new buildings and you think there is a good chance new buildings will be bought, that could make for a long position or a high/low call based on the time frame of the option.

The first thing that must be controlled is your discipline. It is very important that you have guidelines that you stick by. You know that if there is no major pending news, a stock can only reach certain fluctuation within one day. Based on this daily fluctuation, you have to be able to predict how the market feels that day and what the trends are doing to push the stock around. With binary's you win if a price is higher or lower and if you predicted correctly. Call means you win if it goes higher and put means you win if it goes lower than current.

Many times a stock, index, commodity, or forex pair (you can trade binary options on all those asset classes)  will move based on the past. What happens is day traders look at what the stock should do based on the technical movement and historical trends. It is like a self-fulfilling prophecy because the market will make the stock behave in a way that the trends would indicate, which gives some better stability to how you should be making decisions.

There are always going to be daily resistance points and support levels. Right now AAPL has fallen about 0.5% in the first 20 minutes of trading today (July 27, 2012). Based on the historical movement, this asset class usually doesn't move more than 2% each day from what its previous day close was. If it has already popped down a half percent in 20 minutes, that shows you it can't keep up this rate of decline or it would be at minus 8% on the day. That means you can tell the movement a little. It will probably fight back up a little bit and then what happens after that initial fight back by the buyers will determine the sentiment for the trading day.

You have to have the discipline to wait and see what happens and when it is the right time, you get into your binary option position. The easiest ones to do that return about 70-80% returns on a daily basis are high/low binary options. These allow you to make a prediction if the asset class will trade at a higher or lower market price at the end of an expiration (nearest,hourly,daily,weekly, or monthly) compared to the current market price when you initiate the binary trade. If you did a call and the market price was higher than current at end of day, you profit. If you do a call option with end of day expiration and it closes at a lower price than current market price, you lose your investment. You can also make profit if you do a put option and the stock closes at a lower price. Call just means higher for in the money and put means lower for in the money.

One reason that makes binary options so different from anything else out there is that it is based on the stock markets around the world and even involved in forex pairs as far as picking an underlying asset. Nothing else is like that and you can make a good amount of money doing these trades daily if you follow rules and have a plan. It can be a lot of fun.

Anyway, now that you sort of know how to trade binary options, I will continue with my instruction on how to gauge a stock movement on a daily basis in order to make a lot of money with binary options. As I was saying, you have to look at the rate of change a stock is moving for a given time and see if that is logical sustainable. If it is not, that means there will be a price reversal. What you need to do as a high/low binary trader is figure out the top or bottom for the day and then make your trade for the stock to close that day at a higher or lower price depending on if it is at a peak or valley. Looking at AAPL again, it is now about 26 minutes into the trading day and there was a buyer pop, which I said would happen. The most likely scenario is that it comes back down and tests the day low. If you were actively trading right now, you would want to wait and see how far it goes down and if it breaks the low it made in the first 20 minutes.

If the stock tests the bottom and doesn't move down much, that means it is going to run up for a little bit. If it runs up about 1.5 - 1.75%, you would want to look at getting into a daily expiration high/low put. Put means you think the market price will be lower at end of day compared to the current price. To make that trade profitable, you have to enter it at a high point for the day. This minimizes your risk.

Watch what happens in the first half of the day. If at that point, it looks like the stock is probably at its peak or valley for the day, do your binary trade. If the stock or whatever asset class you are trading based on is flat on the day and not really at a big peak or valley on the day, don't trade. Pick your battles and don't let your emotions take over what you do.

If you want to trade with good platforms for this type of exotic option, you want a trusted source that has been around for awhile. I recommend one broker at my page about the best binary options broker. That is the broker I use myself and trust with the utmost certainty.

Today (July 27, 2012), I looked at some headlines and it is saying a lot about economic slowdown. That means I would look for Apple to come down to a valley by midday and if it hits the 2% decline by mid day, I would predict the stock closes at a higher price (Enter a high/low call). Since the asset classes that you can trade with binary options are the biggest volume and market cap companies, they tend to move on world news and daily trends. Their price is also affected by what they are doing as an entity or as a country if you are doing forex binary trades, but on normal days where it is not an earnings release and there are no big scheduled announcements, these big asset classes go on the trends, which makes it easier to tell what will happen.

Jul 26, 2012

Binary Options on Facebook July 26

In after hours trading today Facebook (FB) is at new all time lows since its initial public offering. If you had a weekly binary option put on this stock, you're very happy right now. There was a loss reported as a result of stock compensation from the IPO, but if you take that expense out, the normal operations turned out earnings of 295 million for the 2nd quarter. Lots and lots of people want this company to go higher, but it's not right now. Before I get into anything, know that we are in an economic slowdown. This is something that will hit the markets within the next year. You can see the market trying to predict this.

When the market feels this way towards tech stocks, there is a trend you can use to make money with binary options. It is to buy high/low put binary option daily expiration contracts about midway through the day. This yields about 70% return for in-the-money trades on a daily basis. Here is how you have to stay disciplined. If the stock does not go up in the first 3 hours of the trading day, don't do anything. If there is a big up-tick in the market price in the first 3 hours, look at a high/low put the expires at end of day.

When you trade with financial tools that are as exotic as binary options, they are only available for the biggest asset class names. Facebook, Apple, and the S&P 500 are available for virtually any binary options broker so that is why I like to talk about them the most.

When things get risky in the economy, the big money goes to less risky bets. That means stocks and investments that don't hold a whole lot of uncertainty. FB just came onto the public trading stage about 3 months ago. It had a huge sell off and then the buyers had a little confidence and bought the stock back up. The risk for it to die and give way to the next big social media company is too big for many investors. Look for the downward pressure.

If you have not yet started to do binary trades, sign up at one of the brokers that I recommend at this binary options broker page.

Jul 25, 2012

Apple Binary Options High/Low Put July 25, 2012

If you are looking to do some binary options trading right now, it is a great time to start making some money. Here is what you need to look for today. Since AAPL did miss its earnings as was forecast by their own controllers, there is going to be lots of downward pressure unless something can spur a run. There is no catalyst right now.

Having said all that, if you are doing binary options trading today on July 25, 2012 I would look for Apple to  approach the 590 mark. This is because stocks usually gravitate toward their moving averages. If this underlying asset goes up during the first few hours of trading today, get into a daily expiration high/low put if you see a peak. Once it gets to that peak, you have a really good shot of it closing the day lower than that mark. If you get into a high/low put at that peak, you will make your 70% profit minimum.

Don't do any trades if there is no spike up in the first few hours because you don't know what will happen what so ever if it stays flat today. I will review how this does at the end of day today and see if you could have made money.

Update: It is now 3:47 as I am writing this. Earlier today my advice was to get into an options trade high/low put if the stock went up in the first few hours. If it didn't, I said to just hold off. What happened was the stock had a little pop in the morning and then dropped for the rest of the day, but then made a run back up to the 580 mark. At that point you should have bought the high/low put binary option because you know there is not going to be much more of a run with so much downward pressure as a result of the earnings miss. Now the stock is trading back down around 575 and will most likely end around that mark in the next 10 to 15 minutes.

Looking forward to tomorrow and the rest of the month, I would say that AAPL stock is going to continue to fall slowly. The best times to make trades with binary options that are high/low in nature are going to be around the middle of the day. This gives you a good gauge of the daily stock movement and how the market feels.

If you have not yet started doing this type of investing, start at the binary option brokers I recommend.

Definition of High/Low binary option trade: This is when you enter a trade that has an expiration at the end of day,week, or month. You simply predict if the market price of an underlying asset, such as Apple stock or an index like SPX, will be higher or lower than the market price when you make the initial trade. For example. If the SPX is currently trading at 1,350 right now and you thought it would be at a higher market price by the end of the day, you could set up a high/low call option contract. It would give you a specified return (usually it is around 75%) if the market price does in fact close higher than 1,350 by the end of day. If by end of day the price is at 1351 or higher, you will make a profit of 75%. So if you invested $1,500 in this contract and predicted the correct movement (closing at the end of day higher than the current price when the trade was made) you would get a total of $1,125 net profit on top of getting your full initial investment back. You new account value would be $2,625 after just one day of trading.

It is possible to do that exact same trade except have the trade made so you get the profit if the market price closes at the end of day lower than the current market price when you buy the binary option contract. This is just 1 of the 3 main ways you can trade binary options.

Jul 24, 2012

Called the AAPL Miss

Alright, as stated for every post that I have done on this stock, it was very likely they were going to miss earnings and get discounted by the market. I talked about it on July 18 in this post about Apple and the S&P 500 Options trading and at at this post in early July saying the put options are paying and this post I had talked about on July 9, 2012 explained the massive put contract buy up on the SPX monthly expiration with a 1300 strike. That is still in play and I think it has a good chance of getting down and into the money.

So where do things go from here for the might Apple company? It is going to steadily work its way down until some strong earnings come out or they announce something with the Apple TV. Until then look for the big sell off and if Obama gets elected, it could be a huge downturn in the entire stock market. If Obama is not re-elected, things are going to look much brighter for the stock market and investors will gain confidence back and start buying.

On a day-to-day basis I would expect to get in on the highs with binary high/low put options or buy regular put contracts. This is how I would react to the market based on Apple earnings on July 24, 2012.

Jul 23, 2012

Long Term Forex Investing

This is similar to investing in the stock of a company for the long term, but you are trying to predict how one currency will be valued relative to another over many years rather than how a single company is valued based on its earnings.

To do this type of investment, it is important to know what causes changes in the value of your forex investment. Determining the causes of forex price fluctuation can be fun and challenging. The simple answer to this is the market price goes up if there are more buyers than sellers and the market price of the forex pair goes down if there are more sellers than buyers.

The trick is to figure out what is causing more buyers to enter or more sellers and get on the right side of the market for your long term trade. You pretty much need to understand the economic and political status of the countries you are making your currency trades with. This will give you a better idea of determining a deal or when something is inflated for no reason and looks like it could come down in value relative to other currencies.

Looking At a Currencies Interest Rate

As a general rule, the exchange rate will trend in favor of the currency that has a higher interest rate. Guess who sets these? Central banks located in the country that has each currency do. That means you want to pay close attention to what policy makers of these banks say. Indicating that interest rates will go up for a currency means that currency could start to be valued higher compared to another currency. You can start to generate good profits if you hold a long forex position with a currency that has a strong interest rate relative to a weaker currency. Just know what side of the market you are on at all times so you don't take big losses.

Growth Rate of a Country

One major factor that impacts the value of an individual forex pair is the strength of said county's economic growth and potential upside. If you are long on a forex position with a currency that has high GDP and looks like it will sustain this for a long time, you will make money if that continues to be true. If you think a currency is part of an economic collapse, you would want to own a forex position where your currency pair value raises as the suspected weak country continues to fail. For example, if you thought the Euro was going to raise in value compared to the Yen, you could hypothetically buy 10,000 Euro's worth of Yen where 1 Euro equals 95.0835098 Yen. That means you would theoretically own 950,835 Yen. Over the course of a year, if this currency pair changes in value and now 1 Euro is worth 110 Yen, your new account value would have risen from 10,000 Euros to 11,568.78 Euros. The fluctuation is not huge, but that is because this is much safer and less volatile than the stock market or index market.

Forex turns over trillions of dollars per day as big money tries to buy low and sell for a bit higher with millions and millions of dollars by the minute. The reason why big money chooses forex is because it is less risky and still has decent returns based on how well you know the market. It is the closest thing to a perfect market of buyers and sellers.

Want to Try Forex for Yourself?

If you want to start doing some forex trading yourself, here are my two favorite forex brokers. Note that they only accept traders from Europe, Asia, Middle East, Japan, Canada, Mexico and pretty much anywhere except for the United States. Their platforms are nice and they offer free practice accounts.

Jul 22, 2012

Trading AAPL on Earnings July 24 (Options, Binary, and Stock Investment Plays)

So you want to do some market predictions? I am telling you right now there will be extreme volatility no matter which way it goes. CMG (Chipotle) went down about 20% after it reported slowing of sales. That is in 1 day after earnings. The market is really reacting to the numbers and getting scared. What that means if if Apple reports strength, it could fly up 100 points. If it reports weak earnings and slow forecasts, the stock could crumble back down below the 52 weak lows.

If You are Buying the Stock Outright

The question is how do you want to play this before the earnings get released in order to capture some large profits? If you want to do a play on the actual stock, I would buy it after earnings if it falls off a ton. It will likely rebound off any bottom it hits if the market discounts the stock down on weak earnings. If AAPL hits big, then you simply don't buy it and look for a different opportunity in the market.

If You Want to do an Options Straddle

If you want to play the options investment tool, you could simply do an options straddle. That is simply a trade that allows you to be long and short at the same time. You have to buy call and put contracts with the same strike price and same expiration. The best way to do that with this trade would be to buy at the money contracts. That means contracts that have a strike price that is very close to the current market price on Monday morning. You have to do this on Monday or Tuesday because earnings are Tuesday. If you want to get the biggest bang for your buck, I would do it on Monday morning. Last quarter, AAPL did a decent quarter and the stock shot up almost 70 points over night. It then came back down as the guidance for this stock was lower. Over the past quarter it has traded as low as the 520's before rising back up to the low 600's. Don't over complicate things. The potential reward on a straddle is good no matter what happens as long as the stock moves a large percentage up or down. That will happen so you have a fairly safe bet. Then, sell all of these contracts the day after earnings and see what your profits are.

If You Are Doing Binary Options Trades

Doing binary options on this is going to be the riskiest, but offer good profit potential. What I would do is buy weekly expirations on Monday or Tuesday and pick if you think the stock is going to get a good pop up or down. You can't hedge your risk on these because it is all or nothing, but you can make different kinds of structural moves. If you think the stock is going up after earnings, do a binary option call touch weekly expiration with a strike price that is 20 - 50 points higher than the current market at any time before earnings release. If the stock touches that strike price at any time, you will automatically capture the pre-determined profit and cash out right then and there. I would not recommend doing a high/low trade or boundary at any point. Just pick which way you think the stock is going to move after earnings and make a binary options investment touch trade based on that. If you pick the right way the market reacts, you win.

The difference between a binary option and a regular option is that the potential profit of a regular option contract trade can go up higher as the stock keeps moving in the direction that is favorable to the value of whatever contracts you are holding. With binary trades, you get a set return on investment that is determined right when you make the trade. If you are doing a touch trade, that means the stock just has to touch the strike price one time and you get the pre-determined profit. It doesn't matter how much higher or lower the underlying asset goes past the strike prices, you either make the profit or lose the entire investment.

A lot of the daily binary trading that I like to talk about is high/low binary options because you simply enter a trade at a specific time when the market is open and you bet if the stock/forex pair/commodity/index ends up at a price that is higher or lower than the current market price (hence the name high/low). Doing a high/low call means you think the price is going to be higher at expiration and doing a high/low put means you think the price will be lower at expiration compared to the current price when you enter the trade. You can set an expiration to be up on an hourly, end of day, weekly, or monthly basis depending on what prices you think the stock goes to over the given time period. If you know how to predict stocks well, this can be a good way to make money.

Jul 19, 2012

Outsourcing Work to Rank with Website

This is pretty cool and I am pleased with the work I have outsourced so far. The online service I use is Elance, as you can see from my page at the top called "make money tools". My health site needs about 20 articles per product and I have no time to do this. As a result, I posted a job with Elance and got tons of bites.

There was a lot of shady characters I felt so it was important to chat with the contractors before signing off on them doing a job. The great thing about it is you can find niche specialists that know a lot about one topic. If you need help like me and have many different topics you need articles on, it works like a charm.

The reason why I am doing this is to simply add more content to my site (healthy-supplements.net). It is already beginning to improve in organic search traffic after a month of adding about 25 unique articles that I had my contractor work on for me. All I had to do was add the articles he wrote to my website and then link each of them to my product pages for the given categories. My total cost was $10/article so far and I spent $250 bucks on this for the month.

In the long term I feel like this is a good way to help my website rank for the long term in Google and other search engines for a one time cost. This cost will be recovered after a few sales and then it's all profit and a great return on investment. The reason why I didn't submit the articles to an article directory and link them to my site externally is that I feel the way Google is moving toward ranking websites is more about what the site is about. I also want more people to recognize my site as the source of information instead of having people land on external pages that might possibly click through to my product landing pages.

Another reason why I believe adding the outsourced work right to my website is a good way to increase online income is because it will encourage people who enjoyed the article to link to my site as a reference or resource for others to use. This helps natural link growth and increases reputation as well as traffic over time.

I will probably do another 30 articles next month and see how it goes from there. The results will become apparent a few months down the road. Once they start trickling sales in, those sales will not stop. I think this is a great way to run your website if you are starting a new niche. Just get some hosting and sign up for the affiliate programs that correlate with what you want to make the site about. You can decide what niche you want to build the content around and then outsource all the content. If you have $1,000, that could get your first 100 page site up and running within a month and you can start making sales quickly by way of using the affiliate programs. Those programs are all free to join and you get paid for every sale you refer to them through your site. This is how you make money online quickly.

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Jul 18, 2012

S&P 500 Binary Options

Alright traders. The time is 9:08 A.M. Eastern and the date is July 18, 2012. Right now I am looking at SPX (S&P 500 Index). Since this is a very popular index and 99% of all binary options brokers will have this available asset to trade on, we are talking about it.

We are in a massive fight between the bears and the bulls. Like I said last week, over 17k put option contracts were bought on this index for the 1300 strike. That is because of anticipated slow earnings across the tech companies. However, right now there has been a little upward momentum. Looking at the technicals, I would say that this index may rise over the next few days through to Friday. Earnings have been coming in and they look to be fairly stable. The big hitters of Google and Apple are yet to come and they have huge weight in the S&P 500.

Google Earnings Call July

Google's call will be on July 19, 2012 and look for them to be about flat, but they will most likely announce that Google Merchant Center will go completely commercial, which means no more free product data feeds for merchants in search results. They will have to pay money to get these rankings. It sort of takes away from the free spirit of this search monster, but also could improve cash flows. This will be a new revenue stream that may increase future revenues starting in the Fall of 2012. Based on if that strategy is announced or not will determine what happens with the stock price.

Apple Earnings Call July

AAPL will be doing their call on July 24, 2012. Right now the market should be expecting lower revenues compared to last quarter and the future looks bright only if they say something about the Television. They also have major weight in the SPX and if the market acts normal and discounts the stock down to its true valuation based on the numbers, this index should fall down close to 1300.

What will happen today, July 18, with S&P 500?

I predict that what will pay off is a high/low call binary option that is invested in within the first 20 minutes of trading. The open price is 1,360.72, which means your binary option call for this underlier will give you a profit (probably somewhere around 80% return) if the index closes today higher than its market price when you enter. It will close higher than that today. I don't know how much higher, but it will close higher. The amount of money you want to risk on this is up to you, but all the signals point to a rise in the price of this index for the trading day. You can do a $50 trade or a $3,000 trade. Note that doing these kinds of exotic options don't cost any fees or commissions. You simply have a profitable outcome or lose everything.

There is the looming tech giants' yet to report their financials, but I feel like the market wants to be positive today. If you want to simply invest in the actual assets, i would wait until after all the earnings have come out to see what the market does. If they decide to sell off these names, you need to buy at the bottom of that sell-off because AAPL and GOOG will both recover the next quarter.

Jul 15, 2012

Is There an Easy way to Make Money Online?

The only answer to this question is no. No matter how you go about trying to make money online, it is not easy to do unless you simply win the lottery or gamble and hit huge one time. Even that is not easy. Look at the odds. No matter what you do or how you go about doing it, making money on the internet is going to be tough, take a lot of your brain power, and take some time if you know what you are doing. For these reasons, it is highly recommended that you get into a niche market that you have some love and joy for. That will fuel your work.

The most important thing about any business that you build is if you love it. Loving your business makes it easy to work on when things get hard and that is exactly what is required to succeed no matter if you are building an app, a blog, or an online service. One thing that keeps me active on this blog is talking about day trading with binary options. I like to check on the market and if I think there is a good move to be made that may yield some good profits, I will make a quick post about what traders should do.

People who try and scam the system or spam the crap out of search engines to rank websites will have to work really hard at what they are doing in order to actually make it get sales for them. If you are an investor, you have to take your time and buy when the market is low but has a good chance to recover. To make money at that, it takes patience and research. It's not easy weather you are a day trader, binary options trader, or long term investor. All take due diligence and research to be successful at.

If you are going to do forex trading online, it's not easy. You can use a forex robot, but it takes a lot of time to find something credible and safe enough to put your money into. The key to whatever you are doing online is how fast you can gain experience. Just start on something so you get a feel for it. Over time you will refine your work. If you are just starting, the most important thing is your idea of what you want to work on. Pick an industry or topic that you have interest in and that is sustainable, meaning you can keep writing about it with fresh stuff every month.

Think about the end game of an MMORPG. Your character may know of something, but for them to get really good at it, experience is required in the form of knowledge about how to complete tasks and knowledge of what is worth putting time into. Internet marketing is the same exact way.

If you are going to build a website and rank it so that you gain traffic and then in turn monetize that traffic with affiliate programs or ad revenue, that will take time. It is about how hard you can work on a focused subject or how good of an idea you have. People always flock to stability and a new way. Nobody wants to read the same drabble over and over. It provides no value to readers. The funny thing is you may work very hard on a website and then still not make money with it. If you did not work hard in the right way, all your efforts could be for not. To get into the right mindset for passive income, start at that series I just linked.

The Easy Way Out Syndrome for Trying to Make Money

It is so funny when I see marketers trying to find an easy way out. They spend large amounts of time and effort searching and building scams or loop holes that usually don't pan out. In all honesty, those marketers could have put the same time and effort into doing things the right way and slowly but surely built up sales and a brand that would earn them money. That is something I found to be true. In my online gaming days, I tried to bot and sell gold. When I realized how much time I was putting into it for such a little reward, it was clear to me that I could put in much less effort in the online marketing world and make much much more money.

Just buckle down and don't expect instant success and an instant passive income. You have to actively work at building a value delivery system that will last for a long time and provide returns for you by way of customer relationships and trust. When people trust you, they will buy from you. This is something so many affiliate marketers and internet marketers fail to do. If you want your website to have more traffic that actually converts into what you are selling, they have to trust you and feel good about what you are trying to get them to do.

Just because you are trying to get customers/visitors to do something shouldn't feel like it is something negative or a load of fluff. People hit the trigger on buying things or coming back when they feel there is a sensible use for whatever it is they are reading about or seeing and it makes them feel good after they buy it or subscribe to a service.

There is just no easy way out when building this. You have to put a lot of work and time behind it. I would rather use the term "time" instead of "work" because if you truly enjoy what you are working on, the only thing you are losing is time spent on something that makes you happy. There is not much better use of time in my opinion. People generally view work as doing something for awhile that is not pleasant. This is a bad belief that will limit you in your daily life. Work can be a good feeling if you enjoy the content of what you are doing. If you don't, it is probably time to have a reality check with yourself and start doing things that you are happy doing in return for pay.

It is not a matter of something being available that you like to do. It is about your ability to go out and find it. Millions of opportunities are waiting for you to try, but if you site around and avoid them all, work will keep feeling like "work" and not joy.

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Jul 14, 2012

Forex Robot

I figured that since I have been talking about forex a lot and different ways to make money on forex trading, I should mention the forex robot. There have been many of these types of software services coming out over the past few years. The most important thing you have to focus on is how trustworthy the platform is.

Some robots are set up to only signal you when there are good entry opportunities and may tell you what type of trade to initiate. There are others out there that completely automate trading for you and do it 24 hours a day during the week. Having a robot make trading decisions for you can be a good thing because it is being done based purely on the technical side and the robot will not make trades on emotions like us humans tend to do.

They can be set up to have stop-losses so that you either make a profit or get out without losing money. The really cool thing that I think would be sweet is that it works without you having to actually make the trades and it can work continuously. The money required to pay for robots like this is generally affordable to most retail investors and traders. Obviously you would have to make your initial investment to trade with, but if the robot is good it will make you profits without you having to do much work at all.

As you know, I have been talking about passive income a lot. I am not saying that using a forex robot is going to make you a million dollars, but it is worth some extra investigation and research. By setting a few parameters with these tools, you can have it completely eliminate the need for human decision making.

Some things to look out for are companies that provide these tools out of nowhere and then disappear in a few months. You want there to be some credibility and long-term trust built up when you sign up to one of these things. I have been looking around the market for a good one to possibly experiment with and if you want to see which one, it is on my make money tools page about half way down. Look for: "Automated Forex Robot and Training System" on that tools page.

Using a robot is not the only way you can make money in this market. There are also many ways that you can learn alongside professional traders. Gaining real time trading experience will help you most compared to anything else. There are programs out there for that as well. The value of this is limitless compared to losing lots of money trying to learn on your own.

Setting up an E-commerce Business

This is the ultimate way to run a business that is very cheap and has lots of income potential. An e-commerce website done properly is really fun and inexpensive. The way you can start this up without any inventory or having to create your own products is by drop-shipping. Almost all e-commerce and shopping cart platforms will work flawlessly with drop shipping. Read through each step because in order to make passive income with this, you have to do it right or it will be impossible to gain daily sales.

Setting up an E-commerce site with Drop Shipping

1. Sign up with a shopping cart service that includes web hosting and content management. (See my online income tools for the company I suggest using for this. Look on that page for "Shopify".

2. Figure out what types of products you want to sell. Do not just pick everything. You have to focus on a niche. It is much easier to break through the competition if you add hundreds of products that all have something in common compared to adding hundreds of products that are not related. You won't rank well and it will be hard to brand.

3. Once you have some ideas on what you want to start selling, search for drop ship programs that offer you the ability to re-sell their products on your own site.

4. Once you have a few suppliers for a specific niche, you can start adding the product pictures, descriptions, pricing, and any other relevant data for each product you are adding. Do the product descriptions in your own words so that the site is unique and has a much better chance to rank high on the search engines like Google. Keep in mind that you can have hundreds of suppliers/drop shippers eventually. It just takes time to build traction.

5. When the e-commerce site you build gets an order for a certain product by the customer, you recieve all the order details and then simply process the order. That means you place an order with your supplier or drop shipper for exactly what the customer ordered from your site. You use the customers shipping details and your own billing details.

6. Now the customer will receive the product they ordered from your site and you get to keep the margin. All business is based on buying low and selling higher. By making supplier relationships, you can lock in low prices for products so that they can be sold through your e-commerce site for a profit.

7. The money flows from the customer to your bank account and then you take that money and buy the drop-shipped product at your dealer discount. It then gets shipped to your customers address and they feel like they bought it from your e-commerce site. This is how it works. Anybody can make money doing it.


Some shopping cart platforms, like the one I use, has a really cool thing called auto drop ship. That means you can pre-set each product to automatically process the order when received and your system will automatically send the order e-mail to your supplier. The supplier would then bill your credit card or bank account and send off the product to your customer while you collected the full sale price of the product through your shopping cart software. You would not have to do any work accept for click 1 button that says "capture sale". This is truly a great passive income stream that requires very little work while still allowing you, the seller, to represent a true online business.

It can be 100% ran on a smart phone once the website is finally built if you set up the automatic drop ship system. The hardest part about all this is finding a good niche to get into and having it be something will be around for awhile and allows for many unique and high-quality products to be added. If you don't feel like writing the product descriptions or building logos/designing banners yourself, you can outsource all this work. That link will bring you to my make money tools page, which can also be found at the top of this blog. If you scroll down on that page, you will see a few of the trusted outsourcing services that I use.

The online business world is all about building relationships, just like in the offline world. You need to get good at doing this so you can make money.

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Google Merchant Center Going Commercial

This is a little frustrating but may clean up some clutter and possibly provide a higher conversion marketplace for e-commerce sites. I was just looking at my own e-commerce website, Chairosity, and was going to create a product feed that met Google Merchant Center's criteria and specifications. This is how you get your products to show up in Google Shopping.

As it stands right now and for as long as Google has allowed websites to post data feeds like this, it has been free with the option to pay for advertising. Starting this fall in 2012 this will be a completely commercial service and you won't be able to have your products show up in the shopping results unless you pay up. Doing this does take away from the free and open spirit the company thrives on but it is a quality play that should boost user experience and that is all they should and do care about.

The titan search engine claims this will keep site owners updating their feeds more often and provide a higher quality set of results for consumers shopping online. I agree with all of this and am undecided on weather or not I will be going through with their program myself.

This has another impact that investors and options traders can take note of. This is going to be a brand new revenue stream for the search giant and it means their earnings will rise. That means the stock price will rise so it is time to get in, but wait until the current slump really comes to a peak. If I were going to buy some stock or options contracts on this news, I would do it just before Google's earnings call this month on July 19. They will most likely report soft revenue numbers, but will announce this new plan their doing for Google shopping. That will give a spike to the market and when that spike hits, you sell your long positions, weather they be binary options, stock options, or an investment in the actual asset. 

The way you will trade binary options on this is be either buying a long call touch with a monthly expiration or a high/low call on what you think is the lowest price Google will come down to before their earnings. The implications are great because millions of websites use Google Merchant Center. That is a lot of potential revenue and profit for the online tech king. 

Before finishing up this topic for this lovely Saturday mornings, I will let you in on my opinion of weather or not you should go through with paying for Google Shopping or not. In short, if it makes sense for you than do it. If it has not been allowing you to make sales, you obviously don't want to pay for it. I believe you will have less competition and only successful sites are going to be shown on these results. Having said that, it could give your e-commerce site some added credibility because people know you are shelling out some dollars to be seen in those results. 

By helping you make more money as a result of less competition and increased trust, it is a great thing to become apart of. If you have never tried it, now may be the perfect time to get this online visibility for your website. Being in shopping results allows you to rank higher for searches that are about the products you have. It is simply another edge up on anyone who is not included in the shopping results. I would say it's worth the risk to try it out for a few months.

Jul 13, 2012

Apple High/Low Put Binary Option

It is 1:22 PM and Apple is looking like it is at its day high right now. It is at 606.08/share. This is a 1.19% increase on the day. If you want to make some money on a daily expiration, get into a high/low put. That means you make about 75% of your investment if Apple closes today at a lower market price than what it is at right now.

It will hold support around 603 so that means you should enter the trade I said above at any time today, July 13, 2012, before it has reached that price. You have to do it now to make the money. The stock price has already dropped down to the 605's since I just posted this. In order to be able to do these types of exotic options on a daily basis, you have to sign up with a binary options broker. It doesn't cost you anything and there are no commissions or fees on trades.

Looking out at a longer term picture, AAPL is likely going to gravitate around the 600 mark and if the market reacts negatively to the soft earnings that this company is looking to report at the earnings call this month, it could drop back down to 550 or lower. There is no catalyst to help the market price move up. As I have been saying this whole month, the puts are paying because of all the downward pressure caused by talk of no QE3 and a slow summer that had no rally.

Review of Today's Binary Option Trade

Well let's take a look at what Apple closed at today on July 13, 2012. The closing price was 604.97, which means that you would have made your profit on the binary options trade. That shows you how easy this is if you simply find the highs and lows of the day and predict where the stock will end up on a daily basis. I would definitely still be looking at monthly binary option expiration contracts on the put side because this market is trending downwards. It is just a matter of getting in when there is a very good chance of the stock moving in your favor based on the contract specifications you are trading.

You want to enter at the lowest risk with the biggest profit. To do that you have to play on market emotions and know when there will be runs and sell-offs. It is gauging how people feel about an underlying asset so you know their reaction to news over the course of a certain time period. This takes a certain amount of sophistication and analytic skills. If you got it, you can make money.

One reason I think this rally faltered for the summer in the entire market is because there was such an up spike in the first quarter of 2012. There is not much room left to grow so things have to come down, buyers have to be shaken out, and then we will see where we are after that.

Note that I don't hold any positions in this stock.

Help Your Website Make Money

Have you had a blog, e-commerce site, or a niche website that is struggling to make money? If you have been a site owner for over a year or so and are still not making consistent sales, you have a problem. There is no way around it. Whatever you are doing is clearly failing at some level unless your intent is not to make money online.

If you are trying to making a living online with a website, you should be targeting your audience and catering to their needs of information. To do this effectively, your entire site has to be congruent. Don't add random crap that has nothing to do with anything else on your site.

Mechanics of a Good Website

The theme of your brand is very important. It has to do with how people feel when they read something on your blog or see the types of products you are trying to sell. The key to small online business success is becoming an authority for a niche topic. When a website completely covers all the things that can possibly be covered in a given area of ideas, solutions, or services it is easily memorable and customers will want to come to you as their source of information or purchasing.

Let me do another quick example. You know that big retailers like Wal Mart may have about 10 - 20 different types of furniture in their store. The only thing that would result in you shopping elsewhere is for a wider variety of a certain kind of product. That is what I am trying to build at Chairosity. In order for that e-commerce online income project to yield long-term profits, it has to offer customers the highest variety and quality outdoor wooden furniture products. They need to know that their best place to shop is that website because it has such a high variety of one kind of thing. You could not find such variety at a major retailer like Wal Mart. That is the value of Chairosity.

There are other things people shop for online besides products. People shop for information. If you want to make some serious money online for a long time, you have to deliver information to people about topics in a way that they have never heard it before. Since you have your own unique brain, there is a high chance you can explain different things in a way that nobody else has thought about before. Doing this gives your blog a unique feel and offers your readers a different perspective on a subject.

You can make a huge impact on other and your own bank account by allowing others to see different sides of a situation that are brand new. Make them see through a different lens or no lens at all.

Building Traffic

Another huge reason why many website owners can't get their online businesses really pulling in a lot of money is because of their lack of traffic. This could be because your content is not unique or because you are not targeting the high traffic keywords within your title. You have to know what people are searching for and then funnel those searches into your topic or niche.

It only takes me a minute or so to develop titles, but that is because I have been fine tuning my title creation process over years of page creation. Google ranks a website page based on that single page alone and then also ranks your entire site based on what the majority of it is about. The only way for search engines to know what your site is about is mainly by your page/post titles and content obviously. The titles are very important in targeting traffic. This is more important for marketers who are targeting a highly popular niche, but should also apply to bloggers who talk about various topics.

Traffic only starts with search engine traffic. Once people have found you in a search, the factor that will determine if your site lives or dies is if it actually delivers the value they are looking for. Weather it be information or products, you have to give something in the page they landed on that truly helps them. Doing this will build long term visitors that trust you. The reason why finding the right keywords to target is important is because that is how you start gaining free traffic about the topics your website is about. Over time, people start to recognize you as a trusted authority. If you become that, the income starts flowing in droves.

Think about building traffic and in-turn sales or conversions as fishing. How many fish to you think you will catch if you are throwing out a hook with no bait into a dry river? You won't catch any, unless there are some mud fish buried deep down that you dig out. Think of your traffic as the river flowing and bringing fish. You can't start fishing until you have traffic. In order to catch those fish, they need to be somewhat interested in what you are selling. A conversion rate of 2% and 10% can mean the difference between $2,000 depending on your volume. If you are running adsense ads or ads from some network that pays you per click, then it is just a matter of your visitors clicking on ads. In that case, more traffic equals more money.

Keeping your visitors engaged and looking through your website is also big for making sales and ad revenue. For the sales part, the longer a visitor stays means the higher chance they will remember you can buy something. For ad revenue, if visitors are on the website for longer, they will have more chances to click on ads. Anyone who wants to increase adsense revenue should know and understand that.

Tools to Gain Website Traffic

There are many free tools and paid ones that can help you with your website in effective ways. Using things like a tool to research long-tail keywords for any niche could be huge in helping you find highly searched for terms that not many internet marketers are writing about. This is one concrete way to really get your website ranking and building good traffic for whatever niche you are in. It is also the perfect way to figure out post/page titles.

Another thing you can use is outsourcing. There are a few really good online services available for this. I have just started using one where I hired a solid writer to help my health affiliate site start ranking for things by way of unique content article creation for topics like herbal pain relief, colon cleansing, and hair loss treatments.

Only time will tell if this pans out in my favor as far as sales and ranking go, but you can keep up to date with the results on my monthly income reports.

To view all the tools you need to get a successful website started and also build it the right way, see my make money tools page. This will give you a jump start on making money online. So much of the success you will have in the online marketing world depends on what you know and what tools and knowledge you have. If you learn more before starting your work, it will give you a great chance to succeed because you will know what the effective ways are that give results.

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Jul 12, 2012

Make Money on this Binary Option Trade

Today is 12:59 PM July 12, 2012. It is time to start taking some profits in this market. All the predictions I made a few days ago about the S&P 500 dropping down to 1,300 by the July monthly expiration and Apple dropping down to 600 and lower are coming true. You need to get into a binary options trade right now today. Do either of these underlying assets and make it a monthly high/low put monthly expiration. That trade means you are guaranteed a profit if the stock or index, depending on what you choose to trade on, closes at a market price at the month expiration that is lower than the current market price right now. You can easily double your money depending on the asset class you choose.

I would not risk more than $3,000 on this trade but you can bet that everything is pointer lower right now. The market tried to rally and got stuck at resistances. Now it is going to fall. The best assets to trade on within the binary option market at this point are the ones that trade on global news and have super high daily volumes. They go on the trends and the trends are going down.

If you wanted to scale this out, you could do high/low binary option trades that expire at the end of this week on July 13, 2012 but it is safer to do it for the month as this gives plenty of time for the downward pressure to take effect. A lot of guys have put contracts out in the regular option market and they have made huge bets on the prices going down within the S&P 500 Index, which is weighted by about 15% with Apple stock.

Passive Sales Compared to Active Sales

When you think about making residual income online in a passive way, you need to completely view it differently from what you are used to think about sales. In a brick and mortar business, there are usually people who have to sell you something, help you checkout, or explain how a product works. They may have to do this for every single person that walks through the door and actually buys something.

Here is the beauty of generating passive income. It is completely detached from the customer service end. When you build a website and make money by monetizing your traffic in the form of ad revenue or affiliate sales, it requires no direct dealings with the customer. It could be the middle of the night and somebody could wonder along your site and decide to buy something or click through your ads. If they do, you collect money. There is no work beyond that.

I feel like people who make active sales may struggle with passive income because it is so different. You can't just greet customers and sell them something. Instead, with passive online income, you have to build a place that simply generate cash for you while you are not even there. The majority of sales that you get from passive activities will arise when you are not even working on your website, app, e-book, etc... It is a very exciting thing to think about once it gets going.

When you think about a passive aggressive person what does that mean? It means they sort of try to irritate or get their point across without doing much of anything or saying anything loudly. This is just like passive income. You are not shouting or selling people on a daily basis over the phone and in person. Instead, you sit back and completely separate yourself from the selling. It is like building a creation that makes money with no effort by you.

Successful online marketers can have websites up that will make them thousands of dollars per month without much work at all. They could stop working all together and their sales would continue. To get to that point, your site or passive value resource would have to be engaging/popular/strong branded/gaining traction in the search engines, but if you can do that you're all set to make as much money as you want.

In active sales, if you stop working what happens? You won't make any more sales. That is the key difference in these two types of sales. Since passive sales can be scaled, it leverages your time, the internet, and the amount of people you can reach at one time. Therefore, an internet marketer would be able to make just as many sales as an entire brick and mortar business if they simply gained the traffic. Since the selling and customer checkout process has nothing to do with the marketer that is getting paid to refer customers to a company (affiliate marketing), the company is doing all the work.

An e-commerce setup would not be able to do this unless you were able to automate the order processing. Some platforms do allow for this, but you, as the re-seller of products, would have to provide some kind of customer service or support if there were problems with the order and all that stuff that could happen. By doing a content based website where you make money by promoting affiliate products, it makes the whole process as simple as possible for the website owner.

An affiliate marketer could have a website that was getting 50 sales a day and not have to do any work as far as processing those sales. The work that does have to be done is building a website that gets enough traffic to generate that volume of business. This depends on how well you can target traffic and get them to remember your site brand. All the costs and time stop at the point of getting visitors to buy. As a pro passive income stream creator, you just have to worry about targeted traffic and conversions on your blog or site. It's possible to make 1,000 sales  a day. You still would not have to do any extra work to process 1,000 customers.

Let me put it another way. If you were making money online passively through affiliate marketing, you would do the same work if your site received 1 sale a day or 1,000 sales a day.

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Jul 11, 2012

Make Money Online Like a Pro Marketer

If you really really really want to make money online because this economy sucks right now, there are a few things you can do. The first thing you need to know if that focus is everything. You don't want to get too broad with your first online project. I personally started promoting web hosting back in 2009. That failed hard and I didn't have the passion for it. Next I went to health supplements and made money on sub-affiliate earnings.

I could not figure how my subs were making sales. This was funny since I was able to figure ways to get them to sign up under me, but I could not figure out how to actually make sales with affiliate products. This was the only way I wanted to make a living online. After the course of many long hours and frustration, I finally started to get the hang of things and built by first website property up.

To make money, you have to really focus on one niche at a time. I didn't do this and now it is taking me forever to rank for my key terms because they are like "supplements", "acne treatment", and "IBS" just to name a few in the health niche I am in. I think there is a much easier way to go about this whole process.

The New Process for Making Money Online

What new internet marketers should do is find something that has tons and tons of traffic without barely any competition. This makes it easy to rank on page one with a niche site all about that topic. Trust me, there are billions of topics online that people search about. Start with one and you can do some search engine promotions to get yourself free targeted traffic.

Let's say I wanted to make a guide site that explained everything there was to know about how to build the best dog houses. This could be something not many other people want to do. If you want to make money, simply create a blog or website guide centered purely around helping people know what the best ways to do this are. Millions of people have dogs and guys love to do it themselves.

Once you have bought your hosting, domain and built the site (may cost a total of $200 bucks, all you need to do is monetize your resource. There are two main ways to do this so pay close attention.

First way to Monetize: Sign up for Google Adsense for free and put their code into your newly made resource. Every time somebody goes to your site and clicks through an ad, you get paid a certain amount of revenue. Getting 10-20k visitors a month would mean $1.3k - $2k per month in income. That is not bad right?

The good thing about this type of money making is that it is passive and residual. To make it even more passive, you can go outsource your work and have other people write your guide for you. Adding about 50-100 pages of completely unique content articles about building a dog house is going to let you rank in search engines for all kinds of keywords and that means tons of free traffic. In this business, traffic equals sales.

Second Way to Monetize: Sign up to clickbank and find digital books or services that offer people educational material about your topic. Putting up 1 page on your newly made niche site to promote digital products from clickbank that pertain to your niche topic can bring in tons of cash flow. You don't have to do any work except put up the links and some product pictures. From there it is all automated income as long as your website is getting traffic.

Once you have one online money making stream like this set up, you can start scaling. Do the same thing over again, but with a different niche. This keeps things interesting and don't worry, clickbank has products for any type of industry so the possibilities of niche sites are endless.

What My Friend Does to Make Money Online

I have a friend who knows nothing about websites or anything. He works as a personal trainer at some gym by his apartment. I got to talking to him about making money online with affiliate programs. He was getting tons of questions about what the best workout supplements were. I told him he could start making money off those referrals by making his own personal site that said a few things about working out and then had a products page with his best recommended supplements on it. It only took him 1 month to start making a few hundred dollars every week just on telling his clients to check out his website "AskKentheTrainer.com"

All he did was get hosting and build a few pages. Then he signed up with Commission Junction and Share A Sale and found some great vendors that allowed him to promote bodybuilding supplements through an affiliate program in exchange for him getting a cut of the sale as commission for every single sale he sent through his site. He threw up some pictures on his products page of the website he built and linked them with the affiliate links from the program. Like magic, he now has a new income stream. This is someone who knew 0 about internet marketing and just like that he makes money online every single month.

This kind of offline marketing is really good to grow a site if you are just starting out. Building that trust up is key in making sales. When people know you and your site, the revenue just flows like honey.

Where to Start

I highly recommend you go to my make money tools resource before spending money on anything so you can see what I use and the products and online services that are trusted. It will help you get some good hosting and your own website up fast without having to know much about codes or technical stuff. Note that Adsense, ShareASale, and Clickbank are all free to join. They yearn for affiliate marketing guys to come in and start selling their products and ad space. The process I outlined above is a proven method to make money. You just have to start.

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Jul 10, 2012

The Puts are Paying with Binary Options

Well guys, yesterday I was explaining how bad things looked in the market with my post about trading options through July. As we look at what happened in the market today, it was a big sell off. You could have made money on any high/low binary daily put trade if you made it within the first hour of the day and did a put with a daily expiration. You could have done it for NDX, Apple, and SPX and made profit on every single one of them to the downside. This shows that the pressure is in the downward direction.

Part of the reason this is happening is because Alcoa had weak earnings and the other reason is poor tech earnings guidance. Things could really go down heavily between today, July 10, 2012 and the rest of the month. NDX fell about 40 points, SPX fell 20 points, and Apple started around 620 and steadily went down. You should have seen all this coming based on the post from yesterday. You could have doubled your money 3 times over if you would have bought the high/low put daily any time this morning within the first 3 hours of trading and you would have made out like a bandit.

So we can always look back with 20/20 vision. The trick is looking forward. What will happen tomorrow, Wednesday July 11, 2012? Well, it looks like things could get even more messy. I would look to trade tomorrow just like you should have traded today. Sit for the first 2 hours of trading and if things are kind of even but starting to make lower lows, go ahead and do some more high/low binary puts on SPX, Apple, and NDX. The pressure is downward.

Big S&P 500 Manipulation

So what is happening right now with the S&P 500 shorting is that a ton of 1300 monthly puts are being bought because the markets are being manipulated and a lot of people think the SPX could drop down like crazy. Look to buy daily binary option puts with daily expiration all the way down until this index has reached that 1300 strike. When it does get down and past that level, look to buy daily call high/low binary options.

If you don't already have a broker that you are trading with, you can pick between the 3 best binary option brokers here. I really like the # 1 because they have so many asset classes to choose from.