Sep 30, 2012

Possible Bearish Trend Breakouts for Monday

Today is Sunday September 30, 2012. We are looking at possible short positions to enter into based on bearish event triggers that occurred at the close of trading on Friday. This means you would be looking for these stocks as a way to make money with them if they trade lower in the next month. You would do this by buying put options on the stock. My recommendation is to buy them a month out, but if the trend suggests a near-term weekly break down, you could trade weekly's.

Remember that this is purely a technical analysis of the stocks, but I try to take into account outside factors when I give you the 4 or five stock tickers to look for. Use this as one decision making tool. There are many to take into account.

Look to Buy Monthly Put Options the Morning of October 1, 2012 for...

ACIW - Pennant (Bearish): So what that means is that on Friday this stock was in a consolidation period after a big down trend. It has not broke the lower trend line so that indicates it could move lower in the amount of the previous big down trend. It closed at 42.26 and could hit 36.00 by mid October if it follows the technical prediction. There are options available on this for a November expiration. It might be a good time to get the put option 40 strike and once the big drop hits sell the contracts. If the drop doesn't happen within 2 weeks of this coming Monday, get rid of it.

Result: Good - Ended up rising within a week of this prediction up above 43, but then tanked the rest of the month. You would have made money on a monthly expiring binary option put for October. It traded at 39.96 on the first Saturday after the 3rd Friday, which is when monthly binary options expire. From there it went even lower and is now at 38.84.

TLLP - Head and Shoulders top: A head and shoulders technical move can be bullish or bearish. This stock has made a bearish shape. The trend starts on August 13, 2012. It went up a little, pulled back, then went up to a high, came back down, then went up to a market price that was close to the first little bump up. On Friday it broke down past the bottom trend so it may try to make a new low. That means it could fall down lower to its support before this trend shape started, which is around 39/share. It closed at 43.41 on Friday. It is easy to see on a six month chart. TLLP has October, December, and March expirations' available to trade options on. The 40 strike December put option looks really good to me.

Result Bad - You can still clearly see the head and shoulders top looking out at a 6 month chart, but this stock just went higher. That is a good lesson to know technical analysis is not always correct. If it were, many people would be billionaires that are not. This stock went right up to 45.13 as of today.

There you have it. I am only going to do those two stocks for now so it is easy to take in and I want you to learn what the technical moves mean, what they look like, and why to use them on these names. You could also use this technical analysis of stocks to find buying entries. Just wait for them to make there predicted runs down and if they bounce off support, you can get long on them because I am not saying they are bad companies at all. It's just a fight between buyers and sellers.

Sep 28, 2012

Market Breakouts: Technical Analysis of Stocks

Today we are going to focus on a range of stocks that are looking to push higher based on technical triggers that happened in the market yesterday. These signals give investors a good idea of where to look for good 4-5% moves for today's trading day on September 28, 2012. You can make regular stock trades on this or use the information to base your options trading on.

So, we have...

  • BYI - Upside Breakout. It was in a trading range over the past 100 days and has broken out of it as of yesterday. This means the buyers have won a battle of resistance. It closed at 49.39 yesterday and my target on the stock is going to be 55/share. If you were going to buy call options on it this morning, do it with a strike price of 53 and an October monthly expiration.
Result: Actually went down from the date of this prediction, but 2 days ago it rose up to 50.56 from 47/share. 
  • Mini - This has made a bottom triangle. What that means is the price had a huge run up at the beginning of August and the consolidated for the whole month of September. Now it has broke through the upper trend resistance line and the next point of resistance is going to be a nice percentage higher. It is currently trading before the bell at 17.01 and the target it should reach is 22.00/share. Look for it to hit that within a month. If it doesn't, look move on.
Result: Good result here. If you bought it on the day of this bull prediction, you would have had many chances to make money. It traded close to 18.00 over the course of the month, which would be a 5% gain. Not too bad.
  • FST - In a flag bullish alert. This stock had a good size rally and then pulled back with a smooth trading range. Now, it has broke this range to the upside. It closed at 8.41 and the target price over the next month is to hit 10.30.
Result: Good prediction again. Did not hit target in the month, but was very close to 9.00 4 times during the month. That would have given you close to a 7% gain. 
  • USO - As of yesterday's close, the chart for this market price has made an island bottom. That means it had an exhaustion gap and then a break away gap. Looking at a daily candle chart, you can see how it forms a little island looking shape with the last 3 days of trading. The last candle is a spinning top, which also signals a reversal. It closed at 34.15 and look to trade higher. The exact target has not been identified.
Decent prediction here. You could have made a small percentage gain from the day this was out and over the course of the past month. It died over the past week and dropped down around 31. Hopefully the fact that the stock stayed flat for a month would have led you to sell before the 3 dollar drop.

Keep in mind these are all technical moves and don't take into account future news or current news that is going on that could effect the future price of any of these stocks. It is a good indicator to look at for high probabilities to the upside that should be used along with your own research. 

Sep 27, 2012

Good Probability of 10% Gain in Stock

The markets have closed for today so let's see if any technical events have occurred. Normally, I like to talk about trading binary options, but this is going to be about what stocks you can buy today (tomorrow mornings) that have a good chance to pop up in the near term. Obviously, you could trade options on these names if you want or just keep sticking to the big underlying assets. Does not matter to me so here is your value. I have linked each symbol so you know for sure you are looking at the right ticker.

Stock symbol, technical move, and target price:

  • UNG: This symbol has just entered into a bottom triangle. For a month it was consolidating with higher lows and lower highs. It broke this trend to the upside, which means it is poised to pop up even higher. Today, it closed at 21.10 and the target of this trend is a price of 26.50/share. This is actually around a 25% gain potential, but a conservative move would be to buy it and hold till the 10% gain hits and then get out and watch for the next stock break out. 
Result after 1 month: On Oct 2nd, reached 22.73, 23.22 on Oct 11, and hit 23.33 on Oct. 19. That would have been a 7%, 10%, and 10.6% gain respectively. So you would have made 7 to 10 percent real quick on this one if you entered a long position at the time of this post.
  • DHR: This symbol showed a spinning top candle stick on Sept. 26 close. Today (the day after that), it traded up 0.76% and looks to be at a point where it is testing resistance, but has not dropped down. It could break through and make new 52-week highs.
Result after 1 month: The spinning top candle stick was a short term technical message that had no real targets. The price did get above 56.8 a few days after this prediction. Its close was 55.03 on the date of stock prediction. Since then it has dropped down to 53 and I have no guidance from here on this name.

Both of these have options traded on them, but not binary options because they are not popular enough. You can buy the stock outright of either one or scale into both. The UNG move has a much higher gain potential compared to the DHR, but both show bullish signs. These are your two picks for now.

Still an Overbought Market

As you can see, AAPL has dropped down from 705 down to 666/share as of right now. If you had monthly binary put options on this, you did well. Another name that has been sold off a little bit is Priceline (PCLN). It went flying down at the beginning of August from the 660 mark and then tried to com back in the past month to hit 650, resisted and is now moving back down.

Let's to a little technical analysis to see if there are any bullish or bearish signals as of Sept. 27, 2012.

  • AAPL: Short term bearish signal. That means look to short the stock immediately. As you probably know, this company trades on a lot of momentum. It has just dropped below resistance and has headed toward negative momentum percentages. 
  • BAC: Williams %R bearish event was the most recent technical signal for this stock. It has reached a level of over -50, which means it was overbought and has corrected down past where it started to get overbought. Basically, that means it could break lower.
  • PCLN: Symmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bearish) - I have a target for this stock to reach down to about 580 in the near-term. The most recent technical move indicated that the market price was in a consolidation and broke the support trend line (meaning it went down too far). The triangle is over the course of the last few weeks.
  • GOOG: Shooting star followed by a spinning top - That means the last two days of trading paint you a picture of what people are doing with their money as far as Google is concerned. The shooting star 2 days ago signaled bearish because it indicated the rally is no longer sustainable and the fight between buyers and sellers is shifting towards the sellers. The spinning top signals a reversal.  Well I am extremely short-term bearish on this.
If you look at all the most recent signals, the market is looking like it is still bucking downwards. These are simply technical moves, but I feel like the prices have accounted for fundamental indicators already. Buy put option contracts, high/low binary options, and sell-to-open call contracts near term.

Sep 26, 2012

What Has More Predictable Future Earnings: Apple or Google?

Guess what? The answer is Google. They have added new revenue streams as well as kept their current ones going strong. It is betting that people will still use the internet in the future. That is a pretty safe bet. I explained one new revenue stream they would be added in this post. If you had call options held that were way out of the money a few months ago, you have probably quadruped your money on that one trade.

I told a bunch of people and wrote about how Google was going to go up and did so about a week before this huge run started. So...if you missed that giant parabolic move up in the past few months, there is still one way to get into the market.

Let me start by saying all other major indices and stocks have had a very hard time breaking out past the pre 2008 crash highs. Now, Google has broken up past its previous all-time high. The stock is valued higher than it has ever been and there are fundamentals to back it up as well as positive news on increasing their earnings in the future. That is why the stock has become so liked. Apple is not the same. They are a little more constricted in what they have to sell. If people start to move away from their products, they are in trouble. The great thing about Google is that so many different people around the world use Google search and it is a perfect way for them to keep their name relevant in peoples minds all the time, build trust for other products like phones for example, and keep revenue going.

When Google moves, it moves quickly. That means if you think there is going to be a quick pull back on the stock, it is time to buy binary option puts. You can double your money every day that you can successfully by the name at a day high and have the closing price be lower than when you bought the binary option put contract with a daily expiration.

To answer the question in the blog title, Google has more predictable future earnings, but I think they may have gotten a little over inflated and it could experience a move down. Obviously if it stay at the rate of change it has had for the past 3 months, it would reach to an amazingly unrealistic number quickly. That means there are going to be flat days, days where it gains a little, and losing days. There is high probability for down days at this point, so look for put options. When it gets down to support levels, you may want to consider call options because there will be higher probabilities that it moves higher on a daily basis.

Sep 25, 2012

Enhancement Supplements

I thought I would do a post based around one of my main topics I am trying to become known for at Herbal Showcase. That is enhancement products with a main focus on supplements. There are many categories at which you can try and improve your body. I tend to call these the solutions for peace of mind. Generally, we humans don't like to do new things, but we constantly are bored.

The funny thing is that when speaking about health, it generally does make anyone feel better when they make proactive steps toward improving it. That could be done by exercising more, playing more sports with friends, or eating better. Here is where I come in though. If we were talking about losing weight, it would be my recommendation that you try out natural weight loss supplements. The sort of stuff that I suggest is only going to use natural formulas that focus mainly on feeding your body nutrients that tend to make it easier for your body to be in a fat burning state. The key is that they are not dangerous and don't force your body into doing anything. Instead, they feed it extracts, vitamins, and herbs to help with metabolism as well as hunger urges, depending on the supplement you choose.

That's enough about that. The other main type of enhancement supplements I push are for male enhancement. These are going to be benefits like increased virility, better sex drive, and an easier time getting hard erections. If you are a middle-aged men looking for sexual performance booster, those will help. The best part about them is their all-natural and herbal. You get things that heighten penis health, blood flow, and contain aphrodisiacs for libido.

The bottom line is that these supplements only enhance your health be containing unique and very pure formulas. If they were not high quality, I would not have took the time to make a 565 page health site all about them. I believe they are worth every single persons look over because they really enhance the quality of life you experience, allow you to be proactive about health, and have enhancement results.

I was debating on weather I should create a post explaining what the benefits to using enhancement supplements are. Since it is such a huge part of my life, it feels right and good to do it. Also, it helps me be more congruent with my own beliefs.

Sep 24, 2012

And the Correction Begins

And now before the opening bell we see some brisk moves south in big names like Apple, S&P 500 Index, DJIA, and Goog, and Facebook. These are all high volume and heavily index weights underlying assets. The entire market is having its healthy correction, which has been talked about before this month even started in this post about shorting Goog about half way down you can see the correction call of about 10%. On September 21, I had said it was a good time to short stocks and indices as you can see in that post. It is not that hard to predict because of the pattern we have been in this year.

This was supposed to happen and your job as a trader of stocks, options, and binary options was to watch for the peak levels and then get short because you already missed the second market rally of the year. Huge resistances were being hit. I wrote on Friday, September 21, 2012 that a big institutional player had sold of Apple shares in the final hour of trading that day. It was a few million shares. This, among other factors show that that market is not ready to break through yet and so it will make its way back down over the next few weeks.

Now, what you can do to make money going forward is either short stocks, or you can wait until the market hits a bottom again and let it build resistance before buying stocks outright. At this bottom you could also think about buying call options that go out 2 months.

Why this Correction is Happening

I had predicted AAPL may hit 710 before it pulled back again. The truth was that it only was able to hit 705 before retreating down from resistance. It could go back down to the 640 level very easily to test that support level. There are some main reasons why this correction in the market is happening. Very few hedge funds and regular investors were able to be a part of this rally. It was mainly powered by high-frequency trading bots that ran up the price. They are bid/ask scripts. 

Once the market prices of all these assets reached a certain value level that had become extremely over-bought, it has to come down to a level where the average investor and institutional trader can get back in and make some money. Basically, we reached a peak where nobody believed they had enough upside. It is sort of like a reality check. People are starting to look around and analyze what a true market price should be. They think it should be lower.

Sep 22, 2012


First things first, AnyOption does payout if you do a binary options trade and end up in-the-money at expiration. Their site would be down and under investigation if they did not. This is not what you need to be worried about. What you have to focus on is being able to predict the market correctly.


This platform is regulated in the EU, has the most strict financial licensing available, and is subject to oversight by the KPMG and MiFID.

The first thing they focus on is binary options (high/low) - betting if a price is lower or higher than the current price at expiration. The other main one that they offer is called a one-touch option. That is basically saying you bet if a market price of an underlying asset hits a certain strike price at any time within the give time frame (hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly). These are pretty good for taking profit if you know how to read trends well.

These are just the two main kinds of derivatives offered. There are many more that you can participate in such as their weekend specials that offer a 400% profit return based on what the central banks report as a market price once on Saturday and Sunday. You pick if the price before the announcement is higher or lower than what they announce. If you are right that is how you take that huge profit. It can be very exciting.

Some more nice things about starting up an account with them include offering segregated accounts for client's funds, quick profit payouts, and many ways to make deposits and withdrawals. They are worldwide and you can trade around the clock on open markets.

If I were to pick one of the two brokers on my binary options broker review page, it would be based on my needs and the kind of trades I wanted to focus on. Personally, I would pick AnyOption because I feel like they have a few more underlying assets to pick from and offer a wider variety of advanced derivatives to use. Additionally, they are set up more for corporations to use and people who trade a lot.

But....the main reason why AnyOption is one of the best to use is because of their unlimited liquidity and instant trade executions.

AnyOption and their Option+ Derivative

One unique feature that they offer is the ability to do something called Option+. This is a feature that allows traders to buy a binary option with a fixed profit and expiration time, but allows you to sell the contract back to AnyOption at any time. So basically you could actually take profit if something favorable happened that made your binary option contract traded worth a lot more than when it was first bought.

For example let's say you bought a binary option call high/low on Apple on a Monday that had a weekly expiration. Then Apple had an earnings call that Wednesday that made the stock go up 10% and put your contract way in-the-money. You could re-sell that back to Anyoption for a premium and eliminate the risk of holding it for another two days because you don't know what could happen. This eliminates the chance for the stock to tumble below an in-the-money pricing level.

0-100 Binary Options

AnyOption has added this for the potential to earn 1,000% returns on positions. They also do bitcoin trading derivatives unlike most other European platforms.

Sep 21, 2012

It's Time to Look at Shorting Stocks

It is Friday September 21, 2012. So we have been talking about looking at a price exhaustion level being hit right about now in the year. there have been two big bull runs and one big pull back. What is left is when looking forward from today is another pull back. There is downward pressure.

Unless big news comes out to the positive, things don't look good. Additionally, many firms have announced projected earnings misses. Today looking specifically at Apple, there was institutional money that sold about 1 million shares of Apple. As you can see, in the price today, that put a 5 dollar drop in the market price for the last two hours of trade. If you had daily put options that expired today with a 705 strike, you probably tripled your money in those few hours at least. This is powerful and profitable intra-day trading.

Think about why so many shares were sold. That particular institution planned on doing it and they must feel that the risk to hold is too great compared to the risk of selling and losing potential gains in the market. Basically, they think it is at a peak and goes lower before popping back up. This doesn't have much to do with the health of the company. It has more to do with how over bought the name became and now the market has to re-price the asset to a more true value that is lower.

Why Apple has a low Price to Earnings Ratio

Everyone always sees that Apple has a low price to earnings ratio. The reason why is simple. A lot of their assets are in cash and cash equivalents, which means low return on asset compared to if they had a bunch of money going into projects that were going to grow earnings. Cash sitting there is not going to grow sales.

How to Play the Shorts

Now obviously nobody knew that a large amount of shares would be sold all at once except the institution that did it, but it makes sense. To predict the market, you want to look at what makes sense. Whoever was in the rally, now wants out in order to make their profit. When another dip hits, they will probably go back in because this is all about making money.

A lot more of this can happen within the next few weeks, but every day is different. Watch for overall market indicators and news that points to things going up or down. If it feels like big overall market news is negative and reduces confidence then watch for put strategies such as the incident that happened today. On good news that does give the market confidence site tight for now. You must get in at dips and short at inflated prices. Right now we are way up and it is going down.

Sep 20, 2012

Guiding Traders through Investing

Alright, patience is a virtue and those traders out there that have patience in a volatile market like the one that has been seen in 2012 are going to be the ones that make money. Good returns are hard to come by when you chase rally's, finally get in, and then get to see the market price go back down.

Don't let this happen because once you become demoralized, that's the end of it. Currently, the market as a whole, and one stock price in particular are hitting strong resistances. As you can see in the movement, we are topping out and getting overbought.

Now is the time when the market does what a market does. When things get overvalued and there is little upside potential, values come back down to what they should be at. The actual number that they should be at will be determined by the market. I can tell you right now that it is inflated. Nobody makes money on inflated markets if they are only investing in stocks. You can make money by trading options or binary options, but that is a different story.

We are talking about waiting for this pull back to happen. When it does, get in. Set your target for a 10% gain. Once you reach that goal or come close, get out of the market and wait for another position that makes sense and doesn't feel like you are just throwing money around and hoping for the best. I am talking to serious traders who want to make a living with the wealth they have accumulated.

If you are trading with money in the realm of 500k +, you can live off of 10% every six months pretty easily. This is attainable if you are patient through the rest of this year and looking forward at the rest of your trading life.

What to Avoid

Don't fall into the trap of being unable to get out of a position. You have to sell in order to get paid. Make your goals that you are planning to make into a reality before you trade. If you want to get 15% and get out, sell the asset when it has gained 15%. When you get greedy and try to hold out for more, you end up holding things for years, never getting paid, and possibly losing a lot of money in this time frame.

What you have to do if you have that under control is balance it with discipline. Don't think you need to trade 100 times a year to make your money. This comes from the socialized thinking that the harder you work, the more money or reward you get. However, the smarter you work, the more money you get. This is true in the market. Find good strong lows with a lot of support. When this support is hit, consider buying. Don't chase rally's. You have to be able to identify when to get into the market that has good chances of going up within a few months.

Sep 19, 2012

When to Sell Put Option Contracts

This means you are shorting put options, which means you need the stock to move in a direction that would make a put option worth nothing. That means you would sell put options when you feel a stock is going up.

Some people get confused about how to make money on selling put options. This is simply another financial strategy that is considered "being long on a stock or other asset class". I am talking about selling to open. This is different than buying to open. When you sell to open, you are selling the actual contract and making it available to the public through options market makers like brokers. The opposite of this is when you sell to close. That means you have bought option contracts and are now selling them before expiration. That is not what I am talking about here. This post is about selling to open. It is risky, but can raise money quickly.

To explain more about this, I have to tell you what a put is...

When you buy puts, that means you are short an asset class such as a stock. Put contracts have expiration dates and they change in value over time based on if the market price of the asset class you have a put on goes up or down relative to the strike price. Generally, the more it goes down, the higher your investment in the puts go.

The best way to explain is with an example. Let's say that you are looking at the asset class of stocks and specifically Apple (AAPL). The current market price is at 702.13 per share. You can buy put contracts with a strike price of 700 that expire at the end of the week. The only way those contracts go up in value is if the share price drops below 700 and keeps going. The farther down it goes by the end of trading on Friday, the more money you will make. These types of options have weekly, monthly, and yearly expiration times. If you were the person on the other end of that transaction and were the person that sold the put contracts, you lose in that scenario.

Best Way to Sell Put Option Contracts to the Market

Now that you know how a put is valued, let's talk about selling them. In a market there are always buyers and sellers. The only way there are put options to buy is because someone is selling them to you in the market for a premium. The premium is the total cost of the option contract at a given time. The person that sells them is doing so because they believe the contracts will expire out of the money. For a put contract to expire out of the money, the market price has to be higher than the strike price at the time of expiration. If it is, the contracts are not worth anything and the person who sold the put options gets to keep the premium collected from selling the put contracts. The person who bought the actual put contracts that you sold are out their entire investment.

Best Time to Sell Them

Having said that, if you think a certain stock is only going up over the period of a week or a month, you are long the stock and would believe in selling put contracts. In my experience with trading options on AAPL, I think selling these on the 3rd week of the month seems to be a good time for whatever reason. Anyway...the money you collect when you first sell them to the market is simply the cost that someone pays for those put options. In order for you to lose nothing and keep the premium collected is for the put contracts to expire out of the money. To do that, the price has to go up and not come down below the strike price of said contracts.

How Much You Can Lose Selling Put Option Contracts

Here is the catch though. Each put options contracts commands 100 shares of the stock it is for. If you sell put option contracts and they end up getting into the money, you're going to experience a loss. You still get to keep the premium, but when the options are exercised by whoever owns them after expiration, you have to buy 100x however many contracts you sold of the stock and sell it at the market price. Basically, you would be buying high and selling low and the contract forces you to. You can see how much of a loss that can create if a stock really tanks below the strike price of a put option contract. The difference between the strike and the market price is your loss per share.

If you sold 6 put contracts total, that means you have to buy 600 shares worth of the stock at the strike price and sell it to the person that is exercising the contracts at the market price. Hence, if the market price gets lower than the strike, you lose if you sold to open the contracts.

When To Sell Put Contracts

Sell these put contracts if you have a good feeling the market price of an underlying asset, such as AAPL, is going to go up and not reach below the strike price of the put option contract you are thinking about selling to open. This means you are long on a stock. Also, you have to have enough money in your brokerage account to cover the entire cost of buying all the shares that the contract commands.

Be careful with this and don't sell a put option contract at the peaks. You sell them at valleys and at peaks you would want to sell to open call option contracts, which is the opposite side of the market and would allow you to keep the premium if the market went below the strike price at expiration. That's the difference between selling calls and puts to the market for a premium.


The Dow Jones Industrial Average index is looking like it is due for a pull back. If you look at the charts for the past five years, you can see that there has been two main bull runs that have both gone up about the same amount. The first bull run had the huge crash in 2008 that everyone remembers. The second run for this index is still rising and approaching the major resistance level that was set right before the previous major pull back.

It seems like that 14,000 resistance level is very very strong and going to be hard to break through. If we do have a pull back in the coming months, but it is only a 700 - 1000 points instead of 4000 points, there could be a rally from that bottom back up to 15,500 by 2015.

If you are looking to trade today and looking forward on the DJIA, you want to wait and see how the index handles this 14,000 resistance point. If it breaks through and sort of stalls, that may be your time to buy. However, if it starts breaking downwards, don't make any quick decisions. Let the index fall and once a few support levels are set and 2-3 bottoms are created, it should be a safe bet to get back in.

All of this information says to the regular investor to sell and take your profits if you are currently in the market and if you are not in the market, wait to see what happens because right now is a risky time to invest. We are at highs in many big stocks and approaching the resistances. It's hard to predict what happens from here so wait until it makes more sense to enter the market.

What you don't want to do is chase this rally too late, get in at the top, and then get stuck with the losses on a pull back. You will make much more profit and gain on investment by finding a safe and profitable entry point.

Sep 18, 2012

True Freedom

Everyone reading this from the United States needs to start thinking about things in an intelligent way without falling into the emotional decision making trap. Even when go to think about the question if you are really free or not, you have to make a decision on weather you think you are really free. Don't make that decision with your emotions. Make it based on direct experience and knowledge of the world surrounding you.

Currently, there is a lot of animosity that builds between groups of people. Between the "government", it's citizens, and the military (not to mention all the other different groups we have around the world and in this country. If we all lived in a truly free world, people would not harbor so much hate toward each other. Weather you want to admit it or not, organizations that have a lot of money, power, and resources to directly effect every single persons life in the world one way or the other, want us to fight among each other over nothing as well as take complete control.

That could not happen in a place that is completely free. You would not be forced to go kill other people who you have no direct experience with. (War). If that government force was not there to tell you what to choose from and how to feel, you would have much more freedom.

Some individuals may feel that without government everything would be chaotic and lots of killing and devastation would take hold of the world. The only reason this could happen is because we as humans have something in us that triggers an emotional controlled response. Instead of thinking deeper about how to solve a problem, we create people and things to blame and act without finding out the true problem and fixing that.

However, if everyone is focused on how they can provide value to others based on their strengths, there would be no fear about survival or material possessions, which cause human beings to kill.

The only way to become completely free is to go survive by yourself on another planet or become completely self sufficient by living off the earth and not interacting with anything. If you do either of these or choose something else that allows you to live freely, you also need to reach a state of being where the things that make you happy are what you do to improve your life and the life of other living things around you. Gathering more things that don't impact your survival don't make you happy. Healthy human interaction and personal growth in the presence of others trying to do the same thing will result in much more happiness than hording a ton of money and living comfortably alone.

Sep 17, 2012

Market Rally

Well investors and traders, the market is in a rally still. This has been going on especially in a specific company. That company is Apple and a lot of people were waiting for it to pull back again so they could get in. Here is where the problem comes in.

The whole reason why investors would be so confident on a pull back is because earlier this year (2012), Apple went on a huge run up about 30% and then it pulled back almost half of those gains, and now it has gone up about another 30% from that previous pull back where it almost got down to 529/share. Right now it is pushing at 700/share. This is all in the space of about 9 months.

You have to identify where you can make money and try not to base it on the past. Right now I would say the market could rally up a few more percent, but sooner or later it is healthy to shake the buyers out. Apple will probably hit around 710 before this correction happens and it falls to 640. At that time, look for buying opportunities. Never try to buy after you missed a rally because this will likely result in a loss or not much gain.

If you were not in the market back in the beginning of the summer, that was your bad so accept it and move forward. Looking forward, the next dip should be a signal to you to buy. Don't worry about the stock market crashing or huge bad news for companies. Analyze why a certain stock may go up or down and get in at the right time. Ultimately you are betting on the market liking a stock if you buy the stock. Find companies that have highly predictable sales, profitability, and don't seem to have issues for future earnings growth. Another good way to figure out where to put your money in this market today, if you want to invest in equity, is by finding stocks that have a lot of good chances for positive things to happen.

It is a momentum market, which is why there has been such high volatility lately. When market prices of stocks start moving one way or the other, they keep going longer than you would expect. This happens until the market i.e. buyers and sellers, decide that there needs to be a correction back to a more true price.

Sep 15, 2012

Succeeding in Business

It doesn't matter if you are trying to move up in a company to a level where you can be a controller or if you are building your own business, you have to use leverage in the form of value to succeed. People want value. Employers want to know what you can bring to the table to improve their business and if you are starting your own business, customers want to know what value you have on the table for them. No value or leverage means you get nothing and can't make money.

So what you need to do is work yourself into a position where you are able to offer things in return for something in return. Do this over and over and eventually you will have a lot of monthly income coming into your bank account, no debt, and a financially free life.

How To Work/Do Things

One thing that is common among all these types of successful business people you see in the world is hard and smart work. You can't just work hard. It is imperative that the work you are doing matters and is making a direct impact on you becoming more marketable in some form or helping your business grow. If you are growing your own business, the work you spend your time doing has to be making a strong impact on traction, customer attraction, and quality of product or service. The word of mouth takes care of your marketing if you can do those three things well.

Cash Flow Management

Now the balance comes in because there has to be some money management skills involved. When you decide on certain financial decisions, it is beyond important to know the entire risk of an investment. It is ok to spend money, but know how much your business can afford and if it is one time or a recurring fee. One-time expenses are good if what you are investing in helps your business for a long period of time. If the expense/investment is recurring, it must be providing value to your business that helps with profitability as long as you are paying for it.

Don't go spend your cash on things that are not necessary just because you have cash. That cash might become very useful when a highly lucrative deal comes along or a new opportunity. If you don't have the cash saved up, then you have to either borrow and pay interest, which puts you at even less cash flow, or you have to pass up the great opportunity since you didn't save.

How to Build

The way you build is with relationships and branding because they build trust. Once trust is built, business can happen freely. Branding is how other people around the world and in your business connection network view you. The way you want people to view you personally is going to be a way in which is attractive to profit and feeling good after they talk to you.

Relationships are going to determine how far you go and how much money you make. When people like you and like your business, a very lucrative situation builds itself for you. At the end of the day, when there is many competing products, services, and other workers that provide basically the same value and offer just as low of prices, customers pick who they like.

If you are seeking employment, you can think of the employer as the customer and your competing peers as separate businesses trying to sell their services to the same person you are.

When you talk to other business people, win the conversation. What that means is you leave the conversation with them feeling good. Some call this having soft skills, but it comes down to if they like you, what your offering is legitimate, and then trust is built. People do business with what they trust.

What I Feel is Worth Working On as One Way to Make Money:

If you are interested in what I feel is the best way to live your life without a job, learn more about binary options trading.

Next Passive Income Series Post: September Income Report 2012

Sep 14, 2012

What are Binary Options

These are exotic options. They help traders make money on stocks daily. In the past, they were only offered to institutions, but now are open to the public through specific brokers. If you are trying to figure out what binary options are, you probably already know about regular options. These two trading instruments are completely different and both are riskier than buying a stock, asset, forex pair, or commodity outright.

This post is about binary options though, so that is what I am focusing on telling you about. This kind of trading is completely centered around the expiration point. If your trade is in-the-money at expiration, you make a good 70%-85% profit on the initial investment. This can range from lower than 40% and up to over 300% depending on the trade. If your trade is out-of-the money at expiration, this means you lose your entire investment, although some brokers give you a 15% refund. You can trade binary options for all types of underlying assets. An underlying asset is simply a stock, forex pairing, commodity, or index. These underliers have price fluctuations based on how much people want to buy or sell shares of them.

This price fluctuation or volatility allows binary options to be a tool to make money from the movement no matter what direction the stocks go. Additionally, you can initiate one of these trades at any time during the day as long as the market is currently open and your binary options broker offers that asset. There are 3 main types of binary option trading strategies. They include...

3 Main Ways to Trade Binary Options
  • high/low: This is the best type of trade to do if you are sure the market price of a particular asset is going to be higher or lower over a given amount of time up to 1 month. They are good to do on a daily level if you are good at recognizing daily peaks and valleys and understand what resistance and support levels are effecting the current price. Here is how it works: 
    1. You pick the underlying asset you want to trade (stock, index, forex pair, commodity).
    2. Pick if you think it will be higher or lower at expiration.
    3. Then pick the expiration time.
    4. Figure out how much you are willing to invest.
    5. The profit is automatically calculated.
Example of high/low: Apple has traded to a new high for the week and I think it trades lower by the end of day on a pull back. I would enter a high/low put binary option trade. The "put" means I think it will be lower at expiration than the current price. If it does trade lower by the end of day, since that is what I am theoretically choosing as my expiration time, then I make a nice profit for the day. If the market price of that stock (AAPL) is higher at end of day, that means I am out-of-the-money and lose my entire investment in that trade. This is why it is called binary. You either win or lose so don't bet everything on one trade. 
  • One-Touch: This is a little different than the previous type of trade because you are now predicting if the market price of a stock, index, etc.... will touch a certain price over a given amount of time. The profit is still automatically calculated and pre-determined at the time you make the trade. When you do the trade, you simply pick the number that you think the price will touch over a time period. In that time period, it only has to reach the number you picked one time. 

Example of a one-touch option: Hypothetically let's say the S&P 500 Index is trading at 1,480 and it is the first week of a given month. This a 4 year high for the index and I predict a pull-back within the end of the month. If I determine there will be a 10% pull back within the month, I would want to try and do a one-touch that ends up in the money if the index hits a price that is half way in between the current price and the 10% that I think it will drop. This minimizes risk and still offers a decent return.

  • Boundary: This is sort of like a high/low except you make the trade based on if you think the market price of a stock, index, etc... will be in between two target prices or strike prices at a given expiration up to a monthly level.

Binary Option Expiration Times:
  • Monthly - binary options expire on the first Saturday after the third Friday of every month. 
  • Weekly - expire at the end of the trading week.
  • Daily - at the end of each day of trading.
  • Hourly - at end of hour.
Best Way to Trade Binary Options

Set up  many smaller trades. There are no fees involved with this so investing $100 or $1000 allows you to make the same percentage gains. You can do this every day and make money. Just don't risk everything on one trade. You can spread $10,000 out over 10 trades and give yourself a good chance to make profit. If you end up in-the-money on 75% of them, you will make money back because the profit return is going to be at least 70%. That means your $10,000 would be worth $12,750 at the end of day and on the 1/4 of them that you lost on, most brokers give 15% back, so that is another $375 to add to your daily profit.

Set your trades up so you have high probabilities to get net profit scenarios to happen.

Sep 13, 2012

Qe3 Passed: What does this Mean for an Options Trader?

They decided to do quantitative easing (QE3). The market rallied on this because it took away uncertainty. The S&P 500 broke way out. Keep in mind this doesn't create jobs, but it does help ease worry for now. If you have been stuck on the sideline, it is time to come back strong.

Focus on the scenario where this political move was made. Everyone is going to focus on a pull back where they can enter. From that pull back, a new bull cycle looks to farm. All this is about is more people buying stocks and options.

Right now if you are trading options or binary options, it is going to allow you to make money. You have to see the timelines of what events happen, how big index and stock prices will trade, and how the pressure effects your daily trading decisions.

For this new bull market to really take hold, people have to come out and get into equities (stocks). The old bear that hit hard in 2008 is now on the back burner for now. Rates are down far so this encourages people to get into stocks and trades to do. This is now where the money is at.

A short term problem has been created from this news because now the earnings season for the 3rd quarter that we are entering has to be good since we are so overbought. If its not, a sell off happens. Based on that simple bit of information, the correction we called to happen in September or early October may still happen despite the news of quantitative easing. The only thing that QE3 really does is restore confidence, but it doesn't change or fix any real problems except that not enough people are in the market.

Make Money Trading the S&P 500 Index

The S&P 500 is overbought so you need to look at dips if you want to enter, but that index can go up over the next few years. To make your money by buying the index outright, you buy the dips, sell on the bull runs, and get back in for another dip.

Make Money with Binary Options

Well, to earn profits from this kind of options trading, you need to do the same thing as if you were trading the actual stock, except factor in time. Buy contracts that expire on a weekly level, not daily, and watch for peaks. On the peaks, buy high/low put binary options if you think that at their expiration the market price ends up being lower than the peak. Likewise, on the dips, you want to buy high/low call options because this will pay you profits if the market price at expiration is higher than when you bought the contract initially. Profit percentages will be around 70% - 85%, depending on the binary options broker you choose.

In the long term, the thing that will push these markets up really high is a new president in Mitt Romney. If that happens, buy call options of all kinds. You will make money on regular options, binary options, and by buying the stock or index outright.

Sep 11, 2012

Trading Binary Options Ahead of the iPhone 5

Today is September 11, 2012 and we are awaiting the roll out of the iPhone 5 tomorrow on September 12, 2012. What I want to talk about is how you can make money on this with weekly binary options trading. This is a little different then regular options trading because you are not buying multiple contracts that control a set amount of shares of an underlying asset. Binary options used to only be available at the institutional level, but now are open to the public.

What you are doing with binary options is predicting where the market price in the future (at a given expiration) will be relative to the current market price. Today, right now the current market price of Apple is 665.55. It has had a 2.6% pull back since reaching its all time highs ever.

Here is how the knee jerk reaction will go tomorrow. The pressure for the stock price to go higher is great because we already know the last quarter earnings were weak and the earnings that will be announced next month are also going to be weak and not representative of iPhone 5 sales because the iPhone 5 is not hitting shelves until after the 3rd quarter has ended. is how you can make some money trading binary options. Since doing this type of exotic trading, which has finally been made available to the regular investor, makes you money if you predict the correct outcome, you have to make sound decisions with the right timing. Doing high/low's are the easiest because all you do is enter into a contract that says you get paid a set profit (typically around 75%-85%) based on you being right that the market pricing ends up being higher or lower than the current price at expiration.

Why The Sellers May Win on a Weekly Level From Today Until End of Week (Sep. 10 - Sep. 14)

So, at a weekly level, the major news that comes out will be about the iPhone 5. The pressure for the market price to fall lower is great because of all the things talked about. Weak forward looking earnings outlook, slowed earnings because customers are going to want to hold out for the new phone that comes out in October, and the simple technical fact that the stock price is at its highest levels ever.

How Much You Can Make on Options Trading

So, look hard at entering high/low weekly expiration binary option puts. That simply means that today or tomorrow you invest however much money you want to risk on the market price of Apple being lower on Friday's close compared to the current market price. If you want to invest $2,000 in this and the market price does in fact end up being lower at the end of the week compared to what it's at when you enter the contract today or tomorrow, then you will make a profit of about $1,500. That's not bad for one week. You could take it to another level and go with $20,000 risk and potentially make $15,000 in profit if the market price does finish lower and you entered into a put contract.

Just so you understand, a put high/low means you bet the market price will be lower than now and a call high/low means you bet the market price will be higher than now. In order to do this, you need a special broker that offers just this kind of options trading. You want to sign up with reputable and safe brokers. I recommend the 2 best ones here at my binary options broker review page. At that page you can see which one fits your needs best and sign up to start doing this yourself.

Sep 10, 2012

Is Apple Going Higher?

First of all you need to know at what time I am writing this and the circumstances so that when you read this you have the correct perspective. Today, the date is September 10, 2012 at 10:23 AM standard eastern time.

Right now Apple is peaking at its all time highs ever since the stock was public. The previous earnings call in July was soft. That triggered a sell-off down to the 570's/share level from 610ish. Today, the 2 main things that are pushing the rally for this company include anticipation for the I-phone 5 announcement on September 12 and overall market confidence.

Having said that, the actual earnings of Apple are predicted to keep rising higher and higher with the next earnings call. I don't think it is possible for the earnings to stay on the same growth rate as it has been going. It also seems like more and more players are getting into the main businesses of Apple, such as Toys R Us' new $150 tablet. The big problems come in if other company's can make products that are just as good, but charge a lower price.

There is going to be a healthy pull back in this month or early in October. If you look at the stock charts, you see that things are peaking and coming to a stand still as far as growth goes.

Update: 2:49 PM - If you were following the stock price movement of AAPL today, it is now down about 2.1%. Following technical analysis of price movements, I would say the market price could go all the way down to 635/share within the next few weeks.

Update: 4:07 PM - This stock name has run down another 0.6% for a grand total daily loss of 2.6%. This was predicted and it is predicted to go lower. If you would have bought your high/low binary put options, they are paying nice profits. Watch for the bottom to be reached in the coming days and weeks. Then you can get long again and look at call options or go long by actually buying the shares outright.

Binary Options Play

Over the next few weeks, play put binary options. The easiest ones to do are going to be high/low trades. A put high/low means you make your profit when the market price of an underlying asset is lower at the binary option contract expiration compared to when you first entered into the contract. I think Apple will be lower by the first Saturday after the 3rd Friday of September, which is the time when monthly binary options expire.

Even today the AAPL market price is down about 0.6% and if you look at a 3 month chart, this stock price looks like it is leveling off a bit. To make the most money on an options play, you need to enter into a put position at the edge of the cliff. We are at the top of a cliff right now.

If you are looking to start with a good broker, I recommended the top binary options brokers here.

Sep 8, 2012

Google Hitting all time Resistance Levels

Back in 2008 Google was up around the 700 mark. Now, we are returning to that level. Since it has been so long, there will be a lot of pressure for buyers to keep buying in hopes of selling at an even higher price. There will be corrections within this bull run, but over the next few years.

If you compare this market value to Apple's, it is still far behind. Google has a market cap of about 230 billion, while AAPL is over 600 billion. You could take that a few different ways. Either, it has a lot of room to grow if things keep going well for the search giant or it may be at its highest price that it can possibly reach. The only thing that can push it to double in value is by creating something new or doing something to increase their future potential.

In order to trade binary options successfully on Google, you need to watch for short term periods for reversals and then get long when the corrections are finished. That means you buy weekly or monthly high/low binary put options at peaks such as the one now. It is a pretty safe bet that people are going to take profits on this big name because the 52 week highs were broken through and now the 4 year resistance level has been reached. Those factors are an indication that there will be a short correction happening. To double your money with binary options, you have to enter the trade before this correction happens and make sure it expires before the market price goes higher than the price when you entered the contract.

Structured Binary Option Trade Example for Monday

Let's say I wanted to invest $5,000 in binary options. Here is what I would do on Monday. I would buy a September monthly high/low put binary option for the underlying asset of Google on Monday Sept. 10, 2012. If things don't change much between now and two days form now, the market price should be around $700/share and the profit on that in-the-money monthly options contract would be around 80%. That means the market price on the Saturday after the 3rd Friday of the month would have to be lower than the price when I entered the contract on Monday morning for me to make a profit of $4000 for the month. That is not too bad.

I recommend 2 different binary options brokers to trade with if you want to try doing this yourself. One has all the types of trades and the other one lets you structure everything based on high/low trades. Either one is good to use.

Sep 6, 2012

Watch Gap Ups on SPX and DOW Short Term

Today, on Sept. 06, 2012 Europe is looking decent. This news has resulted in a gap up with the DOW that should happen in the next week and has happened a little today. An overbought outlook is taking hold even more now. Keep in mind that there is still going to be a correction of about 10% for September, but that will hit after everything inflates and reaches resistance levels.

So, in order to make money based on this, look at short term weekly call options. Try to make your own estimates on when the market becomes overbought. At this time, you want to get short real fast and buy put options. Once that run down happens, you want to get in at the bottom and buy call options again.

I like to play on the binary options market because it is a little more simple and straight forward, while still carrying the same risk and reward. In that case, you would want to look at weekly expiration high/low call binary options for this week. Once resistance levels are hit, it will be important to look at weekly and monthly high/low binary option put contracts.

The reason why binary option trades are recommended for this month rather than buying that outright stock or index name is because we are in a bull trend cycle that is at an overbought period right now. There will be gap ups and then pull backs. In my opinion, after the next correction that should come during this month, it should be a good time to go ahead and buy stocks and indices outright if you plan to hold them for a few years.

Sep 5, 2012

Trading FedEx on Downside Guidance

Today on September 05, 2012, FedEx Corporation has dropped down about 2% on the day because they missed on their earnings and guided down due to weakness. There is support just around $84/share. Some analysts are saying this is an indicator of a global slowdown because less packages are being shipped. So if you want to get into this name by buying the actual stock, don't do it now. Wait till a strong support level forms and it should either bounce off the 84/share number. If it drops below that, you have to wait for more support to form until you get long.

The last time FedEx has given warnings on their future earnings report was back in the 2008 time period. That is something to seriously look at, although I myself see the overall economy making a strong comeback and the DOW should hit up around 15,500 within the next 4 years no matter who becomes President.

What looks to be the truth is this news will lend to the correction that the market faces for the month of September. Watch closely though because at some point between today and the election, a bottom should form and it could be a good entry point to go long on.

If you want to play the short, now is a good time to look at put options and binary options. You could play these on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly expiration level.

Passive Income Creation

I started a series all the way back in April about passive income. Ever since I started that series, there was curiosity as to how you start. This is the post you have been waiting for. It is important for me to follow through with this series. I suggest you start from the first passive income series post and work your way through and up to this point.

What I want to talk about is how to actually start your passive income stream now. After you read through the whole series, you may start to get some ideas for yourself and also learn what kind of mindset you must have in order to make this work for you.

What You Need to Do First: Ideas

What you have to do now is start writing down ideas on paper or typing them out. Create ideas about what kind of value you want to provide to the world and keep going for at least 30 minutes or until nothing else comes to your brain.

Once you have a nice set of things to work from go though and pick out something that you think fits you best. Decide what is the most predictable to have success. Both of those factors are highly important in your decision making process for how to create passive income.

Manifest Your Idea Quickly

There are some more important things to go over for your first passive income stream. Once you have picked out your best idea, follow through quickly with it. Do things that result in a commitment being made and make it tangible.

If someone were to ask you what you were doing, you should have some concrete, focused, and tangible feedback for them. Your idea may change a little over time, but you need to stick to the main topic of it and make sure you want to do it for the rest of your life.

Love the Work It Takes to Build Your Income Stream

Obviously, the main reason why you would be doing this in the first place is so you don't have to work at a job you hate or because you want to make more money without trading hours for dollars. A passive income stream would allow you to work a regular job and also make money from the stream at the same time.

Make sure that the work you have to do in order to build the income stream is work that you really enjoy. If you don't all the work that comes along with your idea, it is not the right one. Business is tough and takes a lot of hard work, follow through, and commitment. The only way you will be successful is if you like what you are doing because it will get tough.

Sometimes the only thing to keep you going may be your love for what your idea/value is about. As discussed earlier in this series, you have to put in the time and effort and wait for the money to come. Build the machine strong, with a strong foundation, and it will provide you with what you need. Creating value for others and monetizing it can provide you with money, fulfillment, purpose, and happiness. It has to be done the right way without shortcuts.

It is so important that you really love the idea you have come up with and see it being a sustainable thing for you in the future. It has to be something that makes you feel passionate at 5 in the morning. It is a wonderful feeling when you can't wait to wake up in the morning and work on your value offering to others.

The Value Delivery

One of the hardest parts about starting this for newcomers is figuring out if what you are providing as value to others is actually valuable and worth money to other people. Usually, it will take a bit of generosity on your part to figure this out. That means giving people stuff for free that you have created. If they like it, you have succeeded and can now trade that value for money.

You will be trading the value you offered those people for money on a large scale that yields profit for you. Yes, this requires some math to figure out what it will cost you to provide your service, product, or whatever it is you decide to give to society. Once you know the cost, calculate how much you have to make to turn a daily profit. Once profitable and run in a sustainable way that does not require you to directly be involved, you have built a passive income stream.


It is just a matter of you taking the risk of time and money to make all this happen. To reduce actual risk, make sure you love what your idea is so that it doesn't feel that risky. Make it something that you would enjoy doing for free. The money has to be a secondary side effect because what keeps you motivated to build a high-quality money maker is not going to be the money. It is going to be the content of your work that keeps you going.

My New Passive Income Stream Work

If you read through this series, you see that I am also trying to create a brand new passive income stream that generates $1,500/month and follows in line with my beliefs as well as fulfills my life. This is still a work in progress. I am working on letting the universe know this is what I want and seizing all opportunities that I can find.

My plan to get this done by the time I set, October 31, 2012, is going to be tight, but one of the main strategies I am using is going to be writing about the stock market. Through this, you can see on my blog here that I promote Binary Options. It basically works by giving me either 20-35% revenue share or $250/person that signs up and makes a deposit. Basically, I write about the market and different options strategies people can use, and then promote a broker anyone can join to actually do those kinds of trades and receive compensation for each sign-up.

I just started writing about the market in the summer so this will take time to grow into something that my blog is known for. Along with this plan, I also plan to keep giving updates on my monthly income and what things I am doing with affiliate marketing to make money.

Go Now and Create It

Now you have the guidance and knowledge to get your passive income off the ground. All the tools you need are out there to get started. Make an effort to search and learn all aspects of your idea and then figure out what you need to implement it. The software, science, human work force, and all other needs of a passive income machine have all been created. All that is needed is really good ideas. That is where you take hold of the reigns.

Get Going!

Passive income series next post: Succeeding in business

Sep 1, 2012

Income Report for August 2012

This month was a little bit slower than July, but a lot of good things happened. I feel like this was the month where I gained focus and worked on setting a good base to work from. First things first, I want to talk about closing (my e-commerce project that I started in May).

Why I Shut Down E-commerce Project

It was costing me about $80/month and my partner was not helping with that cost or any of the work. I built about 80 pages of unique descriptions for different wood furniture and it is all wiped away now. I will not make a penny from that work, but did learn a good lesson. Make sure you love what you are doing or don't do it. I didn't love selling furniture, but thought it was a good market to get into. When it got tough, I had no motivation to make it work and had to turn it off. Now it is gone and I am working harder than ever on this blog (Smart Helping) and my health site.

Things I did to Raise Monthly Earnings of Herbal Showcase (my health site brand)

Some really cool things are happening with this niche project that is now 2 years and 1 month old. It is a site that acts as a store/portal and provides customers with information about natural health products and a link to the merchant's checkout page for each product. I get paid anywhere from 5% - 60% commissions on all sales that I refer to the merchants.

In August, I did a lot of things to help raise the money I was making from this website. The changes will take effect over the next few months and help build on what I have already done. Here is what I did:

1. I took off all the low commission-able products from the main navigation that you could see if you were on any page. Then I removed the affiliate links on many of these low commission product pages and linked to the higher commission products from them. I feel alright doing this because the products that offer better commissions are of higher quality anyway and customers will get more value from them. It is completely congruent with my beliefs. It also helps raise traffic and get people to the right place fast from search engines.

2. Took affiliate links off of many of the multi-product pages so that they only have links going from the product comparison page to the actual product showcase page. This will help overall site and page rankings in the future. Now, you can see an example of one of the new product comparison pages by clicking here. As you can see, there are no more affiliate links on that page.

3. I enhanced the sales copy of many of the male enhancement pills product pages to increase conversions and provide customers with a better feel for the health products. This is something I am going to continue to work on over the months so that I increase the conversion rate even more.

4. Added new health articles and comparison pages that are unique and done by myself. E-lance was nice for outsourcing content creation, but I have decided I can write better stuff myself. In my particular situation, outsourcing is not going to be utilized for awhile.

I have been doing other things to increase my traffic from search engines and it seems to be working. My overall average impressions per day is staying pretty much the same as the past few months, but the positioning of my pages has increased, which resulted in more clicks. Yesterday, Aug. 31, 201, I had the most unique visitors to Herbal Showcase ever (72 new people) and about 50 came from search engines. When I get to about 300/day, the brand will gain recognition more quickly and the income potential can go up to 5k + pe rmonth.

What I have Been Doing on this Blog

As for this blog, I am continuing to write about the things that interest me, like affiliate marketing, growing online brand awareness, and also talking about the stock market and how to trade binary options given the circumstances of a given day. These are things that I like and will keep writing about in the future because I like to. As far as sales go, I have not had any income from anything yet, but have only started to write about things that would lead to income within the past few months. Over time, this will change. I feel like as I keep publishing my income reports and they grow into more monthly income, people will give a more serious look at the tools I use and try it for themselves. Things like starting a website with a web hosting provider to make a niche resource that is monetized by different things will be more tangible and worth doing.

Monthly Earnings
  • Herblue:            $1,218
  • Sub-Affiliate Earnings:      $49
  • Hosting:                              $13
  • E-Commerce closing fees:   $168
Profit: $1,086

Metrics that Will Yield Money for the Future:
What You Need in Order to Build the Same Passive Income Stream for Yourself is:
  • Hosting with SiteGround - Just use the $6.95/month package (it has everything you will need)
This is how you start a website. They offer solid niche web hosting, blogging tools, and provide everything a start-up internet marketer needs to get started making money online. The best thing about SiteGround is they scale with you as you need higher-end hosting. That is hard to find. 

Once you have hosting, which is very cheep, you leverage a website to provide value to others in some way. To monetize it (make money), promote affiliate products by way of affiliate programs. There are thousands of affiliate programs around the net. Pick a program that is in the same category as most of what your website is about. Another option for making money once you have a website up is by using Google Adsense.

Pick a topic that you love and are interested in. This makes it easy to keep doing. Use your creative side to make something people want to read about or look at. Targeted traffic equals money. 

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