Dec 31, 2013

My Goodbye to Trading

Well this is one of the hardest posts I think I will ever write. Over the past 4 months, I quit my job and made the journey through surviving without a job. The goal was to see if it was sustainable to live off of binary options trading income and website income.

Dec 30, 2013

+$111 Today - USD/JPY, EUR/USD, and US 500 Futures

We are continuing to grind along today trading binary options. I am starting to change the way I trade a little bit by having 2 open positions at a time rather than just 1. It makes it easier to close losses when there is a chance to get more profit.

Dec 29, 2013

New Price Action Pattern

Starting off the Sunday trading session with a nice 2 position profit with a new price action pattern. I went short on the usd/jpy using 2 separate strikes (105.37 and 105.32). The pattern to look for is based on 10 minute candlesticks.

Dec 27, 2013

Busy Day, but Managed to Trade a Little Binaries Still

It was a short day for trading binary options as I was busy seeing a friend from out of state, but I did manage to get a couple small profits in before the close. My first short was on the U/J this morning and I closed it early for a profit.

Dec 26, 2013

Trading After Hours on AUD/USD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY - Net $121 Profit

Well we are back to the money making grind with binary options in the after hours market today. I set a fairly large position at 4:50PM est on the AUD/USD after it had nice gap fill downward off the 0.89000 pricing level. Upon that sell-off, I went ahead and sold that strike price short on the 7PM strike for 3 lots at 26/lot.

Dec 24, 2013

Getting Very Short the U/J - Net Day +$96

Well what a great day today as we are making money!! It's Christmas eve and trading closes at 1PM est so I was doing the morning session. After being up $20 I went down $120 trying to short the E/U at its bottom (don't do that).

Dec 23, 2013

$84 Profit Day - U/J Range Trading with Binary Options

Well we started the day with a stupid risk trade. The U/J had sold off its top and I though it was going to fill its entire gap up on the morning rally so I went short on it. The second I entered the price went against me so ended up closing it with a $58 loss net. This should have never been entered in the first place.

Dec 22, 2013

Live Scalp Trading - U/J and E/U

What is going on. It's Sunday night once again and I am looking at the forex market. My sentiment on the USD/JPY was down in the daily chart analysis and I was looking at a nice set of shorts on this currency pair going into the 8PM expiry. My choice of trading derivative is binary options and here is how I scalped my first bit of profit today:

Dec 21, 2013

Binary Options Trading Recap (Weekly): 20% Balance Return and Website Income Update

Well if you are paying attention to my weekly profit results, you can see that the balance is getting higher and higher while the % return is getting lower and lower. This is what you have to do in order to build trading capital safely but quickly. Right now it's about finding that perfect balance so that I can have daily profits without too much draw down and still make enough money to be able to pay my bills and grow the balance each month.

Dec 20, 2013

EUR/USD Surged 75 Pips this Friday Morning - Great Swing and a Great USD/CAD Put: $55 Net on Day

Good morning. We started the day with the Fed getting in the market and selling the USD. This took the EUR/USD and all majors with the USD to extreme levels with no news. I am talking about a 75 pip move up. This surge presented a couple good shorting opportunities.

Dec 19, 2013

Why is Trading so Hard Today - Hardest $87 I have Made in a Day

Well all the masters of forex trading that I know are struggling today, myself included. Ended up going up $17 over night and then dropped down about $180 from that as the E/U wouldn't give me a good read and neither did the USD/JPY.

Dec 18, 2013

Big FOMC Day

Well, I am now starting back at just about even from yesterday, which is a huge feet. Now today is the 18th of December, 2013 and we have some big FOMC meetings today as well as funds rate. Basically, there will be some moves in the forex market because these numbers have a 100% material effect on the value of currencies.

Dec 17, 2013

Overnight U/J Trading and Morning E/U and Some Crazy Risk

Well that kind of sucked but I made an extra $50 bucks over night. It was a 7AM expiry on a short U/J position. Had to keep waking up every 2 hours to check on it and the price stayed at the money the entire time. The entry was made after some major selling last night. It was a sign of weakness so I went short. It ended up going well in the money in the final hour and ended up a net of $50 profit to start the morning.

Dec 16, 2013

Perfect Price Action on E/U +$100 Profit

Good morning. I started off trading the E/U as some traders were predicting bottoms on it around the 10AM est hour. This turned to be a great leg in the continuation chart pattern I was looking for. Got long on it and then at its top I got short to make money on the hill downwards. Ended up with +$55 of profit with 2 great scalps on the same strike rate for this hour of trading.

Sunday Night Binary Trading Session - Working on Discipline

Tonight is a major focus on discipline. The goal is to never risk over a target amount that I have set for my own personal risk tolerance and obviously to make a profit. I started off with a loss of $50ish, but came back with a $35 profit and am now shooting for one more position before bed that would get me a net profit of around $50 on a short position with the GBP/USD.

Dec 14, 2013

Weekly Trading Income Update - 34% Return

It was a good week, but there is still a lot of room for improvement as my own trading style evolves within the binary options realm. Even though the initial balances were low each week, I was able to get returns on them that are good enough to live off of and it only involved a couple trades per day. A lot of time went into it because of market analysis time taken to make good trading signals for myself.

Dec 13, 2013

Got 10 Pips on First Forex Binary Option Trade Great Start

Whats up traders. This morning I have been working on a small position in the AUD/USD forex pair. As I write this it's about 10 pips in the money for a current net profit of close to $30. On overnight trading we came away with about $17 net after being down $100 at 1:30AM est

Dec 12, 2013

Great Signal on USD/JPY to Start off the Trading Day

Well got in a really nice call option trade on the forex pair: USD/JPY and closed the trade at 4AM this morning with a $42 profit with a total draw down of $50. The entry was made because my technical analysis showed a bullish trend forming and as you can see in the charts, it come up nicely over night and is sitting right around the highs it made in the night.

Dec 11, 2013

Big Range on EUR/USD Today and Binary Options with Futures

Well the EUR/USD has been continuing to grind upward after positive news last week. Today on the open it popped about 25 pips, but then gave it all back and then popped right back up to the top of that range. My first trade lost because of this as I had this underlying asset staying down going into the 11AM hour but you see that last surge caught me off guard.

Dec 10, 2013

Trading Binaries - Going for More Profit with More Capital

Highly efficient day today. Results: 3 Total Hours of trading and $131 net profit.

Well this is exciting. I have put another $800 of capital into the trading account and it's time to get to an average of over $100 per day. It's very important that I still trade with the safe mentality that I had before because it's easy for this money to go up in smoke when you get loose.

Dec 9, 2013

Managing Positions - Tough but Necessary

First trade of the day ended up being on the US Tech 100 futures binary option on the 2 PM expiry. I had to manage the trade because it went against me for most of the time. Once the position hit -$70 I opened a new buy trade on the same asset with the same expiry time.

Dec 8, 2013

Trading Sunday Night - Forex Pairs Disconnected

Well we are still seeing some disconnect between the USD/JPY currency pair compared to the other majors as they are all bidding up on the open tonight. My directional prediction is that the major forex pairs with USD as the denominator to go down so based on that I have a put option on the AUD/USD for an 11p.m. expiry. The goal is to exit the position as soon as it gets to a $20 profit or so and then look for the next trade.

What Creates Strong Levels of Support and Resistance in Forex Markets?

You can take any underlying asset and apply the following assumptions to determine strong levels of support and resistance. For new traders that want to use only price action or only technical analysis, it might be easy to think of analyzing things in a very black and white way. However, the professional technical trader knows that things are not black and white. This is especially true for levels of support and resistance in the forex markets.

Dec 7, 2013

Binary Options Weekly Recap - 71% Return on Capital

Well here we are at the end of the first week of December and I have a nice 70% return on total capital. I started with $300 and it's now at $513.50. I am injecting another $880 of capital into this trading account coming up this week and going for another 70% return on total balance. The key is making high-quality trades that are not rushed.

Dec 6, 2013

Trading on Non-Farm Payroll (People Confused)

Today was December Non-farm payroll and the markets were highly confused. We had forex pairs trying to figure out there direction on the day and no clear sign was sent until a couple hours after the news hit. If you look at the ranges, E/U broke down 45 pips, then filled up that gap, and then went up another 45 pips for its current mid-day price.

Dec 5, 2013

When the News is Traded with Uncertainty

What is going on binary option traders. This morning the unemployment claims are out and this is effecting currency pairs on the USD. Also, we have the ECB talking, which will mainly effect the EUR. So, the currency pair EUR/USD is in flux right now with news that is set against one another.

Dec 4, 2013

Playing the USD/JPY Forex Pair Like a Fiddle This Morning - ADP NFP

What is up. Well the ADP non-farm payroll (ADP NFP) hit today and it shot up the usd/jpy and dropped the eur/usd pretty good. I had a call signal on my beta account for a call on the usd/jpy just before the price went flying up. It's an end of day binary option trade so I will have to wait a few more hours to see how it ends up.

Dec 3, 2013

Starting the Trading Day Early

Well, since my 3 AM expiry went in the money, I decided to start today's binary options trading. The EUR/USD has begun plunging itself upward heavily so I have started to scale in some binary options trading to see if I can get some profit.

Dec 2, 2013

November Passive Income Report

What is going on. I am going to start doing my monthly income reports a little differently from now on. Instead of keeping track of all my active income, such as trading, this report is only going to show passive income activities like website recurring revenue and consulting fees earned from basically broadcasting my trading ideas, which I would do anyways to myself or on video so the money earned from it is considered passive.

Trading the US Tech 100 - Binary Options - Over 10% Return on Balance

Well we had a pretty interesting morning. Today's trading was all done at my fiance's house so I don't have any of my video making software stuff or the software to do the beta signal push trades so it was comprised of all Nadex trading, which I just started up again last night.

Dec 1, 2013

Starting Off Sunday Night Binary Option Trading Early

Well I was examining the opening 15 minutes of price action in the forex markets. Right now the only news is good news for the NZD so that is rising in value and effecting its currency pairs as such. My first position is in the martingale account with a $125 high/low put option with an hour expiry or 6 pm est.

S&P 500 Options Ideas - First Week of December 2013

What is going on options traders. Another week is upon us and we are looking at some different options strategies to profit on the SPX and broader U.S. markets. Looking out at a wide view, the price of this index has steadily been grinding up all week ever since it opened Monday below 1,800.

Nov 29, 2013

Accidental Entry, But Still In the Money

Well it's Black Friday or the day after thanksgiving. Right now my beta platform is closed for trading, but good ol' RB is open so I did a martingale trade on it. The funny thing was that I was looking at the wrong forex pair when I made the entry. Luckily it was all good in the end.

Nov 28, 2013

Trading Efficiency

Today is all about trading efficiently. In order to do this, you have to have all your wits about you, not be too emotional, and be willing to trade small and be happy with the profit you made. Having said that, we have started the day with a 1-0 record on the beta trading test and in the martingale binary options account, there is 1 trade in the works.

Nov 27, 2013

Starting off With a Binary Dip - Ending Day with $8,961 Profit

Well we are burning the midnight oil here, or you might say the morning oil. I was up thinking about trading on Nadex again, and just about made another deposit on that platform, but did not. The sad thing is I would be up over $2,000 profit on a $400 risk trade.

Nov 26, 2013

Continuation Triangle Forex Pattern - Using Binaries to Profit

Well, this morning on Nov. 26, 2013 the EUR/USD has made a continuation triangle pattern with a series of lower highs and higher lows. At the breakout point of this pattern, I have started to set call binary option trades. The first one I did was for the trading signal beta, which ended up in the money.

Nov 25, 2013

Forex Funnel Pattern

Well this great Monday morning I have been watching the EUR/USD forex pair make a funnel pattern. This is also known as somewhat of a bullish wedge. It is basically making lower lows and lower highs and forms the shape of a downward funnel going outward. Eventually this pattern commonly leads to a breakout upwards, but that trigger has not happened yet.

Nov 24, 2013

Trading the First Hour of Forex on Sunday at Open

I was very anxious as I am waiting for my beta to begin with SignalPush as a provider so I am working on utilizing the early exit or "sell back to platform" feature on the broker I am currently trading on that will be the basis for my signal service.

Nov 23, 2013

Scary S&P 500 Chart: Another Depression Coming?

All major U.S. indices are getting there biggest gains for a single year in over a decade. Here is the problem and here is how a smart trader or investor will play this market. Right now, if you have not gotten into the market, don't plan on doing anything except for shorting.

Nov 22, 2013

Using Ranges to Trade Forex Profitably

Ok, we are back again today fighting for some profits after the tough client trading day yesterday. Right now the USD/JPY is making a pretty solid top around 101.24 so we are going to look for a high/low put option coming down from that pricing level over a 15 minute period.

Nov 21, 2013

Highly Efficient Trading on USD/JPY

Well it was a pretty solid morning of trading so far. The forex pair to be looked at was the USD/JPY. It has slowly been climbing the mountain to get over 100 and I took a trade as well as my client for a 15 minute call on the USD/JPY. My risk was $100 while his was $30.

Nov 20, 2013

Binary Trading Today: November 20, 2013

Well I have been very busy all morning, but now at around 2pm est I have a chance to do some trading of my own as well as help some clients. Right now I have an end of day call option going on the EUR/USD that expires in about 4 hours.

How To Trade Short-Term with 25 Simple Moving Average

What is going on. It's the 11pm hour and I am working on trading the 25 simple moving average for the EUR/USD. This forex pair is good because of all the volume it has. Solid and consistent volume gives more weight to technicians.

Nov 19, 2013

Great Swing Trades this Morning on GBP/USD

One of the most exciting ways to trade is by using what people call a swing strategy. Swing just means a sharp change in price direction. This morning the GBP/USD had a couple of these opportunities happen and one of my trading clients took advantage of this with a net $100 profit.

Nov 18, 2013

Scaling Swing Call Options on USD/JPY Forex

This is one of my more prominent binary options strategies where I feel there is a good chance for a swing to happen on an underlying asset. It works pretty simply. Once a few of my technical indicators light up about a trade being over bought or over sold, I go ahead and get into a swing position.

Helping Client Trade Binary Options: USD/JPY and EUR/USD

Well, I have started to help clients trade binary options now and today was very interesting. After accidentally going into a $100 trade that was just supposed to be a $30. The first trade was a USD/JPY call as it appeared to be bottoming out. This was all prior to the FOMC member speaking, which ended up giving the USD a boost going on into the afternoon.

Nov 17, 2013

First Day on New RBOptions Trading Platform

The new platform is live. Some of the most important new features include the ability to close a winning or losing trade early and rollover a position to a later expiry time. Also, there is no lag or freezing which is important. This feels like a high-quality and professional online trading atmosphere that I feel 100% comfortable using. AND they have a Fibonacci calculator to help identify important price levels within a trend.

Alright, it's a great Sunday night and we are doing some business in the forex markets. One of my main trading brokers has just upgraded to a new platform, which is looking nice so far.  For the first forex trade tonight, I was watching the USD/JPY and it opened right where it closed on Friday and then made a gap up to 100.277. That is the price to watch and for now there is only one position being entered around that price in the form of a high/low binary option put.

Nov 16, 2013

Week 2 Results of Live Commodity Option Trades

As you may or may not know, I do 2 trades each with involving commodity binary options. I use Gold and Silver. This past week my entry was made on Tuesday after some hard selling went on. Over about 7 weeks of doing this, my stats are pretty solid with only 2 or 3 losses out of 15 trades (all documented).

Big Loss on Friday with Binary Options on Nadex

Well I had a tough Friday. It was the dumbest trade I have ever made I think. There was no technical analysis done or anything. I was just trying to make a quick $400, but it took my entire balance to make the trade. I don't know how or why it happened, but the second after I entered a long position on the forex pair GBP/JPY.

Nov 15, 2013

Big Overnight Trading in Forex

Well it was a rough night. I had set in a $150 position on the AUD/USD for the 0.9340 strike back at about 9 p.m. est so that if the price went down between then and 7 a.m. my profit would have been +$150. Here is what happened though. The price slowly rose up, fell, rose up again and at the point where I was down $75, I cut my losses and exited the trade.

Nov 14, 2013

Live Forex Trading - My Daily Positions

What is going on. It's November 14, 2013 and the binary options trading has been good to me over night. It started off with an overnight loss though on a USD/JPY put as it just flew higher and higher. However, my first profit on the morning came from 4:30 am to 5:00 am as I sold the EUR/USD down for a nice $140 profit and now am up net $90 to start the U.S. open.

Nov 13, 2013

Forex - Picking Spots and Trading Signals

This morning we are starting the 8-10 am expiry with a little bit of a loss. However, these trades were based on sort of getting warmed up for the day rather than really analyzing the position. After a few losses, it's time to get my head in gear and focus.

Nov 12, 2013

Trading Nasdaq and S&P 500 Futures - Managing Risk

What is going on. This morning is all about managing risk. I did some technical analysis to try and figure out the market sentiment on the open and got a put on the major U.S. markets. However, as soon as I entered a net short position on my first underlying asset with $125 max loss risk, the price just went completely opposite in a big way on the Nasdaq future.

Nov 11, 2013

Trading S&P 500 Future with Binary Options

Alright, after a nice $90 overnight profit on forex, it's time to get into the U.S. markets this morning. I used a few different technical analysis tools that showed a moderate sell signal on the broader indices. The strike for my first trade today on the US 500 futures was 1766.50.

Nov 10, 2013

Trading Live Forex - Sunday Night

Well it's another Sunday night and the forex markets have just opened up. So far I am in the money on my first trade. I am looking at the EUR/USD and my trade was entered just around the 5:30 pm est hour. As it seems this forex pair is selling off, my trade was a high/low put on the 6 pm expiry.

Nov 9, 2013

S&P 500 Weekly Analysis and Options Trading Ideas

What is going on! It's Saturday night and we are looking at the SPX. This index is hitting all-time highs and we are starting to see some clear topping out signs. The price to look for is 1790. This is a major wall of resistance that is going to take a lot to break through. Nobody wants to get stuck buying at the top and as that notion makes its way through the psychology of traders, no amount of QE is going to help.

Nov 8, 2013

New Goal - 7% Per Day with Binary Options

There is a new goal for my daily trading on smaller balance with the exchange platform. I am going for 7% return per day. So far the balance has gone from $640 up to $1,380 in 8 trading days so I want to stop and take a step back to realize how good that is and how to keep the profits coming in.

Nov 7, 2013

NFP for November 8, 2013 - Trading Strategies and What to Look For

Alright, we got a NFP tomorrow, which is delayed from November 1 because of the government shut down. People are looking for indications of lag from the shut down and how it will effect the jobs report. Whatever happens, a ton of people trade non-farm payroll reports so it will most likely move the forex and U.S. markets one way or the other.

Day 4 of Pivot Strategy and Morning Binary Trading

What a good morning for the pivot point signal that has been very successful with binary options trading on a 30 min time frame. It went in the money again today very deeply. Some other huge things that happened this morning that moved the markets included the ECB saying they are lowing the interests rate to 0.25% from a forecast of 0.50%.

Nov 6, 2013

Will the Twitter IPO Be Different

After a big issue with the Facebook IPO, we are moving into the Twitter fun tomorrow as it opens for trading on the major exchanges for the retail market. Some say it could tank half its market cap within a couple months while others say it grows steadily for the next 3 years.

Day 3 on 30 Minute Pivot Point Strategy and Market Analysis

Alright, I am sitting here at 7:56 a.m. and doing the pivot point calculation manually. Again, for the 3rd day in a row it is signaling down from 9:30 to 10 a.m. est on the major U.S. indices. I am using this 30 min binary option strategy. The specific index that I will be using is the Nasdaq futures. There is no real reason or rhyme between that one or the SPX or DOW.

Nov 5, 2013

Day 2 of 30 Minute Pivot Point Strategy

Well, I have started today's binary options trading with 2 positions. The first one is on the Nasdaq future and I used the pivot point signal strategy to determine my entry on the 9:30 am to 10 am est time frame. The signal was down so I went down and it was right for the second day in a row. Here is the first day of this trading strategy.

Nov 4, 2013

Binary Options Trading Live: Nasdaq and S&P 500 Futures

Looks like the pivot point strategy is making a good prediction on the indices. The signal was down from 9:30 to 10 am est and that is exactly what has happened. Right now I have a $100 high/low put option on the Nasdaq future in all or nothing binary options and a 5 lot put on the SPX future for the 1756.50 strike.

Nov 3, 2013

November Binary Options Trading Stats by Day

Alright, a new month and more trading strategies to learn and take advantage of. Last month was great so the plan is to have another great one. The first of the month I traded all day on Nadax and ended up breaking even so tonight is going to be the start of the month.

Sunday Night Trading on Forex Options - $100 Profit

What is going on. I haven't been able to trade much spot binary options lately. Tonight I made it a point to get in the game so the only big movement was on the AUD/USD forex pair. It popped up pretty heavy on the positive news at 7:30 pm est. Since the initial surge upward, the price has gone into a sideways channel.

Pivot Point Strategy with Nasdaq 100, Dow, and S&P 500 Index (Binary Options)

This strategy is all about the average between the closing price, high, and low of the day on any of these major indices. Most may know this as the pivot point. It's typically an important value technically so pay attention. A lot of traders use these pricing levels to make decisions because it gives a very good perspective of daily pricing possibilities.

30 Minute Binary Options Strategy (For Spot Platforms)

Ok, I know there is some kind of bad Taboo or whatever about the martingale risk strategy for trading binary options. However, I just got done talking with a fellow trader on Skype who has been having really good results with it, but he has set some strict guidelines. I am also going to be implementing this system on Nadex to see how it works. If you use this strategy read the entire post or you will miss an important factor that could result in losing money.

Happenings with Niche Blog (1 Year Old Now)

Well, the yearly renewal has come up for my niche blog project that I started about a year ago. It was a bodybuilding diary type of site that was designed to help me get more motivated to weight train and build another stream of income at the same time. This is what I call creating a passive income by doing what you would do even if you were not trying to make money.

Nov 2, 2013

Monthly Passive and Active Online Income Report - October

Here we are and another month is over. Once again, there has been some changes and different things going on. As you know, I give a monthly report on different income streams that I am working on and explain how they are doing/what is being done to increase their revenues. It helps me keep on track with trends as well as think about the broader decision making that needs to be done to continue with growth.

Nov 1, 2013

Lots of Trading for $3.10 Loss

Well today was tough. I spent the first 5 hours trying to pick a good entry on Nadex platform. Ended up not getting anywhere as my own signals to myself would have made me over $400 today, but failure to entry really got to my head and it was hard to avoid taking a trade because there may be too much emotion involved.

Oct 30, 2013

Currency Wars in Effect as Quantitative Easing Continues (Oct. 30, 2013)

Some say that the reverse effect in markets today is because of currency wars. The Japanese might be dumping their EUR/USD and it could have something to do with their long position on the SPX. Whatever the reasons, nobody could predict the news of a continued 85 billion a month in asset buying would result in the effect that happened today.

High Leverage Trading

Well, I started off with a couple smaller positions over night and late yesterday after making $128 and losing over $1,000 on spot platform. To try and deal with giving back these profits, I went ahead and got some big risk on as I was watching the SPX futures all morning. The price has been drifting down nicely since hitting the 1,770 mark.

Oct 29, 2013

Binary Options Trading on Continuation Triangle (S&P 500 Futures)

Well, after getting a taste of profit yesterday on the exchange type binary options platform (Nadex). I am hitting it hard again intra-day trading. I lost $49, but then went short at a top in the SPX on its third hill in consolidation triangle with $560 of risk and a potential $240 profit.

Oct 28, 2013

Trading Forex Tonight - Lots of Profit

Alright, we have a couple of trades today. The first one is on the spot binary options platform and I hit tier 2 before a win on the EUR/USD. My first trade was a high/lot put at the bottom of a drop, which was stupid but I thought i might have more downward momentum.

Oct 27, 2013

How to Pick a Trade Entry - Live Binary Options Trade

Tonight I am doing some binary options trading on the forex open. So far my main prospect is the USD/JPY. It has traded down from the initial 10m bar. Now, after a slow and smooth decline i price over the last 2.5 hours, it has made a strong bullish bar.

S&P 500 Weekly Technical Analysis and AAPL Earnings

Good afternoon traders and investors. We are doing some index analysis this evening on the SPX. Last week I was watching for it to fall off its new highs, but the non-farm payroll spiked it up. After selling off all the gains the next day, it filled the sell-off gap and made another new high on Friday afternoon.

Oct 25, 2013

The Power of Binary Options When There is Volatility (535% Gain)

If you want to know how powerful, but scary binary options can really be, look at my final test trade of the day on the Nadex exchange. So far it is showing about 5 points movement up or down in the first 2 hours of U.S. market trading, 2 pips from 12pm until 3pm and from 3pm to 4:14 pm est another 5 points of volatility usually happen.

Trying out 30 Second Options

Well, I figured it might be fun to do a little testing out on 30 second options, so here is the results. It is very fast and I actually ended up with 2 ties during this session, which has never happened in 5 months of trading binary options. That just shows you how short-term that time-frame really is.

Trading USD/JPY Ending the Week

The forex market is going up and down again like usual and the USD/JPY hit the top of a consolidation range after making a large uptrend intra-day. It all pointed towards doing a put option and I threw $175 risk at this binary options trade.

Oct 24, 2013

Quick Forex Analysis and GBP/USD Scaling Put Options

Well I was checking out the forex markets as we head into the U.S. lunch hour. This is the time where it is good to sell movement happening in indices like the SPX and SPX futures because people are just chilling out barring any major news that could happen during the mid-day session. Anyway, lets get some more info about my first binary options trade today. It was on the GBP/USD as it seems to be meeting a pretty strong fibonacci retracement price. Fibonacci trading can be good for people because it shows strong areas of resistance and support.

Oct 23, 2013

Is the U.S. Market Finally Getting Ready to Tank?

I can think of one major thing that will make stocks go way down and currency pairs with the USD as their denominator also go way down. If people think that QE is going to taper in December or stop altogether sooner than expected.

Technical Traders Will Hate This Options Trade

All the forex technical traders out there will hate this. First of all, I was looking at the AUD/NZD on accident and thought it was the AUD/USD in my charts. However, when I went into the binary options platform to make the trade, I did make my entry on the AUD/USD. It was at the top of a range and just after my high/low call spot entry, the price broke right up and out of the top of this range. So it was a blind trade.

5th Win in a Row - Efficient Binary Options Trading

This all lead to a great trade on the EUR/USD forex pair. It had just made an extreme bullish bar of 25 pips in 10 minutes. At that top, I entered my high/low put option with $200 of total risk on this currency pair. Some key factors to determine this price movement is the dropping of US 500 futures index and a stronger dollar outlook as things seem to be retracting into what traders may consider a more normal value of market prices.

Qualities of a Profitable Options Trader

This is so hysterical I can hardly stand it. One thing that has become apparent to me after analyzing traders and different results. One of the best strategies that any options trader can work at is being lazy. Those that go 24/7 and want to make as much money as possible are the ones that make bad entries, over think things, and fail miserably at making money on any kind of options trading.

Oct 22, 2013

Finally The EUR/USD Seems to Hit Top on NFP Day

It is the great and wonderful non-farm payroll and we are trading some binary options on it. Right now it is about 6 hours after the announcement happened. I basically made a common sense decision that the EUR/USD is getting over bought after going up 105 pips on the day so far. Upon there finally being a 10 minute bearish bar that closed, I entered my first high/low put option of the day.

Oct 21, 2013

Get Ready for Non-Farm Payroll - October 22, 2013

The September numbers are finally coming in for U.S. employment health tomorrow. Here is your chance to make some more strangle trades on some binary options trades with Nadex. That exchange allows for maximum leverage with the forex market, but it does not support millions and billions of dollars. It's more for the retail trader that is risking a few thousand at a time, max.

Trend Trading on the AUD/USD Currency Pair

It is the 5 PM hour est and I just got a chance to sit down at the computer today and try to make some money. This is great because after trading every day for a couple months straight and making a profit on most days, it becomes habit and not filled with anxiety. I just look at my charts and find a good trade to go with.

NFLX Earnings Today - Make $100k on Options

Alright, so far the market has moved significantly on earnings so far. IBM dropped over 6%, GOOG popped over 10%, and here we have NFLX with their earnings after the market close today. Here is how you play it with little risk.

Oct 20, 2013

$187.50 on EURO Put High/Low Option - 1/1 Sunday Night

I basically tried to make a prediction on the price movement of the EUR/USD based on the big gap down and fill on the first 5 minute bar with this forex pair. It had gone flat and that is where I made my high/low put option trade with $250 risk. It ended up going out of the money for most of the position until the last couple minutes.

Weekly Directional Trading Ideas on Gold and Silver with Binary Options

This if for the week starting October 21, 2013.

Here we go on the 4th week of our binary option trades on commodities. Mainly, the focus has been on the Gold and Silver Electronic underlying assets. Week 1, week 2, and week 3 were all 100% accurate as it seems my outlook on a weekly level has been very profitable on directional predictions and there are plenty of different types of over the counter derivatives that the average trader can take advantage of to make money in the same way.

Oct 19, 2013

SPX Weekly Analysis

This is a very interesting pricing level when you zoom out and look at the trend the SPX index has been in over the past couple months. Lately, it has been dropping about 70 points and rising about 100. Right now we are at the top of a 100 point run.

Trading Strategy - Using Normalization Theory

To be honest I have no idea if this is a really well-known way to trade or not, but I just thought of the theory and have been basing my binary option test trades on it. All it is doing is banking on the underlying asset returning to normal after behaving in a way that doesn't fit.

Oct 18, 2013

Starting Out With Passive Income

Everyone would like a cheap way to build an extra income stream into their life on less than $5/month total cost. Here is where you start. I have been in the online game for a long time and know the best ways to do this the right way after failing a lot.

Live Forex Trading Start to Finish - $535 Profit

Good morning. The U.S. markets seem to be unstoppable so my first binary options trade was a EUR/USD high/low put option at $125. To avoid short-term volatility problems, the expiry rate was on a 30 minute time frame.

Oct 17, 2013

Money Making Ideas for Anyone

We are going for free social collaboration here and the free sharing of good ideas, which seem to be difficult to come by when talking about ways to make money in this world. This is going to be a very valuable page for anyone in the world that wants ideas about making money. The topics here will range from trading ideas in options/binary options/stocks/forex or any market as well as penny stocks, investing in real estate, and anything that could make money online or offline. The primary goal is to find the little crevices in the world that yield opportunities and allow people the opportunity to try out things.

Trading Weekly GOOG Options on Earnings - $10,000 to $70,000 Strategy

It is now past the market close on Thursday October 17, 2013. Google has just announced their earnings and the price spiked up 6% in after hours from 888 to about 940. If you would have bought GOOG call options at the 930 strike today with the weekly expiry (tomorrow October 18, 2013). You could have probably got the option contracts for around $4 ($400 per) and tomorrow morning they will be worth upwards of $25 ($2,500) per and will likely continue to rise as GOOG stock is flying up on the earnings news and people will want to get in.

Why Quantitative Easing Happened and Will Continue

This is crazy. I mean seriously. The way that quantitative easing is happening manufactures a good market and economy when it is not really good at all. Basically, it has been said by Bernanke that the pumping in of 85 billion dollars per month into the markets will continue until the U.S. recovers economically. Since when in the world does that make any sense?????????????? It means absolutely nothing for progress until progress starts happening organically.

Riding the Forex Trend - $440 Profit

Well, this morning all the majors in the forex market were in uptrends that looked fairly strong. I found a pretty good opportunity on the AUD/USD at the 10:30am est hour where the price would go lower if it followed the pattern it has been in for awhile.

Oct 16, 2013

Best Time to Collect Premium - Volatility Strategy

Many options traders want to know how to collect premium by selling options contracts to the market. First of all, this does require a lot more capital in your account as you need to be able to cover the total amount of shares represented in the contract you sell (100 per contract).

Best Strangle Trade Strategy in Binary Options

If you are trading on Nadex, there is a really profitable strategy that I have been back testing for about a week now. The key is to find times when there is a high probability of volatility each day. For me, I have found this is on the 10am and 11am est. hours with the US 500 futures. A strangle trade simply means you hold positions for the long and short side of the underlying indicative at far distances from the current price.

Live Options Trading - $120 in 8 Minutes

Well, the bull markets is in full effect as people have been buying the idea that the U.S. government will get a deal done and open everything back up. It has major impacts for the entire forex market as well as the DOW and SPX. Anyway, I used the recent top that formed as a good time to sell the USD/JPY this morning.

Oct 15, 2013

Intentional Chart Pattern Trading - $140.50 Profit

I am looking at the USD/JPY this wonderful Tuesday morning. There is some very interesting price action going on and I have some binary option trading to do. My first entry is based on an ascending triangle chart pattern in the midst of sideways movement.

Oct 14, 2013

Week 3 of Commodity Trading

It's another wonderful Monday morning, which means some more weekly binary options trading on commodities. This has been very successful lately and I like taking a longer-term perspective compared to doing 30 minute and hourly expiry times. So far with Week 1 and Week 2 of trading the commodities Gold and Silver, I am at 4 wins and 0 losses with a $300 profit.

Forex Market Starting off Choppy - $915 Profit

Good morning. It is currently 8:43 AM est and I am checking out the forex market. Mainly, the EUR/USD and EUR/GBP are sky rocketing up. I have set high/low put options on the EURO at the R1 and R2 pivot resistance lines on a 10m chart, but the price has been boosting through those levels as I write this and going to R3.

Oct 13, 2013

Hedging For Profit Live - Big Risk but Up $750 Today

Today is another amazing night to make some profit by trading binary options. I have been focusing on the hourly expiry time on the EUR/USD. My first 3 positions were just barely out of the money by a couple pippets. There was two call high/low's that were literally 1 second away from being in the money but as you will see in the video, the price simply nose dived.

Technical Analysis for this Weeks Option Plays

We are looking at GOOG, AAPL, and PCLN price action in order to help you setup options for the week. The market is likely to have major volatility as traders and investors figure out if they want to be in or out of stocks given the government shutdown situation.

Oct 12, 2013

Gap Strategy Using Price Action

One of the best binary options strategies that I can think of is using areas of very strong psychological areas of support and resistance. All this strategy takes to trade on is a chart building software (Meta Trader 4 or that has a candlestick option for layout.

High Beta US Futures for Binary Options Trading

One of the best ways to make money on binary options is by finding the U.S. indices that have the highest beta. Beta means volatility and volatility means movement. The goal here is to figure out what underlying asset moves the most up and down on average per day. The higher the beta, the more movement you generally see.

Oct 11, 2013

Trading Binaries Last Hour on Friday - $125 Loss

I have been out all day taking walks with my girl friend and at the beach so no trading happened. There was still an hour and a half left so I figured maybe I can get a couple trades in to finish out the week strong. My first position was a $125 high/low put on the GBP/USD. It had topped out and appeared to be in a downtrend so I went with it. Also, my moving averages were looking good.

Government Still Has Not Made Conclusive Progress

We are into the 10th day of the United States shutdown. The Republicans can't get what they want and the Democrats as well as President Obama won't budge. Let's be short and sweet. We simply have more uncertainty in the markets.

Oct 10, 2013

Trading the EUR/USD at Top of Range in 10M Chart - $380.40 Profit

This was an interesting set of trades on the EUR/USD. To make money consistently, it requires at least a 50% accuracy rate over time. For me, I have done that with these binary option trades. The price of my underlying asset bounced 10 pips over the pivot point in 10m chart. Then it bounced off the pivot, but some resistance was held so I entered my first $125 risk high/low option. It went OTM as the price went right back to the top of the now formed 10 pip range.

Oct 9, 2013

Trading Binary Options on Big Movement from News - Profit $106.25

Well this was pretty wild. I just got online today and saw the markets are in flux. It's most likely because the FOMC speakers are saying things and the U.S. government seems to be attempting to reach a resolution. Whatever the case, I went and did a quick $125 high/low put option on the EUR/USD. This didn't involve much news analysis or moving averages. It is my only trade for the entire day today so far.

Oct 8, 2013

Great Call Option Entry on Currency Pair - Profit of $127.50

It's currently 6 am est and I am trading the EUR/USD currency pair. It was in a very volatile range with huge movements on each 10m bar. I have not seen it this volatile in awhile, but we can still trade binary options in this environment.

Oct 7, 2013

Trading an EUR/USD Range with Moving Averages - Profit $212.50

This morning I am looking at some forex pairs to try and find a good swing trade. So far, the EUR/USD is looking great as it is swinging up and down in a pretty solid range on the 9 AM est hour. The plan is to get into a high/low call option as soon as it makes it to the bottom of this range and fails to break lower. Patience is the most important thing right now so that my entry is at the best possible time.

Week 2 of Commodities Trading

Here is the weekly commodity trade setups. Last week's trades both went very well and ended up in-the-money. I am entering a high/low put option on Gold and Silver. Each position only commands $100 of risk. If the price of gold and silver goes lower than it currently is, there will be about $150 of profit.

Oct 6, 2013

Week of October 7 Option Plays with Earnings

As most option traders know if they have been trading for awhile, earnings season moves the markets and that can mean big moves in stocks and even bigger % gains in the option pits. This week there are a few big companies reporting that include JPM, WFC, YUM, AA, and COST.

Chuck's Binary Trading - Week 2

Alright, last week Chuck went up about $100 after a solid week. He unlocked his trading volume bonus, which helps a lot. Today is Sunday October 6, 2013 and chuck went on to do a 4th tier martingale trade and finished up the afternoon with some profit.

Forex Trading with Moving Averages - Profit of $355

The moving averages that I have on the chart are the 3, 6, and 9 EMA as well as the 25 SMA. The underlying asset that caught my eye at the 6 PM est hour was the forex pair: USD/JPY. It was looking like a great call opportunity, but I had to wait for the price to drop down far enough for an entry as it was stuck at the top of its range. Patience beats losses in binary options.

Weekly Option Trading Ideas for AAPL, GOOG, and PCLN (October 7, 2013)

Good morning. It's mid day on Sunday as I check into some major U.S. stocks and some weekly option ideas. For this, my main objective is to give people a larger perspective on price direction over the course of this coming up week.

Why It's Easy to Trade Demo Compared to Live

Being an options and binary options trader or strictly a forex market maker / retail trader means you need to have a lot of discipline. The risk is present within seconds of trade entries because all of these types of financial tools involve quick position fluctuation up or down. When you buy a blue chip stock, it doesn't go up or down more than a max of roughly 2% per day. Most are closer to 0.5%, but it depends on the underlying asset.

Oct 5, 2013

Jason's Trading Stats

Here we are simply going to list all the results on a monthly basis for binary option trading stats. From here you can choose what month you want to analyze, and from each month, you can dive down into each day's trading results with videos / screens as well as a diary of the day. Each month will also have an updated Year-to-Date set of results.

October Daily Binary Trading Results

Well, I thought on top of doing my monthly income reports, I also needed a good way to show my trading results on a daily basis so people can see the ups and downs of binary trading. This type of option can be really profitable or really unprofitable in a short amount of time. It has a lot of power because you have a 50/50 shot at making 80% return. When you combine that return with the different chart analysis strategies out there, people can become highly profitable and increase their chances of being right to 70% or 80% consistently for a sustainable amount of time. I suggest you do this same tracking of results to help yourself make money by analyzing results and risk.

Oct 4, 2013

Magnum Options Platform - Get In the Know and In the Money

The No #1 Trusted Broker For Binary Options Education

Magnum Options; established in early 2013 is a new Binary Options broker that has changed the face of Binary Options trading. Engineered with state of the art technology at the heart of its platform, Magnum offers an easy to use, 100% web based platform, android and iPhone app,   high returns on both successful and non-successful trades; giving traders the opportunity to trade over 160 globally underlying assets in a vibrant, transparent and secure environment.

Attention to Detail Fail - People Thought Twitter was Home Entertainment Stock

This is just another case of failure to do due diligence and maintain high attention to detail. Today: October 4, 2013, people have bought up a penny stock that they thought was Twitter because Twitter is supposed to have an IPO soon. The ticker that went up 1000% today! and now is sitting at +600%.

Focusing on Price Prediction with Strict Trade Entries (Swing) +$179

This is what I have decided over the course of this week. I have to pick some really good first entries as my binary options trading goes. The biggest thing I am finding is lack of indications being used for trade entry. Rather than monitor all the forex pairs and waiting for one to meet my guidelines for a swing trade, I have been entering a trade just to enter. That is not good if you are trying to make a profit. It is good if you just want to gamble. That is not what we're doing here.

Non-Farm Payroll Cancelled

This is one of the major things that traders love to see on the first Friday of every month. The Non-Farm Payroll or NFP is actually a lagging indicator, but it does move the market a lot. For binary option traders, it can be a good way to get into some nice range trading at the ends of the price.

Oct 2, 2013

Tips on Timing the Market

As I monitor the forex markets this morning (October 2, 2013 at 10:56 am es),, I was looking at one key metric. That is the amount of time that an uptrend took to reach a top and retrace back. Since binary options is all about timing, you would be wise to look into this yourself. Today, there was some fairly big forex pair moving news because of the ADP non-farm data. It was lower than forecast and resulted in a sell-off of the USD, which means most major pairs went up in value if the USD was their lower half. For example, EUR/USD shot up. I was looking at a couple of majors to see the time it took to go up and retrace.

Trading Swing on EUR/JPY - Profit of $431

Took awhile for me to get into an entry. I had a nice call signal on the USD/CAD and GBP/USD, but looked away from my charts for a minute and the price had moved too much on me. Then I went and tried to trade the news on EUR/USD and got burned with a $125 high/low call option.

Oct 1, 2013

Working on New "No Think" Options Trading Strategy +$100

I am working on a new strategy for binary options trading. It's all about the "no think" trade. All I am doing is using the short term trends that are shown in the platforms and making decisions on diverse underlying assets in the forex market as well as different indices and stocks around the world. You may also see some commodities in there.

CFTC Shutting Down Also

Well, this doesn't matter for most international binary option traders, but it does effect anyone trading binaries on Nadex because that exchange is regulated by the CFTC. The CFTC does offer many functions and one of the main ones is preventing fraud.

Monthly Income Report - Passive Income + Trading Profit

This month was pretty crazy and very difficult to start. Coming out of August I was feeling on top of the world. It felt so great taking $28 all the way up to $1,200 with binary options and the passive income was flowing from all my websites like never before. I had went ahead and moved most of my funds from that little mini trading account over to Nadex. The plan was to take it all the way up to $40,000 by the end of the year......however that didn't happen.

Trading Forex Trends - $285 Profit

It's another wonderful morning on October 1, 2013. The U.S. government has partially shut down for the first time in a couple decades, but the forex markets are still open. The other main issue that can effect the value of the USD, which inherently effects the major currency pairs that people trade, is if the U.S. will pay their debts or not. We will find out about this in October. The answer could end up leading to printing more money and devaluing the USD more.

How To Trade Options If You Just Started

Hopefully you read this before you lose all your money. The best way to trade binary options or regular options, or even stocks/forex is take it as a learning experience. The longer you have a near even account balance you are winning. This is because it should be a way for you to learn and get better. You can't get better if you keep losing all your money.

Sep 30, 2013

Would the Government Really Get Shut Down?

I think this may be one reason why the EUR/USD flew up so high in the morning trades today. Obama got up and said he is "not opposed to a government shutdown". That could mean anything though. To be honest, there is no way they are shutting down the freeken U.S. government. All they are trying to do is put the American public on their toes.

The Pump and Dump Forex Pattern

Right now I don't have a ton of time to get a picture up here, but this is one of the major factors that binary option traders have to be aware of. It is when you get huge spikes that are max climax bullish over a very short amount of time. It is similar to what screwed me up in my trades today. You can see I was trying to scale in puts, but it took me a little while to get to the right top. Once that big top was hit, the price came down, but not fully.

Trade Small and Go with the Trend (For New Option Traders)

Many traders have always said the trend is your friend. The highest level professional traders use combinations of everything to make their entries and that means using the trend as well as picking reversal points or places where they believe not much volatility will happen at all.

Scaling into Put Options as E/U Sky Rockets +$600

There are a few things that went into my first trade this morning. The price action was giving me some good indications that the EUR/USD was hitting some resistance. Over night and on the European market open the price did a V formation where it sold off about 20 pips and the recovered those pips right back so it gave some perspective to what the capable movement was.

Sep 29, 2013

Sunday Evening Forex Trading with Binary Options +$334

The forex markets are soon to open in about 30 minutes. Right now I am looking at the EUR/USD and it seems to have some strength at the current pricing levels because of support levels. My bias is going to be on the up-side to start out this evening and I am looking to start out today with $200 of risk and see where it can take my balance.

Real Results of Chuck (Just Started Trading a Month Ago)

Alright, I thought one very helpful tool for other binary option traders that are just starting out is to see another person who has just recently started. His name is Chuck and he has been part of our trading group for about a month now. He started off making a lot in his first week ever, but then blew a couple of balances. Ever since that, he has gotten himself some good money management strategies and is making daily profits fairly consistently.

Sep 28, 2013

Trading Signals for Week of Sept. 29, 2013 +$152

Alright, there are so many people that want trading signals that it is crazy. They crave a well educated trader giving them a direction so they can trade it. Obviously this could be meaningless if I were to just be guessing so here is what I am going to do. I already have a weekly trading signal page, but on top of that the plan is to have a new set of signals with explanations and testing of these signals with binary options trading positions. I will be using a demo account to do this and the results will be tracked for 6 to 12 months on the main signal page linked to in this paragraph.

What Happens When Bad Ideas Meet Entrepreneur Genious

Well....we get bad products that people believe are good. I am not talking about anything specific. Sometimes the drive to make money overrides what a business is actually doing to people in this world. The psychology of business owners will almost always push to justify what they are doing as something good so that they can keep themselves motivated to grow.

Sep 27, 2013

Big Put High/Low Option to Finish the Week

I had lost $25 in mini account again so just said to heck with the whole thing and am going big with my main trading platform account. Was looking at the EUR/USD and it looked like a high/low put binary option would serve me best so that is what I did. My risk was $500, which results in a total return of about $900 or $400 profit.

Sep 26, 2013

Knowing When A Forex Pair Looks Weak

When I opened up my charts this morning the first thing I saw was the EUR/USD had a pretty big sell off on the European market open. It had broken down through the pivot point and in the past couple hours it made 2 defined highs/lows that were about half the range of the big drop.

Sep 25, 2013

Trend Trading and How to Pick Proper Expiry Times

When you are in the middle of a binary options trading day, some things that are important to know are long and short-term trends. In general, a trend can be though of as up or down. Down means the prices consistently make lower highs and lower lows over a set time frame. Up means the underlying asset is making consistent higher highs and lower highs.

Day 4 of Binary Option Competition - Nadex Loses

Well this was a tough day. I was long AUD/USD over night on Nadex and lost that. Then I went ahead and lost another trade short AUD/USD on the 11 AM expiry. That is it for me. I am no longer trading on that platform for the near future. It has just lost me money and I can't take the negative energy/stress from trying to implement a trading strategy with it. My plan is to just withdrawal the rest and stay on the platform that has been good for me personally. I can't setup good risk management with the Nadex platform. Until a really good strategy comes my way, that is it for me.

Fibonacci Chart Analysis Tips

If you are trying to trade binary options, one important factor in allowing you to make the right decision about price direction is fibonacci analysis. The most common form is called Fibonacci clusters. It is a highly used technical analysis tool of many professional traders.

Sep 24, 2013

Day 3 of Trading Battle Between Binary Option Platforms

What is up and welcome to day 3 of the binary options trading competition. I am profitable so far, but have only been on 1 platform. It was a rough start as I was stuck in the middle. The issue was all the small low risk, but low chance of profit positions. On Nadex, it's easy to slowly eat up your profits if you are trying to go for far out-of-the-money trades and hoping the price moves in your favor enough to have something good happen.

Sep 23, 2013

Day 2 of Binary Option Battle - Starting off Up $100

This morning was intense. I was looking at a boundary setup on Nadex with the EUR/USD. Binary options are one of the great tools for setting up boundary trades, but there is always risk. My bottom was 1.3501 and a top of 1.03511. I needed the price to go beyond the top or below the bottom for a net profit. What I did was be a scared cat though. I got too caught up in the possible loss and closed both positions with a loss of around $35. However, my profit did come with the 3rd trade when I sold the USD/CAD to 10 AM expiry.

Sep 22, 2013

Binary Option Platform Profit Battle - Day 1

What is going on! This is the first night of my profit battle between binary option platforms. It's a simple goal and if things go well, it will be something that is done every week. I want to keep track of my total weekly profit/loss between Nadex and my top binary option platform (RBOptions). The end goal for this is to help me focus on getting daily profits instead of trying to make a ton of money all in one day. It is also good for others to compare binary options platforms.

Sep 20, 2013

Profiting on the Witching Hour

Well, my day with trading binary options had started great, but then went down the tubes for a little bit. I was down to my last hour of trading on the last day of the week. This is called the witching hour because traders are really trying to get their profits before the day is over. It's even more intense in the U.S. markets on Friday because people hate going into the weekend with a loss.

Trading Ranges

Good morning! It is 10:36 AM est and I am working on trying to trade the USD/JPY range right now. I am using binary options to take advantage of the chart pattern that came up. My time frame was 15 minutes and the price was in a tight range of 10m bars. I waited for the price to get to the higher end of this range and did a high/low put with $125 of risk.

Sep 19, 2013

How To Recover From a Big Loss Trading Options

This is where the amateur trader separates from the professional. When you have a very bad trading day and you just can't time the markets right, a big loss might hit you when trading binary options. There is only way way to remedy that problem and it is not by tilting. You have to be calm and get away from the trading desk for a day.

Sep 18, 2013

Fed Tapering and Forex Trading Ideas

Well, today at 2 PM est the Federal Reserve is going to let us all know the plans for tapering QE unlimited. In my opinion, they should have never done it. Right now, they are pumping over 85 billion a month into bonds. It has made the economy go up for no reason other than this. The plan was for it to help investors get into the market and boost everything.

Working on the 50/50 Binary Option Strategy - $213.30

I was doing a little bit of thinking and some of the readers were commenting on my martingale setup within Nadex. It's basically designed to help put the odds in your favor, but it requires a lot of risk. The theory is that any lot that you can get for just around $50, which means the price is at-the-money, has a 50/50 shot of expiry with a $50 profit or a $50 loss.

Sep 17, 2013

Still Going Small to Build Value and Trading Skill - $215

I took some time to let the forex market develop this morning. I finally saw a good opportunity on the EUR/USD by 9:50 AM est. It was breaking lower with some great price action. In order to take advantage of this market move, I went ahead and had a put binary option on the currency pair. It sold off below 1.3340 and I closed the position with a $15 gain.

Sep 16, 2013

Trading to Build Confidence - $30 Profit + Large Trade Late in Day

It is early this morning and I have just closed out my 3 contract short position on the EUR/JPY. The strike was at 132.00. In order for me to minimize my risk, I exited the position early. This was purely done to avoid anything crazy happening in the last 4 minutes until expiry. Trading binary options is probably more about risk management rather than anything else.

Sep 15, 2013

Getting Warmed Up for the Forex Open - Start Small - $440 Profit

Alright, it was a great weekend even though the Browns lost again. There is about 9 minutes left until the markets open so I will be watching the charts for an entry. I decided that for me it takes some time to get warmed up no matter what I do. Instead of jumping in with no perspective, I am going to work on a $100 profit on the open with some high/low options.

Hot to Avoid Trading Stress and Anxiety

Someone on the outside might see traders as rich and carefree. If you have ever put on a large position and tried to analyze every single thing that you think could effect the price or just simply stared at the chart hoping and praying for a movement in your favor, there are some problems.

Forex News and Binary Options Trading

You may have been looking at a candlestick chart one day while trading and saw a huge bar move up or down a significant amount in a very short amount of time. The price may move really high and then really low or vice versa. It can also move high or low and continue further in that direction.

Sep 13, 2013

Making a Safe $30 Profit on AUD/USD and Putting Risk on With Less Volatility

Well, I decided to do some trading out of my element. Instead of being in my normal office setting, I traded binary options at my girl friends on the laptop. It is not too wise to take yourself out of the comfort zone, but it turned out alright.

Sep 12, 2013

Using Higher Low Trend Lines

Good morning and happy binary option trading to all! The underlying asset for me today is the USD/JPY. It's currently 9:15 AM and my first position of the day has just been entered. It's a high/low call on the Yen. The technical analysis used in order to make that trade was simply using the bottom trend line within an up-trend.

Sep 11, 2013

Government and Student Loan Debt - Scamming Students

This is crazy. I just read this article:

It is about the recent events in the U.S. Basically, we are screwing our economy because of debt. I graduated a couple of years ago and have about $70k of debt (current balance). That doesn't include the 8.5% annual interest rate that is compounded per day, which will have me paying back a total amount in the 100's of thousands if I keep paying like I have been every month. My debt service is about $600 and I put about $500 on the principal each month. The problem is that for many graduates, there are no jobs or ways to make money other than working at places they could do if they didn't go to college in the first place.

Plan Your Options/Forex Trading Before You Do It - Profit Today: $413.85

This seems to be a big problem within all traders psychology. Let's say you were going to go buy some stock in a company. When you have that mindset, usually a person tends to plan it out and figure out reasons why to buy or why not to. They also think about how much they want to buy.

Sep 10, 2013

My First Non-Martingale Binary Trading Session in Awhile

Here we go on the big numbers....

After some long walks and time to cool off, I know what the plan is. Here in my trade I used all the possible indications that looked good to me and entered a $200 EUR/USD put with 15 minutes to expiry. Here is where the change comes in. If I lose, I am not doing another large trade. Instead, I will stick to the same trade value.

Licking My Wounds and Going to Larger Trades

Well, it was a tough morning. I took a big hit on Nadex as you can see here. Then, I tried to start back at $400, which was going good until this morning. I blew the account attempting to trade the USD/JPY and EUR/USD. I was using martingale and lost about 5 positions in a row. A few I tried to scale against the trend and lost.

Sep 9, 2013

Great to Be Back on a Solid Binary Platform - Safe Profits

Great Morning! We are back on the high/low binary options platform that I made all my profit on in the first place. My position was on the USD/JPY. The trade was a high/low call binary option with only $17 of risk. The goal is to simply go for a 3.4% return per day as I have been shooting for ever since trading with these derivatives.

Sep 8, 2013

Sunday Night Forex Binary Trading - Nadex Loss - $400 Profit on RBOptions

Here we go with another week. As I was saying on Friday and in my weekly trading update for the past week, it is highly important to stick to my 3.4% return goal. Slow and steady wins this race. So, the first our right now I am just watching the major currency pairs move to get a starting point. From there, I will be trying to pick the best possible entry point given many technical indications.

Sep 7, 2013

Weekly Update/Results of Binary Options Trading - $478.80

It was a very intense week. This was the start of binary options trading on a new platform. It is called Nadex. The Monday Labor Day situation was tough because I was so anxious to start trading, but had to wait until the markets opened back up Monday afternoon. It has been a week of trying to be disciplined while trying to make profit. I had deposited $1,000 into the binary option broker. They gave me $500 of instant funding and the other $500 came in when everything cleared the bank, which was on Thursday.

Sep 6, 2013

Waiting for the Trade Instead of Forcing Entry - $134 Up

It's about 8AM est and I am going to try a new tactic. Instead of speculating on what may happen, i am going to wait for some big moves to come in the forex market before making my binary options entry. Patience and high quality entries will beat lots of bad trades every day.

Sep 5, 2013

Selling GBP/USD - Sticking to Plan

What a glorious morning. Didn't take much of a risk and we are efficient and profitable still. Only have 1 contract today and done! It feels great to stick to the plan finally. This is the sustainable way to trade binary options.

Sep 4, 2013

Attention to Detail Importance in Binary Options - Net Profit $203.80

Well, this is why you need to pay close attention to everything you are doing when you trade binary options. It is not good when you look at a 1 hour chart and think it is a 5 minute chart. That is what I did on the EUR/USD this morning and as you can see, from 7 AM to 9:30 AM the currency pair weakened and I had a binary option call on. It was completely my fault, but there is still 1.5 hours left to expiry.

Sep 3, 2013

Went Down Big and then Recovered

This is all about trading psychology today. The greed of trying to make a lot of money is fighting with my logical side that knows how to make the profit. So, we started the day up $109. Then, I got into some EUR/USD sells. After listening to some other traders, I went in and made some buys on the same underlying asset. Ended up closing some of the positions at a loss and going for a bigger sell position. It was bad and didn't follow anything that I am supposed to be doing when trading binary options.

Sep 2, 2013

Selling The Yen at 99.60 and AUD/USD Call - Profit $109.30 Net

It's currently 6:38 PM and I am working on a binary option with the USD/JPY. The price had hit a high in my 5m candlesticks so I looked for a strike that was a little higher than that and entered a 2 lot sell that expires at 3 AM. long as the price of the Yen is lower than 99.60 at 3 AM, we will make a $27.5 x 2 profit, but I put a buy in at $17.50 to be safer. That means we would still come away with around a $16 profit after fees ($0.90 per lot).

Sep 1, 2013

Monthly Online Income Update August 2013

What a huge month. Not just speaking about earnings, but new things that have been going on. Affiliate earnings are now enough to sustain a nice livable net profit for the month. Then, active income (binary options trading) is moving steadily along. Some of it gets sketchy with taxes so I don't know exactly what will be done at year end, but some big changes are coming to my own trading.

Aug 30, 2013

Binary Options Example Trade with Nadex

Ok, we are using the demo on Nadex exchange to trade binary options and it is really nice so far. The video I just made, which will be uploaded today at some point, was showing a $120 profit return on a USD/JPY hourly expiry. My risk was about $180 upon being out-of-the money, but the price dropped way down. Since I did a "sell" at around $42, I collected 3 x $42 worth of profit.

Aug 29, 2013

Starting on Nadex - Martingale Type Risk Management Strategy

Disclosure (This should not be taken as trading advice and I don't have any kind of financial license. It is merely how I plan on trading myself).

Well, as everyone knows now, the U.S. is cracking down hard on traders that want to use international brokers to trade binary options with. If you are not a U.S. citizen, then there is not much trouble at all and you can pick from any of the brokers shown here. Those are ones that I trust on withdrawals and have the best regulation/reputation in their country of origin.

Withdrawal From Binary Options Broker

Alright, we are doing a $350 withdrawal request from RBOptions. That is just nearly the amount of my original deposit so that means I am almost trading with complete profit. Figured that my big profit today was worth me scaling the balance down a little. There will still be plenty of capital to reach my goal of by the end of the year and it's nice to see some return back in the bank. 

Day 9 - Range Trading With Binaries - $172.62 Net Profit

Well, it is a wonderful day to trade. This morning I have already gotten into my first position on the Yen. It had come up big over night as the European markets pushed it higher. However, in the last couple hours the price stayed in a sideways range. I got into a $36.90 high/low put at one of the peaks in this range. The risk is that it continues the momentum from overnight and goes higher. The strategy and technical analysis that seems more likely is that it has a retracement down.

Aug 28, 2013

Day 8 of Trading System - Playing Forex Reversals

What is going on!? This morning we are checking out some forex action. The price of the USD/JPY popped up nicely so my decision was to enter a high/low put off the top in the hopes that the price retraces in the short term. Since I have been making more than 3.4% of my account balance per day, the risk I am taking now to get that is going up pretty fast for my liking.

Aug 27, 2013

Understanding Current Trend Position - 25% Return on Trade + More

Good morning. It is currently 6:31 AM and we are checking out the forex market. Over night the EUR/USD had a big drop just after the European markets opened. Also, the USD/JPY has gone into a nice and clean downtrend.

Aug 26, 2013

Trading After the News with Binary Options

It's Monday morning and the current time is 8:45 AM est. The underlying asset is USD/JPY. There was so big news that happened this morning at 8:30. What is important to watch is the price movement. To be honest, I don't even know what the news was about.

Aug 25, 2013

Watching for Price Action Before Initiating Entry

It's another Sunday and we are watching the forex market that is about to open in another hour. I thought it would be good to share what my thoughts are before heading into this. First and foremost, I am going to mainly focus on the USD/JPY currency pair because that is my bread and butter lately. Secondly, there is no need to jump right in with the first couple 5 minute candlesticks. It is better to see how the traders of this underlying asset are feeling.

Aug 23, 2013

Looking to Make Our 3.4% and Finish the Day

It's currently 6:37 AM and the plan is to just get 3.4% today in the binary options markets. I am waiting for clear confirmation of the 3EMA swing indication for entry. When I get a really good setup, that is when it is time to risk the $25 to get a $20 profit. Upon success, that will conclude all live trading until Monday and give a weekly profit of just over $200. That is a 50% return on total balance in 1 week.

Fibonacci Cluster Trade Entry

First, let's explain what a Fibonacci Cluster is and then we'll discuss how to use it to make a binary option entry. Traders primarily following technical analysis will use different numbers of Fibonacci retracement drawn from highs and lows.The clusters that form are simply price points where the retracement levels overlap. As they overlap, it makes a more dense cluster. The more dense or more overlapping their is at a certain price, the more strength of it's support/resistance.

Aug 22, 2013

Day 2 of New Risk Management Strategy for Trading - Huge Win - $181.80 Profit

What is going on binary options trading masters :) It's day 2. We are on this new binary options strategy and it is looking pretty good so far. This morning we are on another profitable position (USD/JPY high/low put that expires in 30 minutes (10 AM est). The starting risk is $25.

Aug 21, 2013

Risk Structure to Grow $331 to $100 / Day

Alright, I have got a really good plan for trading that will net me 6% daily profit. That is because I don't want to accept anything lower than $20/ day in net profit. Once I do this for about 20 days, I will have my account level to a point where $20 is about 4% of total income. From there, I will compound my daily profit % so that I keep setting a goal for 4% net profit return on entire account balance.

Aug 20, 2013

Having the Discipline to Wait for the Trading Signal

Good morning. Today we are focusing on having enough discipline to wait for the chart pattern to form. Far too often do traders want to go straight into binary options trading without thinking through anything. This leads to money loss and that is not what we are trying to have happen. My main signal is watching for the 3 period EMA to get really far extended up or down relative to the other moving averages. On that occurrence, my plan is to enter a reversal/swing position.

Aug 19, 2013

Trading Forex Late Tonight

I am a little tired, but want to keep going on the trade block. The 15 minute expiry times are looking really good on my trusted USD/JPY. I don't feel like writing a whole lot, but will show each position and tell you what I looked for on each trade.

New Trading Account - First Trades - $147 Profit

I have decided that my large trading account is not good to relate with other beginning traders. So, for a little experiment I am beginning a new secondary binary options account with $400 on my top platform. This is to give people an idea of what it takes and what kind of money can be made with a smaller initial investment.

Back on the Yen This Afternoon - Going for $500 Day

Well, I am feeling like taking some risks so here is the plan. The trades are going to begin at $200 and keep going until I win a bunch or lose and have to risk more. Each time I get a win at tier 2 or higher, it dictates I lower my risk back down to $200 and continue trading.

Binary Options Trading Setup for Newbies

I thought it would be helpful to try and explain what a brand new binary options trader should do if they want to make a decent monthly income without risking an arm and a leg. This setup would be for a trader who wants to average $40 of profit per day.

Using New Strategy for Put Signal

It's Monday morning and the trading has started up here on the USD/JPY. I found a really nice top where my 3 period exponential moving average line was far extended above all my other averages. When this happens, I do put options. Total risk was $200 and the 80% return will get me over $150 of profit on this one trade if it gets in-the-money.

Aug 18, 2013

Watch the Lower High Form - Foreign Index and USD/JPY Movement

I have been itching to get back to trading since my $10,000 withdrawal request last Wednesday. So here we are on Sunday morning trading the Tel Aviv 25 index. It is open for trading with the latest expiry time being 9 PM est.

Aug 17, 2013

3EMA Swing Trading Strategy For Binary Signals

I ran into a strategy for trading binary options on a couple forums. It looks good for 15 minute expiry times and my own modification has been applied to it. It's all about the price action!!!

The name is called: 3EMA (exponential moving average) swing. Remember that exponential just means the average is more weighted for current pricing. That is perfect for binary options trading because it is all short-term price movement prediction. This strategy is made by using 3 EMA lines and I decided to add a 25 SMA to the mix for our sentiment line.

Weekly Forex Binary Trading Report: 100% Record

Well, it's a close to another week of trading binary options. It was a very safe and timid week. Each day I won on my first position. That means low risk and low profit, but it is still a profit. The most interesting part of it is that my total profit would probably be more if I didn't win 100% this week. It's weird to think about, but if I had only won 6/10 or 5/10 the profit would probably have been over $1k in the same time frame.

Aug 16, 2013

Binary Option Brokers and Document Requests

Many people want to know why it is necessary for binary options brokers to request documentation in order to perform withdrawals or trade at all. Some platforms, like the one I use, require all the information up front. It is pretty much the best way to make sure the person who created the account is using the account and taking money out of it.

Aug 15, 2013

Time for Down Payment Savings for House

I have been thinking, and thinking, and thinking about what to do with my profits so far. I started with $6,000 and am up to $19,000 with the platform I am currently with. I try to manage my money in modules so with this income stream the best investment I can think of for my current situation is to put it in a savings account that will be my house account. Once it gets big enough, I will be able to get a better place or do something good with the money like buy high dividend yielding stock.

Aug 14, 2013

Trading the Pivot Point on AUD/USD - Call Option

Good afternoon. Here we are again at 5:15 PM EST and the first trade of the day is in the forex market. The position was based on some moving averages and the fact that the underlying asset (AUD/USD) was about midway between the pivot point and R1. All things led to me deciding to do a $150 high/low call binary option.

Aug 13, 2013

EUR/USD Looking to Fail at Key Moving Average Point

This evening we are looking at a different forex pair rather than the usd/jpy. Tonight is all about the EUR/USD and it looked to be running into resistance when viewing an hourly candlestick chart and putting on a 20 bar moving average.

Aug 12, 2013

High/Low Put Option: USD/JPY at R3

Well, I logged in today and saw the USD/JPY was at a pretty strong pivot point resistance level (approaching R3 in my charting) looking at a daily chart with 5 minute candlesticks. I went with a high/low put option that expires in 20 minutes from my entry. The real-time expiry is 9 PM est. The reasoning behind this was common sense. I looked at everything and probability tells me the price has a better chance to resist and come down than climb higher at that specific moment.

Aug 11, 2013

Trading Foreign Index Options - Tel Aviv 25

It's Sunday morning and here we are back at it again. The underlying asset is now the Tel Aviv 25 and we are trying to make money by using the financial derivative of binary options. Our first position is currently on and it is a $125 high/low put.

Aug 10, 2013

Best Underlying Assets for Binary Options Trading

In order to best trading binary options, you need to find underlying assets that are not going to have huge moves up and down. Obviously it is impossible to completely eliminate that possibility, but you want to avoid trading underlying assets that may have a better chance of large fluctuation and knee jerk reactions. In short, you need to find things that have tons and tons of trading volume with all types of sources. 

Weekly Binary Option Trading Profit: $698.75

First off, it has been brought to my attention that I sometimes say "we" when typing or talking in my videos. To clarify, I am the only one on the blog and the only one trading binary options here. Sometimes I do say "we" when talking about myself or what I am doing. It probably sounds normal to some, but not to others.

Aug 8, 2013

Building a Profitable Option Trade (4 Total Positions)

I am about to do some binary options. The plan is to explain to you how this is done in reality rather than vague terms. It is currently 9:13 PM EST and I am watching the 15 minute expiry times. Specifically, I am looking at the expiration at 9:30. In order to profit with this type of option, you have be right on the price going up or down from you point of entry.

Aug 7, 2013

USD/JPY Bullish Wedge Binary Trade

It was difficult to tell if this underlying asset was in a good downtrend that was posing to go lower or if it was in the formation of a bullish wedge that looked to break out of the downward momentum it was in for the past day. I went for the bullish wedge trade and did a $100 risk high/low call this afternoon. Right now it is 5:26 PM on August 7, 2013 EST.

Aug 6, 2013

Using Pivot Points and Binary Options

Alright, we are looking at the USD/JPY again tonight. The trade is a high/low call with a 15 minute expiry time. The price had dropped heavily from the S1 to S2 pivot point support levels. From there, the underlying asset rose up in price about half way before coming back down to make a higher low. At the higher low point I did a call in the hopes that an uptrend continued.

Aug 5, 2013

Trading With the Trend (Short Term) EUR/USD

Welcome to another night of trading binary options. The high/low trade was a call on the EUR/USD with 10 minutes to expiry on the hourly expiration time frame. It was floating up pretty good and seemed to be at a good low point within an uptrend. That is one of the primary signals I look at to trade call options on. You could be looking at any kind of derivative or even the forex pair outright and benefit from that strategy. It's not guaranteed, but is something to look out for in your trades.

Aug 4, 2013

Sunday Evening Forex Trading - High/Low Binary Options

It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon here on the Lake and I am doing some high/low binary option trades. As I have been looking at the forex market to trade lately, it is becoming clear to me that they are easier to be right at compared to regular stocks. The reason why is that for one it is much more volume. You have people all over the world trading these forex pairs. The second reason is that the chances that a company goes bankrupt is much higher than the chances of an entire country. Therefore, the traders that are actually buying and selling in the forex market, who make the price move, are going to trade a little differently than those within the different stock markets around the world.

Aug 3, 2013

Monthly Income Report for July 2013

We are at the end of another month. It is time to see how we did and assess each income stream. It is important for me because I can take a step back and make decisions to help increase the amount of online income streams. Some of it is residual and passive, while some of it is from trading.

Binary Option Earnings for the Week - $7,610

On last week's binary trading update, we had just broken $10k in account. Now we are going for $20k!

It was a very intense week with big trades at the beginning and end of this session. All I can say is when you risk more, you can make more. Normal everyday traders would probably not like the type of trading style. However, money doesn't lie and I had a record week so you be the judge of what fits you best. For an everyday person, who doesn't trade professionally, this could seem like a lot of money. For the professional trader, this is nothing. Far more millions and billions are risked on a daily basis in various market.

Aug 1, 2013

Trading the Australian Dollar and USD/JPY: Binary Option Puts - $5,195

Well we are back again here as the last day of trading starts. I don't trade on Friday so Thursday's are the final day of my week. We are already up over 2.5k in profit for the week and tonight we are switching from the usd/jpy forex pair to the Australian dollar. The price had fallen down in a downtrend and was currently forming a continuation triangle.

Jul 31, 2013

Binary Options - Walking Through a Profitable Trade

As my past couple months of binary options trading as happened, I have learned how to actually make money at it. I will say that if you are brand new to trading it will suit you to learn different price action signals and do small trades to start yourself out. If you can make some good percentage gains, go ahead and increase your capital risk per trade.

Jul 29, 2013

Doing Another High/Low Option Tonight

After my big risk binary trading adventure this morning, I am getting back to a lower initial risk amount. Tonight it is still all about the forex trade. I am looking at the same underlying asset: usd/jpy and it was at a pretty good resistance point. The price had hit its pivot point R1 level and started to come down. This was also a point that had shown strong resistance with a couple other tops over the past day that proved to make the stock go back down into a new trough. It is also following a much larger downtrend.

AnyOption Now Fully Licensed and Regulated

AnyOption has been around for awhile and now put themselves in a great position moving forward. They have just recently become fully licensed and regulated in Europe. That means the KPMG and MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) are going to have a close eye on their platform and operations. What this means is they are now a regulated "market maker".

Put Option off a Top Within Downtrend: 2.2k Net Profit

Good morning binary option traders. We are back after taking a little break on Sunday afternoon to spend some time out at the beach. Remember that for the time being, our basis for risk has gone up so the trades are going to have more potential profit.

Jul 27, 2013

Weekly Trading Update - $668.75 - All High/Low Options

Alright, we got a couple things to go over on this binary options trading weekly update. It was a profitable week and we are making money efficiently in my opinion. The total number of trades that I did to make that profit was 7 and it was an even distribution relatively speaking. I had about a 50% winning percentage roughly so it wasn't like I just made profit on 1 big trade and that was it. Each day there was a small profit and the couple trades that were done.

Jul 25, 2013

Trying to Break $10k in Binary Options Account

Today needs to be a really profitable set of trading. I am willing to accept some higher risk and trust in my system for the potential higher payout. We are going to be trading some forex pairs tonight with binary options. I have plenty of time to get things going and will be starting at $200 rather than $100-$150 as I have been doing.

Jul 24, 2013

Live Trading: High/Low Call Option - $150 Risk

What a wonderful afternoon we have on our hands. It is the perfect temperature outside and feels like a great day to make some money on binary options. The position we just did was a high/low call on the USD/JPY with an hourly expiry time that had 45 minutes to go.

Jul 22, 2013

Trading Forex with Binary Options - Bullish Wedge

So, after making money for the last couple weeks, I am getting increasingly confident that trading binary options is sustainable. Tonight is Monday the 22 of July. I am looking at the forex market and in-particular the EUR/USD. It has been on a pretty large uptrend over the past day.

Jul 21, 2013

Looking at Bullish Momentum in the USD/JPY - $118 Profit

It is Sunday, 4:42 p.m. est right now and we are looking at pre-market forex trading opportunities. This is purely a technical analysis. I am not really worried about any factors around the world. I saw there was some pretty strong buyers around the 11th of July. Today is the 21. Another indicator that the price could go higher after the open is the up-trend it is currently in within a short-term outlook.

Jul 19, 2013

Trading Binary Options Weekly Update - Profit $1,359.50

It was a really great week. I traded binary options really well and we came away with profit for the week. The total net was $1,359.50 There was a total of 10 trades across the entire week. Our record was 6/11, meaning out of 11 trades, I was in the money 6 times. Some days we only made 1 trade and others we did 4.

Jul 18, 2013

Binary Trading Based on Support and Resistance - Profit $885

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. My trade this evening is on the usd/jpy. I am just starting my first binary option trade and it is a high/low put on the forex pair just mentioned. We are doing this trade based on levels of support and resistance. The price was trading sideways for a little while before it broke down below its main points of support. After that break, the support levels became the new resistance levels and it has been trading within the same range spread, but just at a lower pricing level.

Jul 17, 2013

Continuation Triangle - Trade Signal for Call and Trend Trading - Net Profit $115

I am risking $125 this afternoon. The EUR/USD made a nice continuation triangle after coming off a decent uptrend. That means there is a pretty good chance of an breakout upward. It is never guaranteed, but the odds are in our favor. The chart pattern that formed is a series of higher lows and lower highs that formed a triangle. From there, we come to a point and it is trade decision time using binary options.

Jul 15, 2013

Going Big Tonight at Binary Options - $346 Profit - 4 Trades

I feel like seeing how much money I can make tonight. It is all about throwing caution to the wind. My video will be short and not have much learning in it. All I am going to show is my entry and exit of each trade back to back and my beginning and ending account balance so you can see how much money was really made...or lost.

Showing The Profitability of My Trading Style - Trading Small

Well that was a pretty short-lived vacation. It lasted about 5 minutes and then I decided it was time for some binary options trading. I just feel like my system needs more testing before it gets walked away from or finalized and it is important to keep everything in a row/consistent/accurate.

Professional Traders Get Vacations

Well I am going on vacation for a bit. This is exciting. Bringing my girl and we are just going to go. I like the beach/cool views so who knows where we may end up. I will leave you with this:

Think of every dollar that you have as a little worker. If you know how to make your worker work, it will earn more little worker dollars for you. Eventually, you have enough little workers to sustain yourself and your expenses.

Scratch that, my plans have changed. Going to trade 1 more week and try to build up some more dollars.

Jul 13, 2013

Spinning Top - Candlestick Within Stock Chart

This is all about the spinning top. I like to use it within my binary options trading to try and predict reversal off tops and bottoms. It can be very useful to add it to your conscious thought process as you make trades. In and of itself, it just means that the price opened on that candlestick at a certain level and made a low, a high, and then settled in the middle somewhere before closing.

Jul 12, 2013

4/7 This Week - Net Profit of $631 on Binary Options Trading

Well this was a pretty fun week. I only did a total of 7 binary option trades. It consisted of 5 positions on the USD/JPY, 1 on the Tel Aviv 25, and 1 on the AUD/USD. On the 9th I ended up getting as high as a $2,000 trade using the rules of capital risk that govern how I operate.

Jul 10, 2013