Jan 29, 2013

What Capped Risk Means in Binary Options

Well, I was just sitting here watching a commercial and saw the very first ad for binary options. It was on a channel that intensively analyzes the stock market (no names mentioned). Since one of the major topics I cover on a weekly basis is binary options trading, it was worth my time to give you some insight on what happened in the ad I just saw.

It played a big importance to the term "capped risk". They talked about being able to trade short-term contracts that were durable against heavy moves up or down in a short amount of time. I would also agree with that. The thing with binary trading is that you are either right or wrong. It doesn't matter how high or low the underlying asset goes. You either correctly predict if the price ends higher or lower given the time frame of the option contract. If you pick correctly between higher or lower, you get a fairly large return on your short-term (very short) investment. They can be traded on an hourly level if you want to do that and even by the minute.

Which Web Host Allows You To Build the Best Money Maker?

There are a few things you need to consider if you want to build a website that is going to make you money. It needs to allow you to portray and be a professional looking entity. In order to accomplish that goal, there needs to be extensive content management features in their web builder. I am assuming here that you probably aren't planning on writing the entire code for your website.

Most people, like me, build new sites with drag and drop type web builders. The web hosting that you sign up for has to have this for you no matter what. Some main features that are necessary for you to have include chart building tools, simply social integration, media uploading (pictures and videos), and easy navigation setup so you are crawled properly by search engines and don't have a million links on every single page.

Why I Don't Trade Binary Options

I figured it might be a good time to disclose that I don't trade binary options. Just because I write about it and think it is an interesting way to make money on underlying asset price movement, doesn't mean it is not risky. My current financial position doesn't warrant the risk that is involved in these kinds of trades. If I were to ever do these trades, I would use this broker to do so.

Many people would see this and say "if it is such a great way to make money, then why don't you do it"? My response is simple. It is just too much of a risk for me to take. I will describe a situation in which it would be okay for me to do these trades:

Jan 27, 2013

More Technical Analysis of the Stock Market

It's another Sunday and it's time to see how the market looks going into the coming week. If you wanted to see what happened last week click here. I try to give insight on what happened during the week and how the Sunday prediction I gave would have helped traders make money on binary options if they would have read what I said before the week started.

So looking ahead we have some more triggers that happened of Friday in the market. This is as of the market close on Friday January 25, 2013.

Technical indicators: Double bottom and MACD (both intermediate term)
 - Support is found at 27 per share and resistance is at 29.74
 - Latest stock price: 27.88

Opinion of What Could Happen: Looking at the charts, this stock wants to make a run up to the mid 29's. If you are going to do some binary option trades with it, try and find daily bottoms and get in. Look for multiple trades each day and know that the momentum is positive.
  • Monday Price: Closed up 0.14%, Day's high at 28.23.
  • Tuesday Price: Closed up 0.35%, Day's high at 28.13.
  • Wednesday Price: Closed down 0.57%, day's high at 28.19. Look for a rally tomorrow (Thursday).
  • Thursday Price: closed down 1.44% at 27.45 (2 days up and 2 days down, Friday going up so far).
  • Friday Price:: Closed up 1.75% at 27.93 (Wow, the upward pressure is shown through the whole week).

Jan 24, 2013

Making Money on Binary Options with AAPL

It is currently 1:51 PM. I would highly recommend anyone to do a high/low put binary options trade on AAPL right now with a daily expiration. When doing binary trades of the high/low form, "put" means the stock price or underlying asset has to close at a lower price then when you first enter the trade for you to make the fixed profit return.

This stock just got slammed and it is continuing to fall the rest of the day. I am hoping that this will make you money today. It is currently trading at 452.65. Should be lower by close today.

The broker that is widely used to do these types of financial trades is found here.

Update: It is now 3:49PM as I write this. Looks like the stock price has gone down for the day and you would be profitable given you did this trade that I structured above today.

Building a Website is Not Easy

Let's just get one thing clear. Building a website is very difficult. I am going through the growing pains right now. It is very difficult when I see there is light at the end of the tunnel, but have to simply wait to get to where that light is. With the niche blog I am building right now (about my own personal journey through bodybuilding), it is just taking time. I am actually more than 1/3 of the way to where my project needs to be in order for sales to start coming in, which is about 100 pages of purely unique articles that are between 500 and 1,000 words long. It is so close, but so far.

One of the hardest things to do, when you're building a website from the ground up for strictly online purposes, is to keep working on it even though there are no results. The internet is not friendly to new things. The best way I can get myself out there as well as you, with your new website, is by writing/posting content that is meaningful as well as compelling to a massive amount of people.

Jan 20, 2013

Analyzing the Stock Market for Week 4 - January

Here we come with another technical stock analysis of the market. As you saw in last weeks post, you could have made a pretty n ice profit just by being aware of the price pressure direction that was indicated before the week had started. You can see that underlying asset analysis here.

SPX had shown bullish signals and ended the week much higher than it started.

IBM also shown short-term bull signals and ended the week going higher each day.

Jan 19, 2013

Building A Website and Not a Pipe Dream

I find that many people who write about building new sites are really not worried about the new sites they are working on at all. Instead, they just want to get a useless website up and then make money on the back end by promoting the web hosting provider that they use.

My goal is to make the new niche blog that I made start earning a ton of money. Along the way I am showing people the things I do on it so they know how to do the same thing, but with their own idea. It has now been about a month and a half since I began my new online project, which is the site: jaytraining.com. It is growing in size, but the search engines are still not sure about it. It has 33 posts that average around 650 words each. Some being 400ish and some being in the 900's.

5 Ideas for New Websites

Since one of the first things I recommend in order for people to make money online is creating a website, here are some free ideas. To accomplish any of them, you will have to get some information on building a websiteThe goal of these ideas is to get you started yourself. It is impossible to earn any sort of income if you never begin. I will try to spark you in the online money making game. Having an idea that is sustainable and that you enjoy is probably the most important thing to do. Anything you make a website about can be monetized with random adsense ads as long as you can make something lots of people go to consistently.

The truth about how this type of thing works is simple. A new website idea has to be unique and worth other peoples time so make sure that is what you are focused on doing from the start. One more thing you need to know before I get into some ideas is that when you pick your domain name, make it an easily memorable and unique name. This also needs to be your website title.

(Updated More Ideas)


Well, it is time for a monster post on SEO. This means search engine optimization. It has evolved over the last decade just as Google and the other search engines have evolved. In the beginning, if you wanted to rank a website for certain keywords, you could build a site, write a few pages of content, and then build thousands of spammy back links to the site you just build with anchor texts (keywords included in the link that leads to the website you are trying to rank). This worked and people have made millions of dollars doing this over the years.

This is dying very quickly now. The last 2 years have been full of something called the Panda update and Penguin. They are just code names for ways Google is viewing and categorizing/ranking a given website. There has always been over 200 factors in their algorithm. The reason why I am talking about Google is because they have the majority of people using them to search for things. If you wanted to make money online, you have to know how to build your business website or a new blog in a way that can rank for keywords that can make money for you.

I feel like this is already getting long-winded. Alright, time to focus back on SEO and what you need to know today that is going to be the safest way to build free traffic in the long run. It is going to take effective work to make it happen for you.

Currently, the way to optimize a site to rank high in search results is to know what not to do. There are also things you need to do.

Jan 17, 2013

How The Binary Options Strategies Look

The first underlying asset that was analyzed on Sunday at the beginning of this week was the S&P 500 Index. It showed an intermediate and short-term bull signal. If you look at every day this week, the index closed the day higher than it started. Guess what? That means the pressure proved to be positive. If you were doing binary option trades given the information on Sunday and looking at high/low call options, it would mean you could have done trades with a daily expiration and made your 60%-80% profit on each trade.

When you look at the index SPX this week, you see the upward pressure. The price started each morning down and pushed upward in the same fashion Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Today, Thursday, it looks like the trend will continue as the index opened up with a huge gap-up today. If you would have done a few $1,000 binary option high/low call trades at the beginning of the week, they are also paying nicely right now. You see how the technical's can really prove to be helpful in helping you make money. Indices are better at following technical signals as well. If you have not tried this type of derivative yet, the binary options broker that I trust gives you your first trade free of risk for $50 so you can get a feel for it.

Jan 14, 2013

Why Your Site Might Be In Google Jail

I just found this out for my static health site "herbal showcase" and it makes perfect sense now. I guess along the way, in 2012 updates done by Google hit sites that used meta tags for the title of their home page. My title for my home page was "enhancement products". Under this new update, the proper way to go about this  in order to keep your website from getting into Google's sandbox (very poor rankings) would be to have the meta title of your home page just be "home". Anything besides "home" or "main" is going to get hurt because it is viewed as manipulation.

Full of Joy?

I am making an assumption here, but it feels like it is somewhat close to the truth. The question is: Are you full of joy? Different things might make one feel joy. It is safe to say that in order for you to feel joy, you have to be living in a way that your conscious mind views as desirable. It can get more complicated though. What someone views as desirable could be making a comfortable amount of money doing something they love to do. Other people may feel joy if they have to struggle for every penny, work at a job they hate, and be in a family environment that is unstable/chaotic. That might be fun for some people. It general comes down to how society has impressed upon you what "good" is.

Figuring out what makes you happy and joyful could be difficult and some people never figure it out for their entire lives. The first thing you need to do is everything. Your mind can only think about what things would be like in certain situations if you have never done it. As soon as you get the direct experience of what it is like to live in a certain way, you have a much better perspective on if you should pursue something further or not as far as what the contents of your life are going to be.

Jan 13, 2013

Market Update - Still Looking Bullish

A new week of binary trading is about to begin. We are going to analyze what we can in the market based on technical signals and try to make assertions based on where the price is going based on that. Here was a look at what was called last week in the market. I am feeling bullish so let's see what we have to look at.

SPX: MACD (intermediate term bullish) and Commodity Channel Index (short-term bullish) - It is looking positive going into this week. I would be looking for price points in this index to buy high/low call options. These two technical moves mean that the market is buying more quickly then it was 10 days before the signal. It is a bull signal because it means there are many buyers. They could be getting in and ready for a move upward. There is money to be made all over the place. Look at long positions.

IBM: MACD (short-term bullish) and price crosses above 21-day moving avg. (short-term bullish) - I am sticking with analyzing IBM because it is looking really strong. It broke upwards pretty hard on Friday and it can reach 200 by the end of this week.

Jan 12, 2013

Setting Up G+ for Website and Getting +1's

If you have a website, it needs to have a Google Plus account no matter what. It doesn't matter if your site makes money through traffic/ad revenue or products and sales. You need to set up a G+ account for more than a few reasons.

I just figured this out. As long as the G+ account that you set up has your website as the main website of the account, every time anyone plus 1's anything you post in G Plus, it counts as a +1 for your home page. Also, each person that is following your page you set up with the Plus account counts as a +1 for your home page. I figured this out when my home page 1's went from 8 to 34. At first I thought is was some kind of spam and then I realized it was directly related to the Google Plus page I set up for Herbal Showcase.

How To Add Clickable Image to WordPress Sidebar

In the process of building my new blog into the best resource that it can be, I came across a problem. I needed to put an image into the sidebar and make that image clickable into one of my other pages. This is essential because it helps the overall look of the blog and pushes traffic to the product pages if visitors feel the need to look at the products that are related to the specific niche that the blog is about.

Note that I am using a third party hosting service that offers WordPress as a content management system.

The problem with putting images into the sidebar of a wordpress blog is that there is no "image" widget where you can simply upload a picture and link that picture to wherever you want. Here is what you have to do:

High Quality Web Hosting

If you are out there looking for some really good hosting, I have my recommendation. It is clearly shown just to at my "make money tools" page at the top so I don't need to mention the name of this company. I only suggest them and have a unique relationship with them because after I started my new blog with them I found that they were of such good quality that any person starting a new site needs to look into them first. Your entire online future depends on the ability of your web host to provide quality tools and service for you so you can create a really good online resource and build content seamlessly. That is what they do very well.

The main reasons why I like them so much is because I never have timeout or up-time issues. This was a pretty big problem with the first web hosting provider that I used for my first ever website. It was a mess with them and now I can't even edit my website under them in google chrome for some reason. I contacted them about it and they couldn't fix it. This has been a problem for months. Since I am always on chrome, the amount of work I have put into that site has diminished. That would never happen with SiteGround and so after going through multiple web hosts, they have proven through direct experience to be the best.

A good web hosting provider just needs to be trustworthy and for you to count on them when problems come up, but you want their to be very few problems. So here is a few bullet points on why you should pick them if you are going to do anything online with a blog or website.

Jan 10, 2013

I Want to Get On This List Every Day

Ever since I started in at affiliate marketing, I have sought out to get on a certain list. It is the list that has motivated me to write over 1,200 unique pages of original content done completely by me. I feel like I went to college twice. Once while doing the actual school work, and again while I spent time learning about marketing online, building websites, and the actual topic of health/business/personal growth. Some of the time over lapped.

The bottom line is that I would never have invested so much of my life into the online business world without being able to see these results others were getting and trying to replicate it in my own way. It is why I will work on my Jaytraining blog without ceasing for as long as it takes to get millions of views per month. It is possible, but will take time.

If I were to achieve my goal and make it on this unique indicator of online success and get on it daily for years, my life would be significantly better. My college debt would be gone quickly, I could buy a house, and I could live on a daily basis doing things that give true joy. Finding out what those things would be is a big task in itself but there is one way to put myself in a position where there is enough free time to explore all that life has to offer.

How Google Works and How To Rank

Some think it is a mystery when they try and figure out how Google ranks websites and how to get free traffic from this gigantic search engine as well as other major search engines. Some website owners might feel like they can't get search traffic because someone doesn't personally like them or some other sort of nonsensical reasoning.

The truth is that in order for Google to make money itself, it needs to have as many people as possible searching on its search engine. The only way that happens is if people are able to find exactly what they are looking for every time they visit the search engine. It is up to website owners to deliver highly accurate and compelling content that gives people what they want. If your site does this, you will rank for the topics that your content is about or whatever people are looking for that you are writing/posting about.

Jan 9, 2013

How To Work Online

Do you know how to work online? Some people want to figure out many extra income streams that they can build for themselves in the online world because this is a very good way to make money while you sleep. The problem is, you will not get any money if you don't know how to work for yourself online.

Note how important it is that I say "work for yourself". That means you cut out all the middle men and slave waging. You don't want the following to happen: When you are in an environment online that involves a third party telling you tasks to do and paying you a set amount to work for their business. At that point your passive income opportunities are no longer. It takes away from you getting what you are worth, unless you do a really bad job at the tasks that is.

Jan 6, 2013

A Few Underlying Assets that Look Bullish

Hey traders and potential money makers. Today is a nice day to see how the market is looking on the technical side. Keep in mind this information is supposed to be just one of many tools that you can use to trade binary options on. I am trying to give you a good picture of what the feelings of buyers and sellers have toward a stock, index, or forex pair. If you want to do binary option trades, I suggest only this binary options broker. I am going to try and find the best signals that occur for a specific underlying asset that have the best chance of being a successful indicator of money making opportunities.

Remember that you can trade binary options by the minute, hour, day, and week. It just takes a capital risk and you to be right about the asset ending higher or lower than the price when you start the trade. These are called high/low options. I like them best for trading. If you want to do a few trades a day, it is not uncommon to walk away with profits of $500-$1,000. When you trade, you can't just think of one move and that's it. With binary options, you have to establish a direction you feel the stock/underlying asset is going and make multiple trades that favor that direction. You may lose on 1, but win on 2. That would give you a nice profit.

Jan 5, 2013

You Want to Be a Leader or Run a Business?

This is a very simple thing to know how to do. The hardest thing about being a leader or running your own organization is actually doing the things that have to be done and it can be a challenge knowing specifically what needs to be done to accomplish meaningful progress.

To start at the very first thing, you have to start everything by yourself if you want to be in charge of it. If you do that, nobody can come in and say anything about what you are doing nor would they know where to find you or even want to because you have made something of your own. If you choose to include others, it would be because you believe there is no way you can do everything that has to be done in order to get your organization to where you want it or to make as much money as you plan on making.

The key with bringing others in is that they know exactly what you expect out of them and what their compensation is going to be. Things can get messy when this is not done first.

Jan 1, 2013

Monthly Passive Income Report for December 2012

This month was pretty good. My sales are starting to become more consistent since my oldest and most profitable niche website got hit from Google's update a few months ago (EMD). That is exciting to me. I also started to make my first commissions from this blog, Smart Helping. I have been writing on it for about 1 and a half years now. The problem was that for the first 10 months or so the topics I wrote about didn't really lead to affiliate commissions. At the time I was trying to make money with adsense instead of how I am doing things now. There was not enough traffic and not the right people on this blog.

After some though, this past 7 months have been more dedicated to writing to a different audience then the one chosen when this blog was first starting out. Hence, my stock analysis project and new niche blog project. These things are great for my own learning and online business growth and help others with different things that they may be interested in.