Oct 30, 2013

Currency Wars in Effect as Quantitative Easing Continues (Oct. 30, 2013)

Some say that the reverse effect in markets today is because of currency wars. The Japanese might be dumping their EUR/USD and it could have something to do with their long position on the SPX. Whatever the reasons, nobody could predict the news of a continued 85 billion a month in asset buying would result in the effect that happened today.

High Leverage Trading

Well, I started off with a couple smaller positions over night and late yesterday after making $128 and losing over $1,000 on spot platform. To try and deal with giving back these profits, I went ahead and got some big risk on as I was watching the SPX futures all morning. The price has been drifting down nicely since hitting the 1,770 mark.

Oct 29, 2013

Binary Options Trading on Continuation Triangle (S&P 500 Futures)

Well, after getting a taste of profit yesterday on the exchange type binary options platform (Nadex). I am hitting it hard again intra-day trading. I lost $49, but then went short at a top in the SPX on its third hill in consolidation triangle with $560 of risk and a potential $240 profit.

Oct 28, 2013

Trading Forex Tonight - Lots of Profit

Alright, we have a couple of trades today. The first one is on the spot binary options platform and I hit tier 2 before a win on the EUR/USD. My first trade was a high/lot put at the bottom of a drop, which was stupid but I thought i might have more downward momentum.

Oct 27, 2013

How to Pick a Trade Entry - Live Binary Options Trade

Tonight I am doing some binary options trading on the forex open. So far my main prospect is the USD/JPY. It has traded down from the initial 10m bar. Now, after a slow and smooth decline i price over the last 2.5 hours, it has made a strong bullish bar.

S&P 500 Weekly Technical Analysis and AAPL Earnings

Good afternoon traders and investors. We are doing some index analysis this evening on the SPX. Last week I was watching for it to fall off its new highs, but the non-farm payroll spiked it up. After selling off all the gains the next day, it filled the sell-off gap and made another new high on Friday afternoon.

Oct 25, 2013

The Power of Binary Options When There is Volatility (535% Gain)

If you want to know how powerful, but scary binary options can really be, look at my final test trade of the day on the Nadex exchange. So far it is showing about 5 points movement up or down in the first 2 hours of U.S. market trading, 2 pips from 12pm until 3pm and from 3pm to 4:14 pm est another 5 points of volatility usually happen.

Trying out 30 Second Options

Well, I figured it might be fun to do a little testing out on 30 second options, so here is the results. It is very fast and I actually ended up with 2 ties during this session, which has never happened in 5 months of trading binary options. That just shows you how short-term that time-frame really is.

Trading USD/JPY Ending the Week

The forex market is going up and down again like usual and the USD/JPY hit the top of a consolidation range after making a large uptrend intra-day. It all pointed towards doing a put option and I threw $175 risk at this binary options trade.

Oct 24, 2013

Quick Forex Analysis and GBP/USD Scaling Put Options

Well I was checking out the forex markets as we head into the U.S. lunch hour. This is the time where it is good to sell movement happening in indices like the SPX and SPX futures because people are just chilling out barring any major news that could happen during the mid-day session. Anyway, lets get some more info about my first binary options trade today. It was on the GBP/USD as it seems to be meeting a pretty strong fibonacci retracement price. Fibonacci trading can be good for people because it shows strong areas of resistance and support.

Oct 23, 2013

Is the U.S. Market Finally Getting Ready to Tank?

I can think of one major thing that will make stocks go way down and currency pairs with the USD as their denominator also go way down. If people think that QE is going to taper in December or stop altogether sooner than expected.

Technical Traders Will Hate This Options Trade

All the forex technical traders out there will hate this. First of all, I was looking at the AUD/NZD on accident and thought it was the AUD/USD in my charts. However, when I went into the binary options platform to make the trade, I did make my entry on the AUD/USD. It was at the top of a range and just after my high/low call spot entry, the price broke right up and out of the top of this range. So it was a blind trade.

5th Win in a Row - Efficient Binary Options Trading

This all lead to a great trade on the EUR/USD forex pair. It had just made an extreme bullish bar of 25 pips in 10 minutes. At that top, I entered my high/low put option with $200 of total risk on this currency pair. Some key factors to determine this price movement is the dropping of US 500 futures index and a stronger dollar outlook as things seem to be retracting into what traders may consider a more normal value of market prices.

Qualities of a Profitable Options Trader

This is so hysterical I can hardly stand it. One thing that has become apparent to me after analyzing traders and different results. One of the best strategies that any options trader can work at is being lazy. Those that go 24/7 and want to make as much money as possible are the ones that make bad entries, over think things, and fail miserably at making money on any kind of options trading.

Oct 22, 2013

Finally The EUR/USD Seems to Hit Top on NFP Day

It is the great and wonderful non-farm payroll and we are trading some binary options on it. Right now it is about 6 hours after the announcement happened. I basically made a common sense decision that the EUR/USD is getting over bought after going up 105 pips on the day so far. Upon there finally being a 10 minute bearish bar that closed, I entered my first high/low put option of the day.

Oct 21, 2013

Get Ready for Non-Farm Payroll - October 22, 2013

The September numbers are finally coming in for U.S. employment health tomorrow. Here is your chance to make some more strangle trades on some binary options trades with Nadex. That exchange allows for maximum leverage with the forex market, but it does not support millions and billions of dollars. It's more for the retail trader that is risking a few thousand at a time, max.

Trend Trading on the AUD/USD Currency Pair

It is the 5 PM hour est and I just got a chance to sit down at the computer today and try to make some money. This is great because after trading every day for a couple months straight and making a profit on most days, it becomes habit and not filled with anxiety. I just look at my charts and find a good trade to go with.

NFLX Earnings Today - Make $100k on Options

Alright, so far the market has moved significantly on earnings so far. IBM dropped over 6%, GOOG popped over 10%, and here we have NFLX with their earnings after the market close today. Here is how you play it with little risk.

Oct 20, 2013

$187.50 on EURO Put High/Low Option - 1/1 Sunday Night

I basically tried to make a prediction on the price movement of the EUR/USD based on the big gap down and fill on the first 5 minute bar with this forex pair. It had gone flat and that is where I made my high/low put option trade with $250 risk. It ended up going out of the money for most of the position until the last couple minutes.

Weekly Directional Trading Ideas on Gold and Silver with Binary Options

This if for the week starting October 21, 2013.

Here we go on the 4th week of our binary option trades on commodities. Mainly, the focus has been on the Gold and Silver Electronic underlying assets. Week 1, week 2, and week 3 were all 100% accurate as it seems my outlook on a weekly level has been very profitable on directional predictions and there are plenty of different types of over the counter derivatives that the average trader can take advantage of to make money in the same way.

Oct 19, 2013

SPX Weekly Analysis

This is a very interesting pricing level when you zoom out and look at the trend the SPX index has been in over the past couple months. Lately, it has been dropping about 70 points and rising about 100. Right now we are at the top of a 100 point run.

Trading Strategy - Using Normalization Theory

To be honest I have no idea if this is a really well-known way to trade or not, but I just thought of the theory and have been basing my binary option test trades on it. All it is doing is banking on the underlying asset returning to normal after behaving in a way that doesn't fit.

Oct 18, 2013

Starting Out With Passive Income

Everyone would like a cheap way to build an extra income stream into their life on less than $5/month total cost. Here is where you start. I have been in the online game for a long time and know the best ways to do this the right way after failing a lot.

Live Forex Trading Start to Finish - $535 Profit

Good morning. The U.S. markets seem to be unstoppable so my first binary options trade was a EUR/USD high/low put option at $125. To avoid short-term volatility problems, the expiry rate was on a 30 minute time frame.

Oct 17, 2013

Money Making Ideas for Anyone

We are going for free social collaboration here and the free sharing of good ideas, which seem to be difficult to come by when talking about ways to make money in this world. This is going to be a very valuable page for anyone in the world that wants ideas about making money. The topics here will range from trading ideas in options/binary options/stocks/forex or any market as well as penny stocks, investing in real estate, and anything that could make money online or offline. The primary goal is to find the little crevices in the world that yield opportunities and allow people the opportunity to try out things.

Trading Weekly GOOG Options on Earnings - $10,000 to $70,000 Strategy

It is now past the market close on Thursday October 17, 2013. Google has just announced their earnings and the price spiked up 6% in after hours from 888 to about 940. If you would have bought GOOG call options at the 930 strike today with the weekly expiry (tomorrow October 18, 2013). You could have probably got the option contracts for around $4 ($400 per) and tomorrow morning they will be worth upwards of $25 ($2,500) per and will likely continue to rise as GOOG stock is flying up on the earnings news and people will want to get in.

Why Quantitative Easing Happened and Will Continue

This is crazy. I mean seriously. The way that quantitative easing is happening manufactures a good market and economy when it is not really good at all. Basically, it has been said by Bernanke that the pumping in of 85 billion dollars per month into the markets will continue until the U.S. recovers economically. Since when in the world does that make any sense?????????????? It means absolutely nothing for progress until progress starts happening organically.

Riding the Forex Trend - $440 Profit

Well, this morning all the majors in the forex market were in uptrends that looked fairly strong. I found a pretty good opportunity on the AUD/USD at the 10:30am est hour where the price would go lower if it followed the pattern it has been in for awhile.

Oct 16, 2013

Best Time to Collect Premium - Volatility Strategy

Many options traders want to know how to collect premium by selling options contracts to the market. First of all, this does require a lot more capital in your account as you need to be able to cover the total amount of shares represented in the contract you sell (100 per contract).

Best Strangle Trade Strategy in Binary Options

If you are trading on Nadex, there is a really profitable strategy that I have been back testing for about a week now. The key is to find times when there is a high probability of volatility each day. For me, I have found this is on the 10am and 11am est. hours with the US 500 futures. A strangle trade simply means you hold positions for the long and short side of the underlying indicative at far distances from the current price.

Live Options Trading - $120 in 8 Minutes

Well, the bull markets is in full effect as people have been buying the idea that the U.S. government will get a deal done and open everything back up. It has major impacts for the entire forex market as well as the DOW and SPX. Anyway, I used the recent top that formed as a good time to sell the USD/JPY this morning.

Oct 15, 2013

Intentional Chart Pattern Trading - $140.50 Profit

I am looking at the USD/JPY this wonderful Tuesday morning. There is some very interesting price action going on and I have some binary option trading to do. My first entry is based on an ascending triangle chart pattern in the midst of sideways movement.

Oct 14, 2013

Week 3 of Commodity Trading

It's another wonderful Monday morning, which means some more weekly binary options trading on commodities. This has been very successful lately and I like taking a longer-term perspective compared to doing 30 minute and hourly expiry times. So far with Week 1 and Week 2 of trading the commodities Gold and Silver, I am at 4 wins and 0 losses with a $300 profit.

Forex Market Starting off Choppy - $915 Profit

Good morning. It is currently 8:43 AM est and I am checking out the forex market. Mainly, the EUR/USD and EUR/GBP are sky rocketing up. I have set high/low put options on the EURO at the R1 and R2 pivot resistance lines on a 10m chart, but the price has been boosting through those levels as I write this and going to R3.

Oct 13, 2013

Hedging For Profit Live - Big Risk but Up $750 Today

Today is another amazing night to make some profit by trading binary options. I have been focusing on the hourly expiry time on the EUR/USD. My first 3 positions were just barely out of the money by a couple pippets. There was two call high/low's that were literally 1 second away from being in the money but as you will see in the video, the price simply nose dived.

Technical Analysis for this Weeks Option Plays

We are looking at GOOG, AAPL, and PCLN price action in order to help you setup options for the week. The market is likely to have major volatility as traders and investors figure out if they want to be in or out of stocks given the government shutdown situation.

Oct 12, 2013

Gap Strategy Using Price Action

One of the best binary options strategies that I can think of is using areas of very strong psychological areas of support and resistance. All this strategy takes to trade on is a chart building software (Meta Trader 4 or Freestockcharts.com) that has a candlestick option for layout.

High Beta US Futures for Binary Options Trading

One of the best ways to make money on binary options is by finding the U.S. indices that have the highest beta. Beta means volatility and volatility means movement. The goal here is to figure out what underlying asset moves the most up and down on average per day. The higher the beta, the more movement you generally see.

Oct 11, 2013

Trading Binaries Last Hour on Friday - $125 Loss

I have been out all day taking walks with my girl friend and at the beach so no trading happened. There was still an hour and a half left so I figured maybe I can get a couple trades in to finish out the week strong. My first position was a $125 high/low put on the GBP/USD. It had topped out and appeared to be in a downtrend so I went with it. Also, my moving averages were looking good.

Government Still Has Not Made Conclusive Progress

We are into the 10th day of the United States shutdown. The Republicans can't get what they want and the Democrats as well as President Obama won't budge. Let's be short and sweet. We simply have more uncertainty in the markets.

Oct 10, 2013

Trading the EUR/USD at Top of Range in 10M Chart - $380.40 Profit

This was an interesting set of trades on the EUR/USD. To make money consistently, it requires at least a 50% accuracy rate over time. For me, I have done that with these binary option trades. The price of my underlying asset bounced 10 pips over the pivot point in 10m chart. Then it bounced off the pivot, but some resistance was held so I entered my first $125 risk high/low option. It went OTM as the price went right back to the top of the now formed 10 pip range.

Oct 9, 2013

Trading Binary Options on Big Movement from News - Profit $106.25

Well this was pretty wild. I just got online today and saw the markets are in flux. It's most likely because the FOMC speakers are saying things and the U.S. government seems to be attempting to reach a resolution. Whatever the case, I went and did a quick $125 high/low put option on the EUR/USD. This didn't involve much news analysis or moving averages. It is my only trade for the entire day today so far.

Oct 8, 2013

Great Call Option Entry on Currency Pair - Profit of $127.50

It's currently 6 am est and I am trading the EUR/USD currency pair. It was in a very volatile range with huge movements on each 10m bar. I have not seen it this volatile in awhile, but we can still trade binary options in this environment.

Oct 7, 2013

Trading an EUR/USD Range with Moving Averages - Profit $212.50

This morning I am looking at some forex pairs to try and find a good swing trade. So far, the EUR/USD is looking great as it is swinging up and down in a pretty solid range on the 9 AM est hour. The plan is to get into a high/low call option as soon as it makes it to the bottom of this range and fails to break lower. Patience is the most important thing right now so that my entry is at the best possible time.

Week 2 of Commodities Trading

Here is the weekly commodity trade setups. Last week's trades both went very well and ended up in-the-money. I am entering a high/low put option on Gold and Silver. Each position only commands $100 of risk. If the price of gold and silver goes lower than it currently is, there will be about $150 of profit.

Oct 6, 2013

Week of October 7 Option Plays with Earnings

As most option traders know if they have been trading for awhile, earnings season moves the markets and that can mean big moves in stocks and even bigger % gains in the option pits. This week there are a few big companies reporting that include JPM, WFC, YUM, AA, and COST.

Chuck's Binary Trading - Week 2

Alright, last week Chuck went up about $100 after a solid week. He unlocked his trading volume bonus, which helps a lot. Today is Sunday October 6, 2013 and chuck went on to do a 4th tier martingale trade and finished up the afternoon with some profit.

Forex Trading with Moving Averages - Profit of $355

The moving averages that I have on the chart are the 3, 6, and 9 EMA as well as the 25 SMA. The underlying asset that caught my eye at the 6 PM est hour was the forex pair: USD/JPY. It was looking like a great call opportunity, but I had to wait for the price to drop down far enough for an entry as it was stuck at the top of its range. Patience beats losses in binary options.

Weekly Option Trading Ideas for AAPL, GOOG, and PCLN (October 7, 2013)

Good morning. It's mid day on Sunday as I check into some major U.S. stocks and some weekly option ideas. For this, my main objective is to give people a larger perspective on price direction over the course of this coming up week.

Why It's Easy to Trade Demo Compared to Live

Being an options and binary options trader or strictly a forex market maker / retail trader means you need to have a lot of discipline. The risk is present within seconds of trade entries because all of these types of financial tools involve quick position fluctuation up or down. When you buy a blue chip stock, it doesn't go up or down more than a max of roughly 2% per day. Most are closer to 0.5%, but it depends on the underlying asset.

Oct 5, 2013

Jason's Trading Stats

Here we are simply going to list all the results on a monthly basis for binary option trading stats. From here you can choose what month you want to analyze, and from each month, you can dive down into each day's trading results with videos / screens as well as a diary of the day. Each month will also have an updated Year-to-Date set of results.

October Daily Binary Trading Results

Well, I thought on top of doing my monthly income reports, I also needed a good way to show my trading results on a daily basis so people can see the ups and downs of binary trading. This type of option can be really profitable or really unprofitable in a short amount of time. It has a lot of power because you have a 50/50 shot at making 80% return. When you combine that return with the different chart analysis strategies out there, people can become highly profitable and increase their chances of being right to 70% or 80% consistently for a sustainable amount of time. I suggest you do this same tracking of results to help yourself make money by analyzing results and risk.

Oct 4, 2013

Magnum Options Platform - Get In the Know and In the Money

The No #1 Trusted Broker For Binary Options Education

Magnum Options; established in early 2013 is a new Binary Options broker that has changed the face of Binary Options trading. Engineered with state of the art technology at the heart of its platform, Magnum offers an easy to use, 100% web based platform, android and iPhone app,   high returns on both successful and non-successful trades; giving traders the opportunity to trade over 160 globally underlying assets in a vibrant, transparent and secure environment.

Attention to Detail Fail - People Thought Twitter was Home Entertainment Stock

This is just another case of failure to do due diligence and maintain high attention to detail. Today: October 4, 2013, people have bought up a penny stock that they thought was Twitter because Twitter is supposed to have an IPO soon. The ticker that went up 1000% today! and now is sitting at +600%.

Focusing on Price Prediction with Strict Trade Entries (Swing) +$179

This is what I have decided over the course of this week. I have to pick some really good first entries as my binary options trading goes. The biggest thing I am finding is lack of indications being used for trade entry. Rather than monitor all the forex pairs and waiting for one to meet my guidelines for a swing trade, I have been entering a trade just to enter. That is not good if you are trying to make a profit. It is good if you just want to gamble. That is not what we're doing here.

Non-Farm Payroll Cancelled

This is one of the major things that traders love to see on the first Friday of every month. The Non-Farm Payroll or NFP is actually a lagging indicator, but it does move the market a lot. For binary option traders, it can be a good way to get into some nice range trading at the ends of the price.

Oct 2, 2013

Tips on Timing the Market

As I monitor the forex markets this morning (October 2, 2013 at 10:56 am es),, I was looking at one key metric. That is the amount of time that an uptrend took to reach a top and retrace back. Since binary options is all about timing, you would be wise to look into this yourself. Today, there was some fairly big forex pair moving news because of the ADP non-farm data. It was lower than forecast and resulted in a sell-off of the USD, which means most major pairs went up in value if the USD was their lower half. For example, EUR/USD shot up. I was looking at a couple of majors to see the time it took to go up and retrace.

Trading Swing on EUR/JPY - Profit of $431

Took awhile for me to get into an entry. I had a nice call signal on the USD/CAD and GBP/USD, but looked away from my charts for a minute and the price had moved too much on me. Then I went and tried to trade the news on EUR/USD and got burned with a $125 high/low call option.

Oct 1, 2013

Working on New "No Think" Options Trading Strategy +$100

I am working on a new strategy for binary options trading. It's all about the "no think" trade. All I am doing is using the short term trends that are shown in the platforms and making decisions on diverse underlying assets in the forex market as well as different indices and stocks around the world. You may also see some commodities in there.

CFTC Shutting Down Also

Well, this doesn't matter for most international binary option traders, but it does effect anyone trading binaries on Nadex because that exchange is regulated by the CFTC. The CFTC does offer many functions and one of the main ones is preventing fraud.

Monthly Income Report - Passive Income + Trading Profit

This month was pretty crazy and very difficult to start. Coming out of August I was feeling on top of the world. It felt so great taking $28 all the way up to $1,200 with binary options and the passive income was flowing from all my websites like never before. I had went ahead and moved most of my funds from that little mini trading account over to Nadex. The plan was to take it all the way up to $40,000 by the end of the year......however that didn't happen.

Trading Forex Trends - $285 Profit

It's another wonderful morning on October 1, 2013. The U.S. government has partially shut down for the first time in a couple decades, but the forex markets are still open. The other main issue that can effect the value of the USD, which inherently effects the major currency pairs that people trade, is if the U.S. will pay their debts or not. We will find out about this in October. The answer could end up leading to printing more money and devaluing the USD more.

How To Trade Options If You Just Started

Hopefully you read this before you lose all your money. The best way to trade binary options or regular options, or even stocks/forex is take it as a learning experience. The longer you have a near even account balance you are winning. This is because it should be a way for you to learn and get better. You can't get better if you keep losing all your money.