Affiliate Program - SmartHelping

 Thanks for considering promoting my templates! I take great care in all of them, keeping them up-to-date and always thinking of how to best deliver quality financial models to a wide range of industries. 

Financial Model Affiliate Program Features:

  • Earn 30% commissions on all purchases (including bundles / bulk orders)
  • There are 'buy now' links, text links, and you can promote product-specific pages or the 'all models' page (The Super Smart Bundle)
  • Payouts happen via PayPal net 30 days after the month has closed. This ensures there are no chargebacks / purchase issues that need resolved. So, if you made $1,200 in commissions for June, you would get paid $1,200 on August 1st if all the sales processed successfully without a refund.
  • I usually add a new template about every 3 weeks or so and keep all the bundles updated accordingly.
  • This program is run through E-junkie (that is the back-end I use to manage all file delivery and transaction processing for the site)
  • Questions? email:
If you have an audience that you think will like the financial models, tracking tools, and calculators that I have to offer, then sign up below: