The template download flow works as follows:

1. Hit the 'add to cart' option, which takes the user to the checkout page.

2. You choose to pay through your Paypal account or you can checkout without Paypal.

3. The template will be sent to your Paypal e-mail after the purchase has completed. If you want the template to go to a different e-mail, please tell me what one (my e-mail is below so you can do this).

4. If you have a bulk order, specify which templates you want, unless it is a bulk order by category, in which case I will send you the templates for that category.

If in doubt, you can always e-mail me:


  • PayPal
  • Credit Card (on the check out page, just click the second 'Check Out' button to pay without a PayPal account)
  • Bitcoin: 1Pt6bbArdz8b9yWDBBX2GyrXDa38RsTXBx
  • Ethereum: 0xE91B7Db8Ee871fBe48c8b0A0723022704F4879f8