Oct 31, 2011

More Good in the World Than Evil

I believe there is more good in the world than evil. It is apparent that measuring this is hard. Most of the news we get about other areas of the world that we don't directly experience is negative or portrays disasters, killings, and wrongdoings. As a result, many perceptions about how things really are and how the majority of people behave is skewed. The reason why I think there is more good in the world compared to evil is not based on facts or the news. It is really based on the assumption that people don't enjoy acting in a manner that harms others unless they have some sort of justification for behaving in a manner that the rest of the world views as bad.

If you take out the justification factor, people would never do anything that is considered evil. This is based on the logic that I just stated above. I would like some actual real world situations that may shed some light on the good things that happen in peoples lives on this planet. It doesn't have to be very significant, but lets get some good stories out there and see what happens in peoples everyday lives.

I do understand that bad things do happen and I am not trying to ignore them. This is simply a blog post that demonstrates different positive stories or events that people would like to share. One of the main reasons why I feel like this is good is because it gets people in the mindset of promoting good experiences rather than focusing on all the bad things that they encounter.

One thing that you might notice is when a bad event comes to your attention directly or indirectly, it generally makes the individual exposed to it feel bad they can't do anything about it or just more pessimistic about the rest of the world. I want to get this mindset eliminated as much as possible. It's a large project, but there is lots of power in thought and changing perceptions so lets do it.

Let's Publish Stories That People Have Around the World

I want to publish all of the situations that people have encountered. Since this site is accessible all over the world, I am accepting all examples of positive things that people see in their everyday lives no matter where they live or in what language it is (I have online translators and will check every story). To get your story on this post just give me an e-mail at the address below and I will start publishing them on this exact page. You can also leave a comment on this post with your story if you don't feel like sending an e-mail.

E-mail me with your story at: admin@healthy-supplements.net or submit a comment to this post sharing your positive experience.

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Oct 30, 2011

Perspective of All of Us

I find it interesting to look at different perspectives. This generally clears the waters about how biases form and who wants what for what reason. If you can figure out what perspective someone is coming from, it becomes very easy to realize why the act a certain way or do things. It is also useful to keep a good perspective of where you are in life compared to others. This might help motivate you because you think you can do better or because you want to stay where you think you are related to others.

Additionally, I find it very amazing to look at the perspective of the entire population of the world related to the rest of the universe. This idea is tough to get your mind around and almost impossible. It is like thinking about an atom being the Earth and we are people on that atom. Obviously atoms are very small and make up the entire Universe, but it is hard to comprehend this. There is so much space in between these things that it almost seems possible to pack all the atoms in the universe into a small space if you just take away all the space in between them.

It's hard to visualize how there can be so much space in between such small things, but there is. If you look at an atom in perspective to a baseball stadium, the electrons that orbit it are about like sand particles orbiting a basketball in the middle of a baseball stadium. Think about how much relative space this creates within an atom and multiply it by how many atoms there are. This is pretty crazy.

I find that thinking in these terms allows me to work better and develop the things I really enjoy in life. When you take yourself out of a situation mentally and see the entire picture that you are currently in, things change a little bit. It is easier to follow your true passions and desires because in the long run you don't have anything to lose. What if everyone thought like this? I think the world would be pretty amazing. Just imagine if everyone was able to enjoy the awesome phenomenon that is life and forget all the stupid things that make them angry.

I think there is more good in the world than evil. The problem is that this little evil has big impacts when people don't keep a large perspective on things. When you try to visualize what your life means and the impact you can have on the environment that you are in, which is the entire Universe or reality, it becomes apparent that nothing physical really matters. You will start to hold value in relationships, feelings, and what makes you happy on a daily basis.

If you are able to drop all perspective and just live in reality, life becomes much more clear. The motivations behind your actions become natural and pure. The only reason why you will do a certain thing is because you simply want to and your life is demanding that you do it. It is so easy to get caught up in the things that effect you everyday and lose perspective. If this happens, simply do a little meditation and gain back a more peaceful mindset.  

Oct 28, 2011

Pushing for Productivity

Right now I am pushing myself for more productivity on my health product review site. I think it is working by focusing on balancing quality and quantity. It is a tricky line to play with, but necessary to look into. I have found that I need thousands of pages in order to become a more authority ranking site in the search engines. The only way to achieve this is to keep myself productive each day and over a few years I should be able to reach the position that my site needs to be at in order to reach some goals.

As I right this, I am waiting for my web builder to load up. It is going very slow so I figured I could check into the blog here for a minute and speak whats on my mind about productivity. One of the major reasons why a website ends up failing online is because people can't get themselves into a productive and sustainable state of mind. The first month may yield some good results, but these results will most likely fade as time goes on.

One way I try to stay productive is by not thinking about what I have to do. The mind can create perceptions and justify not doing things or slacking. Don't think, just create new things and you will see sustainable productivity. Don't let your mind bring you down. Make your mind let your become more productive.

Most likely, your will be able to increase your productivity at any job or situation where you have to provide some service or make something for others by fully committing to it. Pretend that just like you commit to breathing, commit to your work.

Oct 27, 2011

Hard Work When You Feel Bad

This is exactly what I am doing right now. Hard work is what I default to in order to grow. It is something that should be embraced and not shied away from. I just played a recreational basketball game and we lost. Our team didn't play well together, including myself, and it went bad. I am now trying to write in order to get it off my mind and feel better. Since basketball is one of the activities I love to do, it doesn't sit well with me to come out of a recreational game with a sour taste in my mouth.

Well so far I have gotten one paragraph in and am feeling somewhat better already. I am beginning to focus on what I need to write in this piece in order to make it valuable to the person reading it and less on the bad game. Lets keep going here. When you participate in things and it doesn't go your way, don't let it get to you. Sports players don't always feel like doing sports, people who love their job don't always love to do their job, and some days people who are singers don't always feel like singing. Keep going though. Don't let one negative event lead to another negative event. Going through life thinking that things are fair and eventually you will get what you want is not a sustainable approach.

If you let a bad situation stew in your system and don't get it out, happiness will evade your life. Instead let it out with some hard work. I don't know why people view hard work as something to avoid. It is a great thing to take part in. Even if it isn't giving you any immediate results, working hard can help you heal and lead to a more pleasing life. Some strive to set their life up in a way that reduces the amount of difficult work they have to do. To me, this leads to an empty life. The definition of boredom means being without work or becoming complacent with your current situation.

I find that people become unsatisfied with their job or life when they get forced to work hard at something that is not fulfilling to them. Things start to get tricky with this concept. Generally, working as an outlet from the rest of your life may not help in the long run if the work consists of doing things that you don't agree with or don't satisfy you.

Some people have an outlook that makes any work feel good. It may be satisfying to an individual if they feel like they gave a task everything they had and get to see a job well done. I like to define success as hard work. It is not always a bad thing if you are able to feel good working hard at anything. It is a freeing feeling to be completely satisfied with being alright with difficult or challenging tasks.

When you are able to use your mind to complete things that are difficult and take a lot of time, it feels good. Using intelligence to accomplish anything can be highly rewarding for any person. The rewards can be whatever you want them to be.

And now I have put together this post as a way of trying to get my mind of basketball and feeling better. I can't say that it worked 100%, but I do feel a little better. Since I have not completely healed from the negative event, I will keep writing.

The next thing I am trying is watching entertaining television combined with my favorite music on the commercials. This seems promising. I think I need some food too. Hold on one second....I have to wait for a commercial to get food. Alright here we go.

Wow, this food is amazing. It is vanilla almond cereal. Even though it is 9 at night right now, this cereal still tastes great. So if work is not making you feel any better, try to indulge your other senses. Distraction and stimulus help get you into a new mindset with different surrounding circumstances. A nice game of chess, card game, or video game will get the job done. Just like the way an animal can forget what they are worried about by getting their strong senses stimulated.

I think I have found the end all solution to this problem. Get a perspective on life. I think that things can always be worse. Pretend you are in a terrible situation that you would never what to be in. Now realize that you are not in that situation and enjoy the happiness surrounding you. Realize all the things you can accomplish and do since you are not stuck in a terrible situation. I always love to think of the kids starving in Africa. There are individuals who have animals walking behind them waiting for them to die so they can eat. This is not a good situation and I really am grateful of all the opportunities that are available to me.

Having the right perspective can also help you work harder than you currently are. Forget all the constraints you have on yourself and do work. This has helped and I feel better. Got some stimulating music on and some good food and drink to eat. I think the final part of getting into a better mood is going to be social interaction. Getting into a positive situation with others will propel anyone out of a bad mood.

Well I thought of another thing that might help you out if you feel upset about something. Workout. Try and get your blood flowing and do it in solitary. It is good to lift with others sometimes, but other times you may benefit more psychologically to workout by yourself. Meditate and feel the burn of the muscle movements. Doing this for awhile can help strengthen your mental toughness as well as become a nice outlet to get things off you chest, like some bench pressing! Hehe.

Oct 25, 2011

Positive Event Correlation

When you start feeling good about one thing, I think it helps you flow into more positive and beneficial events. Your life can be impacted by tiny events or large events. One of the best ways to develop your self and get into a very happy state of mind and lifestyle is by using your strengths and correlating them into the impacts you have on the rest of the world.

Ride the situations that result in success. If you just got a nice raise or acquired a client that instantly doubles your sales revenue, ride with it. It will most likely impact you down the road in a good way. The impacts on your life can spread out and move into things that have nothing to do with the actual event that happened. Your love life, friend relationships, and performance will most likely be effected as a result of this single good thing that happened to you.

I believe you can achieve this confident feeling of positiveness without anything good happening to you in the first place. The only significance a good event has on you is the feeling you get. If you can put yourself into that good feeling state of mind without needing any specific thing to happen, it is easy to act in a way that is congruent with the way you might act if a large positive event impacted you.

As a result you will maximize the benefits that come from good things happening to you. If I suddenly got a bunch of sales from some new niche market, it might spur me to be more creative and loving to my girlfriend. Instead of waiting for the sales to happen in order to cause me to act in a better way towards my girlfriend, I should act that way in the first place. By applying this to every single situation, you will tap into the power of being positive. It will impact all aspects of your life no matter what it is. 

The reason this helps people grow is because of the way it strengthens your mental toughness. Instead of letting things you don't control effect your ability to be positive and confident when a difficult or important event requires your attention, you will want to let the good things flow through your life constantly. Over long periods of time, this can have amazing impacts on your life and take you places you never thought were attainable. It all starts in your mind. Create the positive ideas and thoughts. Once achieved, apply it to everything you interact with and don't hold any specific lens or perspective that limits your emotions.

Oct 23, 2011

Wolf-Pac Taking Back Government for its People

This is pretty motivating here and speaks to some very evident truths that our country suffers from. The group called the Wolf-Pac is an organized group of people who are calling for a new amendment to be passed. I will not copy and paste it, but will paraphrase.

It basically restricts any one politician from receiving more than $100 from any one person or entity. The proposed amendment also proposes that corporations can't contribute to politicians in any way. They should only be able to receive money form publicly funded operations. I like it so far.

This is great. Finally America is beginning to wake up and smell the coffee. The only way this will work is by bypassing Congress and the Supreme Court by getting every single state in the United States to force this amendment into the constitution. It is possible for the states to call a constitutional convention and pass this thing into law.

Please, think this through guys. If we sit back and do nothing for much longer, our society is going to turn into something like the books 1984 or Brave New World depict. I don't believe this is right and we can still make changes to our entire system. Nothing is too small to have an impact on the fat cats sitting up in corporations. Spread the word about this and make things right. Stop all the BS that goes on in our government and call for this new amendment to pass. It is about time we get some genuine people into power so the right things get done.

I really hope it works because the bare truth is that the people running our country are bought and paid for by very large companies with their own self sustaining interests. This is not how the countries founders intended things to work out. Too much power has been given to the individual corporation as a result of government officials and their greed for money and self preservation.

This is completely pitiful. Currently, America feels like a place where you are almost born into power or not. We still have things set up so anyone can raise to higher social classes. The only factor that hinders people is knowledge. By learning more, you will find the key to success. I believe our school systems are being set up in a way that trains people to work for companies rather than think critically and solve problems for no reason at all other than the problem has to be solved for the betterment of the entire group.

We are socially brain washed into thinking we can only work if we are getting paid. This is terrible and prevents progress from happening.

Oct 22, 2011

Creating Abundance

What is abundance and how can people create it? Abundance is the ability of having no chance of running out of something for a perpetual amount of time. By believing money is in abundance you can feel like it is not scarce. Scarcity is the opposite of abundance. I believe that my thoughts are in abundance and therefore can write on my blog for a very long time.

Sometimes you have to trick your body into thinking something is abundance. By giving away your money to something, it may result in a feeling of abundance as far as money goes. It will feel a lot less scarce because a perception will develop in your mind that believes you have enough money to spread out among different things. Millions of different things can be done to create a feeling of abundance.

If you act on them over time, your life will feel rich with things and you will no longer think of things as scarce. When you live a life that feels more full and abundant, it makes it easier to be productive and happy. One reason why people are unable to create abundance is because they get themselves in a situation, which they are unable to think around or outside of. When you fail to keep perspective, problems with abundance arise.

I feel like anyone can change their thought process by willing things into their mind. Once you have the correct justifications, you will be able to let yourself do things. Once there is nothing blocking your mind from allowing you to do anything, you can do anything. Don't listen to anything except for your own ideas of how to make things happen.

Some might tell you one thing because they believe it is true. You can accept it or deny it. The bottom line is that whatever you here is subjective until you are able to justify it being true for yourself. Don't allow the limited perceptions of others make you feel a certain way. If you limit your thought process to what others say is possible and not possible, you won't end up doing anything that has never been done before.

It is much more fulfilling and interesting to ignore outside influence and allow your brain to go to work instead. Use your mind to open up possibilities and make things happen. Let's look at an example.

Lets say that you get the idea that you want to be a professional at something. In reality, the studies say a person needs to participate in the thing they want to be a professional in for 10,000 hours. By ignoring this and just doing the thing you love without thinking about the 10,000 hours rule, the ability of you to accomplish your goal will have much better chances of success.

A lot of the times you may tell people your dreams. They may say it is impossible or the chances of it happening are slim to none. However, if you never heard this idea that it was impossible, you would probably try to do it for the rest of your life. It would either come to pass that you end up making your dream come true or you may stumble onto something else.

The point is that you should do whatever you think is possible in your mind and don't let someone else's opinion about reality reduce the abundance in your ability that things can happen the way you want. Just keep pushing forward or backward, or wherever you want and eventually your life will get there.

The mind can be a very powerful thing because of its ability to create perceptions. It can work against you if you let your mind convince you that something is not possible. If you are able to keep yourself from creating road blocks, a lot more possibilities and feelings of abundance can arise.

Another idea that goes along with this is when writing about a topic. When you first learn something, you might feel like the information surrounding what you have learned is limited. As we get older, we realize that there may be more to that little bit of information we learned when in grade school. For people who like to write like me, writers block can tend to be an internet marketers killer.

The good news is that I have discovered while writing this post that information is unlimited and very abundant. I can write about pretty much anything at any time. It is also totally unique and from my own perspective because nobody else on Earth has gone through the exact life that I have gone through. As a result, I have a million things to write about and feel more abundant when figuring out what to write about.

Flat Tax

I want to touch on the idea of a "Flat Tax" because it is currently in the media surrounding the presidential elections. One of the possible candidates that wants to be president has brought forth the idea of implementing a flat tax in the United States. This has some major ripples going around with big and small businesses.

I think this type of tax would be interesting if taken to fruition. The reason why it would be good is because it takes all the complexity out of filing taxes. Additionally, it puts a hurt on corporations that try to pay barely any taxes through tricky financial reporting mixed with the tax code. Honestly, I think it would make everyone's life much easier. The current system in the U.S. that withholds money from peoples pay checks according to their estimated tax liability will stay in place. The simplicity kicks in if you know about how much money you will end up making during the year.

All you have to do in order to calculate your taxes would report your marital status, total wages and all other income, and the number of kids you have. Based on these figures, your tax is calculated without needing any other information.

In the long run I think this type of tax is beneficial because more taxes will be being paid by people who are making millions of dollars compared to what they pay now. Individuals in the lower class will probably be paying more taxes as well. The middle class will be paying less than they currently do because much more tax revenue will be flowing into the government by rich corporations and individuals. The tax rates will go to somewhere between 20% and 30% in my opinion if a flat tax is put into practice.

When talking about corporations, they will still only be taxed on their net income. However, once they reach their net income, there will be no deductions or ways to manipulate the amount of tax that is payed on the amount of total net income each year. Hopefully, this will simplify our monetary system and allow decisions to be made without worrying about their tax effect.

Fraud will also be reduced if this flat tax ends up happening. There will be no more issues with people making things up to reduce their total income levels. Whatever they make is what they are taxed on. This system is leaps and bounds ahead of the current tax code that is basically set up to benefit entrepreneurs and corporations only. The complexity of our current tax code is there to help 10% of the population, which consequently make 99% of the money in this country.

Just imagine if all that money they are making is funneled into the tax system. It will eliminate the need for any type of sales tax and provide more than enough money to get government functions completed. Many other countries have a flat tax of 33% and it works amazingly. I have personally talked to some business owners in the middle east and Europe, who make around $100,000, and they love this type of flat tax system.  

Important Things in Life

So what are the important things in life? You may find yourself asking this question when you are board and have nothing to do. Sometimes people think more money will make them happy and as a result they believe having more money is important. Others may have a perspective that says relationships are important and you should try to connect with others in order to feel happy.

There are also others who may think it is important to have a positive impact on others. This could mean showing others generous deeds and helping them out so they can see there is some good in the world. At the root of most individuals being, they want to have some kind of impact on the world. It is that deep human nature that longs for some type of importance and sense of accomplishment.

Here are some words going through my head that attempt to explain what I am feeling about whats important in life. I feel like you can do it no matter what situation you are in or how much money you have. I believe it is easy to feel happy and accomplished with your life. It is just a matter of letting yourself do the actions. It may feel easier to do something if you let yourself commit to it rather than telling yourself you have to do it.

Most things that are important in life don't involve making more money. It involves your decisions and how they impact others. Money might be part of it, but the act of getting more money is not going to help you grow as a person, unless you got it right.

You will find that the most successful companies and people that are happiest and have a lot of money are those who have been able to intricately put themselves in a position where they can provide joy and happiness to others in exchange for money. I believe this is one way to be completely satisfied with your entire life. It will allow a persons soul to feel good.

I am going to make a bold statement here. 100% of people who grow up and want to harm others, were harmed in some way in the past. It might have been physically or emotionally. Whatever the case might be, when people grow up and want to perform actions that in their mind will harm others in some way, it is a result of them justifying their actions because of what has happened to them over the years.

Since all things with moving parts have complications, I also hold this true: Some people have chemical and biological factors that impede their brain from feeling or thinking in a certain way. As a result, they may feel like they have to impact others in a bad way for some reason nobody understands but them. It is most likely irrational and makes no sense to the rest of us. It does happen and people suffer because of biological issues.

This brings me to my next point about important things. This involves justifying bad things. The most common statement that people come across is something like "you have to feel bad in order to know what it is like to feel good." I don't think it is as black and white as that. If nothing bad ever happened and everyday was sunny with the perfect temperature, we would still find ways to feel sad or lost sometimes.

It is a matter of how much you decide to let outside factors impact your life and how you feel. Organize your life so that no matter what happens outside of your control, you are always doing what is most important to you. By living in this way, you can never be deterred by anything or any situation. The hard part is finding something you think is important and can allow you to partake in it for your entire life.

Finding something like this can take time. The best way to figure it out is by sitting down and figuring out what you really like to do and why. Try to change some of the ideas you hold true and see if the actions you do follow this change of idea.

Oct 19, 2011

Social Brainwashing

There are a few things that the world is getting used to. In particular the United States markets. People here are being socialized to accept things that end up promoting big business profits. Everything has supply and demand factors, however, price hiking happens and it is ridiculous for everyone involved.

The first topic I want to cover is being conditioned to accept that prices are suppose to go up over time for all products. The only basis for this is that materials are being reduced and lowering the supply that businesses have to work with when making products and providing services. The world as a whole needs to start figuring out sustainable means of living so that it doesn't result in us using things that have unsustainable resources. If we can do this, the cost of living compared to that earnings of people make becomes more peaceful. It will allow things to be provided for low costs relative to the amount of money that people can make.

Everything has factors that effect it. Prices of gas go up because the supply is going down. However, the rate at which the prices are rising suggests that we are running out of oil much faster than we are. At the current rate, oil prices will far exceed what they should be in a healthy economy. In a healthy economy prices are supposed to go down as productivity goes up. Instead, profits go up for the owners and prices also go up. People are making less relative to costs.

This is partly a result of the middle class shrinking. If we keep heading in the same direction, there will be two groups. People who can afford anything they want and those who have next to nothing and have to work as much as humanly possible to have food, water, and shelter.

The U.S. population is made to accept that over time prices rise. A gallon of milk was much cheaper 50 years ago than it is today. Why is that? I don't think that the way we cultivate milk has become less efficient and more expensive to provide. I believe it has become far more efficient than it used to be. The better efficiency has led to prices going up for the owners of companies rather than cutting prices for consumers. It makes no sense to me.

How The United States Dollar is Valued

As more money is printed, there is more physical amounts of money in the economy. If you keep making more quantities of money, it is worth less. Think about it this way. If there were 10 times the amount of U.S. dollars available in the market, all the prices of goods and services would multiply by 10. As a result, a house that cost $100,000 dollars before, now cost 1,000,000. Inflation is fine if peoples wages are increasing at a similar rate. The problem is that more money is being created, but the average person is not earning as much money compared to the amount of money being created.

I don't know the exact numbers, but it could be similar to this. Inflation is occurring at 15%, while peoples actual salaries and wages are increasing at 4%. This means the average person has to work more to afford the same amount of goods and services. Where is this extra money being created by inflation going if the average person is not getting it? To very large banks and corporations. People accept that prices rise and don't question anything that happens. We just feel like it is normal and supposed to happen.

All of this leads to more work for less rewards.

Personal Development

You can apply this to personal development in many ways. The primary objective you need to accomplish is thinking critically about situations and why things happen. Don't just go along with what everyone else is doing. This is a great way to get what everyone else is getting around you. If you want different results, just do different things.

A person who can see what they want in the future and act on it now will be able to attain their goals easier. Acting based on social standards is the best way to achieve absolutely nothing new or exciting. Being different is one the greatest characteristics of an entrepreneur. Ignore what is expected and do what is unexpected.

Oct 18, 2011

Benefits of An Altruistic Life

After you read the following examples and situation, you should have a better understanding of why it can help your peace of mind when you live in an altruistic way. I am defining altruistic as doing things without a behind motivation. For example, a firemen that goes into a building and dies trying to save others is said to have an altruistic suicide because he gave up his life only to help other and his motivation for dying was only to help others. Not that he wanted to die, but he may have known the chances of dying were very high and went in anyway.

Altruistic mindsets are peaceful and lead to happy lives.

Most people usually act out of motivation for an end. I certainly did this when choosing my major in college. I thought it was so expensive to go to college so I figured I might as well pick something that had stable salaries and markets. For the motivation of money and financial safety, I picked Accounting. There was not many factors that made me like this type of subject other than I thought it would be good to make money with.

Little did I know that I should have been studying something that truly interested me. This is computers and websites. Something I loved before even beginning college was online games and building computers. I tossed this aside because I was not an altruistic person at the time. The only actions I did just for fun were playing online games, parkour, and basketball. These things were fun for me and I would do them without thinking about gaining money, power, or something else in life.

This website I am writing on now is not purely altruistic. I promote recommended products that I think can genuinely help people. The catch is that I have deals worked out so the suppliers pay me based on how many sales I push to their products and services through this site. Besides that, everything about this website is altruistic and designed to help people with things. I don't write to push product, only to give insight on life. Hence the name "Smart Helping". I would never charge people a fee to view my content and I even let anyone copy my content for themselves if they want.

In this aspect, I do write for pleasure and hope to help out the people reading this content without trying to sell anything. In the long run, I feel like giving users solid content that they can read whenever they want will be a good business model.

Having said this, I think it is important to lead your life without focusing on how situations turn out for your benefit. Instead, try looking at a situation and see how you can help others without any underlying motivations. Currently, the things I do that don't have any real ends include working out, playing basketball, and writing online.

In the past (Roman Empire) people new that other people didn't act out of compassion and love. Instead people figured out how to promote themselves and rise up in wealth. For this specific reason, politicians of ancient Rome were only aloud to serve terms of 1 year in length. This was so they could not mess too much stuff up and partake in activities that were bias and self-serving.

Now-a-days this is unheard of. Politicians try to stay in politics for their own good and as long as possible. It is rare to find people in government who would work for free and enjoy the honor of being in government. It is all about the self and how one can feel better about their own life. People want more power, money, and prestige. The truth is that none of those things will result in true joy or happiness.

The way you can attain eternal peace is by letting go of all your monetary motivations and focus on your actions. People can talk a lot, but the actions that an individual does throughout their life speaks about them as a person. True altruism will make our society much healthier and make more sense.

Oct 17, 2011

Manifesting Good Things

Lots of times, people will be in a position where they want good things to happen to them. It is natural to want good things to happen to yourself. If you think of it in terms of money, it becomes apparent that more equals good. If someone can find a way to make more money, they feel like it is a good thing that is happening to them.

The fun part about all this is when you start to manifest good things. Manifest simply means will into existence. The best way to help good things happen to you is actually do the actions that will give you the best chance to experience what you desire to happen. This might seem simple but its not so easy. Much of the time, a person may let their life fall into a stagnant plateau.

This state of being is going to hurt your chances of experiences good things. It is pretty much impossible to manifest anything without positive action toward your end results. The part where manifesting comes in is by believing that what you are doing will get you what you want. Some may call this optimism. I think it is just a good way to accomplish goals.

The benefits to this are endless and in order to promote personal growth, it is necessary to keep your life fresh and curious. Don't be satisfied with a result until you can feel genuinely good about it through the whole thing. Be satisfied with the way you accomplished something, your attitude throughout the whole thing, and the long term effects of what you did.

By manifesting some positive feeling through this process, it should help lead your decision making process in a constructive way. Negativity and depression can set in fast when things start to go in the opposite direction that you want to move in. The key is to keep yourself in a mode of learning and also balance learning with your gut feeling. Often times the best decision is to go with what feels natural.

You can help good things happen to yourself by treating others around you with a loving spirit. Build relationships that you may not normally build. In the long run, you never know how things play out. The best way to put yourself in a whole as far as personal growth and success go is by making enemies wherever you go. Spreading a bad attitude throughout the people in your life will negatively impact you as a person.

Another factor that may help you out is ignoring past failures. Learn from these failures, but forget them as well. It can be harmful to play off your weaknesses and short comings. Instead figure out your strengths and use them to move you along in life. When something bad happens as a result of your mistake, don't allow that to effect your next decision. Try to stick with your original plan and purpose in life and keep plugging away.

Some of the worst decisions are made in a persons life when they are experiencing deep fear about something or let their emotions determine their next decision rather than their intelligence. Use your mind to decide what your next move is. It is powerful and may give you a surprise.

Oct 15, 2011


What is intelligence? This is a tough question to answer. People may think it is the amount of information you can regurgitate when asked a question. Going with this definition, it also means you have to spit back information that gives an appropriate solution to the question and is concise but allows others to comprehend what the answer means related to the question.

I think intelligence is interacting with your environment in a positive way. One of the main factors that determines our ability to do this is the connection power of our brains. Not everyone has the same strength of connections and therefore can't put 2 and 2 together in every situation they face. The connection is sort of like the part of your brain that knows the value of 2 and the thing that happens if you add it to another 2 it makes ?

Your brain replaces this question mark with a 4. It is based on counting and numerical values. The way this works is complex but the results are simple. Understanding is intelligence and the best way to understand things is by seeing how they relate to each other.

One of the most famous smart person was Albert Einstein. He found that energy equals mass. His mind was able to make this connection and see how mass and energy interact with each other to make up what we see as reality.

Having the ability to make decisions that go along with your belief system and goals may also be thought of as intelligence. If you can see events that correlate to your life and than decide what the best possible thing for you to do is, good things tend to follow.

Oct 13, 2011

Feel Free

Heh, feeling free is an interesting idea. Most people think they are free, but that is not the case. As a society, we look to give up our freedom for security and comfort. This is apparent when looking at jobs. Most jobs require people to come in everyday and do the same thing over and over. Then, in return for the continuous loyalty and security, a company will pay their workers a tiny percentage of the profits so they keep doing it.

Looking at it from a workers perspective, they need that bi-monthly paycheck in order to survive in a world that was made by large companies. It is very hard to survive without large corporations. In some ways these entities have made life easier and more interesting, but in other ways they have made things boring and meaningless.

We are socialized to believe in companies and that it is good to work for a paycheck so you can survive enough to pay for food and shelter. This is really something a lunatic would think of. You can't feel free in this society. People get caught up in simply trying to advance that they forget why they are even alive. The childhood dreams people had and thought were fun are now diminished.

It is not natural to live in an environment that takes away all your freedom as a human being. All the business side of things cares about is your productivity and efficiency. In the long run, this means limiting your actions to what the boss says you are aloud to do. Who wants to be told what to do? It is much more joyful to learn things that genuinely interest you. Our school systems sort of eliminate this type of thinking though. The institution of school is set up to train people to follow directions and do what they are told.

Working will not set you free unless you work as a free person doing things you actually want to do. This is the catch and difference between what Hitler put on the signs of concentration camps and the actual benefit of the phrase "Work will set you free." You will not be set free by work unless it is meaningful and fulfilling to yourself. The people working in concentration camps for no pay were not being set free, their freedom was being taken from them.

Why do you think more and more people are looking for ways to "live without a job" or trying surviving without doing work they hate. The only reason why this idea has not spread more is because society looks down on individuals who want to make it by themselves and without the aid of a company that provides benefits. It is ridiculous how much of our personal freedom is thrown down the drain in the current society.

Problems arise when people don't want to work at all. Working is good, but it is sustainable when you are actually providing something valuable to your surroundings. I find this really fun and get lots of benefits from simply writing this blog. It is cool for me to build things and also have deep impacts on society that are positive.

Nobody thinks it is possible to make it on their own so they make their minds believe their way is the best way. In reality, there way is what big corporations need to survive. This way of life is slowly changing and you can see it by the change in our current economy (October 2011). It is not a depression, changes are just occurring.

Clearly some people see a distinct difference between work and "a real job". If you are not slaving away for some company that determines your pay, than you don't have a "real job". I for one don't want a real job in that case. Lets look at the truth though. In my mind, truth is this: Work is work no matter what the circumstance is. The way in which you decide to work is the key difference. Me working on this blog is no less of work than someone working at a marketing company who writes them a monthly paycheck. I also write for paychecks, but the cool thing about it is that I get to write about whatever I want, on my own schedule, and it has purpose for me.

People should be rich based on the amount of value they are providing. The more value they provide, the more they should be able to make. This is how individuals become very wealthy. They are certainly not lazy and are generally entrenched in what they feel their purpose is. The term "lazy" is very far from what this type of person represents.

Learning To Post Regularly

It never fails to motivate me to write. I have a secret source that I go to and read whenever I feel the need to write but can't get the motivation. I now feel the motivation after reading from this source and am able to start working on the blog here.

This is one of the easiest ways I have found to keep my blog up and running for a continued amount of time. It is this constant source that allows me to post on a fairly regular basis. I am guessing that if you are reading this, you also might be searching for something to help you post to your blog regularly. Hopefully I can help.

Keep things interesting and writing will be interesting. It is hard to do a blog that generates lots of traffic if your life consists of the same things each day. Mix it up and do little experiments that have results. What I mean by tests is figure out interesting ways to live differently and try new things. This is the best source for keeping your content fresh. People will also be able to relate to what you're write much easier if there is a personal experience factor. 

For me, I have just starting out on this blog about a month and a half ago. I am trying to post once a day on average. Some days I have done 2 or 3 posts, and others I don't do any. The bottom line is that productive traffic numbers are not going to come for me until I reach a few hundred pages of highly valuable content. When people have realized there is value here, they will spread this blog and it will gain traction in search engines as well as have other increases from many traffic sources.

People just starting out in a new blog need to realize the importance of continually adding content. It is like the fresh air that you breathe in every day. New content means new things for search engines to crawl. Your traffic will be based on what you have written about. The more you write, the more traffic that will come. Think of it this way, if you have not written about it, nobody will come to your site looking for it. Then, if you make what you're writing about useful or helpful, there will be long term rewards financially and emotionally. 

You could apply this idea to a high traffic blog or a regular static site. A static site also needs to have new content added if the owner is a brand new business trying to gain some market share. For example, if you run a printing company and your site has just been launched, there are some things you can do to increase sales. Start writing some helpful articles on your site about why your printing company is good. At the end of your article make a little signature that has a link to the sales page of your site where people can contact you about new projects. 

This will allow new customers to get to know you from all over the country and they will call in with new inquires of business they would like you to do for them. It is more than likely that if you have been in the business of printing for awhile, your knowledge is extensive. Use this to create new pages on your site about tips and tricks of the industry. This is one really easy way to benefit from a website and have it help your offline business grow. The amount of new queries that get generated will really boost sales.

That example shows the importance of content writing for any business that performs all their operations offline. Any brick and mortar business can help generate new leads with a web presence. One of the best places to start this process is with Hosting and Website Tools. They teach people how to create sustainable sites that work effectively at what a site should be able to do.

Right now it is 6:37 AM and I have pretty much completed this post except for the proof reading, which I am about to do. It was fun and easy for me to start creating content once I went to my secret source and got the motivation I needed to be productive. It is my hope that the blog you are reading right now will be able to help you get the motivation to write more. 

Keep in mind that all my content is not copywrited because I want people to have free content available to them whenever they need it. Feel free to paraphrase, re-package, and sell my content for your own financial benefit. I don't care if you make e-books out of the information I have and sell it for a profit. That is one of the goals of this site.      

Oct 11, 2011

For Webmasters

Alright, I have decided to make a post that is going to be a work in progress. This post will be updated whenever I find useful information that can help website owners out.

Tip 1 - Advertising On Website

I realize that many new website owners might be thinking about ways to help their sites make money. The way you don't do this is by adding more ads. Think about it, what if television focused on providing their users more ads instead of content. In your site or blog, make the content most important and valuable. Allow your site to justify the amount of ads on it.

If your content is so good that it justifies putting pop up ads on their because you think people are going to have your site in high demand, than do it. However, sites can be very annoying and lose lots of regular viewers with annoying ads. In my opinion, the best way to find ways to make money with your content is by promoting things you would use yourself or think would actually help your own family out.

Think about trying to sell something to your parents, siblings, or even yourself. If you wouldn't push it to them, don't push it to the rest of the world. I would not want to advertise something on my site that would annoy me if I saw it on another site.

Another mistake that is made in a website is when it actually talks about its ads within the content. If you think about television again, what if content focused on promoting random commercials during the program you were watching. This is annoying so don't do it. In the long run it will boost your traffic and allow you to make more money.

You make more money by building a quality traffic base and these visitors can be monetized in user friendly ways such as having a specific product page where you promote affiliate programs to join for free in order to make money per sale. The only tip I have about this is to make sure you push things that are long term and highly useful to lots of people.

Tip 2 - Don't Limit Yourself

In life and with a website the only thing that prevents you form doing anything at all is people telling you no. For things that are legal to do, the only thing that is really preventing you from partaking in things or developing new websites is your own thinking. If you don't tell yourself no and nobody else is telling you it is impossible to do, great things can happen.

Just let yourself go and achieve.

Tip 3 - Have A Strategy and Stick to It

One of the biggest problems I see bloggers and new website builders run into is lack of strategy and follow through. The trick is to find a strategy that makes sense to you and commit to it. Don't start something that you don't see yourself doing 10 years in the future. It is really difficult and time consuming to develop a successful online business or offline business. As long as you stay committed though and develop a strong business strategy, you can make it work well.

I will give some direct examples of how I am currently working to provide value to a large market. I give my take on certain health products. It is simple enough. The only way this works is if I keep doing the same thing over and over with different products. I find it fun because I like building things. Over many years, I hope to build the health product review site into a major voice in the health community. The important thing for me to realize is that I can't do it all at once, and it will take consistent effort over a long period of time for it to work.

Some of the biggest obstacles I face is simply doing the creative writing and trying to give each review my best effort that allows a reader to extract value from my perspective. The strategy is to provide truthful and interesting information about the things that can raise peoples health and wellness naturally. Obviously, you can see I am working in a natural health niche. This goes along with my long term strategy because I see natural health demand rising over the near and long term future. This means there will always be a demand for a truthful voice in the industry that lets people have access to the most reliable products.

Think about things like cost and potential revenue. It doesn't make sense to lose money in a business. It takes some business and financial knowledge to put your best ideas into successful development and long term impact makers. You don't have to go to college to become educated in this. Just teach yourself about money. I have written several post about how to manage money and learn about finances. There is also millions of good informational type sites that can teach you about money and the things you should know about it in order to manage your own business.

Cure Boredom

I think being board is a unique feeling. Some might feel bad or get a negative feeling when they are bored. Why don't we like this? In my opinion, boredom is a something to wake us up. The strict definition of this word means being without work and not entertained with one's surroundings.

The simple way to stop being bored is by being creative. I was once told that when I said I was bored it really meant I was boring. This is true. Liven up the things around you and boredom will be eliminated. Try and get some things going in your life that allow you to slowly build at something that has no real end.

For me, this would be blogging, playing basketball, working out, or trying something unique. Being bored is not really possible if you decide to do things instead of sit and do nothing. Our minds are one of the most powerful and fine tuned tools we have. Just try using it when you would normally not.

One fun thing you could do is work at being the perfect version of what you think you already are. When you think about this, it doesn't really mean making any changes. All you have to do is get a clear picture of what you want your life to be and work at it. It can change daily, but that is fine.

One way I keep myself from getting bored is by avoiding similar patterns. This means changing up the ways I do things. It doesn't necessarily mean changing the end action, but it might mean changing the place you do it or how you get to it every day. If you get bored of a video game, you could try and branch out to some totally different types of games. Use the skills you already have and put them to work on something totally different.

I expand my work constantly. For example, I started creating my first website in the health niche. This is something I now manage, but have allowed for other sites to spur up in the meantime. Some sites have failed and others are thriving, but it is entertaining for me to apply my skills to many different areas of the internet. This keeps my mind occupied and it's fun to see how I can make an impact.

For this reason, I believe starting a successful blog is one of the most diverse and fulfilling things available to add into your life. It may only take a few hours of your time per week, or 10 hours a day for awhile. It can easily fit into almost anyone's life. The point is that it follows the natural way of things. This means it is whatever you make it. The cool thing about making a site or blog is that you can make lots of money with it depending on how much you can use your brain in a productive way.

What is Positive

If you are curious to know, being positive is an interesting thing to figure out. It can help people accomplish their goals and feel much happier during the majority of their life. During the course of one day, lots of news comes to us. It can be good or bad and deal with serious issues or small concerns. The variable is how you feel about each bit of news that hits you.

In order to help your self move forward in life with a strong growth path, it is necessary to stay positive no matter what kind of things come across your life. Usually an attitude is not able to change the outcome or event that you don't like. If something happens that is not favorable to your life, what do you do? Feeling bad about it is natural, but it is not going to fix anything.

Everyone has a choice about anything they do. No matter what, there is always options. I feel like having the mental toughness to choose how you want to react to an event (good or bad) should be in a positive way. There is nothing physical that this line of thinking will change, but it makes a person feel less stressed and more confident when facing situations. Having this ability to stay positive no matter what is a strong skill. It will help you have the ability to never give up.

When applying this philosophy to sports, it is huge. Most people get frustrated and can't play as well when things don't go their way in a sports game. However, if you keep your mind in a positive state of being, it starts to affect how you play. You won't give up. Instead, you will play hard and better by keeping a clear head. Being positive also helps your confidence levels and overall play. 90% of people perform worse when they get upset and angry.

That statistic is just based on my personal experiences over the years, but it should hold true in your situations. There are some things you can do in order to stay in a positive light. For one, try and keep a bigger perspective about life. Realize the true importance of what any situation entails. The more important it is, the more positive you should be. It also pays off to stay calm and confident in important situations.

The goal is to get your life into a sweet spot where things keep getting better for you. By staying positive, it provides a sort of catalyst for you to use in order to reach a peaceful state of mind quickly. Many good things will start making themselves more obvious to you if your holding a positive attitude.

I train myself to do this when attempting to make money online. It was especially hard when I first started out because of all the work I was doing for no reward. I did my best to learn and figure out what I was doing by myself for the first year of internet marketing. I made very little sales with affiliate marketing at first. It was easy to feel bad and think nothing was going to happen. I soon realized that it took time and years to build your brand up and make good money with it. Anyone can be successful with their own website if they simply put enough effort into it.

Simply provide enough value to people so it justifies the products you are selling. Make people feel so good about a subject that they want to buy anything you have to sell. By reaching this point, your sales volume will sky rocket. You can apply this to any business in the world.

The lazy way out is giving up. I could have decided to let the negativity of failure take over my life. Instead, I thought in a positive light. I tried to start learning more and more so eventually there was a good base for me to work off of. This is when I finally bought my own website. It turned out to be a nice income stream for health product revenue. Without staying positive, I would have never reached this point in my life. I have tried teaching countless people how to do this right so they can make long term income for the rest of their lives but it is difficult.

Having a high mental resilience is priceless and the most valuable way you can live. By implementing these mental strategies when faced with negative events, you can use them to advance. Use this to live your life at another level and achieve some of your wildest goals.

Some things you can do to help your mind along the way is avoid information designed for the masses. Mass media is a terrible entity. It often fails to give the entire truth of anything and has a general negative nature about it. Try to learn for yourself by using your own life to experience and make decision about what to do. Don't allow your judgement to be clouded by others. Figure out what you believe by yourself and go with it. One fun thing you could try is learning from the future.

Oct 9, 2011

Government Contracts

There are some problems going on overseas as some may know. The Unites States is at war on an idea "terrorism" and it's not going well as far as business is concerned. As you know there are thousands and thousands of troops over there that have to be provided goods and services.

Whenever a large group of goods and services have to be transferred and administered, businesses provide the solution. Currently, the U.S. government is contracting out organization that can offer the services that need to be provided to all the troops. Billions and billions of dollars are spent by the U.S. government to give out sole contracts to specific groups. These groups are not named.

Who eventually pays for the billions of dollars spent on services to help our troops survive overseas? The American people, by way of taxes. The problem that rises deals with the way these contracts are given out. I personally believe that the commissioners that oversee this operation have connections with the large food service and transportation companies. Because of this conflict of interest, there is no competition among companies. Instead one company gets the contract forever and charges the government whatever they want.

Besides bringing all of our troops home, there are some ways to help the situation. Some solutions that have been brought up are allowing competition to step in. This would allow prices to lower, cut costs by a large percentage, my guess is by 25%, and force businesses to compete with one another to provide the best services for the cheapest price so they can get the contract. Financially, we could save more money by bidding out the contracts.

Here is why this has not happened yet. The argument that proponents of the sole contract idea have basically say that since these goods and services are being delivered to Iraq during wartime, there are implications that make it hard to allow for competition to govern who gets the contracts. I think this is nuts and doesn't make sense. Wartime should not mean that only one company is allowed to bid on a contract. Bidding would allow for cheaper prices and better services than are being given right now.

It would be easy to allow maybe 10 to 15 companies to bid on these large contracts. The U.S. government could try and work out a deal where they have specific requirements that have to be met to prove the companies bidding on the contracts are qualified.

The reason why I give this example is because it shows one of the major flaws we deal with. Little creativity in  financial policies. The government I pay taxes to should be utilizing the funds they have much better and act responsibly. Since the government is so big, people have a hard time making a decision and sticking with it. Decisions have to be debated and referred to agencies that are not communicating with each other.

This is a simple case that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. There is so much chaos and urgencies that need to be addressed, but the government is failing to get things done in a timely matter. Officials are too worried about self preservation rather than actually doing there jobs to the best of their ability.

You might be wondering if I have solutions to this problem. The answer is no. I have no idea of how to fix this problem, but looking in from the outside makes it seem like it could be managed better. I really think money is causing officials to make decisions that are not sound. I don't know for sure, but am guessing that most officials are in office to help out the people who got them there. If we could find some way to reduce the importance of money and increase the importance of providing value, there may be some changes.

Oct 8, 2011

Night Vision For Life

Seeing in the dark. This is why I am here. My content is best viewed as a light in the dark. Many people fear the dark because it represents the unknown. In order to be more comfortable and not scared all you need to do is see in the dark.

Most people might fear the future because it is unknown. Additionally, factors that affect your life that you are not entirely sure about might cause fear. Just because you don't know the ins and outs of everything, doesn't mean you should have fear toward things that bring you fear.

Instead of fearing the unknown, use this emotion to learn. The best way to be fearless is to learn about the situations surrounding you. Much like the light comes into your room and allows you to see everything clearly, learning about the unknown sheds light on unknown things. When the light comes into your room, it takes away the fear of not seeing things around you.

In this line of thinking, I would recommend everyone to be fearless. This does not mean do things recklessly. Attempt to learn things so you understand the truth about whatever it is causing fear. After figuring out all the angles of something, there should be no fear except that of what may happen in the future. Since you can't control the future, focus on what you can do now. People will drive themselves insane by focusing on controlling the future.

Going back to the first example of a dark room, people should not think the dark is any different than the light. It is completely a psychological part of your brain that causes one to fear the dark more than the light. This is one way you can see the power of your mind and how it can affect you. Our brains can make us feel like we are scared of the dark.

I believe this fear is primal and goes back to humans surviving during the night. We are sort of programmed to be more alert during a time when vision is limited. The other factor is that we think most robbers will rob us at night. If you do your research, you will find robbers watch a house and generally hit it during the day when nobody will be home for hours.

Going further, some people might think the laws of physics don't work at night. I mean that people think things can move by themselves or lights turn on and off by themselves. It doesn't matter if it is light our or dark out, your house still exists under the same physical laws of nature. Night does not change anything except for ones sense of vision.

By applying this to personal growth, you can see that one can enlighten themselves by learning about the unknown so it seems safer rather than scary. Shed light on the things that cause you fear and feel the benefits it will have on your life. Another good post I wrote that applies to this is one that helps people become fearless in a relationship.

I hope these insights will help offer some peace of mind to peoples lives.

Oct 7, 2011

Don't Be Afraid Of Your Relationship

One trap that many couples fall into is fear of what the other person thinks or feels. This can bring many problems to any couple.The main cause of it is insecurity, which can originate from many different things. It is easy to combat this problem. Simply stop being so worried if your significant other really loves you or wants to make you happy.

What you should be focusing on is enjoying each others company and playing off each others strengths to learn more about one another. It can be fun being in a long term relationship and marriage. Don't get caught up in stigmas or anything others think. See reality for what it is, rather than what others say it is.

A fairly true statement is that every single relationship is different. On many levels it is different. Peoples backgrounds are unique, their childhoods are different, and they think differently. This is why it is bad to generalize how a relationship is suppose to be. It is better to find out ways to make it work best for a couples specific situation.

What you hear about other people and from the media is not going to be true for every person. This is something to focus on when you feel yourself becoming paranoid or worried that your partner is not what you think they are. Instead, think of them like a friend. A friend will never suddenly become uninterested in you. Not in all cases, but most, a good friend knows you and likes how you are. They won't suddenly decide to get up and leave.

For this reason, you should incorporate a friend-like atmosphere in a serious relationship. Obviously there are still lines that have to be established based on what each side feels, but how you interact with each other on a daily basis should involve a friend-like state of mind. Show the other person who you really are and let them show you who they are. Don't hold crazy expectations on how things should be in your mind. Instead, accept each other and try to grow together. This is a good way to eliminate animosity toward each other.

Time should be a good friend of both individuals in a marriage or long term relationship. If you dread each day and feel like you are constantly worried, then it is time to think about what is truly causing you to feel this way. Most of the time it is not even because of the other person. It might be a result of your past experiences or what you hear from friends. To avoid dreading each day, start working on something together. It can be beneficial to find hobbies that you both like. Build off of that at see what happens.

Feel things for what they are and not what you have made them out to be in your mind. Think of your relationship as abundant rather than scarce. Try to limit the amount of thinking you do about negative events that you feel would hurt you. Ignore the feeling of being scared to get hurt. Acknowledge that you both want to love each other and like one another. This is where things can get tricky.

For one reason or another, it might feel like one person in a relationship feels differently than the other. It might be so significant that one person feels like they could do anything for the other, but that other person may simply feel turned off by everything that you do. This is where some work has to take place.

Talk about feelings and figure out how to make each other more comfortable and secure. Generally, if you can take care of this problem of comfort and security, the doubtful feelings will fade. Don't be afraid of how the other person feels. You have to make it clear that it is impossible to control what another person thinks. Forcing things is not good.

Don't wait forever on someone. If you really love someone and you think they don't love you back time and time again, it might be time to move on. Before you do this, find out exactly how the other person feels before you decide you deserve to be in a relationship that is equal and happy.

Waking Up Early

Tons of benefits can come from waking up early. It is one of the most productive times of the day for anyone. Early in the morning people feel calm and clear headed. It is when you just get done with the minds daily therapy session (dreaming).

It is probable that a person is able to get more done between 6.00 a.m. to 8.00 a.m. than from 9 to 5. There are some easy ways to help yourself get up earlier and stay up without napping afterward. Trust me when I say I have spent the last 4 months waking up at 5 in the morning, working for a few hours, and then falling back asleep. I hate it and have been reversing this problem so I stay up the whole day.

I am trying to avoid this pattern of falling back asleep because it messes up my day. Here are some things that I am working on to keep me awake when I get up really early. The first thing I focus on is eating light with high carbohydrate content. Basically anything with bread and possibly some type of sausage is good. Don't consume lots of syrup. It will put you to sleep.

Things To Help You Get Up Early

The best way to keep yourself consistently waking up early is to find something to do when you get up. Have a morning schedule that might include things like working online, doing some exercises, showering, or something that you really love. By doing something you really love in the morning, it will make you look forward to waking up.

For me it is writing for people so they can get through life in a happier state of being. I also listen to my favorite music in the morning to get me motivated and in a peaceful mindset. It doesn't have to be peaceful music to get you feeling focused and ready to go. Just listen to your favorite tunes and the benefits will attack you.

A quick burst of exercise followed by a shower is the surefire way to get yourself up. Just do something like 15 or 20 push ups, crunches, or some other activity that only takes a few minutes. This gets your blood flowing and wakes up the muscles and mind.

The music part of waking up early might seem insignificant, but it might be the underlying factor of all your success. This might seem like a strange thought, but music is cathartic and it helps us relate to others while stimulating parts of our brain that create motivation, joy, confidence, and focus. It is better for focusing than any pill for A.D.D. could dream of being.

Oct 6, 2011


This means doing something by any means. It is bypassing all your obstacles so you can keep doing what you are committed to doing. By committing to anything, you will see results. They may be good or bad, but results will come by constant action.

One highly effective way to understand true commitment is by applying it to the concept of eating food. We all have to eat food every day. No matter what kind of condition we are in, how we feel, if we are in a good or bad mood, or whatever, everyone has to maintain some level of food intake.

Nothing can stop a humans urge to eat. Likewise, nothing should get in the way of your urge to partake in an action or idea.

Explain to me what will happen if something gets in the way of eating. You simply find a way to eat and fix the problem. Nothing will stop you from staying consistent with this action of eating.

Apply this idea to anything you are having a hard time staying loyal to. Pretend it is like eating or breathing. You have to do it no matter what. There is no turning back and it will go on forever until you die. In business, I love this analogy. I treat this blog as if it were alive and adding content to it is like feeding myself.

If I don't feed myself I will die. My blog will also die if I don't commit to feeding it with new content that is fresh and helpful to readers. One of the primary reasons anyone fails to achieve what they are capable of doing is because there is a lack of commitment.

Accomplishing Impossible Goals

Goals are a common thing people try and set for themselves. It gives peoples lives a good direction and feeling of purpose. I would say most people's goals are set far too low and as a result, they don't reach their full potential. I am not saying people may be happier if they reached their full potential, but they might feel more fulfilled and satisfied with their life.

Many of the reasons individuals fail to reach their goals is because they don't allow their mind to accept impossible things. It is necessary to forget everything your life has taught you and learn for yourself what you really want to do and who you want to be. Deep down, if you truly want to achieve goals and see how much joy it can bring you, honest belief has to occur.

You have to believe that the goal being set is going to come true if you work hard enough. One of the main ways a person sets their goals is based on what they think they need to improve upon or where they want to be in the future. One glaring problem arises, which causes people to fail in their endeavors. This problem is making excuses about why you can't do what you want to do.

Once you believe you have made enough excuses to justify not doing something, the idea and dream die out. The correct thought process should be to allow yourself to believe in your own abilities to make things happen. Instead of figuring out things that get in your way, figure out ways around these obstacles so that your mind can run free.

Many new ideas and innovations will spawn from this thought process. By forcing yourself to believe things are possible, you eventually manifest ways to reach your goals. One of the best things to test your ability to stay positive is by trading binary options. This puts your dedication, skills, business knowledge, and mental endurance to the test. The reward at the end is lots of cash in your bank if you can get good.

I have a few ideas of my own the can help you as well. One thing that you always need to keep in mind is what is motivating you. If the motivation you feel is sustainable, you are in the right spot. Sustainable motivation means your ideas and drive to figure out strategies for success will stay consistent. Most people won't find success or what they want easily.

It takes time and patience in order to figure out the right ways to live a dream fulfilling life. Most dreams won't be achieved if you are not resilient enough to keep pushing onward when obstacles face you. The most successful people are the ones that push through barriers in an intelligent and effective way to make situations better and work.

This is why we have a cognitive brain. It is to problem solve. The best feature anyone can have, in my opinion, is strong problem solving skills. By figuring out things on your own, it will spur personal growth and development as well as teach you what you really need to learn in order to make things happen for yourself.

When you reach a point where everything you feel like you need in life is already in front of you, it doesn't mean you stop trying to achieve goals. A man who sets his goals too low can be greatly disappointed when he reaches them. This is not how it has to be. When your each a goal, it should be something worth while and have residual effects on your life and its purpose. A consistently ongoing passion to discover new things and keep learning means you will never truly reach all your goals.

Personally, I have a goal that goes something like this. My goal is to grow in an intelligent way in order to understand truth better. I believe the benefits here lie in making the goal happen, rather than meeting one certain thing and saying it has been accomplished. I will never get tired of this idea or goal and it provides lots of joy and fulfillment to me throughout life.

So you may wonder how this will help you accomplish goals that seem impossible. The answer to that is simple. Avoid making excuses for yourself about why you can't do something. Impossible doesn't mean impossible. It is just an excuse.

Another blog post you may find interesting is one that plays with the idea of impossible. It is called learning from the future. Enjoy.

Oct 4, 2011

Embrace Success Rather Than Failure

Learn from success and try not to fail. Focus on what causes success in something and try to make that method work in your own way. Don't copy like bing completely admits to copying everything the google does. Just learn why things are successful and how you can get the similar results with your own system.

Be afraid to fail. Most successful businessmen and entrepreneurs will tell people who are just starting out, to embrace failure and learn from it. While I do believe it is good to learn from your mistakes, you should not welcome them. It is more valuable for you to do everything possible to avoid mistakes. That way you learn while keeping out of trouble.

I am saying it is a good idea to worry about failing. It is only good to worry about it to the extent that it causes you to work harder and strive to do things more efficiently or correctly. Sometimes, when you get used to failing, success gets farther from you and seems unattainable. After awhile of accepting your mistakes mindlessly, you will feel like it is normal and expect problems. Don't let yourself do this. It is lazy and a good way to wind up working somewhere you hate for the rest of your life.

The most growth and beneficial circumstances surround people who have strong confidence and are used to succeeding at things. They may fail form time to time, but in the process of learning, they develop their own ways of quickly adapting to a situation in order to make it work. Accepting failure can result in an entire lifetime of being thrown around by your competition.

Learn what you need to and always be ready to change. Figure out exactly why a situation did not go like you may have liked and make it better. This is why our brains are so powerful and useful. They work. It is a matter of using them in order to optimize situations for everyone's benefit, including your own.

By consciously trying to make yourself keep from failing at something, it forces innovation and creative thinking. Creative solutions drive highly successful companies. Those who lack creativity may not be able to deal with a changing environment and road blocks. One of the major reasons individuals struggle with new endeavors is because when something hits them hard, they accept it and tell themselves they will learn from the mistake.

Instead of learning from the mistake, be creative about fixing the problem and don't avoid it. Instead of embracing failure as a means to grow, embrace intelligence and creativity as a way of avoiding failure. This can help you throughout your entire life no matter what problems face you. Some of the best examples of ways to go about this process include my article about Why Websites Fail and Being Successful Without A Job.

The second one about living without a job is one of the prime examples faced with many of us. We may hate our work and want to live comfortably and financially free without a job. With a creative mind, you can achieve this. Keep in mind the points about failure in your adventures.

Oct 2, 2011

Managing Money

One of the key things effecting millions of people is managing their money. To do this you need to know the difference between wealth and rich. If you know this difference, it is easy to see that the most important thing to keep in mind when talking about money management is how much you keep. The ideas and examples I mention can help people who make $20,000 or ten's of millions of dollars.

Think about this. You could make $380,000/year, but only save 5% of it each year. This means your wealth is increasing by 5% per year. The top line is big, but the bottom line of your personal finances is small. To increase this, find better ways to save and spend money. Instead of spending your money on lots of high ticket items and a large house payment, it could be beneficial for you to buy assets that allow your dollars to make more dollars. This could be investing in stocks, real estate, maybe buying out a small business, acquiring a successful online business that is established, or any number of things.

Keep in mind the house you live in is not an asset. It is a liability and causes you to spend money on interest, utilities, and other expenses. If you find ways to buy houses other than your own and rent it out, or purchase apartment complexes and rent them out, you are investing in assets. This is real estate and it pays you back profits if you know what you're doing.

Picking Your Assets

The smart way to pick investments for your wealth acquisition is by focusing on what you know or have passion for. If you don't have anything glaring you in the face, you can do research to learn about something. For me, it would be anything to do with internet or tech subjects. This leads me toward investing in things like Google stock, buying websites, or other endeavors that deal with my strengths.

Everyone has different strengths. By finding out what yours is and utilize it, success will find you. If you are really interested in something but don't have a lot of knowledge about how to make it work for you, do some research. Make it your strength and focus on it. The power of knowledge is limitless and attaining more of it in a smart and efficient way that directly benefits you, allows for good things to happen financially and emotionally.

Saving More Money

By acquiring assets that will give you money back after you buy them, it increases the amount of money you keep by a lot. Instead of saving 5% each year of the $380,000, you could bump it up to as much as 25%. At this rate, you would have an extra $95,000 per year instead of $19,000 at the old 5% rate. It will take a lot of financial literacy and educating yourself so you learn the best investing opportunities that you can make. In the end, more disposable income means no debt or financial stress.

The previous example is shown in order to demonstrate wealth. It is different than being rich. You could be considered rich if you make a few million dollars per year. However, if you spend all your money on a huge house payment, toys, or other liabilities that don't work for you after buying them, the amount of money you keep for yourself each year may not be much at all.

By putting what I have just talked about into action, it will be surprising to yourself how much extra disposable income you start creating for yourself. It will end up making you financially free. This is fun to do as well as good for your family and children.

Oct 1, 2011

Web Hosting and Making Money

This post is for all the beginners out there trying to get into the internet marketing game. You may come across many sites or programs that claim to help you make money online. The dead truth is that 99% of all those things that claim to help you are simply trying to make money for themselves and don't provide enough value to justify their prices.

Very few circumstances exist where you can find a web hosting company with good tools and a better price within the same package. This would be great for me because then I wouldn't have to explain to everyone how to get started. I could just refer them to this specific company so they learn correctly from the start. Few web hosting places help you get started with traffic, monetizing, and strategy. Normally, you simply get the domain, hosting, and than tools to build a site. There is never any helpful information on what to actually do with your site.

The thing most hosting plans don't give you is a working knowledge of how to make money online. Instead, they just provide a service for people who already know what they are doing. Pay attention to this next sentence. If you are just starting and want to get off on the right track without wasting a year or two learning everything on your own, look into how to start your own blog. It will save beginners thousands of dollars and teach how to have a profitable site or blog that makes good money.

The potential of starting off on the right foot is amazing. Since Google penalizes a site if it has certain things, it is imperative that new internet marketers know exactly what there doing before they even start making their site. This will help rankings as well as provide a solid base to get started on.

How Much Can Internet Marketing Earn For The Average Person

The potential is great. If you can optimize and get on the top pages of Google for certain keywords, it is possible to make 20k to 30k per month. Having said this, it stresses how important it is to have a site start off on the right foot and learn all the proper ways of developing a successful blog. This is where SiteBuildIt comes in. They offer all the right learning information and tools in order to start anyone off in the right direction so they can begin making money online.

Here is why BlueHost is such a handy tool. They offer you web hosting, domain registration, and a working knowledge of how to create a blog for income with an easy content management system. Their prices are easily justifiable and you get what you pay for. The potential you can earn with a nice site is limitless, but you need the right information to get started. I recommend that people try it so they can learn everything they need to know and than I don't have to explain anything.