Dec 30, 2011

42 Affirmations That Might Help with Personal Development

This is a list made to help myself and others. Sometimes, by putting ideas into words and saying them as if they were true can help you grow. So, without further explanation, here is a list of some affirmation that could help you by saying them aloud and truly believing it...eventually.

It is amazing how our minds work. Saying things in words is the first step in making things reality.

1. Money is Powerless - Obviously money has meaning and value because we have to have it to survive. However, the idea of money having power is false and it really is completely useless beyond allowing you to survive. The only thing that gives money power is ourselves. If we don't give it power, it won't have any.

2. I am confident - This goes without explanation. Just say it in your head or aloud each day or when you meditate and see how you react to this.

3. There is more good in the world than evil - Believe this and see where it gets you. There is power in the idea of good overcoming evil. I like this one and commonly spread it where I can. It is essential for feeling abundance.

4. I enjoy my life - For those who feel lost, alone, or depressed, here is your cure. Just start by saying this.

5. Hate doesn't exist - The starting point for hating something or someone starts in your own mind. Don't do it and it eliminates itself.

6. Abundance is everywhere - Hold this true and some things that get put into reality will be joyful and fulfilling. Abundance is just the opposite of scarcity.

7. Love and relationships are important - One thing many try to downplay is relationships and the loving that goes in within them. Men and women both approach relationships they have with others in different ways. The key is recognizing they are important.

8. The amount of good that comes from me is limitless - Spread good to the entire world.

9. Others have good ideas too - Sometimes we get caught up in only communicating what we think is right and ignoring other's opinions and ideas. Know they are another person just like you with feelings and ideas.

10. I am not in control of everything - You might have heard the term control freak. Know there are things you can't and shouldn't be in control of. Accept it and live on.

11. Being healthy is favorable - Having a lifestyle that involves the idea that you are being healthy can help you in many different ways. This means physically and emotionally.

12. Nobody is out to get me - If you lead a life where you think others are always primarily out to hurt you or upset you, change it by saying this to yourself.

13. I have value - You as a person can be very instrumental in providing a lot of value to others.

14. I am content with my life right now - People often get caught up in thinking about the future and how they are suffering for the future. Enjoy your life at the moment because chances are you will never be completely done thinking that the future will be better unless you stop that belief right now.

15. There is hope - This can mean many things to many people. Just know that it is there.

16. I take responsibility for all my problems - Don't blame everything under the sun for why things are against you right now. Take ownership of your life and start working at it. Know that you can turn things around and direct where you are going. One of the major issues is debt. People get into debt and don't take responsibility for it. Own your own junk and take out the trash.

17. My grass is green - Some might say the grass is greener on the other side. Instead, believe that your grass you have right now is very green.

18. Personal growth happens as a result of what I do - If you want to be a CEO or own your own business, it won't happen unless you start working at it. If you think things will change without changing yourself, it will not be good for you. To experience personal growth or development, you have to work at it. Such as making a list like this.

19. My life has purpose - One of the major motivations that people respond to is having purpose. You have one and it is easy to find out. Just write down what you think it is over and over until you find something that makes you cry. There you go.

20. The meaning of good and evil are in the eye of the beholder - You are what makes up the definition of good and evil. No other person.

21. Every single person in the world is equal - No one person was made with the right to be better than anyone else. Obviously some do more than others and gain certain accomplishments, but a person is easily judged by viewing how they treat someone that can do nothing for them.

22. Life is fair - Things tend to work themselves out one way other the other. You might not see it right away, but life is fair. I guess I should explain more. But I won't. Instead, you figure out why this is true for yourself.

23. Perception may or may not be truth - Our perception of the way things are could be true or false. Don't always think your perception is reality. Find out things for yourself instead of perceiving something based on others opinions.

24. There is always a choice - For those who have not read any of Socrates, the belief is that no matter what, you always have a choice to make when faced with a situation. This is power.

25. I am smart - Just let your brain work and know that it is extremely complex and effective at what it does.

26. I am part of a very large universe - It is almost impossible to think about how small we are compared to the entire universe or how small an electron is compared to us. By having this perspective, it might help you avoid stress about things that don't really matter.

27. I Can/am... - Fill in the last part of that sentence with whatever you want to do, accomplish, or how you want to live.

28. It is good to have feelings and emotions - If you have ever read the book "1984" or "Brave New World", you will end up being glad you can feel anything at all emotionally. Embrace this ability and sense.

29. I can't give up/fail/quit - The only sentence where the word "can't" is positive for helping you out.

30. People are good - One way or another, people usually believe that what they are doing is good or right. Even if other people decide what that person is doing is evil or bad, this is subjective. I think that deep down, what feels right to someone will be done by that person if they feel like doing it. The best way to have a harmonious society is when each person is well-informed and educated before making up their mind about how they should insert themselves. If you completely understand how your actions, beliefs, and decisions effect everything and everyone that is involved, then it is alright to make your choice on what to do.

31. I will be debt free - This goes without saying, but to be debt free is a major stress relief and a giant step at taking responsibility for your actions. Provide enough value to others so that they give you enough money to pay off your debt. The bigger the debt, the more value you have to provide over time. Keep in mind it is fulfilling and joyful to provide value to others in order to support yourself. This will take some creative thought and be difficult, but worth it.

32. Good things are hard - Keep in mind that it might not mean hard physically, but also hard mentally. Challenges that you face and overcome can provide a lot of happiness. Usually, the only things worth doing are not going to be very easy.

33. My decisions are what I truly want - Try not to get caught up making decisions just because of social or traditional pressures. Examine why you are choosing to do something and if it is what you truly want to do.

34. Government is helpful (u.s.a. government) - Many complain about government, but for all the problems it has, IT WORKS, at least in the United States. People might get caught up in all the negatively correlated to the government, but in the big picture, the U.S. government does its job and allows people to live in a harmonious way. The governments in other countries I can't speak for because I don't live under them.

35. My life is how it is because of my own decisions - The life you live is the life you choose.

36. I make my own happiness - Don't rely on imaginary thinking to determine if you are happy. Just start finding things that allow you to do things that are pleasing and you will be happy. It might take some work or thought, but it's probably worth it if it will change your life for the better right?

37. Others don't have influence over me - Sometimes you may let others determine what you do or how you feel. Ignore this and do what you think you should do, how you want to do it, and know why you are doing it. After that it doesn't matter what anyone says or thinks about you because you have already determined those opinions about what you are doing and why you're doing it by yourself.

38. Helping people I am around feel better will make me happy - Overall, I think this is true.

39. My own feelings guide the way I am - Examine yourself before deciding what everyone else has examined for you.

40. Work is not scary - Fear is founded on not knowing. Learn and become fearless of working in the professional world.

41. I can decide how I feel about something - Don't be a slave to your emotions. Decide how you want to feel and see what happens.

Note* I am still not at 42 yet, but I want to publish what I have. Over time more will be added until I reach 42. That will be the maximum.

Dec 26, 2011

Turn Your Life Around

Are you trying to find the passage to happiness? Well, there are many ways to get your life turned around and feeling a positive. The most important thing that I can emphasize is that in order to make any changes of positive growth in your life, you are going to have to do something or make a change. Some of the best ways to feel like your life is full and abundant is by having a purpose of it and being able to have a feeling of working toward mastery of something. The third most important part that you have read is being self-directed.

Now, lets get into the mastery part a little bit more. At first, many people won't feel like they can master anything or even want to. The truth is that it is more simple and practical than you might think. For example, I love to play basketball. The amount of mastery I can achieve in this sport is unlimited. Because of this, I feel like my whole life could be spent by playing basketball and slowing getting better and better at it. While doing this, I would also be working on some other things in my life like mastering health and wellness.

This is just one thing that is among millions of different things that life has to offer. Another very good source of unlimited mastery and joy is building your self-awareness/spirituality. It can be very enjoyable to sit back and meditate a little bit each day and have some conversations with what you believe to be the reason why you are here. It could be about anything and the subject of anything.

If you find that your life consists of work (with no growth or mastery available in any way). Before I continue the list of things that might cause someone boredom and lonely in life, I have to explain why there are many different ways to grow within your work. Besides mastering it, you can also have a major impact on the individuals that you come into contact with in your work. You can work on growing these relationships. It could be with clients, customers, or fellow workers. Anyway, if all your life consists of is working at a mind numbing job that you feel like has no purpose, sleeping, eating, and no other dynamics, things can get a little depressing.

I am not saying you have to go out and find a million things to do so your entire day is filled each day, but have some things you can progressively work at mastering over the course of your life. It might be doing something a few hours per day or week. The point is that people like to build and work at stuff that allows them to use their mind to grow in whatever they are trying to do.

A lot of online users find their is a lot of fulfillment and joy in online gaming where you can play with many other players in a world or environment that allows for strategy and building to perfection. I remember when I was very out of balance and played mmorpg's for 6 to 7 hours per day. It was so fun and enjoyable. The only reason why it was so good was because of the people I was able to socially interact with while playing. We were all part of a team and had goals of doing things within the game that took intellect and strategy. This was fun, plain and simple. The theory of why I liked doing this so much holds true to almost anything you may be participating in socially.

Strategy To Take Away

The bottom line is this. If your life seems empty, fill it with stuff that you think you would like to do. It will take some thought and you should figure out what things you are good at or what to get good at. Once you have found a few things to try and add to your life, think of a strategy of how these things are sustainable and abundant. If you can balance 4 or 5 completely different things and make them last for your whole life in some way or another, I can almost guarantee you there will be fulfillment, joy, and happiness in your life.

In my own life, I will share what things help me. Basketball, multi-player online games, online business, and trying to get a complete view of myself compared to the whole universe. Each of these things work because they are going to last forever in some way, allow me to have purpose when doing them, offer some form of a feeling of autonomy (self-direction), and can be mastered or attempted to be mastered. See what you can find for yourself! :)

Dec 25, 2011

How Business Works

Entrepreneur: Hey, I want to be self-directed and control the amount of money I can make. I will find something everyone wants, but doesn't know it yet, and provide it for them.

Entrepreneur's rich friend: Hey! Are you going to provide value to people? I think I will give you some money if you promise to give me it all back and then some.

Entrepreneur: Ok, deal. I will use this money to build everything I need to provide these great things (services/products/etc...), for everyone to enjoy.

Investor: Hey Entrepreneur, I will give you money if you give me more money later.

Government: Hi everyone, this looks like it will make a lot of money. Give me 35% of all the profit so I can give it to all my rich friends that run broke companies that would fail without your help.

Competition: I am afraid of you, I will give you all the money you can dream of to go out of business. Then I will take your ideas for myself and grow.

Entrepreneur: Ok.

Tax Professional: Now what are you going to do Entrepreneur, you have no income and money is worthless to invest in this economy. Why don't you ask your competition for a loan so you can start a new business.

Competition: No, you can't have a loan right now. I don't have enough zero's behind the 1 that makes up my current cash balance. It is only at 43,000,000,000 right now. Maybe next year I can help you out.

In my opinion, the main reason why a business fails is because they don't know how to grow or scale up their business in order to have a steady market. The reason why is because it takes so much money and time to do unless you know everything there is to know about everything and have a lot of cash on hand.

The other funny thing this points out is that we are essentially investing int he government in the form of taxes, but they have the ability to do whatever they want with this money. One thing that they did do was bail out or take stock in a company that was about to go bankrupt in 2008. This was poor decision making. There is a reason why the company was failing. It was because they are not profitable anymore and don't provide enough value to people.

Instead of letting them naturally die off, government decides to keep these types of businesses around for one reason or another (what average person knows why). This is like forcing something to work that is not. Instead of putting money at these bad businesses that are not promoting growth in the country and not making money, put money into ideas that have sustainable plans.

Many of the largest corporations in the world, that trade on the Dow Jones, are sitting on all of the extra money they have. You know why? It is because the cash is worth more just sitting there making no interest or returns because the market is scared to death of losing money. Growth has halted and the entire country is downsizing (hence the great recession).

In order for all business to pick back up, products and services need to be provided that promote people going out and doing things they enjoy. It will take innovation that is sustainable and profitable for any growth to happen in this world. The problem is, all the billion dollar companies are too afraid to take any significant risk at the moment.


Dec 23, 2011

Human Response to Internet Experiences and Some Thoughts about Religion

I tried to make this article title as broad as possible. The main idea of this whole post will be bringing to light the overwhelming response that most people have to something they see or read online for the very first time. I include myself in this next statement. Most individuals that read a new idea or see something online will first respond to the new idea or media with some form of skepticism and urge to prove whatever they are reading as wrong or right.

Usually, this is based on your personal beliefs and the depth of what you are reading or writing. The more personal or deep the idea is of whatever you read or experience usually correlates with the strength of feelings you have about the subject. For example, I once read a post about 10 reasons why it is bad to have a religion. My first perception of this when I read the title of the article was how can I disprove everything that I am reading. I read each reason and the first thing I thought was why each thing was wrong or what cracks were found in the article.

It is curious why I tried to disprove everything as a result of my own beliefs, rather than reading it for what it is and simply thinking through the lens of the author to understand something I have never thought about. No personal growth happens if you deny ideas the light of day that you never thought of. It also does not good to argue against something or fight with a person who has different ideas. There are no gains when forcing your will on a thought. If you don't like it, move on, if you agree with it and want to develop the idea more, talk about it.

Interesting Thoughts Here

Anyway, the article did end up bringing some thoughts up for me that had overall positive effects on my own personal growth. The main institution of religion is actually unnecessary in my opinion because I believe it makes drones and takes away true spiritual growth and thought. You can easily achieve far greater faith in God and live a life that is close to this idea without stepping foot in a Church. An effective way to be with God is by talking to him whenever you want as if he was right there in the room. Maintaining this type of relationship and experiencing it on a daily and secondly basis is much more helpful than thinking that going to church each Sunday with no direction will help you achieve a state of heaven or closeness to what some believe is the creator of everything.

There is a lot of stuff that humans have no comprehension of. Because of this, I am creating my own theory about existence and reality. I think that heaven could actually be occupying the same space as the space we are in. However, it is there in a way that we are unable to sense with sight, touch, or our other senses. The only sense that seems to make sense and provides somewhat of a connection with this other space is our feelings.

I don't think people have to go to Church to be a good person or be a Christian. I do think it does provide a decent starting point for anyone who has never heard about God, but better ways are reading the bible and experiencing things for yourself so you can develop your own personal relationship with God and see where it goes. An institution that decides who is bad and good will not help anyone in the long run. True help and guidance will come from you experiencing God in your own way and deciding what feels right to do.  

Analysis of The Flow of Ideas I Got From Reading a Post About Religion

Religion or spirituality is a personal and powerful idea that seems to be very important to people. Because of this, I think it brings strong emotion when reading about it. Here is how I reacted to the post. Instead of thinking about these ideas first, I figured out ways to disprove the articles message because I did not agree with it. I would bet a lot of money if I read something that I first agreed with, than I would probably look for ways to prove what I was reading as correct.

This seems to be the way people takes things that they read online. Most of the people that have the motivation to respond to something, usually will respond negatively to a post instead of objectively. For some reason, there are a lot of people out there that struggle a lot with seeing the forest through the trees. The bigger point of a piece of writing or picture is largely  missed and people get caught up on little nuances or details they can't get passed. I think one reason for this is that they become easily offended about some point and completely ignore what the entire piece is saying.

A more fulfilled and peaceful way to view these types of things is with an open mind that is unable to be offended by anything. Being impressionable is one main cause. If you are not completely sure about what you believe or how you feel about something, lots of things will influence your beliefs. Instead of letting this happen, let yourself completely experience life and find out what it means to you and what makes sense to you. Don't be influenced by other individuals. Develop your own ideas of what you think about reality and then you won't be offended by other people's ideas. Instead you will see them as something created by another person just like you and it is not bad or good, but simply another persons' views. It doesn't have to make sense or correlate with anything.  Even though a lot of people are impressionable, it is possible to help these individuals see things for what they are instead of what they think it means.  

Try To Manifest What You Want in Life

I did this fun little experiment with a few friends. We were all on Skype and I was thinking about ways to demonstrate manifesting things into reality, but struggling to grasp how it works. In my mind, I feel like this theory works like a dream would except, in the reality, we perceive things happening a little bit slower than in the dream. Things won't change in an instant, but if your thoughts and affirmations say one thing, your sub-conscious mind will work to give you a positive response to actions or lines of thought that are favorable to what you are saying will be reality. Anyway, lets get down to business.

In my experiment, we each took turns telling each other what one day would be like 8 months from that day we were talking. In this, you would sub-consciously be setting goals for yourself and putting things into words, which is more real than thoughts. What you said you wanted to do or thought you would be doing in 8 months time is the origin of motivational drive to make reality what you think it will be (good or bad).

In my opinion, people who describe a day that is similar to what they already do is probably going to get those results because that's what they think is going to happen. Nothing will push them to do something else because they view reality as what is is for them in the specific moment and have no force wanting them to do things to get a different outcome. For people who describe a day that is much different than their current situation, it will be interesting to see if those things are actually put into reality and if it was influenced by their ideas about the future and what they thought they would be doing in it.

Obviously, I acknowledge that people can get much different results because unexpected things to happen that result in a change of thought or motivation drive. I just like this little game because it helps put your idea of reality into words and starts the process of manifestation. For example, if I said I am going to be making 5,000/ day online in 8 months, even putting into words like that seems to already get me into a mindset that wants to create a strategy that results in me making that amount of money per day.

If I said that I will be broke, without a job, and making no money online and truly believe that is what will happen, my actions will correlate to that thought running in my mind. I prefer to say the first affirmation over the second one.

P.S. a little side note about my job search, as I have been documenting that entire process over the past few weeks in other posts, is that I am still searching for a place that is closer and doing everything possible to not take a job just because I am scared about not having enough money to pay the bills. This is difficult. The time I am spending on getting my drop-shipping business plan going is a lot of hours per day. The motivation to run my own online business for a living is far greater than dedicating my life to another company that I don't really care about or would only care about because it gives me a pay check.

The old study is holding true so far. That is that the primary motivations for people are to be self-directed, be able to master what they are doing, and having a purpose that is fulfilling. These three things together will allow anyone to be very happy and enjoy their life. I guarantee it.

Dec 9, 2011

How We Are Motivated

This means the desire to be self-directed or wanting to have a feeling of cognitively choosing what you will do. In the workplace, autonomy is one of the three biggest motivators that work for people. The other two are purpose and mastery. Lets focus on the first one because that is what the title of this post is. Being in a work environment might be dull and boring to you. Your performance may only be as good as it needs to be in order to get paid.

However, in studies that have been done, researchers have found that money is only able to give people motivation with workers doing tasks that don't involve creative thinking or complex problem solving. Money does work when you want someone to do a simple task over and over. The more they do it, the more money is made by the worker. This does work.

This motivation of money goes away when you want more results from workers that are performing creative and deep critical analysis type tasks. Studies show the monetary rewards don't work when driving performance in these things. What does work is autonomy, purpose, and mastery.

I think this is very true in some cases, but might not be in others. For example. What if we took money off the table completely and only allowed individuals to attain mastery of what they were doing, a feeling that they were directing their own actions or making their own work, and a feeling of purpose. Would anybody have motivation to do anything. I think this leads into the idea that money doesn't really mean anything.

What means the most to people is the content of their work and the ability of it to help them survive. In the past, when there was no monetary system (thousands of years ago), people usually worked and directly survived from their work by bartering the results of it away or using the results of their work to directly keep them and their family alive. This eliminates a currency and being rich. The social structure would most likely be based on how well individuals could survive.

Today, we have large companies that provide everything we need to survive. This frees up humans to work at things that attain money. With this money, they pay companies or businesses to help them survive. Now the only thing that makes a difference is the amount of money you have because it allows you to have more stuff. If the work you are doing to attain this money is not fulfilling, provide autonomy, or allow you to become a master of it, happiness might be hard to come by in your job.

It might sound a bit like socialism, but that is just a word and concept that people think about. It shouldn't mean anything to anyone. Having a society that doesn't care about money would solve countless problems in my mind. The major one would be allowing everyone to feel like they have a purpose and promoting creating thinking.

The Best Way to Increase Results in a Business

Give workers a time period where they can go and do what they want as far as there work goes. Get out of their way and let them create. Creation is on of the main ways to allow a worker to feel autonomy. Now, as a website managing person/builder, I am completely self-directed. It is very fulfilling and combing this dynamic with the content of my work, I find myself very productive. By focusing on what my work and website building provides for people and the fact that I made it myself, it means fulfillment and sense of purpose.

Keep this in mind when thinking about what you want to work on for the rest of your life and what it means.

Dec 6, 2011

Applying for Jobs - Day 12

Went back to second interview today. I decided during this time that I would not be working for the company in question. There program was not good for what I wanted to do in the long term. The main reason I decided not to go with this firm and keep looking for something else is because it didn't feel right and the drive was about 35 miles, which sucks really bad.

The future holds me trying as hard as I can to grow my online business income so that I don't have to depend on having a wage or salary based job. This experience of hunting for a job so far has led me to believe in myself more than others. Going with this, I want to rely on myself for making money through my own endeavors. This is more secure and fulfilling than a job in my opinion.

As far as money goes, online sales are going fairly well this month, but it is going to take up to 8 months for my brand to get around the internet and start growing. It is very difficult to wait for this to happen, but in the end I think it will be great. When I can sit on the beach and click a few buttons each day and make 6 to 7 figures on a very efficient and enjoyable means of making money, I will be very pleased. The only way to achieve this is hard work.

It will all depend on Google's willingness to rank me high for keywords coupled with ability of my brand to help customers know where to come when they need something I am providing. It is very exciting to build this and I enjoy it more than anything besides playing basketball.

Dec 4, 2011

Solve Financial Crisis for the Majority

Let me get a little background filled in for you so you know where I am coming from. There is an increasing amount of distance growing between very large companies and people with barely enough money to survive. One thing that a lot of people don't like is the amount of power big corporations have over the laws that get passed and govern the majority of people who have no real say about what goes on with the large deals between corporations and the government. I am talking about the United States.

Here is How To Fix Everything

Stop putting so much value on money!!! If you don't let money mean anything and live in a way that focuses on surviving and doing things that make you feel fulfilled, pure, and congruent with your beliefs, it will eventually take away the power money has over people in government and everyone else. Corporations will not be able to use their large amounts of cash to influence so many parts of the every day persons lives.

This is an idea that has to spread and needs to take hold of people. There is a much better way to live. Do not under any circumstance let your motivation to live and do be based on how much money you can make. Instead, do what you need to do in order to survive and help people you know survive. People need to change their motivations so that they can offer premier services and useful things for people without having to be paid a ton of money. This is a hard concept to grasp.

Problems That People First Think Of

  • Not many people enjoy doing things for free or with little pay and reward.
  • People want something in return for doing something good.
  • Does altruistic actions exist in normal everyday life? Not usually.
  • Who will be a doctor if it doesn't pay well compared to other jobs?
  • Apply the above bullet point to millions of essential jobs.
To remove your socialized thinking that says you should be compensated for doing something good is one of the hardest things we have to overcome. I will give one key example of an organization that has done this perfectly. It is and their model is not the easiest thing for normal people to do, but it is pure and provides a lot of value for others. Their motivation is not money either. Nobody gets paid their. Instead, people share information that can help others in some way at cost of doing it without profit.

This idea could never be enforced by law and actually work in a healthy society. The feeling of not wanting to be motivated by money has to come from within oneself. You can't make someone want to live in this way. I would never want any laws to be made saying profit was illegal. The money system is fine how it is, but the problem is how it affects people.

Does Life Mean Anything

Some may come across this question every so often and wonder if anything matters at all. I believe it is possible to answer this question pretty quickly as I was mediating about this before bed last night. The answer is yes and no. If you find meaning in life and in the things you do each day, than you do have meaning in this life and feel like things matter to the extent that you can make a picture in your head about how things are (good or bad).

It doesn't matter if you are effected in a positive or negative way during the time you are alive. The point is that if you see that things are meaningful because they are there and do happen, it is easy to see everything has meaning and life does matter based on the fact that you experience it.

Life doesn't mean anything if you don't want it to. If nothing in your life has any effect on your thoughts, actions, or feelings, it might feel like life is pointless. I believe that as a result of how human beings taking life and making it into something beautiful and meaningful is pretty cool. We have social structure, jobs, and can work toward things. It is good sometimes and bad sometimes, but there is a sort of fake structure we all live in that was created by us over a long time. It sort of feels like this has given more meaning to the things people try to get in life and feel accomplished with.

Some things that hurt this beautiful feeling of life and how it feels is large corporations that create mindless wage slaves who can not enjoy life as it should be. Some may think it is a bad thing and takes away form our freedoms if we have a social structure that is based on how much money you have and what you can do. However, the only things limiting you on what you can do, experience, and feel meaning is yourself. In reality, you have the complete freedom to do whatever you want. It is possible for you to build things that are enjoyable to you and others, make things, and be creative in life.

The wage slave mentality is a great way to diminish this fun spirit and keeping you from getting the meaning out of life that we all should be able to feel. In a lifetime, one should have done whatever he/she wanted in order to get the desired joy and feeling that would mean something to them after it is all said and done. Many things can be done that don't cost any money at all, but only an adventurous spirit.

I beg you to try your hardest to ignore social norms for your whole life. Just do and be. Life has meaning if you give it meaning. If you don't, than to you it may have very little meaning. Everything is in the eye of the beholder, no matter what anyone else says to that person. You develop meaning and meaningless thoughts and your brain will build a mental picture and feeling of how you are directing your life. The good thing is that most of us have control over our brains through consciousness and can shape our lives in a way that would feel good to us. Always know that you have the ability to do or not do something. No matter what influences or factors are involved, there is always a choice.

Try a little experiment to feel the meaning of life

I think this might be a fun thing to do in your life. Try to build something and see where it goes. Also, try to think about how you want to feel about this. Keep these thoughts in your head for as long as you can and see if anything begins to happen. After you have done this, decide if the ability to do this has meaning or not.

Dec 3, 2011

Plan for Financial Freedom

My action plan to attain financial freedom is going to be simple. First, it will involve building my online business so that it ends up making enough passive income to cover all expenses and give me extra on top of that each month. Ten years down the road I am hoping to reach at least 6 figures per year with this endeavor. While this is being built, I will also be looking for a job so I have steady income and can pay off all my bills. Building the online business is to a point already that it can be managed with only an hour or two per day.

I will address my bills a little bit. In order to get into a positive cash flow situation and be able to put as much money as I can afford into assets, my student loans have to be paid back as soon as possible. After this is done and a little bit during, I will invest in things that hold value and offer a return on investment of 9%. This will be done by speculation on stocks. I feel like it will be difficult at first and require a lot of due diligence and learning, but is definitely possible. Like the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad said, I will attempt to know the company I invest in inside and out before making a decision to buy it or not.

Some warning signs that I am falling into the rat race will be if I am becoming a “wage slave” or working long hours for some person just to pay off debt and unable to build passive income. To get out of this situation it will just take discipline to use all my income to get rid of debt as soon as possible. Once this is done, I would go back to building assets by putting money from my job and business towards things that can raise my passive income.

Here is the way I would first attempt to invest in stocks. Each year I would have an account separate from all other financials. With this starting value of money I would try to buy a stock that returns me 10% in that year. It might only take a week to get my yearly gain on investment or it could take the entire year. If I got the target of 10% increase, I would just put the money in a money market or savings account for the rest of the year.

Over the years, I would keep re-investing the gains I made and the principle into other stocks each year to try and build it by 10% compounded yearly. Additionally, I would be adding more money to this investment account each year at a steady rate at the beginning of each year. This is money on top of all earnings on gains. The amount would depend on how much money I can afford to put in each year.

Dec 2, 2011

Finally, Some Real Feedback

I have been running the blog for a few months now. It is going great as far as my own personal growth. Writing things out is a really good way to think more and understand more of how I truly am. The problem has been a little loss of motivation because I don't know how my words are effecting other people. Today, finally after about 2 months of writing my heart out, I have my first known forum post where somebody that I never met before or heard of posted one of my links to their forum and thought it was "provocative, simple, but worth a gander for us nice guys".

I didn't know that any of my ideas would help out nice guys, but it's all good. For me, I now feel more motivated to work and keep coming up with helpful, useful, thought provoking, and tremendously loving material that can make peoples lives more congruent and happy. As far as this feedback goes, it should give other writers out there some extra confidence that if you write good stuff that nobody has ever heard before, it will spread and people will share it if it is worthy.

The power of sharing can be enormous. Think about how the aspects of religion grew. It was mainly through ideas and sharing. I wish more than anything that I could go back in time and view all of history as it happened. That would make things easy as far as faith goes and it would clear up all the theories and make facts. In this reality, it is not currently possible to do so, but we can still think about it.

Read This First If You Are Considering Leaving the Page

One of the things I would like to share is something on perspective. I was sitting here one day trying to think about Jesus and the whole story as far as the Bible tells it. (Keep in mind I spent the first 20 years of my life going to Church every Sunday and my dad died of cancer when I was in ninth grade). Anyway, I was thinking about the way us humans are required by religion to have faith that things are like religion says they are. This seems curious to me because when it comes to faith, Jesus or God doesn't really know what that is like. Jesus lived a perfect life according to the bible, but he never had to know what it is like to believe in something he never saw or new existed and live his life based on it. He may have lived his life based on the word of God, but he already knew there was a God, before coming to live with us.

This makes complications because faith is one of the major issues that causes people to think there is no God and therefore live in a way that hurts others or themselves. You should be able to live however you want no matter what, but make sure that you are educated and knowledgeable about your actions and the repercussions of things that you do. There can be a lot of effects that never crossed your mind.

Think about it. If Jesus was sent here in order to provide guidance, give everyone a chance to be saved, and allow for us to reach heaven even if we commit a "sin", why are details so vague and why is there no proof. Defenders of religion might say there is no concrete proof so that we experience what it is like to have faith. It is funny that religious individuals may live out there life knowing there is a higher purpose. What does that mean??? If this life doesn't matter, then why are we living it. A defender would say it is all for the glory of God in the end. Still, this makes things very complicated because nobody knows the truth or origins of the human race for sure. You just have to have faith that what others tell you is the truth.

Or you could go the other way and try to find out things for yourself. This could also be difficult because you have to do it based on feelings or lots of personal research and there is not much to go on. One thing is for sure, and that is that the human race needs to wake up and start thinking again, about everything. Don't just decide you want to believe what others say and make that the basis for what is right and wrong. Everyone who ever wrote the bible or developed any religion had a mind just like you. Use it and learn for yourself just what this world is and the best way to live in it. Don't just take other people's word for how things really are. Do what you feel is right and see what happens.

It is far more useful for people to understand what they really want based on their life and experiences. Don't let any outside influenced shape what your believe about reality and life after death. Instead do what feels right deep down. This can take some trial and error. It will also take a willingness to learn, change, and find out the truth of situations.

Dec 1, 2011

Getting a Job - Day 7

Had my first interview today since I started looking for jobs online a few weeks ago. This is with the same company I had mentioned in an earlier post where I liked the sound of them and they wanted somebody who I figured I could be. Took me 35min. to get to the place. It was not too bad and when I got there I was greeted with a professional office that looked energetic and run by young individuals.

Anyway, went into the one-on-one talk and thought I had it going pretty good. Since it was a marketing firm, I played up my skills to build my own brand and help them with their clients. Definitely was a good idea to say I was a people person and had good communication skills, which I think I do. They had hip music playing the whole time :) Some things I wish I would of done better was ask about the company more. I knew what they did and the current clients they were working with, but never asked when the company started and how.

Another thing that I think they liked was I proved I was results oriented and was asking if they were acquiring any new clients in the future. The only downside to everything so far is the commute.

Some more positives were that I acted like I was going to get the position. This seemed to work well and I was told they wanted me back for a second interview that was more interactive in a few days. This sounded nice because I really need to get working and roll in some cash to pay for loans. The online sales world is going slow right now with the whole transition and started from ground absolute zero with my brand.

Now I will be working steadily on getting the drop-shipping feature set up on my main e-commerce website while I wait for second interview. Oh, yea I forgot to mention it is finals time and my last week of college. There is a ton of work to do for finals.....