Mar 20, 2012

No Overnight Fixes for Personal Development

It is important to understand where all my ideas are coming from. The goal of this site is to help people grow somehow. Truth be told, I think I have grown tremendously just by writing all this stuff, so maybe the best way you can develop yourself is by writing as well. I don't know. Everyone is different. Anyway, the point of this post is to tell you that personal growth takes a lot of time, effort, hard work, pain, and it's not easy.

You might have read on some different blogs and websites that you can buy a certain product from some guru and this will solve all your problems overnight, make you happier, rich, and change your whole life. That just doesn't happen. I won't insult your intelligence by trying to say you can do one thing that will automatically transform you.

If I did have to limit it down to one thing, I would say that hard work is the main driving force behind any type of growth. One of the coolest things that I think I can help others with is giving ideas to get people to enjoy their life more, try new things, or just become better at anything they are already doing.

I can't stress enough how wrong it is if you think it is possible to completely transform yourself in one night. However, something you can do is start making a list or detailed business plan for the rest of your life. Figure out what you really want to be doing and how you can start living in that way. Many times your life can wind up being dreadful and a daily grind that you can't wait to end each week. This is not a very growth oriented or pleasant way to live.

Existence can be much more enjoyable for you if you do work on things like finding your purpose, doing something for work that doesn't feel like work, and being able to get involved in something where you can exert your entire life force towards and actually enjoy it. Wanting to go to work everyday is something to strive for and accomplish over time. Again, this won't happen for you overnight.

How To Start Personal Growth

So now you may feel like it is a good idea to achieve sustainable growth in your life. To begin this process, examine everything that you currently do in your life. For each thing that you don't see helping you move forward with personal development, make a decision if you should still do it or not. I mean everything from celebrating Christmas to the type of clothes you wear, television shows you watch, and activities you are apart of. Most importantly examine what you do for fun.

Focus on the things you do in your life that bring joy to your life. I will not tell you to turn your most enjoyable activities into money makers. This might take all the joy out of it. Instead, try to make more of your life include these fun activities, thoughts, or ideas. If money comes of it than so be it, but if no money comes of it, be content in knowing that your life is enjoyable for you because that is all that matters.

Best Jump Start Activity....It's Hard but Works Every Time

At the end of the day, you should be living a life that is congruent and fun for you. One growth oriented activity to try out is this: For one week, don't do anything at all. Sit in your room or go for walks, eat, sleep, and drink water, but don't do anything else. Completely give up your entire life for a week. Don't go to church if you normally do, don't watch TV, and don't trade stocks. Don't work on anything.

Then, for the next week, decide what things you liked not doing and what things you want to do more of. When you have decided, actually apply these changes to your life and see how it goes. Don't do the things you liked not doing in the first week, and do the things you like more. It is a bit drastic, but some people need such a drastic change to start their life on a more fulfilling path.

Being Free from Money

One of the major problems that is growing in society today is the jealousy of people who have a lot of money and the constant push to get more money. It is something that the majority of people worry about. Here is the funny thing though. Sometimes actually thinking of money as meaningless is the best way to get more. Getting stuck in a rut where you feel like there is no possible way you can be wealthy and all you know how to do is just work harder and save more is primary the problem.

Get out of this mindset and free yourself from the hold money tries to have on you. The honest truth is that lots of individuals may feel like more money is the way to a happier life. I can assure you that there are plenty of very rich people who just don't have anything to do and hate life. The key is to find a happy medium where you have plenty of money to pay bills, but your life involves many other things that have nothing to do with making money.

Getting to the middle of the road is going to be your best bet to get free of the hold money can have. Additionally, if you have a mindset where you don't value money so greatly as a way to become happier, it becomes easier to invest and earn a monthly passive income. It can be fun to invest because it requires research and finding things that you like. Once you have a few different ideas about what you like and think would be easy to research about for a sustainable amount of time, making money becomes fun, doesn't feel like the worst thing in the world, and provides joy rather than sadness or stress.

If you have hit rock bottom and simply can't deal with your bills anymore and don't know what you are going to do, this could be the best thing that has happened to you depending on how you take it. By hitting rock bottom, life has dealt you a blow that says to change the way you are doing things. It is a good way to figure out what you are good at and how that ability you do have can be used to provide value to others in exchange for things you need to survive, such as food, money, a place to live, and/or safety.

To free yourself from money, it is necessary to change the way you think about it as well as life. You only have a few short decades to live on this Earth. Why waste all this time worrying about money and how much you have. Will you feel any different if you have $50,000 in the bank compared to $5,000,000 when you die. I really don't think so. The next step is finding ways to make enough money as passive income to cover all your monthly bills. One of the best posts to help people build passive streams of money that flow directly to their bank accounts is about earning income online for beginners. There are literally millions of different ideas that have never been thought about for strategies to build a business online. All the tools are available to you through the internet and all it takes is a little savvy and a business minded individual to make it work.

What You Need to Know About Building Money Online

I will tell you a little bit about how online business works. More traffic means more money. More targeted traffic means even more money. The best way to gain targeted traffic is by building a brand that is catchy and allows people to associate what you are selling or providing with your brand name. Once you do this, the money will roll in.

Obviously you will need to get a website to start your brand building process and then you simply need affiliate programs to monetize your site with. The best page to read first is probably going to be The rest of the information you need can be found by searching around this site and also doing research on your own. The goal of SmartHelping is to allow people to have a place where they can come when they need guidance on an idea, motivation, or ideas of what options are available for starting a business. The best place to start this process is at the post about Earning money online. That link will give you a good idea of where to start and what niche to start in. This method works and it just takes time. Invest a year of your time and you could have a life long income of over $4,000 per month.

By trying out these new ideas, it should help you feel free from the grind of money making and turn it into a hobby that is fun to do. One of the primary benefits of doing this is time. You will have a lot of free time that can be used to do whatever you want and it will be possible to make money while you are asleep. If you like to create and build things, get into this.

These ideas are very powerful and since they have brought such great joy to my life, it gives me more joy to try and spread the word so that others can experience the same thing. More businesses will start up and be successful than ever before in the coming years. The question is who is going to make a decision to be apart of this growing number of entrepreneurs. All you have to do is let yourself make money and you will. It's as simple as that.

Mar 19, 2012

Helping Relax

It might be difficult for you to relax. This day and age calls for constant attention, tons of advertising, and very busy work schedules and home lives. Sometimes it is very difficult to find time to relax and decompress. If you want to feel sane and think clearly, relaxation is necessary. I am going to help you do this.

It doesn't require much time, so you should be able to fit this into your busy schedule. Take ten or fifteen minutes each day and find an area that is very calming to you. This could be anywhere and doesn't have to be stereotypical like on the beach or something. Personally, I like to sit in the shower some mornings and just let the water beat down on me. It feels really good and highly relaxing. For me the mornings are very stressful because I simply hate waking up.

There could be multiple spots where you are able to relax. The key is getting into a peaceful and confident state. The second component that is really going to hit it off for you is some type of music or audio. If you are living in a state of abundance then any kind of sound will do for you because everything is more than enough. Those of you that only like certain things, find a good set of tracks that really makes you feel good and play it during your relaxation time.

The best way to approach this important part of your life is with creativity. Think about how you want to relax and picture yourself in this area and if it is really going to help you decompress from your day and help you clear your head of all the stress and other crap.

Some of the psychological benefits of doing this are feeling more energy, elimination of bad moods, better ability to make decisions, and relief from anxiety. Just don't put yourself in a box. Instead let the place and way that you do this be unique and not normal. As long as it fits you, that is all that matters. It might be working out in the gym or running around your block, down the country road, riding your bike, laying down in the woods, or simply sitting anywhere that is quiet. The options you have are endless.

Some Things to Think About While You Relax

Use your creativity to get out of the daily grind of life and get your mind into a perspective that is more complete and not so caught up in everything going on around you. This is a gigantic universe that we can't even put together in our heads the size. Try to get this perspective for a minute though. Our planet is a part of the rest of the universe. A lot of times it is easy to forget this and get so caught up in our daily lives that we lose site of our part among billions of other planets and stars in a very vast universe. If you can really conceptualize that thought, it can be very calming and relaxing.

One result that might come after a few days of being able to relax is feeling like you have everything you need. The final goal of this whole process is to be able to get into a relaxing state of being that can be applied to every part of your life. It doesn't mean that you have to be slow and can't play sports at a high level. It just means focusing in while being able to feel like you are content with what you have.

Mar 18, 2012

Best way to Cook Eggs

This idea might be a little odd compared tot he rest of my topics. The thing about it is that I just started cooking eggs on my own and it is amazing. There are so many different types of ways to do it, but I know the best. Without further procrastination, let's take a look at my pure genius of egging.

Step 1: If you can, get eggs right off of a farm. If you can't do this don't worry. Regular eggs will work fine.

Step 2: Crack the eggs and beat them in a bowl. Don't add anything to them at all. Many people ruin their eggs when they add too much extra stuff to it. The best way is just to leave them like they are.

Step 3: Warm up the pan you plan to cook the eggs in. Try to get a pan that is the perfect size. This would be a size that allows your eggs to be about half an inch thick. You don't want them to be too thin or thick.

Step 4: After the pan has heated up on medium heat, pour the eggs in slowly. Let them cook for a minute and a half. After that, try to flip them over once and cook a little longer until there is no soupy look to them. Don't scramble them or chop them up.

Step 5: Take the eggs out and put some ketchup, salt, and pepper on them. They will taste just like their from a restaurant, but not cost so much money. I usually use 3 eggs and have a special pan that doesn't stick.

The reason why I thought this would be a good topic is because so many people deal with trying to find the perfect way to cook these things. Wives and girlfriends, pay attention to this recipe. It is the best way to serve your man breakfast. Nice and simple, yet tasty.

Being Happy with what you Have

I was thinking about some reasons why anxiety and the feeling of not ever having enough plagued me so much lately. Here are some things to ponder. The only thing that helps me make sense of it is that there needs to be some type of peaceful mindset to focus on no matter what is going on around you. Sitting in bed, I figured out what it has to be. Truly moving toward abundance. True abundance is always feeling like you have enough and never feeling scarcity in anything.

What that means is no matter what situation you face or how little of something you acquire, it always feels like way more then enough. By training yourself to be content with the things that come across your life, it leads to better personal growth in the long term. You will never be searching to find some magical state of happiness where you all of a sudden have everything you want and don't feel the need to get more. Focus on growing on the inside and the outside world will always feel like it is enough.

Lets look at a few examples to try and further get this idea across. If a man were to just land a brand new position that allows him to get a new car and live in a comfortable lifestyle, would this person be happier than he was before getting the new position or job? Probably so, but only for a temporary amount of time. By letting yourself be happy when one set of circumstances occurs but not when a different set happens, you are training yourself to never be content.

To be truly content, you will be pleased with your current situation and not let anything in your whole life effect the level of good you feel. By taking out the aspect of getting more is better, you free yourself up to feel abundance. I believe abundance is more like being able to see a surplus or feel like you have enough at any given time. Do this and there will be no issues of feeling like you have an empty life or like you are always chasing something. It is much more pleasant to be able to be completely fulfilled with what you currently have and just keep living.

Some surprises that might come across are the actual increase in things that you do for fun. It might be easier to see good money making opportunities when your head is clear and you aren't in a state of mind where nothing is good enough. Some may think that if you are always pleased with what you have, it will be hard to achieve any goals. This is just one opinion though. The goal should be to get to a state of feeling happy with anything, but that doesn't mean you don't have to work hard or be lazy. It is actually a good way to allow yourself to be happier while working hard because you won't be so worried about things that you can't control.

Mar 17, 2012

Get in Your Box

Everyone is always saying think outside the box. However, does the most growth and positive results come out of thinking outside the box. I don't know because there is no way for me to survey every single person on this planet and see that situations ended up going better because they thought of something new and creative. All I can do is make assumptions about the idea, which I will start doing now.

Let me try to paint you a picture. The majority of your time is spent working. Looking at 90% of the work force, you will see that it is made up of people who don't get to make the rules or think outside any box except for what their boss wants to do. Based on that I will write the following...

Chances are that you work at something where 80% of the time you have to listen to others tell you what to do. If this is true, thinking outside the box is a big no-no. You could get fired and then how will you pay rent or the mortgage. The fear of going homeless and your family not being taken care of is too great to risk doing anything outside the box in a normal job setting where you have to take orders.

If you did get fired what would happen to you? Do you have any skills that could be used in return for money and survival. The hard part is figuring out that, but I guarantee you that you would start thinking outside the box about things that have a great impact on your life. That is the key right there. Finding out ways to think in a creative way about doing things that have a very large impact on your life for the long-term.

The reason why I took work or whatever your job is as an example is because this is where the majority of your life doing something productive is spent. It does become much easier to work freely when you are not "on the clock" and at home or away from job. The challenge is to actually work in an environment where you make the rules and are in charge of everything. If you can successfully get this done, congratulations you are now part of 1% of Americans.

Now the issue is, should you think out of the box or should you just do whatever you want and see what happens. I hate titling anything so lets just go with "do whatever you want" as the meaning of outside the box. It might be the same as everyone else or it could be completely unique and new. The key is that if you are doing whatever you want, it is going to be considered something nobody else is trying to do, which should fit the definition of  "thinking creatively".

A big part of doing this right is knowing the effects of each of your actions. You must be aware of what you are doing and if it is going to go positive or negative in the future. Sometimes that is hard to predict, but do your best at trying to stay on top of things.

What You Can Do

Here is why I can't say much about what you should do. I just don't know. There are things you can do to help think of ideas for living in a way that is joyful to yourself and allows you to survive on your own terms. For example, one thing you can start doing right now is making conscious choices about the things you do in your life. Re-think things and don't just do something because you have always done it or it is tradition. Go back and question if it is something you really believe in, is congruent with how you want your life to be, and has a purpose that you think is good.

The only person who knows what they can do is that specific person. If the ideas were already out there for how you can lead your life, it won't help you get anywhere because it's not unique to yourself. Find some things that only you have thought of and start implementing them into your everyday life.

Mar 15, 2012

Trying out Fanbase Solutions for Marketing

Alright so we internet marketers and e-commerce site owners know that Facebook is getting huge. The impace of this social place is growing the reputation and sales of businesses so I have heard. As a result, I am going to try and use a company called Fanbase Solutions to help me with marketing my health commerce brand.

It costs $100 to set up and $250 per month. There is no long-term contract requirements. They do it based on month to month. Now I have been skeptical about marketing firms helping out small businesses, especially ones that are going to be running Facebook campaigns. The bottom line is results.

The next few weeks will tell if this company made me money or cost me money. The campaign manager or whatever is supposed to contact me in a day or two in order to set up everything. I will post my results within the next few weeks on this page so keep checking it out weekly.

By using a marketing firm, I hope to grow the popularity of my site. Right now I am going to use 3 different ads on Facebook that all lead to a specific product page. If that goes well, I may switch to a more broad approach and have ads going directly to my home page. The key is that each ad says something about the name: Herbal Showcase in it and something about male sexual improvement.

Those are the two things I really want my online health store to be known for. If you want to check out the store for yourself fee free to visit Herbal Showcase and browse different natural solutions that are available. I believe that the future holds a lot more growth for natural supplement in general. Many people are starting to dislike the old school pharmaceutical way that gives people drugs that force the body into changing.

I am hoping that Fanbase Solutions will be able to help spread my word out and get people searching for me when they need a natural remedy to their health problems. We will see what the future holds.

Update: This company has called me after about 1 week to go over the ad writing strategy and my results with them will be explained within a few weeks.

End Results:

I didn't receive any sales from my campaign. It cost me $100 set up fee and $250 for the monthly fee. They provided me with hundreds of thousands of impressions but only about 150 clicks for the month. I don't know if it was a bad sales page on my part or just not enough advertising dollars spent to see results. Nonetheless the campaign did not go through good and I had to cancel.

Fanbase Solutions did do what they said they would and held up all things on their end. The buyers just didn't hit. If you want to see what page I was sending all my traffic to, it was this penis enhancer. I will keep all the same sales copy as long as no ingredients change or anything and you can decide for yourself if it was my bad on the product sales portion.

Mar 13, 2012

Ideas to Execution

Here is a very important concept to help you along your online business creation path. Make sure you can develop a plan, but more importantly, be able to execute that plan. It's easy to develop a thin business plan on paper in a few hours. What you need to do is spend more time figuring out the steps you have to take to put your ideas into action in a way that makes sense for making money or accomplishing what you are trying to do.

It might not be about the money although one of the most joyful things you can accomplish is to do something with a business that allows you to live comfortably and also helps you fulfill whatever you think your purpose is. Sometimes it takes a little kick in the rear to get yourself into gear so hopefully these words are triggering some action within you.

I figured that a lot of my business model for online success is based on helping people who want to make money online get ideas for action. If you take a look at my post about how to earn online income, you will see that the only way I make money is by helping others be successful in promoting web hosting. There are a million different ways to get people to sign up for a website. The hard part is figuring out how to get in front of the people who want to start a website. If you can do that, there is a lot of money to be made. I am talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

First Plan of Action

The market for people who want to start new websites is there and it's just a matter of getting in front of people. How do you do this? It takes a plan and follow through. One of the most successful ways to do this is by working really hard to help people with your strengths. Usually this requires that you write a lot and the more you write, the more traffic you get as well as money. The equation is sort of simple. If you get 100k visitors to your site per month, you will be able to make a lot of money promoting anything really. Just build content that lots and lots of people will benefit from. After you have that, throw up advertising banners from affiliate programs. The easiest way to monetize is by being an affiliate for web hosting because your market is already online. Here is the catch...

It is very important to write stuff that people want to share. This means don't make stuff that sounds super sales pitchy or done in a way that is motivated by money. Just be yourself and take this opportunity to express your ideas about whatever to the rest of the world. Billions of people surf the web. If you can be a desirable destination to very broad audiences, things will go well for your online business. You want to write stuff that will change the world and be remembered forever. Think of it like how old philosophers did. People like Plato wrote stuff that can still be relevant thousands of years later. One of your primary goals is to make sure everything you write or work at can be done in a sustainable way that provides value to people for an unlimited amount of time. Try to avoid very specific topics.

The worst way to start your plan off is by thinking you can't write things that were as important as other people. Let me tell you something that is closer to the truth. You are a human being with a brain just like past influential and helpful people. That means nothing is stopping you from breaking through and doing things accept your own sub-conscious that is making excuses.

What Every Successful Entrepreneur Must Think First

To get yourself into a good mindset, it is important to let yourself make money. It is almost like a psychological barrier that all successful business runners have to break. Just simply allow yourself to make money. If you can get past this barrier, it is easy to put together strategies that will work. The goal is to allow yourself to put yourself in a position that is very likely to bring in the green. It's not all about money though. In fact money is meaningless if you are not providing value. The meaning is all behind the value you are giving others.

For example, this website is designed to be a place for online business owners and entrepreneurs to come to when they are struggling or need a different perspective. Once you come here, it is my hope that you leave with a clear head and motivation to make things happen for yourself.

Mar 10, 2012

Stock Investment Update

This post will be updated every time I buy or sell a stock. The first part shows the beginning of my stock journey and from there I will be strictly talking about each buy and sell.

Alright, this nice Saturday morning I want to talk about some more stock stuff because I have done some buying and selling since I brought up the topic. If you want to read my first post that explains me first getting into the market, view my post called "Investing with a few Grand". This is when I only had about $993.00 available for risking. From that post I just linked, you can see I bought the stock DHX for $993 and sold it 14 days later for 1029.65. This was about a $36 gain in just 14 days. That might not seem like a whole lot of money, but it is a good percentage gain of about 4% and given the time frame and current economic situation, it's not too bad.

Once those funds settle, which takes 3 days, I had another stock lined up. This was First Solar. It has been hit hard over the last year with problems and the stock fell from about $160/share to $27/share when I bought it. Currently I still own it and it and am long in it. It dipped down another 7% after the day I purchased it, but then recovered back to break even so I have not made or lost any money yet. I am hoping the stock gets some good news and a few government regulations go the right way so that it runs up to about $32/share within the next week and a half.

If I can sell it at $32, the profit would be a nice $200. I forgot to mention when I did buy First Solar at $27/share, I had put another $200 into my investment account from my checking account. None of this would be possible without the Accounting job I found a few months ago because my online health store has not completely kicked off the ground yet as the new brand I am building for it is only 3.5 months old. We will see how things are going in another 8 months though. For those keeping score, I now have an investment account with a market value of $1,228.00. 98.5% of that is completely invested in First Solar. The rest is just a cash balance. I am not diversified, but that is because I don't have enough capital to spread out the funds. It is only worth it to buy one stock and try to get 5-10% gains at a time and keep adding to the account with money from my job.

The overall goal is to reach $1,000,000 within 10 years. This will take time and a lot of work, but I think making it there is the fun part. I did take a fairly larger risk because I thought that First Solar had found its bottom and is now on the rise. This stock and company had been far oversold from what I heard so a recovery was going to happen sooner or later. I am hoping sooner. The next few weeks will tell the story so I will keep you up to date.

One of the best ways to help yourself gain extra money to invest with is a recurring monthly income that is independent from your regular job. I recommend that you read my post "Build Online Business" to figure out where to start.

Update: Sold Stock on March 16th 2012

Alright, the stock above that I bought for $27 per share was sold today for $29/share. This only took about 10 days to accomplish so if you are keeping track, that means I have made about 6.5% in exactly one month since I started investing in the stock market. For those who have studied the time value of money or compound interest, you know that getting 6% interest returns each month will result in very fast growth. The only catch is being able to keep finding stocks where I can make 3 or 4 percent every 2 weeks.

It won't be that hard though because there are over 6,500 companies on the stock exchange. It will take some work to figure out which company is about to go up, but will pay off a lot. I am excited to see what will happen when I can invest 5 or 10 grand instead of 1 grand. The gains will be more but the risk is more with more money.

Got into Bank of America stock and sold it with no loss or gain. The reason why I decided to do this is because I am going to start trading stock options. There are a lot of people that have lost tons of money when doing this, but I believe I can make a few hundred dollars per day. Those results will be explained once I start. I have to wait a few days for my funds to settle set up a new account with Schwab.

Mar 7, 2012

Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is simple, but difficult to execute with perfection. To explain what it is in one sentence, I would say this law is a social creation of a demand for something that people want to be apart of. With the internet and .com explosion, you saw this widespread. People made huge businesses called MLM's or multi-level-marketing schemes. This was largely based on the law of attraction and how it works.

MLM's work by selling the idea of owning your own business. The actual business you would be doing is largely selling others the ability to sell others the ability to sell the ability to be able to sell some type of product. These types of operations used the Law we are speaking about because the only way you get get anyone under you to buy into the scheme was to seem like it was a sweet way to make money, easy, and fun.

In the next two paragraphs I will try and create some attraction to an idea. After you read it, you can decide if you want to try it out or not. If you do, than I have successful implemented the law of attraction, but if you don't want to try it then I failed at it. The example starts like this...

In my opinion, MLM's are not good. What I do believe in is affiliate programs linked directly to distributor's. This type of business model relies less on attracting others to the business side of it and more on you pushing products or services yourself in order to make commissions on each sale. There is no pyramid. Instead, you set up a market place and push various products for a company that has set up a deal with you. Many large companies are going to this as a cost effective way to do business and marketing.

A business that wants to increase their sales in a cost effective way can set up an affiliate program and track all the visitors being sent to their products by these affiliates. If a visitor bought something, the person that sent that visitor would get a set commission on the sale. Different parameters are used to track unique visitors, but it is a win win for the company and anyone who wants to push products without much overhead and no cost per sale. The hardest part of being on the affiliate side of things is learning how to be an online marketer. If you can get targeted traffic to your site on a consistent basis, sales will come.

If you read all that, I applaud you, but you need to read this next little bit if you want to be attracted to this idea. By setting up a proper affiliate business, you can have a residual income stream that keeps coming. It will be possible to make money while you sleep and require about 3 hours of work per weak just to manage your business.

Now, that is the end of my attempt at trying to show the law of attraction in action. It was all read and if you really want to get into this online business thing, check out my other post called Earn Income with Web Hosting. If you really want to learn this, then read the whole post I just linked to you just so you know what you are getting into and have an idea of how it works.

The Law of Attraction and Business

Anyway, now lets talk more about the attraction thing. It works by exponential growth. Once something is developed that looks like a favorable thing to do, people may start to buy into it. The idea or action that people are being attracted to or feeling a demand for will spread and gain traction. As more and more people learn about how good of a thing something is, brand awareness occurs. The best way to build a strong brand that will result in loyal customers or partners is by utilizing the law of attraction. People do feel emotions if you can appeal to them in the right way that makes them want to do the thing you are trying to get them to do.

The best possible example I can give of this principal is the stock market. Stocks go up and down based on momentum. The momentum gets started and people start over exaggerating their feeling for what a company might look like in the future. This is a prime example of the social factor. If a stock drops a little be because people over reacting to bad news, more people that own the stock might get scared. As a result, the stock might start falling even more because people are scared the company is going under.

To avoid all the momentum and invest in something of value, look at what the business is selling and analyze the ability of that company to put itself in positions for growth and sustaining the products they are selling. If they can do that, there is a good chance the stock will recover.

Don't let yourself get fooled or over excited. Just see things for what they are and if it looks like a good deal and you have researched everything there is to research, then make a decision. The law of attraction can be very dangerous or very good depending on the situation and the side you are on. It is pretty hard to create this type of thing in a way that makes others want to do what you are doing. The best way to achieve this is by showing direct results of what you were able to get and exactly how you did it. If others think they can do it too, you have successfully done it.

Mar 5, 2012

Build a Business Online

Alright, millions and millions of people are looking for ways to build their own business online each year. You want to know how many of them will find something that actually works and allows them to make money for years to come? Basically a few percent each year get it. The problem is that you have to learn how to boss yourself so that you can get work done, set objectives for yourself where you figure out what you actually need to do and then, most importantly, follow through.

You might think it is easy to just bark out orders to yourself and be the boss. It's not that easy though. Things get tricky when you have to figure out what you need to do in order to actually make money from the work you are doing. In most cases it will take you a long time to get things going. One way to speed things up is by investing in a lot of time to learn about banner advertising. If you invest in strictly an advertising business that has nothing to gain traction with it will take a lot of planning and cost analysis.

Advertising with banners is the best way to control you cash outflows because you can set a monthly rate that you know will get you at least a certain amount of sales and profit. It is less risky compared to PPC (pay per click). Here is why most people who start this fail. It is because they have nothing to offer others i.e. their own site with products or services they developed themselves. This means you need to be an expert in finding out which sites are going to give you the best return on your advertising expenses.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me explain what affiliate programs are. This is the only thing you can get into that requires no real up front costs, is free to join, and just requires that you advertise banners for products of various companies. There are a few really good networks that pay you a nice commission for each sale that you send through a banner.

Let me simplify what I just said so that you can know exactly how you are going to make money, which is what you want to do by starting an online business I am assuming.

First: Sign up for some affiliate programs that are free to join.

Second: Once you get accepted, log into the affiliate control panel of the affiliate network you joined.

Third: Get the html code for whatever banners you want and use that to advertise with.

Fourth: The way you advertise is contact sites that offer advertising space and try to negotiate a monthly or yearly price that you will pay them in order for them to put the html code of the banner you choose onto their site.

Fifth: Watch the clicks come through the banner from the site you are advertising on. Each person that decides to sign up or buy the product being advertised in the banner that you put up gets you a nice commission.

If you have read everything so far, you might have a chance to succeed because that tells me you are willing to learn about this stuff. That is a must if you want to have an online business that can get you a lot of money every month.

Now you have to pick the affiliate programs that you want to advertise for. You can go research this on your own, but I put together a good post about which ones are good and don't skim any sales. The post is called: Affiliates Motivated by Money. If you decide to promote through that affiliate program, you will be pushing web hosting sign-ups. Each person you can get to sign up through the banners they give you will be a $150.00 payout for you. Get one sale per day and that is over $4,500 per month. As long as you spend less then that on advertising, you will make a profit. I would say if you do all your research and due diligence, you can get 1 signup per day with $1,000 per month.

To be a good online marketing money maker you want to diversify your earnings. Another great market to push is Forex trading. There is a really good affiliate program that you can sign up with for free and they do revenue share. That means if you get in front of the right people, you can make a whole lot of money. I am talking about over $100,000 per year. The way you promote it is the same as all other banner advertising. Just be specific when picking a site so you know what kind of traffic will be seeing your ads. To get started on promoting forex, look into my post called: Making Money with Forex Affiliate.

That information should be enough to get you started in the online marketing game. There are guys out there that make millions of dollars every year using simple and disciplined strategies. Just know what your advertising dollars are going toward and make sure they are effective.

Online Business without Affiliate Programs

What I just explained above was how you would start an online business from scratch with just a few advertising dollars. That is only one way to do it. Another way that you can try is going to be much slower, but still works if you do it right. Develop an e-commerce site. This means you will be accepting credit cards or using some sort of online checkout software like paypal or Google Checkout. What you need to do is find distributors that have a drop-ship program.

Drop-shipping is simple. You make a site that takes orders. Once you get an order, you simply go to the drop-shipping program that you signed up for that offers whatever product someone bought on your site and ship it to the customer by placing an order with the drop-shipper. You don't have to hold inventory and it is basically free to do except for the hosting cost. If you want to get some good e-commerce hosting that is cheap, I would check out some of the web hosting and internet tools that I use at Hosting and Website Growth Tools. Sign up with one of them and start building your online store.

Remember, you can only put prices, pictures, and descriptions on your e-commerce site that you are able to buy through your drop-shipping vendor. As far as pricing goes, you can set the price so you make a certain margin. Also set the shipping rates or have free shipping (which is what I do). Unless the drop-shipper you signed up with specifies otherwise, you can put the prices at whatever price you want. Obviously, you want to make them more than how much it will cost to buy and ship the product to your customers.

Depending on the distributors, you can usually get pretty low prices. Your business will grow as your site grows and gets more traffic. The best way to gain traction is to have a niche website. Find a certain type of product or service and try to specialize in selling everything that has to do with that niche you picked out. You want your site and brand (site name) to be known for whatever you are offering at your e-commerce store.

Mar 4, 2012

For Affiliates Motivated by Money

I am writing this post to any of you affiliates out there that just want to make money and don't care what you are promoting. I myself am an accountant and have been promoting affiliate products for a few years now and know what will work and won't. With that said, lets get down to business.

All that matters to you is numbers and return on investment. You might have a website, which will greatly reduce your cost only if you have already built a very high-traffic blog or site. If you have done this then all you need to do is sign up for this affiliate program I am going to recommend and let the money flow in. It is free to join obviously. If you don't have a website, you can still make a lot of money, but it will take knowledge of your market and some initial investment in banner advertising. I am mainly focusing on what it takes to make money with banner advertising on other websites by promoting web hosting.

The most credible affiliate program that doesn't skim sales or pull any bull crap, but still pays out good commissions and offers affiliates tiered earnings based on volume is SiteBuildIt. If you do 1 sale per day, that will put you at the earning level of $150.00 per sale, which is over $4,500 per month. If you make 2 sales per day that number doubles to about $9,000 per month, which is pretty good no matter what background you have.

Formula for making a profit with this program:

Spend $3,000 or less on advertising with banners from the affiliate program I linked you to above. Next, find a good place to put these web hosting banners, which you will get when signing up with the SBI i.e. place them on a good forum or website that gets over 25,000 visits per day. If you can find an online vendor that will let you advertise on their site for $3000.00 or less and get you 25,000 unique banner views per day (750,000) per month, than do it. That will get you a guaranteed 1 sign up per day at least. All you need the visitors that click through your advertising banner to do is sign up for hosting. It doesn't matter what plan they sign up for or for how long. As long as you sign up 1 person or more per day, you will make your money. Imagine getting 2,000 unique visitors to go through your banner each day. If the traffic is semi targeted, you can expect a few of those people to sign up. You don't need much to make a lot. 3 sign ups per day would get you about $13,500 per month. Just plan your advertising expenses accordingly. There is no other costs you have to worry about.

How To Scale This:

To scale this strategy, simply find more websites that have a very high traffic volume with an audience that fits your target market (18 - 40) male or female. From there, you can get almost anyone to sign up for a website if they are already online and curious enough to click through you banner ad. It is just a matter of if they were looking for someone to sign up with and happened to find your ad. Get in front of your market and spend about 50% of your expected monthly revenue on advertising and you are golden.

Benefit of Banner Advertising over PPC

The reason why I recommend buying banner advertising space on websites is because it is much more lucrative than buying ppc advertising with major search engines. You get much more bang for your buck and a much smoother income stream where you can control your costs each month. You know how much you are spending and how many sign-ups you need that advertising to generate.

If you need to get yourself in a good mindset before spending money check out Abundance. This will get you past scarcity and worrying about going broke.

Life Long Change to Abundance

If you want to get yourself into a life of abundance, it will take a while to transition. The problem most people have is thinking that they are sick and tired of scarcity. This could be scarcity of happiness, love, money, joy, fulfillment, or anything. By being "sick tired" you are already in the wrong mindset that it takes to feel complete abundance.

It is not something you can achieve by waking up one day and saying you feel like trying it out for awhile. That will never last or be sustainable. Having a feeling of abundance doesn't mean you are automatically going to have a perfect life or be rich. Some of those things happen as a side effect, but it doesn't happen over night and the purpose of being present in a fulfilled life is not to have more money. You have to work yourself into a whole new life and way of seeing and interacting with the world around you. One of the main ways to do this is by not being motivated by money. Make your actions have meaning and purpose that spreads love to the rest of the world in some way.

Some of the major contributors that keep people from getting to this state of loving and feeling good in a way that can't be faked or forced is media and listening to others. I personally want everyone in the whole world to get into the mindset of abundance. It is just a nice outlook on life and fun way to live. The great thing is that if everyone were living in this sort of way, it would be sustainable and society would benefit on the whole. How it works is small and slowly spreads. The first thing I do is try and get my closest relationships into a feeling of complete fulfilling love and joy. From there, my being is attempting to spread in a viral type of way to the whole planet.

No matter what background you have or what your views on death and life are, you can make a conscious choice to commit yourself to having a mindset of abundance no matter what happens. Let me try to explain with an example. I will take work for instance. Being able to do something without focusing on the money it is making you, is a big step toward getting yourself into a more loving and happy state of being. By mastering and putting your life's force toward a job or activity that makes you feel good and happy regardless of the money it is paying you, can be very rewarding to your soul's well-being. This directly affects your life and how you feel at every second of the day.

Another example is from my personal life. I like to play basketball and do some exercises. What are my reasons and motivators behind this? I do it for two reasons. The most important is that I simply enjoy doing both things. The other reason is because I want to do it for my own health. The act of doing something I enjoy coupled with the fact that it is making me more healthy both play a role in making that experience emotionally and psychologically stimulating and helpful. The point is I enjoy the activity and actual thing without having to worry about a monetary motive behind anything. There is no profit to be gained from me playing basketball. I just like doing it for the sake of doing it.

Things like this are good at keeping you healthy psychologically, which is important. You need to have an outlet in your life for abundance to happen. Everyone can have something different that they release to. Whatever it is, just try to enjoy it without focusing on the future. People seem to have a hard time being present in their own lives because they are so worried about other things around them and the future of their life. Just stop to smell the roses and think about what you are doing right now.

The Goal of Abundance for the Entire Planet

Pretend that money didn't exist. Try and picture yourself in an environment where people did things that they just liked to do and master because the enjoyed the actual act of doing it no matter what its monetary result was or how much it increased their financial outlook. The machines or mechanisms that required maintenance to produce life's essential needs like producing food, water, and shelter would be maintained for free by the majority of people that were able. This spreads out the burden and allows one to have purpose.

By forgetting about building more and more money and focusing on the work that you want to do, and doing work that you think fulfills your purpose in life, it enables everyone to focus more on relationships as well as good. Much of the evil and hate that is caused by money and social status could be eliminated if we had no money system. What 90% of the world has evolved into has resulted in individuals getting stuck in a mindset of working to get more money for something. That is what the majority of our planet thinks.

The problem is that more money and material things are not going to help you feel better or more love. What will give you the feeling you seek is the actions and activities that are required to reach goals that fulfill your purpose. By not making more money the purpose, you have a system that will work for you forever. The only things that can do that are when you actively impact others in a way that makes them hurt less and feel happier. By eliminating the value of money, we zero out the power that money has.

Earn Online Income with Web Hosting

Running A Website for Ad Revenue

Let me clear up this real fast before you read this. You can make money by signing up with a web hosting provider, such as SiteGround, and building a website that generates income through some sort of monetizing method. The simple and highly proven method of doing this is creating a blog and writing about stuff that you want the world to know and be helped by. Then you can sign up for Google Adsense and put advertising on your blog. Each person that clicks through the ad will make you a certain amount of money per click. That is one main way that most marketers do things. The other way is as follows...

Selling Your Own Web Hosting Service that You Own

There are a few other ways you can make money online with web hosting. The hardest and most lucrative way is to make your own company and sell hosting. You can leverage the power of computer servers and provide people with this service. The problem is that it can be hard to gain traction and the costs are high to offer a legitimate hosting service that doesn't have much down time.

Being a Web Hosting Affiliate

The much easier way to earn income with this industry is by breaking into the market through affiliate programs. That way it doesn't cost you much to start and the only thing you have to learn is how to market web hosting. The easiest way to stream line your money making is to use banners that you get after signing up for a web hosting affiliate program. A good hosting provider that offers the best commissions and advertising tools is SiteBuildIt. That method of making money by means of web hosting allows you to sell web hosting through a provider's affiliate program for a certain commission per sale. With that, you can earn $250/sale. 10 sales a month and you are golden.

How Much Money You Can Make

If you are serious about making this work, I will run some numbers by you. By getting 100 people to sign up per month with a web hosting account,  you can make $25,000 per month. That is $830 per day and you just have make content that people will share. In order to make positive cash flows each month and create wealth for yourself, you just have to spend less than $400 per day on advertising. There is your simple budget. There is a ton of room for profit if you market correctly. Get your website where you promote web hosting providers in front of a lot of people with that $400/day. The revenue and demand is there and this is a multi-billion dollar per year industry.

The fastest way to start getting people to sign up is by advertising on forums or websites that you know have people in the mindset of building online websites. By finding places where there is a demand for web hosting (where people are that want to start new websites), you can begin quickly making $830 per day. So lets say you want to get a 50% return on your investment in this. That means your only cost is going to be advertising. If you spend about $12,000/month and get 100 sign ups per month (which should be no problem with that amount of money being spent on online advertising), you will make a little more than 50% back on your investment.

Each month you could have a positive cash flow of about $13,000. The amount of traffic you are generating per day should result in more then 5 sign ups per day so you can probably make a lot more than $25,000 per month. The good thing is that when you refer one person to SBI, you will make your commission even if they don't decide to get web hosting that day. If they come back in a month and buy it, you still get the credit. It is also first referrer gets the commission no matter what. If the customer goes through your link first, you make money. This is also recurring income for yearly subscription renewals so you get more bang for your advertising.

I can't stress enough how important it is to do your research before spending advertising dollars. Make sure the forum or website that you are planning on buying advertising space on, is going to give you good returns as far as customer sign ups. It is all about numbers here. If you can pay $3,000 to one site and they get you ten's and possible hundreds of thousands of visitors per month, it will be a very lucrative deal for you.

It is ok to find cheaper sites and spread out your risk as long as the websites you are advertising your banners on are targeted traffic. What I mean by targeted traffic is people who are likely to spend money to start a new website or buy web hosting. Obviously, it is going to be more of a tech savvy group and probably between the ages of 18 and 40. Also, you want to look at what kind of content is being shown by your ads. Make sure it has something to do with tech or website news in some way.

To try and make over $25,000 per month on signing people up for web hosting, get started for free by clicking here. That is my affiliate program page, which SiteBuildIt shows up first. If you want to build your own website and try and get traffic for free instead of advertising, it starts with you first buying web hosting here.

Making Money with Forex Affiliate

Promoting Forex services can get yourself a lot of commissions and residual passive income. If you can get in front of the right people, it can be very lucrative and fun. Keep in mind most Forex brokers that have affiliate programs for you to join, don't offer their services to people who live in the U.S. but you can be an affiliate from the U.S. The rest of this post will be about how to do that. One of the main reasons you want to break into this market is because of the revenue share opportunity. That means residual income or as long as the people you are getting to sign up keep making trades, you keep making money. The kind of money that is traded within the Forex worldwide market is usually in the hundreds of thousands to millions.

The money you can make is based on those trades. In 2010 alone, one company called AvaPartner paid their affiliates over 10,000,000 in commissions. The way to promote is simple and doesn't require that much start up money for advertising. To sign up to the affiliate program I linked to you in this paragraph, it is completely free. All you have to do is market their forex program and you are set.

The Forex Affiliate Programs that I Use: - I like these forex affiliate programs because they have good revenue sharing and CPA commission plans coupled with top of the industry broker services and platforms for traders to use. They provide great value and for that I like to provide them with great traders.

Some Proven Ways To Promote Forex 
1. The first thing you should be doing is researching websites and forums that charge you a monthly fee and allow you to put banners up on their website promoting forex. You can simply use the html code found in the affiliate area and each person that clicks through those banners and signs up to start trading online, gets you paid forever on every trade. If you get 10 - 30 sign ups per month, the chances you can make a few hundred thousands dollars per year are pretty good. The hard part is finding the right forums and websites to put up your banners on.

Generally it won't cost more than $300 - $500 per month for advertising banners and you could make this investment for one year and than never put any more money into it. In that year, if you were able to get into the right markets, countries, languages, and in front of people who want to trade forex, there is a very good chance you can make all that money back and than have a residual income for the rest of your life.

2. The other way you can try and promote this type of affiliate product is through a very cheep method. You could do it through building your own website based completely on Forex. That would be the main theme and you could run a forum where people can talk about their trades and different strategies or just make an information based blog or site that has your insights on the Forex scene. Either way it doesn't cost much and instead of buying advertising space on other successful websites, you could just advertise on your own site for free.

The challenges in getting a high-traffic blog or site are pretty big and it is hard. In my opinion, doing the research for paid advertising is faster and can get you making money a lot sooner than if you were to build your own site.