Aug 31, 2012

Bull and Bear Fight, Who Wins in the DOW Jones Industrial?

We are taking a step back today and checking out how the DOW has moved over the last 12 years. If you look at any chart, you will see the bulls were winning the fight on this index from about 2003 up until 2008. Then all those gains were given up real quick in the recession.

Today, we are now approaching that resistance level that we were at before 2008. It just so happens that it is in another election year. The buyers and sellers are constantly fighting. Over 75% of people are out of this rally that is currently happening. This means they have missed the boat. So what is going to happen and in what time frame?

Stock Investment Strategy

In the month of September, there will be about a 10% correction. Many analysts, including very credible individuals from respected institutions are calling for this. The summer rally needs a healthy pull back. Keep in mind that for the year 2012, we are in a bull trend. That means you get run ups, with small corrections and then continued rallies.

So, you have a pull back of about 10% in September. Look for this pull back to be a good entry. It seems like this market will have a giant rally through this next election that could push the DOW up to the $15,500 mark within a few years. It is a good time to get long after this correction.

Binary Options Strategy

The binary options play would be to buy monthly September puts on the DOW Jones Industrial, S&P 500 Index, and big names like AAPL within the first week of the coming month. Then, once the pull back has hit, look to get long again, which means buying call options.


The QE3 news is flat. Bernanke is simply saying that they are not doing economic easing unless it is needed. That is not news at all. Just wait and watch for more news coming out about this.

Aug 27, 2012

Difference Between Boundary and High/Low Binary Option Trades

These work like regular options trading, except they have defined profit that you get based on if what you thought was going to happen, happens or not.

A Boundary is going to take on more risk because it is based on the market price of an underlying asset (stock, index, forex pairing, commodity) being higher than one strike price and lower than another strike price at expiration. This creates a boundary for where the market price has to be at expiration of the contract  in order to result in you making the pre-determined profit, which is usually 70% profit return or higher depending on what binary options broker you choose. You can actually make your profit by doing a trade that is in the money if the market price expires within the boundary or outside the boundary. The boundary that your binary trade is based on is already set by the broker.

*Note that not all binary options brokers will allow you to do boundary trades. At my broker review page at the top, I recommend 2 main brokers. The first one is 24option and it does offer boundary trading as well as one-touch and high/low's. The 2nd broker is AnyOption and it offers traders the ability to do high/low or one-touch trades, but does not offer a specific boundary tool.

A High/Low trade is a little different. This is something that almost all binary option brokers offer. Basically, you decide if the current market price of any underlying asset is going to be higher or lower at the end of an hour, day, week, or month. It is pretty straight forward. If your contract was a call high/low, than the market price has to be higher than the current market price when you entered the trade for you to make the profit. If your contract was a put high/low, than you make your profit return if the market price is lower than the price when you first made the trade. I like to talk about these often on this blog because they are the easiest to understand, make money on, and most people do them, but you still have the ability to do the other two types of trades if you want.

AAPL and Goog Trading Option

It is Aug. 27, 2012 and we are ending the dog days of August. Look at this. First we will focus on AAPL, but will be talking about Goog in a minute because one is up about 2% on the day and one is down about 2% on the day. This is a perfect example of how you can get on both sides of the market with binary options or regular options. It is one hour into the trading day and the reason AAPL is up is because it won a 1.05 billion dollar lawsuit against Samsung Electronics. This has little to do with growth though, and only represents less than 1% of the market value in this name.

Here is how I would trade the news. Play it as a boost that is coming back down to normal levels. If you are doing day trading or want to find the entry points for today, the resistance is around 680 and it looks to be approaching that mark right now. WAIT! until 3 hours after the open to make a move. If you are trading binary options, it is too risky to do the trade before the mid point because you don't know what could happen. It also gives a better feel when you can see a few hours of buyer versus seller action and see who is winning for the day. Whoever is winning will tell you if the pressure is upward or downward. So...look for that 680 resistance and short it off that day high. Also, keep in mind that there is going to be a stock correction coming up in the next few months if you are going to trade on a monthly basis.

Now, for the Goog stock movement. You, as a trader, have to decide what the market is going to do in the future and how it feels about the market price of a stock. If they think there is a lot of room to grow, you get bulls that takeover the price. If you have people that short the thing down 50 - 100 points and investors that don't see upside, you get bears that win out. So where is the sentiment right now on Goog stock price? You could almost say that Goog is down because AAPL is up. The same types of traders trade both names if you look at where the millions of dollars in money flow are coming from on a daily basis. This is what controls the prices and there is a relationship between the two names. That means that the technicals point to one going down and as a result, the other will rise. See where both names are by mid-day and then make your decision. The pressure indicates that a profitable binary option trade would be to go long on GOOG and short on AAPL, but you never know.

To hedge your risk, you could also buy AAPL stock to makeup for any option losses if the name goes higher. You would do that because by investing in the stock outright, you make money if it goes up. If you had a put on it, you lose money if it goes up, but the option is much more time sensitive than owning the actual stock. You can do the same with Goog, except you would buy put options, in binary option form or regular option form) to ensure you make money even if it goes down. To hedge the call option position, you would want to buy put option contracts that expire sooner than the call option ones for Goog.

Review for the day: Your upside is limited on Apple right now. If you want to sell your stock, do it now because as this name becomes more and more overbought, the downside risk becomes greater. The movement today was pretty much 0 after the opening high in the first 20 minutes. Don't wear out the welcome because there is going to be a little volatility in the coming weeks. It can go higher, but as different kinds of news and other things gap up the market price, it becomes more and more overbought.

Each gap up, you need to buy the put side on a monthly basis. As the support levels get hit, you can go long on the call side. Use your risk management and good judgement when trading this on a daily, weekly, and monthly level.

News for S&P 500 Index

Many investors have been waiting for the Qe3 economic easing deal to go through. The problem is, the SPX has already priced in this potentially happening. There is nothing else that can result in a big boost upward. That makes the case for this index to take a market correction of about 10% even if Qe3 does happen.

You have already seen in the past few days a 25 point drop. There is more to come over the next month. We are at the tops here in this summer rally. The next 5 days most people are going to sit on the sidelines. A correction has to come because people want to get involved, but need a lower price entry. The demand is there, but the price is just a little to high.

Right now you want to be selling the news in this market. A correction is coming. Notice this second bull of the year. It is inviting a correction. Look for month expirations in September on the put side. Enter these binary option contracts for the SPX (S&P 500 Index) during the month of September when you feel like the index is completely inflated. That gives you a very good chance to make profits.

Aug 23, 2012

Short on Google and Binary Option Ideas

The date is August 23, 2012. I am talking big picture here. The market is in a second half of the year rebound and if you look at Google, that stock is on top of a huge up swing. Just looking at it, you would logically say that it will come down between now and the next month before it goes higher. I think right now the market is at its peak for the year and won't trade any higher by the end of 2012. Having said that, the market will have to have a healthy correction in the next few months.

Just looking at Goog in particular, it has really had a big increase in market value over the past month. I would watch for this name to drop down over the course of the coming weeks. If you want to make some profit on that and implement some strong leverage, it might be worth your while to enter into some binary options contracts or regular options contracts with a monthly expiration in September.

To talk more about binary options, you can work it a few different ways. It might be of interest to you to simply enter into a binary options trade that is profitable in the case that Google only touches a certain strike price. Within the next month, it looks likely that Goog ticker will come down to around the 630/share level. That means you can enter into a touch put binary option the expires in September and make a nice return. For in-the-money expiration, you can expect profits of 80%-100%. That means if you put in 1,000 to a trade as I explained, and the underlying asset, in this case Google stock, reached down to the 630 mark in the given time frame of a month, you just make $800-$1000 profit on top of getting your $1,000 back.

Another strategy that could work on Google is a high/low trade. I would look at August high/low put expiration binary options on this name because there is now way the stock keeps going up from this level for the next week and a half. It will pull back and just look at the charts and you can see its past movements after big rises in market value. It pulls back.

Big Correction Coming in September 2012

I wrote about high frequency bid and ask scripts that were at work with this rally at the beginning of August. If you look at hedge fund manages, only about 1 in 10 have out performed the S&P. A lot of them are sitting out, which indicates what kind of things are moving the stocks. It is the high frequency trading scripts. That means that this rally could have a 7%-10% correction to the downside. Stocks like AAPL, Goog, and indices like the SPX or the DOW could see drops down in September. You should be on high alert with this and watch out for these moves downwards. Trade accordingly. Even if Qe3 does happen, it won't help this issue.

What you should have done if you were long on any stock or U.S. index. with this rally, was selling into the rally. Electronic scripts are the only thing taking these year highs to fruition. The market is not sustaining these levels.

Big After Hours Trade on AAPL

I was just looking at this in some charts and in after hours trading today, Apple got a big buy of 686,000 shares. This is quit a bit for the amount of time in which it was done and could be another sign of manipulation of the stock. Look for this bull rally to correct within the month. Make good decisions and take profits based on what makes sense.

To check out some of the brokers I recommend, see this binary options broker review page.

Aug 20, 2012

Manifesting Money

This is the craziest thing. I have noticed that reality is able to shape around what I truly beyond a shadow of a doubt believe will happen. To cement what I really want to happen, I try to write it down somewhere were it can been seen often. Just thinking it is not good enough. What you want to happen needs to be written down like it is happening or already happened.

Funny things happen after you do this. You will start doing the right things that result in whatever you are trying to manifest coming to fruition. Even if it is not true, just say it and let it be known to the universe what is going to happen. Soon to follow, your actions will lead you to the manifestation/creation of what you really want.

Lets look at an example to try and explain this better. If you want to be thinner, more in shape, have a six pack, or just be healthier think of your ideal weight or body type that you want. When you know exactly what the end result will be write it down as if it were true and that is what you are. Just write it on a piece of paper or if you have a blog, say that you are the things you want to be. It is as simple as that. After you have it proclaimed, just wait and see how your life goes.

In order for this to be a successful manifestation, you have to truly what whatever it is you proclaimed to happen. I will say that when you say definite things in your head or write it down, you sort of start to persuade your sub-conscious that it is the truth and it is possible and likely for you to make it happen.

Let's say you are an affiliate who want to make more sales. You want to make $3,000/month from one of your websites. The first thing you should do is proclaim that you are making $3,000/month right now. Put it in writing around you or on the internet. In the coming months, interesting things will happen and the universe will slide opportunities and ideas your way that have a positive impact on you achieving your monthly income goal.

That is how you manifest money. You have to literally say you have it. It might not pop out of thin air, but over time you will get it. Now, don't go telling the banks this because if you lie to a bank, you could go to jail. Just sort of let it be known to the universe what you plan on having happen in some physical form. From there, watch things take off. Don't force anything. Just let it happen naturally and act on your instincts of how you think you should conduct yourself in order to have more money.

You can almost think of reality as a dream in that when you dream the brain creates the reality you think you are in. When you wake up, things are the same as this dream world that your brain created except for one main difference. Things occur much more slowly and at a conscious level. Take your life to a state of high awareness of the sub-conscious and demand from the universe what you truly want out of life. Make it so and it will be.

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Aug 18, 2012

Strategic Binary Options Move

It is Aug. 18, 2012 and it is a very interesting time for the stock market. The tech stocks that everyone watches, Google and Apple, are flying high. They are at their year highs and AAPL is at its highest market cap valuation in history approaching 600 billion. If it gets to over 800 billion, it will be bigger than the bail out packages of 2008.

Another thing that is going on is the U.S. elections. Right now the market is just trying to gain confidence. People are calling for things to go even higher and investor confidence to sky rocket. Because of this, a lot of movement is expected with major stocks like AAPL and GOOG. These are underlying assets that many people trade binary options against as well. Lots of money is being made and lost every single day on these names.

The key is how should you play this. Major hedge funds and big corporate banks are already making their binary option bets on a daily basis as this is where that kind of trading came from and it has just become available to the retail investor relatively recently. By having a feel for the market, you can make a lot of money, but you could also lose a lot of money.

Binary options allow you to take profit if a stock price finishes higher or lower than a certain price, touches a certain price, or closes at a certain price within a specified amount of time. For example, right now you could make a binary option trade that was profitable if AAPL close at a lower price by the end of September compared to its current market price as of Monday morning. Think of the power that allows a trader to have. You can risk lets say $5,000 that the market price goes lower in a month. If it does, you make a pre-determined profit return. With most binary options brokers, this return is going to be between 70% and 95%.

You may wonder how the make money. They get all the money you risk if the market price does not fulfill what you needed it to do to get the profit return. If you thought AAPL would close higher at the end of the week compared to what its market price is at the moment and it closed lower, you lose it all. That is why they are called binary. You either win or lose. However, some broker do refund 15% of your initial investment and might allow you to roll forward to the next expiration in some cases.

As AAPL is currently at its all time high, you need to make a decision about where you think the market price is headed with this stock if you feel like trying to make some profit. This is one way you can earn money if you already have a few grand. The key is to manage your risk and create multiple trades to give yourself a high percentage to take profit.

I think Apple will end 2012 higher than what it currently is priced at, which is 648.90. Between now and then, there will most likely be a correction before it goes higher again. It has a lot of hype over new products coming out and has just paid its first cash dividend in over a decade and a half. The company is still making money every quarter and growing. In the next 4 months, this stock could get down as low as 620 before shooting up. Play your options trades accordingly and make good decisions about what will realistically happen.

The market moves on emotions like fear and confidence. Fundamentals say one thing and the market then picks a value to put on the stock price. This is based of feelings of it reaching higher highs in the near or distance future and fear of taking a loss. Just look at some charts and think what should happen and over what amount of time it takes for movements to occur. You will be surprised at how accurate you can predict what happens in a general sense. That is all you have to be good at doing to make a lot of money with binary option here in the second half of 2012.

Shutting Down E-Commerce Site

This is somewhat tough to do, but I am admitting defeat. The fees and costs that go along with running an e-commerce site are too much for me to deal with right now. I am shutting down Chairosity after 4 months. I received only 1 sale and my partner basically gave up on me. Take my advice. If you ever decide to build a business with someone, make sure they are positive, highly motivated, and self-directed. My partner basically gave up after a month.

I have too many things going on to try and make it successful, so I am following the money. My affiliate health niche site is making tons of cash consistently and my rankings are improving daily so that is what I am focusing on. It is easily possible for me to make a living from Herbal Showcase so that is what I am putting all my energy into. I will also update you on how that goes as well as work hard on this blog to try and give examples and ideas that can help others make money online. The cost associated with building a niche site are minimal and it is easy to manage.

I would not recommend building a big e-commerce site that features hundreds of products unless you already have an offline following of your business and you just need to make a site for online presence so that when people hear about you from their friends, they can look you up online and buy stuff that way or what have you. The reason why I like building affiliate niche sites so much is because once they are built and gain traffic and reputation for relevant topics, you don't have to deal with any sales or order processing. It is completely passive and all you have to do is build the machine.

With that said, I am now removing my Chairosity site from my income reports page. This feels good to me and like a weight off my shoulders. Now I can focus on what is making money right now and build it because the potential is huge with a ton of upside.

Some things I did to improve my ranking in Google on my niche website was removing affiliate links for all low commission products and made real links from those pages that led to my other high quality and high commission products. This should give me tons of link juice, help the whole site rank more, and it reduces the amount of php redirect affiliate links that I have. The results from this will show within the next few months and I am really excited.

Since I already have tons of products on this site and about 545 pages, all I am adding to grow it now is non affiliate link pages. I just need good fresh content and then link it too my sell pages. The excitement is mounting in my system because I know it can start earning $500 - $600 per day.

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Aug 16, 2012

AAPL Double Top: Binary Options Play

AAPL has made a decent jump today at 1:15 PM on August 16, 2012. It is about midday and that is the perfect time to trade binary options. The current market price of AAPL is 635.44 and it should be trading lower by the end of the day. That means you may want to get into a high/low put binary option with an end of day expiration.

You can made some good profit with this and about 70% profit return if it in fact trades lower than this current price. You have to make the move now if you are going to. I would to this daily trade because if you look out a few weeks, you can see a double top formed and usually that points to a lower price in the near future. It is going down based on that.

Some other news you may want to know about is that today the investors who bought into the Facebook IPO are now able to sell their shares if they want to. This is a expiration of the locked period of pre-ipo purchasers of the stock. This is just going to add to the sell-off and watch FB hit 12/share within a few more months. It is going down. Trade binary options accordingly.

Today's Results: Well, the stock went a few dollars higher. That is tough to predict, but look at the trend AAPL is in right now. This is why it is important to look at double tops and draw a curve that looks reasonable. The down trend is usually going to be similar to the rate of change on the uptrend for the creation of the first top. This stock is resisting hard at the 640 mark.Maybe look at some September monthly put expiration options to make money.

I would not get long this stock for a few months because it is at such a high relative price right now. If nothing knew comes along, there won't be growth and the market price will go down.

Aug 13, 2012

AAPL Overbought Again in 2012

Traders! It looks like you could have had a great long position on AAPL off its knee jerk down from earnings. It has rebounded back up and is approaching the 52 week highs that it set in the Spring of this year (2012). Today though, this looks like the company could have an inflated stock price and it will have to come down as a natural trend because if it keeps going up at this rate, it will be far too expensive for what its upside is. 

There is nothing wrong with this company at all. It's a great company, but the fact of the matter is that the prices are reaching their saturation levels again and there is nothing knew to drive earnings higher. They keep making money and building their cash reserves, but the real long term growth will be based on their new product launches and new investment plans.

Today was a decent day for trading binary options on AAPL. It had a high spike to start the day off and then slowly raised higher through the rest of today. You would have made profit today on the high/low call binary option daily expiration if you entered that contract at any time before 2:30 PM today.

Now you want to know what you can do for the future and how to make money with some binary options tomorrow (Tuesday August 14, 2012). All I can say is that the market price on this underlying asset is approaching the resistance ceiling and that usually creates a drop back down. You may want to work the calls through the middle of the week and then get short or monitor what happens this week and then make a decision. 

It would be smart to wait until the price gets near 640, then you have safe downward pressure that will allow you to make profit on binary option puts. Until then, it could be a good idea to trade some long call options for a bit.

If you don't know what broker to pick, I recommend 3 binary options brokers here.

Aug 11, 2012

Is Your Website in the Desert?

Yup, putting a random website up with no hype or value is like building a huge retail store in the middle of nowhere. What do you think the daily traffic is like of a business that is in the middle of a desert? You may get a trickle of customers every month and not enough to make any kind of living on. Same thing with a website on the internet.

Think of the internet as the entire planet. In order to have a successful website, it has to get in front of people that are interested in its content. Weather you are selling products in an e-commerce business model or selling ad revenue with content. Neither work if your traffic is like a retail store in the middle of nowhere.

The solution to that problem, which almost all new online marketing start-up face, is to find a topic that matters to a lot of people. Then, you have to find a way to write about that topic in a progressive way that offers readers or customers valuable content that they want to come back to, share with others, and follow along with. If you are selling products in an e-commerce site, you need to offer every possible product within a niche so you are considered an expert for that type of product. People will want to come to you for the best in that area of product or service. You can also have a blog to go along with your commerce online website. Just write it yourself or outsource the work to experts in the field.

Building a blog that matters to people is much more difficult than you may think. It takes a lot of dedication because people want updated and high quality posts about once a week. If you can deliver that over the course of 3 - 5 years, you will be in a good spot and have lots of traffic for the stuff you write about. I personally like the stock market, day trading, binary options trading, and building online money making machines. I do this and write about it on this blog. I try to explain what I am doing so others can try the same thing if they want.

It is usually easier to start new things when you see how others are doing it. The reason why the sort of topics I write about in this blog are sustainable is because there is always new important news going on with stocks, forex news, and business happenings in general. I am also always trying to improve my own health affiliate site and e-commerce furniture site. When I figure out things that work and don't, I try to share what I find, what strategies have worked, and what has not. This can potentially save hopeful online entrepreneurs time and money, which is what makes or breaks you in the long run. If you know more, gain experience by watching what others do, and then do what works in your own way, there is a higher chance you can make money online for yourself.

By doing these things and simply having the persistence to keep going, I have made this blog and my other income making machines into places that don't resemble a store out in the desert. I will say that my e-commerce site is slowly coming along. It gets a few unique visitors a day right now because I have not had the resources to grow traffic by paying money. It gets traffic from Google for free. I have submitted it to some shopping directories and am spending time growing the product offerings so that when people do find it, they find everything they need fast and easily. Over the next few month, that site has been up for 3.5 months so far, it will grow and after a year or so it should be getting steady sales.

The most important thing I can focus on after the sites have been built and are the way I want is their targeted traffic. You need about 100 new visitors a day at least to get sales on a daily basis. This can be from search or other people telling people they know to check out your stuff. It doesn't matter as long as it is becoming relevant and a cool place to go.

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Aug 9, 2012

Business Hosting

Let's get straight to it. If you have a business that needs a website, e-commerce capabilities, hosting, apps, and everything else that is necessary for an online presence and growing your online sales, you have to find the best e-commerce platform.

You have to have something that offers reliable hosting because at any moment in time, there could be potential customers trying to reach your website. If your hosting has down time, that means potential loss of sales and potential profit. That can't happen because as we all know in business, every single sale counts because margins can be tight.

The good thing about getting business hosting through a platform that is designed for and tailored to the small business owner, is affordability. It will only cost around $30/month for complete business hosting service. This price scales up if you need more features and cost a little for the credit card processing fees. That is very good because as you grow, you want your hosting account to be able to handle your growth. The amount of money you would be making if you had to upgrade would far surpass the monthly hosting fee. Every transaction you run might cost a few cents on the dollar. That is not too bad though because you only get charged those fees if you process sales, which you will be doing in no time.

It doesn't matter if you want to set up a small 10-15 page site that sells only one product or if you want to build a monster e-commerce retail store and try and go for that giant online store look. There is one business hosting provider that I would recommend because they have fantastic support, will offer any assistance needed, and has services that are highly valuable for basically nothing at all. You can find them under my page at the top labeled "Make Money Tools".

If I were just starting out into this, I would find a cheap way to gain access to a few products in a specific niche and market the crap out of them through popular affiliate programs. If you can build a proper looking small site that sells only 1 product and name the site after that product, and then submit it to networks that broker affiliates sending you business in exchange for a cut of the sales. Companies like MoreNiche, ImpactFive, SellHealth, Commission Junction, ShareASale and others will take care of your online marketing necessities with low risk to the business owner (you). This streamlines your sales growth without much risk at all. It allows for exponential growth quickly for sharing a small amount of the sale price with affiliates. It can give your website worldwide presence fast.

I think this type of online business is very sustainable and worth it in the long run. It helps you get your product name and brand out there fast and through a lot of channels. The total cost of doing it is just going to be the business hosting account, whatever it costs to make/create all your product (unless you are doing drop-shipping in which case you don't hold inventory) and credit card transaction fees. You can lump the affiliate payments you make to your handy promoters as cost of sales or advertising expense. The beauty of doing that is you only pay per sale so if no sales are made, you don't pay affiliates anything. The safest way to set this type of deal up is through a 3rd party like Commission Junction ShareASale or other big affiliate networks.

If you have a good product that people like, it will spread and your business will grow. The most important aspect of the whole process and the starting point is finding what service you choose to get your website up and running with. This will allow your new online venture to begin and allow you to build your online income up so you can survive on it.

The Business Host That I Would Pick

I recommend only one company for this job. You can find them near the top of my make money page. Look under E-Commerce Hosting on this page to sign your business up. It doesn't matter if you are just starting a new business for strictly online purposes or if you are taking your offline products and trying to sell them online.

Leveraging technology in your favor to sell products to the entire country or world is a great way to grow new ideas into long-term money making machines and allows your products and services to change the world.

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Aug 8, 2012

Looking at Put Options for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. 3rd Qtr. 2012

It seems like everyone around the world is worried about tire demand and if GT raises prices, the quantity demanded could really plummet and lead to low earnings next quarter. If the pent up demand takes effect this quarter and everyone in the United States starts buying tires for winter, the stock could really blast away earnings predictions for the 3rd quarter.

If the earnings for the next quarter miss hard because GT raises their prices and nobody buys tires, traders should look to buy put options at a peak in GT's market price between now and the next call and just play them on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It is important to see how the market reacted to the earnings beat recently. The earnings were not as bad as the market thought, so investors bought the name. There is management downside guidance and if GT misses those numbers, the market will probably sell hard and a short would pay nicely that expired after the next earnings call as far out as January.

Here is why. If the next earnings call misses hard, the market trades the stock far down to 6 or 5 / share. Then, if the pent up demand finally hits during that quarter, there will be an earnings blow away and it will be a good time to get long on the stock or buy call options for the fourth quarter earnings release. This is called making money on both sides of the market strategically.

Since they did get a nice 7% boost after earnings recently (Today is August 8, 2012), it may be a great time to look at some puts because I think the market price could get too inflated over the next few months.

You, as the traders, need to figure out a strike price that GT could hit and structure a trade around that accordingly. The goal would be to find a time when we think there will be the greatest movement in the shortest amount of time.

If GT breaks above its $12/share trading range, it could really break out and at the top of that break out, you would want to enter a put (maybe around 13/share market price). If it resists at 12/share, which it is close to right now and kind of stays flat for a few weeks, it may be good to look at an October Expiration $9 strike put somewhere in the coming weeks.

The best thing to do is wait and see how the market trades for the next few weeks. To make money with options you just need the biggest price movement in the shortest amount of time. That means entering at the peak or valley with good confidence that the price will do a reversal.

The reason why the put side might be good to look at is because there is good positive momentum taking GT higher. Those next quarter earnings could miss, and if they do it would be profitable to buy puts that expire after the next earnings release.

If you want to learn more about an exotic kind of options trading that has set profit percentages and expirations that go from hourly up to monthly, see my post on binary options.

If you just want to make money online, maybe you should start your own website at my make money page.

A side note. One of my favorite local auto repair and full service shops is Franz Auto.

Aug 7, 2012

Looking at AAPL Technical Move Lower

Most of the market has gone up today on August 7, 2012. However, AAPL has already had its big run up this week. Look for this underlying asset to start trading lower by the end of the day and lower than the current market price of 620.87/share by the end of the day.

What happened in the past 2 days of trading were interesting. The stock move way up past its resistance level. Now it will move back down and test support. If it tests and breaks down through, you can expect it to get back down below 600/share by the August monthly expiration.

If you want to trade some binary options on this through the rest of August, be patient and make your moves in mid day from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM eastern standard time. To make some good profits, you just need to find the highs and lows and trade accordingly. You can develop a nice boundary binary option after making a few high/low call and put trades. Look at the market price movement for the first few hours of trading on any given day and recognize the patter and momentum.

See if there is any big pending news coming out and always check to see if earnings is coming up or not. As of today, it is not even close as they just announced earnings a few weeks ago. That means there are a few more months till the next AAPL earnings. If you are brave enough, play some binary options and see what you are able to generate in profits for yourself.

Update: 4:32 PM - Well the price almost got back down below the 620.87 mark. This shows you how wild things can change in one day. It was down a half percent, then it went up a half percent and then it just flew down the rest of day. This is why you always want to wait untill about mid day to make a move. I have watched AAPL every day for the past few months and you can usually get a good idea of what to do as far as binary options go about half way through the day. If you would have waited untill about 12:30 today eastern time, you would have had a really good put opportunity to profit from.

I made my trade prediction about 1.5 hours too early, but I thought it was good to show that I felt the momentum of this stock was trading down. These things will come to you as you trade binary options on big stocks like AAPL and GOOG or indices like SPX.

Aug 5, 2012

Increase Affiliate Income

I know exactly how you feel. You have probably been trying to make a consistent amount of online income for awhile or maybe just 8 - 12 months and don't know what to do to start increasing your affiliate income. Here is your breath of fresh air. The first thing you need to do is identify the problem.

Identify your Weakness

First, understand I am talking about internet marketers that are not spending any money on advertising. Why are you not making enough money or why are you not making as much money as you want to on affiliate sales? The problem is most likely your inability of getting enough traffic that is targeted to what you are promoting. The cause of that could be not naming your posts or website page titles properly and they are not bringing in the high keyword phrase searches simply because you have not included the words that many people search for on your pages. To fix that, start doing it. Do keyword research and find out what set of phrases or single words you want to get in front of people for when they search those terms.

It could also be not having enough pages or content. You have to be fairly large to get lots of traffic. If you have a small site (less than 150 pages) you need a lot of other websites linking to you. The best and most effective way to do that is have content on your website that is conducive to making people want to link to you because they feel their users will benefit from going to your site.

Your low affiliate income could be a result of not promoting your website pages properly. It could also be the fact that you are not writing content that is helpful or interesting at all to read for your niche. No matter what the cause is, the answer is going to be you have to work harder to gain traffic.

Once you do have the traffic and are still not getting enough online income, look at your onsite conversion and figure out ways to give your traffic exactly what they are looking for.

Once You Know how to Get Traffic for any Keywords Do This...

If you have figured out how to build a niche website and get traffic going to it that results in sales, the best way to increase your sales is to build more niche websites that result in a profit. The hosting will cost you about $7-$10/month max so you have to build a site that is going to bring in more money then that per month before you can start scaling up to the next site.

To keep making more and more money, keep looking for new affiliate programs to join and build niche websites around those topics. It is not a good idea to move onto the next website until you have finished making the one you are on a profitable one. As soon as it turns a profit and continues to, move on to the next. Don't make one website that has everything on it because that won't get you sales. You have to focus on one niche at a time. Once you have about 10 websites going, look at your income and see if you have increased it. If you have, I have now helped you do what you were looking to do by reading this post. Give yourself a big praise if you have done this successfully because you are in the 1% of people trying to make money online now.

Increasing Your Blog Income

Most likely, if you have a blog, you are making money through affiliate product and service sales, donation, 1 e-commerce digital product/drop-shipped product, or ad revenue through Google adsense or one of the other ad distribution services. If you are going to increase your blog income, you have to raise the amount of people engaging in your promotion.

Do a few housekeeping things. Go through and make sure people can get to your pages that offer the things you are selling if they want to do so. This might mean putting a little snippet at the end of each post that leads to your recommended products. If you are earning ad revenue, research tips on how to do the coloring, placement, and size in order to find the most optimized way to monetize that income stream. Beyond that, the only way to increase website ad revenue would be to get more traffic. More traffic equals more clicks though adsense. To increase blog traffic you have to do what I explained above. Write posts that people want to read about, but make them unique to your perspective on the topic. Also, title the posts with words that many people search for along with words that describe the content of that post.

What you have to do to raise your blog income is write about things a lot of people want to read about and do it in a way that truly helps people. If you do this, the people that find you will want to share what they have found with others and they will view you as a credible source of information. Your personality has to come out in your blog so people trust what you are saying. This will raise your affiliate sales a ton also. All affiliate marketing is is recommending products. Once you become trusted about certain topics, people want to go to you before they buy something that has to do with that topic. There is your sell.

Passive Income Series Next Post: Business Hosting

Aug 3, 2012

What is Branding?

I think sometimes we get the wrong idea about what branding is, its importance, and how it applies to all aspects of our lives. When you brand something, it is how you want people to feel about something. If you have a blog, your brand is determined by the way you write, what you write about, and how you interact with people reading what you have to say. The look of your blog also determines how people feel about a website they are on.

In business, branding is going to come up weather you are a billion dollar corporation or a small business doing 12 million a year in sales. Since you define brand as the way people build a reputation with its customers, a business determines its brand by identifying their brand name with certain feelings about the business products and services. The main things that will determine how a brand grows and helps businesses gain recognition and reputation is highly dependent on customer service, word-of-mouth, and the quality of products or services.

It is very important to attack every aspect of building a brand in a passive way. It is great when your day to day operations and overall business environment create your brand without you having to actively try to force people to sub-consciously feel a certain way about something. I read a post recently about how branding is BS and not good. The funny thing is that the person writing that blog is actually building their own brand of being a source of information that is unique and looks at things in a different way. His blog is a brand in its own right.

Think about it. People have to view what that blog says and develop a perception about it. The way the business/blog looks and feels is the brand and it is a personal brand at that as it is named after the blog writer. A brand is largely based on the reputation of who put the brand out there. That blog post I linked to talks about how bad it is to brand things and how stupid people are for being influenced by a brand. Guess what? That whole site:, is written to make people feel a certain way that is conducive to buying his products that he recommends.

You can't deny the importance of how people view your entity. This is the same as the meaning of branding. If you do a bad job at help others with your products and services, it hurts the overall business brand. If you are really good, the brand gains traction and business. Doing things to help your business grow include anything that boosts awareness and gives integrity to the machine/engine/business operations that you have created.

Next Passive Income Series Post: Raising Affiliate Income

It's Jobs Friday: Trading Binary Options

It is 10: 50 AM on August 3, 2012. There was a jobs unemployment rate of about 8.3% and a knee jerk reaction has taken a hold of the market. AAPL is up 1.27% right now. It was reported that 163,000 jobs were created in July, which was more than analysts thought. Obama is going to think he did something, but he is not doing anything. Just look around yourself in the United States. Things are not looking very good.

What you need to know about this is how to trade today, right now. Making money with binary options today is going to be tricky. All this jobs report is about is the knee jerk. This news should shoot up stocks and the indices up to their higher resistance level ranges. AAPL is at that right now. Keep in mind 9 Monday's in a row, the market has sold down. It looks like today the market will trade up with the unemployment number and then come back down on Monday. Play the call side today and the put side on Monday.

What you need to do is get on both sides of the number and turn everything that has happened into profit and highly lucrative trades. Here we go. At this time this morning, get your money into some binary call options. You can do one-touch or high/low's. Either way, it looks like the market will trade higher at end of day than right now. Friday's have been known for rallies lately just as Monday's have been known for sell offs so there you have it. The price is currently at 616/share. Look for it to go up. If it ends the day at a market price that is higher and you bet $2,000 on a binary option high/low call daily expiration, you would make $1,400 profit today.

Update: 11:20 AM - Wow and there it goes. Already up to 617.38 and going higher. I would still get into a daily high/low call.

Update: 3:49 PM - Well, looks like this stock has taken a little dive down to 615. I was wrong about doing a daily high/low call binary option. This just shows that you can't always win. If I was right every time, I would be a millionaire. The fact is you can't always be right about predicting this market. You just have to win more than you lose and it is considered successful investing. Use this to learn. The market knee jerk reaction made the market price go way up to start the day, but this did not give the market enough confidence or momentum to trade AAPL up higher and higher as the day went on. It is resisting very hard at the 6:15 level as it should based on the technicals.

The only thing that offers strong catalyst support for a stock price is when you hear news that makes the company look stronger in forward looking business operations that give the name a good chance to raise future earnings.


If you were trading the SPX (S&P 500 Index) today, it would have been hard to do options. The beginning of the day showed a spike up mainly caused by the jobs report and it stayed at that level for the rest of the day. The only winners in day trading today were people who held call options yesterday through to this morning and then sold them off strictly looking at SPX and AAPL. Look for Monday to lead both this index and stock lower. They are both due for a little drop.

Trading Facebook Options Today

Some other things that happened were with Facebook. It traded really high by mid day and was up about 10% at one point. That would have been a great time to enter into a binary option call, one-touch or high/low, because there was no way it could sustain that growth through the day and would likely fall back down a little bit. Looking into the future with FB, I would look to trade it down even further. Some people think the 20/share is the floor, but it could easily fall down farther with any bad news.

On Monday, watch for another sell down back toward the 605 mark.

If you have not yet started trading with a binary options broker, get going on that.

Aug 2, 2012

European Fix with Central Bank? (Very Bad)

Wow. I am sitting here listening to this analyst and he said straight up the best way to go about fixing the problem is buying a ton of debt and trying to stimulate growth while paying back the money and balancing the budget in the future. He said this is what the U.S. did and guess what? Now the U.S. is drowning in debt and has to tax the crap out of their people in order to get themselves out of this situation.

This came about because the President of the ECB (European Central Bank) said they are beginning to buy debt in order to stimulate the economy. I just don't understand why they think this worked for the U.S. because it did not and we are feeling that right now on the brink of a double dip recession.

You have to build confidence in these markets if you are bullish. If you are bearish, this is prime time because the markets are proving that they can't survive unless the government prints money to bail out huge companies that can't stay afloat. Last time I checked, if any entity is not running a proper budget that makes sense and is not running a deficit, that means they are not worthy of being an entity any more.

What the ECB are trying to do is give investors confidence. They don't care about anything else or making any real policy changes that will change the way economies work. If you can create this sort of perceived value toward the broader market, people may invest and that may help, but it is all contingent on all those things happening and people buying things again. That is not happening right now anywhere.

If you are going to trade binary options on forex based on this news, you want to look for how big money moves the currency pairs between the Euro vs. other currencies. The momentum might catch on and the call options could be good on the EURO gaining value, but if people see the truth and decide that it is not a good idea to put their money into the market, the binary put options will be paying on the currency pair that goes up in value if the EURO gains value relative to other currencies.

Binary Option Trading AAPL Today

Right now, AAPL is flying high on the day. It is going to push up to its resistance level of around 612 and it could then break back down. At the market price level of 612, look hard at doing a binary option high/low put with a daily expiration. If it hits 612 and then slowly starts making higher highs, look at the call side of things and you may be able to make your profit on a daily high/low binary call on this name. I believe the big up-tick that happened in the first 48 min. of trading is due to this news I talked about above with European's Central Bank saying they are going to buy more debt. Nobody is thinking about what this means and only having knee jerk reactions. Based on that, I feel the market price could come back down to the 600 mark within a few days. Right now on August 2, 2012 at 10:19 AM the price is at $609.03/share.

Update: 1:07: Wow! a very good prediction that is looking very in the money. AAPL is now down to 605.22/share and was down to about 603 a little bit ago. You could have put $10,000 up for a binary put trade like I said this morning when it was up at its highs and made a nice $7000 profit today. That is what binary trading is all about. You have to be patient and simply trade off the highs or lows of the day accordingly with a put or call. If the market is going steadily in one direction, just wait. If there is a large increase or decrease, find out why and if you think the market will keep the momentum going in the same direction.

The reason why I called that AAPL would go down after its pop this morning was simply because the news made the market price do a knee jerk reaction that was not going to be something that was sustainable and it would come back down. I said it right here at the beginning of the weak on at this AAPL binary options post. It's not very hard to do this type of trading. Just use common sense because the market will usually follow what your gut thinks on a day-to-day basis. When you combine that with sound analysis and research, you can really ramp up your profits every day and profit percentage.

This is the beauty of trading binary options with an underlying asset like AAPL. It moves up and down about 2% on a daily basis and it's based on a pretty strong company overall. It may be at its main resistance levels until a brand new product gets launched like the apple TV or something so just watch the range it has been in. If nothing new comes out for a few months and the stock is still up above 600, look for it to get back down to the mid 500's.

Update: 3:18: The first trade I recommended this morning on this name is still in the money. It's coming down and the market is not liking what the ECB is doing. Look for lower prices tomorrow on August 3, 2012.

Final Thoughts for Trading Today: If you would have followed exactly what I said, you would have made 70% on any amount of money you decided to throw into the binary trade. If you put in $5,000 this morning at 10 for a high/low binary option put, you would have made $3,500 profit on top of getting your original investment back. Not bad for one days work.

If you want to try your hand at trading binary's and making daily income on these things, start with these binary option brokers.

Aug 1, 2012

Trading Binary Options August 1 (QE3 Not Mentions and Problems on NYSE)

We have punched into the dog days of August. There is some big news going on with the New York Stock Exchange today. People are baffled and don't know what is going on. This is something that was talked about this morning all over everywhere. There was a major high frequency trading model that went into effect. It hit the NYSE routes and the amount of shares on the opening bell were baffling. Basically, the NYSE just had to halt the high frequency machines for a bit and the good ole SEC is not regulating. Most likely because huge money is keeping the government out of this trading.

One thing you need to know about options and binary options is that these financial tools were available to institutions way before they were open to the public and they are set up like they are for a reason. It's so big bets can be made with inside information.

High frequency computing cycle machines are in the buy and sell tape. Many listed stocks on the NYSE were halted as a result of this issue in the morning.

Some more things that happened today was that Google and Apple are hitting resistances. Here is what you need to know. The broader market has a high frequency tape in it and know the bull side of the tape. Capitulations start like this. This is all happening in the first hour of trading today. Just sit back and let that work itself out.

AAPL has hit a big resistance price level today just as I had thought would happen. I said it was going to happen yesterday in this options play analysis. Look right at the end of the first paragraph. You should have entered into a weekly expiration put binary option contract with the amount of risk you were willing to take, capital and type of binary trade. The stock just doesn't have enough umph to keep going on weak earnings. Other things have effected this as well. It gapped up in market price the past 5 trading days, which you could have made a lot of money on with call options. Now that it hit the top, get on the other side of the market and get short for a little bit.

No QE3

There was no mention of QE3 at the FOMC policy meeting today. That means the market is still uncertain and there could be some knee jerk reactions. It's one thing that helped Google drop down today. You need to get into puts as soon as you see things like this happen because they propel the market for the medium term.

Interesting Thing To Look at in the Market Today

Another interesting thing to look at is the similarities between AAPL and Goog today. Look at the huge spike down just after 2:00 PM. That means the same money and people are trading the same stocks at the same time. This is one indicator that you should pick out and note how the market reacts to news in these names. Study this so you know how to trade in the future. To start trading binary options, go with one of these options brokers.

Income Report July 2012

Well, this was a busy month. I continued to buy another $100 worth of health articles to get my traffic up. It does seem to be working as I am now averaging over 35 unique and new visitors per day, which is an up trend from the past year and hopefully this goes to a few thousand by the time my outsourcing work is finished up. I did see an increase in sales as well as you will see shortly. I have another $100 worth that will be due to me on August 3rd and I really enjoy the contractor that writes for me. It is nice to get quality article writing from someone I can trust. It allows me to work on other things while still building my niche website rankings in Google. I will say this, the better instructions you give the writers from e-lance, the better chance you have to get what you want. Be specific.

As far as my furniture store called Chairosity goes, I have continued to add new products to it and got an e-mail from the national sales manager of our main supplier that I will be able to add a whole line of indoor stuff. That should help get some sales going for that store. It is only a few months old and is not getting sales yet, but will likely take another few months to gain reputation. It takes about 5 - 8 months to grow a successful site if you do everything right.

I have also really began writing about daily binary option strategies in order to attain more sign-ups to the brokers I promote. I have had 1 new customer since July and they have not done any trading yet. My goal is to have at least 20 new traders per month by the end of the year. This should bring in a large amount of revenue.

Some other things I did to this blog in particular is added a page at the top called "forex" because I do write on a few topics that have to do with this type of financial instrument. Additionally, I changed the names of some of my pages at the top to better represent the page content and because of that the url changed. I had to go through and change all my internal links around and this will also effect the time it takes for rank to grow. All of these things are in the infancy stage, but you can see how it slowly grows along with me.

Passive Income -
health site: - $950
thpaffiliates sub-affiliate earnings - $365
New binary option traders - 1

Monthly Costs: $50 (includes credit card processing fees)
hosting: $13 (includes unlimited pages and shopping cart plugin)
outsourcing (elance): $100 (health articles)

Total Earnings: $1,315
Net Profit: $1,152

Next Post in my Passive Income Series: What is BrandingThis one may shed some light onto why I do this blog and where I got the idea.