Feb 28, 2013

Made Profit: First Option Trade of the Year on GOOG

Man, this is exciting. I have made some profit today. I did have to risk over $3,000, but it was a pretty quick trade that took about 20 minutes to complete. It was a put option on GOOG March 13 expiration. My total profit for the trade after all trading fees were taken out was $130.92.

Feb 27, 2013

Starting up with Options Trading Again

I am really nervous, but the excitement is crazy. I am going to start trading vanilla options again. Last year I did this and ended up losing about $4,200. That sucked really bad. Now I feel like the amount of knowledge and insight I have can help me start making more money again.

It is going to be fully transparent and you will see exactly how much money I am making or losing each day. One of the coolest tools I have found to make that possible is with Profit.ly because they connect with brokers and post/verify trades that a given individual has made. My screen name on there will be "smarthelping" and am hoping to top the leader boards in profits.

Tomorrow will be my first day of trading!!! May it be a profitable one.

Being able to publicly share every trade I do will give me good amounts of pressure to be careful with how I trade and what is being done. That is the most important thing to ensure. The way you lose money on options is when you get lax and just start throwing money around like crazy without thinking. My strategy will be to take any immediate gains within the first 10 minutes of the trade and be done for the day. Going to focus on weekly and monthly options on GOOG.

I will also be looking at buying stock outright. It just depends on a given market condition and situation.

The Stock Game at MarketWatch

This is pretty cool. Apparently the website called MarketWatch is holding a game starting on March 1, 2013. Anyone can join and you start off with $100,000 of fake money in an account setup by these guys. To sign up you just need to enter an email and your name. Just so everyone knows, I have signed up under my name: Jason Varner and will be attempting to top the leaderboads with my total gains.

Back in the day, stocks were printed on newspapers. People used to throw darts at the paper in order to determine their pretend stock picks and compare how those investments did against professional traders and money managers. Funny enough, there were many times when the darts won.

Feb 26, 2013

Symmetrical Continuation Triangle

This is a technical stock indicator that can be bullish or bearish. Traders of all kinds use this as a factor in determining how they should enter a position within any given underlying asset. Since the majority of people deal with stocks, we will talk about them to explain this example.

Feb 24, 2013

Why Social Control is So Powerful

Some believe there is some struggle between good and evil. It can be broken down even further to something like a struggle between happiness, joy, fulfillment and sadness, sorrow, despair, anger. People who have a lot of money (that hold multi-trillions of dollars and include 0.0000001% of the world population) want to give people a choice in how they live their lives, but there is still respect for the concept of free will.

MACD - Technical Trigger

MACD is another way of trying to gauge sentiment with buyers and sellers of a given underlying asset. At the most pure form, the factor that actually makes prices go up and down is the bid and ask of buyers and sellers. When shares are bought/sold, the price changes based on supply and demand. This specific technical indicator tells you if the prices in the more recent short-term are stronger or weaker than prices in the longer term.

Williams %R

This is one of the many technical indicators that comes up in a given underlying asset price movement a.k.a. battle between buyers and sellers. Traders use it as a way to find places where stocks have recovered from being overbought/oversold. Here is how it can be calculated and what it means:

Binary Options Trading Last Week of February - MCD and AXP

Last week was fairly interesting with the two stocks that were analyzed. It had many potential entry points if you were going to do hourly/daily/weekly binary option trades that could have been made with confidence. As I do each week on Sunday, I am going to look at two different stocks and try to find where there momentum is based on technical indicators and other market factors. Many things are taken into account when I pick the stocks. I match up stocks that have multiple things pushing them in an up or down direction and then my final picks are made based on which technical triggers match up with the other signals. That generally gives a good idea of the price move that could be expected for a given week.

If you were not aware that binary options let you pick a direction and trade on an hourly or daily basis, you can learn more about how to trade with the best binary options broker here. With that type of derivative, you get super high leverage and high profit potential as well as the ability to trade 24 hours a day through the work week.

Feb 18, 2013

Technical Stock Analysis February: Week 4 - 2013

It is President's day so the market is closed. This is still going to be a great week to make money for traders. Last week seemed to follow along with the trend analysis pretty closely. You can view that stock analysis of C and MSFT here. I generally try to show 1 stock that has high volatility and 1 stock that has low volatility. This gives a good perspective on risk. If you are doing binary option trades, it can actually be safer to do binary trading on low volatility stocks.

Feb 12, 2013

What Cost As Much as a Year of Web Hosting?

I just bought some Valentine's day gift that ended up costing me $40. That cost as much as a year's worth of hosting for my latest website build. Think of all the things that cost you this much.

  • A week's worth of gas (or a day for some people)
  • New head phones
  • Tickets to the orchestra
  • New shoes (if you are a guy)
  • One dinner out
  • What else can you think of?
Well for the same cost, you can start your own website and pay for the hosting for a year.

Feb 10, 2013

February Week 3 Stock Analysis

Alright, time for some more analysis on a few stocks. As you can see, last week was a great time to make some money on stock price movement. Let's look for some more opportunities this week in the market. On a broad perspective, it looks like the market is ready for a correction. Weather that comes this week or within the next 4 weeks is yet to be seen. To go more in-depth, we will look at a few stocks in the perspective of a technical analysis.

Feb 7, 2013

Doing Some Calendar Strategy Options Trading

As binary options are a risky way to try and make money, so is trading vanilla options. There are methods to try and limit your capital risk though. One such method is called the calendar method. It helps you raise cash in the short-term and play the other side of the market for the longer term. When I say short-term, I mean a week or two and long-term is a month or two.

Here is how this works. Let's say you think a stock price is going to go down pretty hard, but you don't have a good idea of when. Timing is everything with options so you want to make time your friend. What you do is sell-to-open put option contracts. When you do this, it is most likely going to take a lot of money in your account because you have to be able to buy 100 shares of the stock for every contract you sell. If the stock price was $100/share and you sold to the market 5 put options, it would require you to have $10,000 in your account.

Web Hosting

Over the years, I have talked about business hosting, niche web hosting, and what technical aspects make a good web hosting company. One of the major decisions you have to make if you are an organization that wants an online presence is what company to use. You can start a website here that performs effectively at any level/size.. Now, the barrier that is keeping you from starting your website is no longer lack of places to compare the best hosting services. You have plenty of resources to figure that out.

If you have a really good idea and want to make it public, the way to bring that to life is by creating a website by signing up with a very high quality web host. Great ideas don't have to be websites with hundreds and thousands of pages. Maybe your idea only takes 1 page that is interactive or updated all the time with cool things that go with your idea. That can still get your tons of traffic and make you a lot of money.

Feb 5, 2013

Monthly Income Report - January 2013

Well, not too good. The online world is harsh, but I am seeing some good signs here in the beginning of February. As far as January goes, it was slow. My new niche blog is getting bigger and about half way to 100 pages. At that point it will be monetized. I like the direction and feel it has and can't wait to see it get bigger. Another few months of consistent posting will yield sales.

Tax Implications with Binary Options

Here is a quick update. First, this is not to be used as legal advice. As of July 1, 2014 the IRS now has access to the offshore broker bank accounts. This simply means it's fully taxable if you make profits and you treat it the same as interest income if you live in the United States. This is a good thing and means no legal issues or bank accounts frozen as long as you stick the profits on your tax return that you make. For U.S. or international traders, you can pick a broker here.

For those residing in Europe or other countries, it depends on that individual tax laws of the countries. Some places in Europe for example may treat it as a normal capital gain while others may classify it as gambling, which means no taxes. Check with the authorities.

Feb 3, 2013

Analyzing GOOG and XOM

Last week's technical stock analysis went really good. I feel like it definitely helped out anyone who was lost on binary options. You could really get a sense of the pressure (up or down) that the stock prices had. So much money could be made if you were willing to take the risk and do some binary option trades. Today is Sunday February 3, 2013 and I will be giving out more insight on technical triggers that went off as of the market close this past Friday. You can use this to get a feel of how the given stock prices are feeling and who is winning between buyers and sellers.

Remember last week AMZN had 2 bullish short-term triggers, but I had said it looks like it will fall as it is hitting its highest highs. What happened? It fell all last week except for 1 day. Check out this:

Feb 2, 2013

Making Money Around the World with Binary Options

People may not know that you can trade binary options pretty much all day and night except for the weekends. The first reason why that is possible is because it involves the forex market, which is open 24 hours a day through the week. The other reason why this is possible is because the underlying assets you can choose to predict include stocks, indices, and commodities in all world markets. They are open at different times depending on where you are located.

This gives great flexibility for traders doing this because you don't have time limits. Honestly, if you wanted you could work for 8 hours and then trade after you're done with that or even trade while you are at work. The professionals are able to make binary options their career and that is what they do for a living. It is completely possible to make that happen as long as you do a good job analyzing stock prices.