Apr 30, 2013

Trading Currency Pairs to Make Money Online

It is the last day of the month so I am really trying to boost up my profits. I want to hit 5k and am currently sitting around 2.6k for the month. Here are some of the most profitable trades that have been made today. My only strategy is using the charts to get in at proper times. The most difficult thing is to know where your currently lie within a trend. It is easy to look back at one, but it is hard to forecast current positions.

Apr 29, 2013

Find Your Passion With This Unique Method

It might have become apparent to you that your life is not going to be happy unless it involves being able to wake up and passionately going to work. If that conclusion has hit you, the next step is figuring out what you have a passion for. It might be obvious to you or it could be difficult to figure it out.

Make Money Online

These are ways to make money online that allow people to earn a living from and don't take too much time to do. Your goal and mine should be to develop consistent streams of income that are enjoyable to do. The following ideas can provide you with $2,000 - $5,000 per month depending on how good you are at it. It is possible to make much more.

How to Profit From a Trading Range

Many of the retail investor and trader are aware of a trading range. It is basically a set of support and resistance points over a given period of time. These points are formed from the price moving up and down as the market tries to accurately value the underlying asset whether it be a stock,commodity, or currency pair.

The actual asset that a range is based on doesn't matter much in regard to the range. Obviously news that a company was going to go out of business would push a stock price down heavily and probably completely out of whatever range it was in. However, when there is not much news and the pricing is moving steadily along as the market fills up with buyers and sellers, you get price movement. It could be small or large, but it will be there as it is a natural process.

Apr 28, 2013

Trading Some Foreign Markets Sunday Morning

This is pretty cool. Apparently it is possible to do binary options trading on Sunday morning in the U.S. eastern standard time. Right now it is 8AM and there are open indices. They are foreign markets so I never heard of any of the underlying assets, but the charts don't lie. Follow along with these 3 videos to see the flow of trading this morning. You can see why I made certain moves and the result.

Apr 27, 2013

One-Touch Options Trading

I did my first one-touch trade today. It is the first time I have tried that specific type of digital option. The time frame is over 1 week and you buy it on the weekend before the trading week. It works in a fairly simple manner.

Apr 26, 2013

Live Binary Options Trading with Gold - Huge Daily Profits

Well, this is crazy. I am already starting the second day off with profitable trades. I made $140 in 1 minute. It was a very simple strategy. To determine price movement, I look for charts that tell me something. Gold had dropped down a few weeks ago. The price then filled half way. That is a natural resistance point because it was half of the drop. From there, it can be predicted that there is a greater chance for the price to go down rather than up at any given time as long as the chart is still good. Here is what happened live:

Apr 25, 2013

Watch Me Trade Binary Options Live for First Time

Alright, my account is funded with just over 4k in it. I am going to actually share the video with you guys so you can see my live trading. Since the 60 second trading seems to be the most popular and instant way to trade, I am starting with that and risking about $100 - $500 on that. The maximum position you can have for a 60 second binary option with TradeRush is $500.

Apr 24, 2013

Investing My Last Sum Into Binary Options

In my journey through personal development and trading, I have come to the conclusion that in order to promote something, it is 100% essential to actually use the service.

Apr 23, 2013

Is a Great Life With No Money Possible?

To get this clear, I need to describe what it means to have no money. It is not having any active or passive incomes whatsoever. Is it possible to have a happy life with this parameter? It appears that in recent history money has become a big corrupter of human happiness. People worry about it so much because society has made it difficult to do anything unless you have money.

Here is how you can take money out of your life. To survive, all you need is a place to live, food, and water. Chances are that if you only have to worry about those things, the importance of all kinds of fancy toys and status will go away. The things that become important to you have to change for you not to focus on money so intensely for the rest of your life.

Apr 21, 2013

Consciously Living - What it Means

Let's start with mirror neurons. They are the brains way to have empathy. When you observe an individual going through some kind of problem or simply experiencing something, you have the ability to feel what they feel even though you didn't actually do what they did because of these neurons. Our brains can figure out how we would feel in the same circumstance. It might not be the same way that others would feel, but it is the idea of how we think ourselves would feel.

Mirror neurons are what allow us to self reflect. It is something every human being can do. Anyway, these neurons don't know the difference between itself and other regular neurons. This little bugger is one of the main causes of emotional problems people have.

No Job - Living Comfortably

Well things are coming to a head now. I am personally in a circumstance that requires me to have more stuff to be content. My girlfriend and I really want to start our lives together and get into a new place. She still has about a year left of school so that is basically our deadline to find something. Being able to live without a job is the answer. A job can kill you forever.

The trick is to figure out some more ways to make money or acquire assets that allow for living more comfortably in a place that is enjoyable. The most important thing about living to me is the location. Basically, I need to be by the water and have a close view of it from my computer room. My GF just wants to be with me so that one is easy.

Apr 18, 2013

How To Trade on the Weekends

If you have ever wondered how people can make financial trades during the weekends, here is the answer. Every single day, including weekends, Reuters announces the price of many underlying assets. This includes stocks/currency pairs/indices/commodities. The way you would trade them is with the use of binary options. Since the weekend doesn't allow the regular retail investor to trade, you don't have much of a bearing on the stock price. All you can go on is the last closing price after trading on Friday.

Apr 15, 2013

Difference Between Investing and Trading

This is something many people confuse. There is a very simple way to describe and differentiate between investing and trading.

If you wanted to make a cash investment in a stock or business, you would put that money into the asset and not take it out. The only money you would take out is gains that the asset gave back to you beyond your initial investment. You will always keep your initial investment entirely invested.

Researching a New Binary Options Broker

As I have become more and more surrounded by the binary options world, new brokers come across my way. Recently, one has really caught my eye and it is going to be the new recommended firm to go with. I am suggesting people to trade with them because they offer a clear and complete set of derivatives to make money with. Remember that when you think something (or yourself) is the best, always look for something better. Most likely, it is out there.

The broker I have just found allows you to buy binary options in the form of units that represent an incremental amount of risk (money). They don't have the trade restrictions as the other brokers I have found have and offer so much value to traders that it is hard to beat them.

Apr 10, 2013

Making Many Binary Option Trades in a Day

I have not personally done this, but I have witnessed many traders who use this kind of technique to maximize their money making potential. Anyone can do it as long as they get on the same wavelength as a stock/index/currency pair pricing trend. You have to understand how stocks move based on resistances and support levels within an up or down channel.

Apr 6, 2013

Trading Put Options on AAPL - 400 Strike, Expires in April 2013 - Huge Profit Potential

I have engaged in either my last trade or the start of a new run of profits. It is all or nothing on this options bet. I am basing it on the fact that AAPL is facing too many negative factors to be valued as high as it is currently valued. The stock was trading between 419 and around 465. Now, it is just around the low 420's. I am predicting the price breaks below its 10 day EMA and that means another leg down of 30-40 points over the next 2 weeks. That puts it at a price of around 390.

Apr 4, 2013


Reflecting back on my endeavors in the trading market over the past month has been highly stressful and emotional. It is something that should only be tried if you have the extra money to spare and feel like trying to read market trends. However, if the work that goes into making you a good trader is not enjoyable to you, then don't do it no matter what the payoff is.

One Last Options Trade

This could be the difference maker for the rest of my life. I had $600 left in my trading account. I decided I needed to try a strategy that has not been done yet. Instead of just putting all my money into a call or put options, I split it up into roughly 50% call and 50% put on AAPL. I did it when the stock was around 433/share on April 3rd 2013.

Apr 2, 2013

Can You Beat Binary Options?

Well that is a very simple answer. Yes you can. You can also lose your entire investment. It is just a matter of picking the right price direction. If you do your high/low "call", meaning you make your 70% profit on average if the stock price goes higher than when you first enter the trade, then you win. You lose if the price goes down and you did a call. If you do a high/low "put", you win if the price is lower at expiration.

It is really simple. Just predict the correct price movement within a given time frame. Brokers let you trade by the minute, hourly, and daily. There is no secret trick to beating them except by making the right decision. It is the same way with any kind of trade, investment, or business. Give yourself the best chance to make money with binary options by entering puts when the stock looks like it could swing down or do a reversal. Apple does intra-day reversal a lot.

Income Report for March

I have had a pretty busy March. I want to focus on my websites. As far as my health brand goes, I have re-vamped it in a major way. It will take awhile for things to get going because I changed the entire domain name. I switched it from healthy-supplements.net to herblue.com. The reason why I had to do this is because the previous domain name was very difficult to build a brand out of since the actual domain name was all keywords and not the actual name that I wanted the site to have.

Apr 1, 2013

A Day of Options Trading Suffering

Today was a day stuck in the middle. It was agonizing. First off, I was watching GOOG on the opening bell instead of AAPL like I should have been doing. As a result I missed the opening morning put option play that would have paid probably $400. Then, I got into a call position after the sell off in the morning ended. About an hour later the option value had risen by a good percentage and I could have exited with a $90 profit. Instead of doing that like I should, greed took over. I held onto the position for the rest of the day as the stock danced around 435 endlessly.