May 31, 2013

Trading Binary Options - Few Different Strategies Used - Lots of Profit

I have been continuing to figure out strategies and different ways to make money with binary options. This morning was no exception so here you can see in the screenshot that I did 3 trades. Started off around $300 and moved up to $2,000 of risk. I lost the first two and hit on the final one. The net result was going up $450.

May 30, 2013

Finding a Bottom on GBP/USD

This analysis will help you make money if you are day trading stocks outright, regular options, or binary options. It is simply about finding the wholesale entry. That means finding the best possible price to enter the position given the nature of the trade you are doing.

Don't Take a Bonus with Binary Option Brokers

There is a lot of crap flying around the market about brokers. I will say that there is a lot of new binary option brokers that have come onto the market lately. I can't speak to all of them, but the ones suggested here at smarthelping have been around for a long time and have gained respect in the marketplace.

May 29, 2013

Binary Options Early Closure Feature to Make over $500 in 20 Minutes

I have not yet tried to do an early closure until now. Not all brokers offer it. The way it works is you get a calculated return based on your entry price, the time left until expiry, and how far in or out of the money you are. Over the length of two trades of $800 and $900, I was able to use early closure and come up with a profit of $547. Look at bottom of post for another set of trades that resulted in a net gain of $1,400.

Difference Between a Pro Trading Binary Options and a Gambler

I finally made profit on the first trade of a string of 60 second binary options. Normally it takes 2-4 trades for an in-the-money position to happen. This morning, I hit on the first position with a $200 risk. It resulted in $140 of profit.

May 28, 2013

60 Second Binary Options Trading - Net Profit of $360 in a Few Minutes

I am continuing to test out my strategy of starting off small and making higher and higher risk trades with 60 second binary option trading. It has seemed to be working as I was up 4k yesterday and made a profit of $360 on 3 trades doing it today. The whole theory is based on you being right eventually and when you are it will be your biggest capital risk since starting for the day. It is like using the odds in your favor by scaling into it.

May 27, 2013

Price Action Following Pivot Points Perfectly + 60 Second Binary Trading

As my new binary option strategy continues, I have mainly been focusing on one currency pair. That would be the GBP/USD. I calculate the pivot point at the U.S. market close each day by taking the day (high + low + close) divided by 3 and using it for the next day of trading.

May 23, 2013

Popular Binary Option Strategies

In the process of trying to create my own strategy for binary options, I decided it was more helpful to readers if I researched what strategies the internet has come up with and talk about them instead. If you feel like you find one that fits your style, this is the binary options broker I recommend and have used myself. If you don't know what this kind of exotic trading is, do your research. Looking at it at a high level, it involves risking a fixed amount on an underlying asset price being higher or lower at a designated expiry time. There is also the one-touch that ends up in the money if it touches a certain price over a given time period. People also call this digital options trading. Some brokers do allow you to close the position early, which makes it a little more like regular options contract trading.

May 21, 2013

Binary Options End of Day Strategy

Alright, now that I have secured my profits for the month, I am going to test out a new strategy for the next few weeks. All the results will be documented here on this page so you don't have to search through my blog for them. The goal is to have an 80% success rate.

Planning On Full Balance Withdrawal From TradeRush

It has now been a few weeks of binary options trading. I started out with $4,400 and have moved that amount up $12,511 to $16,911. One of the hardest things to do is quit while you're ahead, but if you can manage it, the rewards are all yours to keep. This will be my most profitable month ever online and I intend to keep it that way. It is time to exercise some discipline and take some of my profits back to the bank where I can survive off of them for a little bit. All my live binary option trades are listed here. I believe it is off by a couple hundred dollars somewhere because a I forgot to enter a few trades over the past month.

Currency Pairs and Binary Options

We are starting the morning off looking hard at the USD/JPY. I have been trading it regularly since Sunday evening. It is now Tuesday, May 21, 2013. The pivot point technical analysis is working well. The key idea of using it is to incorporate chart patterns as well. The goal to a successful binary option trade is to get as many positive confirmations that a stock is going to move in a certain way at a certain time so you really boost your chances of in-the-money expiry's'.

May 20, 2013

Still Doing Binaries on this USD/JPY

I didn't think I would be able to get any trading in today as the girlfriend was over for awhile. Finally did enter one position on the Dollar Yen as it was resisting hard off the R1. I felt like it had a good shot at heading back toward the pivot point so a position was entered with 20 minutes left to expiry. I only risked $200 because the theme of the week is to not lost the profits from this month, which are over 8k.

May 19, 2013

USD/JPY Rising....Why? and How To Trade this Currency Pair Heading into the Week

Good afternoon forex market! We are seeing some very high valuations on the U.S. dollar with talks of the quantitative easing stoppage. That means that the dollar may be increasing in value. This would raise the currency pair price of the USD/JPY, as it has been doing lately. It is at a 4.5 year high so far.

Fun Way to Gamble

The new age gambling is binary options. It is a financial tool for traders, but also a really fun way for the everyday gambler to try and make money on stock price movement. It offers individuals the chance to make nice profits of 70% - 85% on their investment by doing something called a high/low option.

May 18, 2013

Discipline is the Key to Trading Binary Options Successfully

There are a lot of people getting into binary options trading lately. The only thing that will make these traders more money and allow them to quit their jobs and be full time professional binary market money makers is discipline. It is all about keeping your daily system in tact and actually developing a system that makes sense for yourself to follow. I have seen people tilt, including myself and end up losing thousands because they were just trying to make back a couple hundred in losses.

May 17, 2013

Pivot Point

In my quest to become a better money maker, I ran across binary options. This has led me to learn much more about technical analysis as a good way to predict future price movement of underlying assets such as stocks/forex pairs/indices/commodities. In passing, I have come across something called a pivot point. When dealing with daily prices of an underlying asset, you can use these points to represent a significant level of pricing. When no news is happening, the price generally fluxes between your R1 and S1. Calculations can be seen below.

End of Day Expiration with Binary Options

I figured since I lost so much yesterday, a few end of day expiration binary options were the best thing to get my confidence going. I have a total of $850 risk out right now. It all expires by the end of day Friday.

May 16, 2013

Trading Signals - Explained

The sole purpose of this is to help traders know what is going on in a chart. These signals can be used to day-trade or trade on a monthly/yearly level.

Since I am constantly focusing on building information that will help traders become better at binary options, an important topic is trading signals. The reason why signals are so important in binary trading is because you have to predict price direction over a certain period to make profit from it. A signal is something that helps predict price direction. The most common type of binary financial tool is the high/low option. It gives you profit if you correctly predict the price of a stock/currency pair/commodity/index to be higher or lower at expiration compared to the price of the underlying asset when you entered the position. Common expiry times are bi-hourly, hourly, and end of day.

Bad Decisions on Binary Options

Started off the morning with crude oil. It had a major dip down lower in the middle of the night and the quickly filled the gap down by the time I looked at the chart this morning. Trading price action is the name of the game. What I did was pick a relatively common sense spot to think the price would be going lower in the short term. However, it was a little pre-mature because this underlying asset soon when up above the point of resistance. Ended up out of the money on this. It was a $400 risk. Did not feel super confident about it so glad there was not more on the table.

May 15, 2013

Price Action

One of the key ways that traders learn how to make more money and become profitable binary option traders is by learning price action. People who just become aware of these advanced derivatives usually get carried away too quickly without learning how to actually predict underlying asset pricing accurately. I mean this. Learn price action! I will explain what it is now so pay attention. It can be the difference maker in your life if you are trying to trade for a living.

Binary Options - 9th Straight Day In A Row of Profits - U.S. Stock Market Saved Me

It is always easier to write about making money rather than losing money in binary options. I got started with a put high/low option in the Nasdaq Future index. That ended up being out of the money as my call was incorrect. Loss of $600 on it.

May 14, 2013

Made More Money Than 98% of the World Today - Digital Options

Hey traders and future money makers. I am going to setup the trade that was done today for you. It was on Crude Oil and done with the use of a little thing called binary options. The total risk was $600 and my payout was $1,020, which gives a profit of $420 on the morning. This was done on an hourly expiry, which I entered into with 30 minutes left. With the binary options broker that I use, you can usually enter a given option of any underlying asset with 10 - 60 minutes left to expiration. Some also give expiry times until end of day or a few hours out.

May 13, 2013

Stock Price Movement is Like Temperature Changes

I wanted to step away from binary option trading for a minute and talk about an observation I made. It involves the ability to understand how a trading range works, and how a range is affected by outside events.

Live Commodity Trading with Binary Options - Making Money Hourly

What is up people. We are trading all commodities today. Started the morning off with a $600 trade on Gold because it had a really nice chart with signals popping off all over the place. It had opened with a huge gap down. From there it went into a lower valley once and tried to come out of it. I entered the high/low put binary option right at the top of this hill. Just a few minutes later, the commodity went straight down and into the money.

May 12, 2013

Trading Foreign Markets with High/Low Options

It's Sunday morning again. My previous two trades that I have made in these foreign markets can be found here and here. The underlying assets that I usually use with this are the Tel Aviv 25 Index and Teva Pharma stock. There is no rhyme or reason why I chose these assets. It is just that they did well for me the first time I tried them.

May 11, 2013

Setting Up One-Touch Option for the Week

As I watch the market in the U.S. to continue its grind higher, it seems more and more likely that there will be some type of pull-back. The date today is May 11, 2013. Given this bit of market conditions, I decided to setup a weekly expiration one-touch options trade on the Nasdaq Composite. My goal rate is 3,321 so if that index has a value of 3,321 or lower at the daily Reuters price announcement, then my return is 300%.

May 10, 2013

Some More Huge Trades on Binary Options With Currencies & Commodities

I quickly got myself into some trade predicaments early. Did a few mid-size positions and lost like 3.5k, then did 8 trades all at once and lost about 1k. Finally, on my final four trades of the day, I was able to get myself back above break even and into profit.

May 9, 2013

Wild Day So Far - $10,000 Risk At Once

I got crazy today. Did a few small binary option trades of $500 and $1,000. Lost on both so I reverted to my new strategy of doing a bunch of binary trades at once. This time I went and risked between 1k and 2k on 6 different trades. Won on enough of them to cover all my losses and break even.

May 8, 2013

How I Made $630 in 1 Hour

This was fun. I figured I had a spare few minutes so I entered a series of binary options. Again, this took no long term analytic information or effort. I did 8 total trades ranging from $200 risk to $2,000 risk. After it was all said in done, the trades I did resulted in me making another $630 of profit. It was common sense moves that made me money.

Euro Price Going Straight Up

It was a pretty interesting morning. I was looking at the EUR/USD up-trend. It is May, 08, 2013 and the price was going straight up above all levels of resistance for the day. Not sure why, so I had tried to catch it at a top.

May 7, 2013

8 Quick Binary Option Trades Risking $100 on Each

I was feeling a little creative tonight so I thought I would do many small trades that expired between 10 minutes and an hour. It was quick, but fun and we'll see what happens. I just looked at the simple 1 hour chart that is available on the platform I used.

SPX and COMP Looking Bullish

I figured I would do a little bit of news this morning on the markets and world events. Well, it is not really news as much as me talking about these two indices. The SPX and COMP are both looking to push higher by as much as 20% relative to their current levels. As I lost a bit of money yesterday, the best thing I can do is weight for the right time to make a move and that means letting things form through the first half of the trading day.

May 6, 2013

Morning Gold Trading - Trying to Pick Proper Entry Points

It's 9:30 AM and I am doing some trades on Gold. I lost on my first one at $350, but entered a second position that was a call on the same underlying asset. My risk for the second trade was $850. If I lose on that one, it will be my final trade of the day as my luck is not going too good and it is best not to tilt. You always want to keep yourself alive for another day of binary option trading.

May 5, 2013

Trading the Tel Aviv 25 and Teva Pharma

I woke up Sunday morning, at 8:20AM eastern standard time, by entering a small $250 binary option trade on the Tel Aviv 25 index. It is a foreign index to me, but it still had a pretty good hourly chart to allow me to enter a put position on. The flexibility you have is limited at this specific time. The only available binary trade was for 40 minutes from the time I first looked at my binary option trading platform.

May 3, 2013

Using Simple Chart Patterns to Trade Gold Successfully

It's so exciting to see this binary options trading working out. It is 7:30 AM eastern standard and the trade is on Gold. If you look at the 3 month chart, this commodity is resisting pretty heavily at 1,500. To start the trading hour, the commodity was in a clear downward sloping trend. It then popped up a little and then started to make a sort of  hill top move. Overall, I went 4/5 today.

May 2, 2013

Making Money on Currency Pairs - EUR/GBP

I like this currency pair. Both times I traded it, there were solid profits. The derivative was a binary options that had 6 minutes left until expiration. The value of this underlying asset sold off heavily in morning trading and broke through the previous support levels. Given that event, it made sense to enter a put option trade. I didn't know why the price went down so much, but the fact is that it did go down so the sellers were winning the battle. That tells me "put option".

Up $500 on the Day - AAPL Binary Options Trade

I made a few binary option trades today. Ended up with a positive net income of $500 on the day. Here is the video to show you how I made the trade and what you need to look for when doing these sorts of trades. It is addicting I will say that. My risk of $2,000 was pretty excessive, but it paid off for me because I made the move that appeared most likely to be in the money.

May 1, 2013

Income Report April 2013 - Best Month Yet

What an exciting month. I figured out why my new domain for the health site was still getting killed on google search and actually fixed the problem by the end of April. Also, I started trading binary options as you can see in my first few videos of it! This is a new way to make money. I had written about doing it for over 8 months now and decided it was time to get into the game. I went in with my last 4k and already grew it to 8k in the first week. Now that is some good money online.