Jul 31, 2013

Binary Options - Walking Through a Profitable Trade

As my past couple months of binary options trading as happened, I have learned how to actually make money at it. I will say that if you are brand new to trading it will suit you to learn different price action signals and do small trades to start yourself out. If you can make some good percentage gains, go ahead and increase your capital risk per trade.

Jul 29, 2013

Doing Another High/Low Option Tonight

After my big risk binary trading adventure this morning, I am getting back to a lower initial risk amount. Tonight it is still all about the forex trade. I am looking at the same underlying asset: usd/jpy and it was at a pretty good resistance point. The price had hit its pivot point R1 level and started to come down. This was also a point that had shown strong resistance with a couple other tops over the past day that proved to make the stock go back down into a new trough. It is also following a much larger downtrend.

AnyOption Now Fully Licensed and Regulated

AnyOption has been around for awhile and now put themselves in a great position moving forward. They have just recently become fully licensed and regulated in Europe. That means the KPMG and MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) are going to have a close eye on their platform and operations. What this means is they are now a regulated "market maker".

Put Option off a Top Within Downtrend: 2.2k Net Profit

Good morning binary option traders. We are back after taking a little break on Sunday afternoon to spend some time out at the beach. Remember that for the time being, our basis for risk has gone up so the trades are going to have more potential profit.

Jul 27, 2013

Weekly Trading Update - $668.75 - All High/Low Options

Alright, we got a couple things to go over on this binary options trading weekly update. It was a profitable week and we are making money efficiently in my opinion. The total number of trades that I did to make that profit was 7 and it was an even distribution relatively speaking. I had about a 50% winning percentage roughly so it wasn't like I just made profit on 1 big trade and that was it. Each day there was a small profit and the couple trades that were done.

Jul 25, 2013

Trying to Break $10k in Binary Options Account

Today needs to be a really profitable set of trading. I am willing to accept some higher risk and trust in my system for the potential higher payout. We are going to be trading some forex pairs tonight with binary options. I have plenty of time to get things going and will be starting at $200 rather than $100-$150 as I have been doing.

Jul 24, 2013

Live Trading: High/Low Call Option - $150 Risk

What a wonderful afternoon we have on our hands. It is the perfect temperature outside and feels like a great day to make some money on binary options. The position we just did was a high/low call on the USD/JPY with an hourly expiry time that had 45 minutes to go.

Jul 22, 2013

Trading Forex with Binary Options - Bullish Wedge

So, after making money for the last couple weeks, I am getting increasingly confident that trading binary options is sustainable. Tonight is Monday the 22 of July. I am looking at the forex market and in-particular the EUR/USD. It has been on a pretty large uptrend over the past day.

Jul 21, 2013

Looking at Bullish Momentum in the USD/JPY - $118 Profit

It is Sunday, 4:42 p.m. est right now and we are looking at pre-market forex trading opportunities. This is purely a technical analysis. I am not really worried about any factors around the world. I saw there was some pretty strong buyers around the 11th of July. Today is the 21. Another indicator that the price could go higher after the open is the up-trend it is currently in within a short-term outlook.

Jul 19, 2013

Trading Binary Options Weekly Update - Profit $1,359.50

It was a really great week. I traded binary options really well and we came away with profit for the week. The total net was $1,359.50 There was a total of 10 trades across the entire week. Our record was 6/11, meaning out of 11 trades, I was in the money 6 times. Some days we only made 1 trade and others we did 4.

Jul 18, 2013

Binary Trading Based on Support and Resistance - Profit $885

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. My trade this evening is on the usd/jpy. I am just starting my first binary option trade and it is a high/low put on the forex pair just mentioned. We are doing this trade based on levels of support and resistance. The price was trading sideways for a little while before it broke down below its main points of support. After that break, the support levels became the new resistance levels and it has been trading within the same range spread, but just at a lower pricing level.

Jul 17, 2013

Continuation Triangle - Trade Signal for Call and Trend Trading - Net Profit $115

I am risking $125 this afternoon. The EUR/USD made a nice continuation triangle after coming off a decent uptrend. That means there is a pretty good chance of an breakout upward. It is never guaranteed, but the odds are in our favor. The chart pattern that formed is a series of higher lows and lower highs that formed a triangle. From there, we come to a point and it is trade decision time using binary options.

Jul 15, 2013

Going Big Tonight at Binary Options - $346 Profit - 4 Trades

I feel like seeing how much money I can make tonight. It is all about throwing caution to the wind. My video will be short and not have much learning in it. All I am going to show is my entry and exit of each trade back to back and my beginning and ending account balance so you can see how much money was really made...or lost.

Showing The Profitability of My Trading Style - Trading Small

Well that was a pretty short-lived vacation. It lasted about 5 minutes and then I decided it was time for some binary options trading. I just feel like my system needs more testing before it gets walked away from or finalized and it is important to keep everything in a row/consistent/accurate.

Professional Traders Get Vacations

Well I am going on vacation for a bit. This is exciting. Bringing my girl and we are just going to go. I like the beach/cool views so who knows where we may end up. I will leave you with this:

Think of every dollar that you have as a little worker. If you know how to make your worker work, it will earn more little worker dollars for you. Eventually, you have enough little workers to sustain yourself and your expenses.

Scratch that, my plans have changed. Going to trade 1 more week and try to build up some more dollars.

Jul 13, 2013

Spinning Top - Candlestick Within Stock Chart

This is all about the spinning top. I like to use it within my binary options trading to try and predict reversal off tops and bottoms. It can be very useful to add it to your conscious thought process as you make trades. In and of itself, it just means that the price opened on that candlestick at a certain level and made a low, a high, and then settled in the middle somewhere before closing.

Jul 12, 2013

4/7 This Week - Net Profit of $631 on Binary Options Trading

Well this was a pretty fun week. I only did a total of 7 binary option trades. It consisted of 5 positions on the USD/JPY, 1 on the Tel Aviv 25, and 1 on the AUD/USD. On the 9th I ended up getting as high as a $2,000 trade using the rules of capital risk that govern how I operate.

Jul 10, 2013

Price Action Trade - Big Put Signal - $100 Profit

It is a great Wednesday afternoon as we look at the USD/JPY. The time is 5:27 P.M. eastern time. We are doing binary options trading and it is fun. I am excited to continue testing my system out. My last set of trades was on Monday so we are sitting here Wednesday doing more because so far I have not had 1 day that has resulted in a loss.

Jul 8, 2013

Putting My Binary Option System to the Test - Profitable

Well I was sitting there watching the USD/JPY chart pattern for a couple minutes. The 20 bar moving average had crossed over the 80 bar, which is a bullish sign. Also, the price movement appeared to want to move higher. I finally entered my position with a couple minutes left to expiry.

Jul 7, 2013

It's on for Some Sunday Evening Forex Binary Options

I am feeling risky tonight. Thusly, I will be doing multiple trades I am sticking to $100 on each binary option position until one finally loses. When one loses, depending on how many I win before that, I will do a higher risk. My confidence is really building as my days of net profit are continuing to add up. I want to make more money, not a ton more, but maybe double what this system has been providing me.

Trading the Tel Aviv 25

This is one of the only underlying assets that is open for trading at 8 A.M. EST United States. It does close down at 9 so that means this index is only giving me 1 shot at success. I waited a bit and found a proper all position. This means the price just has to go up above the entry price for me to make a profit.

Jul 6, 2013

What Making Money Online Allows You to Do

When you are making money online, you have to realize what it enables you to do. If you are making even a decent amount, like $5k-$6k a month, it means endless opportunities for your life. However you don't even need that much to change your way of life. It wakes you up from the real world grind. You can work anywhere in the world, except for China I think. If your income depends on an internet connection, then your job is located across the entire world. With the technology available, there are endless ideas and ways to live much happier than you most likely are right now.

Jul 5, 2013

Make Money Online - $5,318 - Monthly Report June 2013

Another month is in the books and I am getting closer and closer to fulfilling a dream that started way back in 2009 when I first started building online income streams. Making money online seemed so distant when I first started on my path. Now, after learning so many different things and figuring out the best ways to work online, results are coming in nicely.

Jul 4, 2013

Quick Trading on 4th of July - $80 Net Profit

I was feeling so excited to get some trading in tonight even though it is the fourth of July. I am hearing fireworks go off around the neighborhood and I am in here making money. Haha. I did have a chance to get out and into the water through the day though so that was nice. Now let's get on to my trade today.

Jul 3, 2013

Bullish Wedge - Signaled a Binary Option High/Low Call

This is Day 3 of my new trading system. Looking good so far.

Whats up traders! It is a beautiful Wednesday in June at 5:34 PM. I was just getting a look at the AUD/USD currency pair today and it showed a bullish wedge. That means there was an uptrend followed by a slanted downward series of lower highs and higher lows. It was at a pretty good point of possible breakout so I did my 30 minute expiry high/low binary option call for $100 of risk. The potential profit is $70.

Jul 1, 2013

Binary Options and Price Action - Live Trading

Good evening fellow traders and all alike. We are starting the night off with our 1st $100 trade. Remember that we have setup a new binary options trading system to manage our capital risk. It is based on the rule of 3 trades per day. Anyway, the first entry today is a high/low call option on the AUD/USD. It was based on price action movement as there was a very large drop in a 5 minute candlestick. This was pure and simply playing off the fact that it should come up from such a large drop in the near term.