Feb 28, 2014

$400 Profit on AAPL Weekly Options (Friday Morning Trading)

Well what is going on. What a Friday morning with AAPL surging up again in the morning. I felt this was going to happen as it was bouncing really hard off of 515 so had to go long on some aapl call options. Ended up buying 5 contracts of the 532.50 strike at 1.09 and it surged to 1.95 in about 30 minutes. Even though this price may reach 538 at some point today, I had to get out and take the $400 net profit. It was too hard losing so much yesterday to not do so.

Feb 27, 2014

Stock Market Struggling to Go Up and New Forex Signals at Night

Alright people, we see that the stock market wants to keep pushing higher, but there is too much selling going on in the market to keep any clear upward direction. Today, it looks like AAPL is going down to 480 before the next earnings call and that could drop it down to 430's if it's really bad. Note that in the short-term this stock may catch a bid around 500-510 and bounce back to the 520's or 30's.

Feb 26, 2014

Probably a Choppy Day in Stock Market

Well looking at some charts, we see that the SPX broke way up above the all time high two days ago, but yesterday came back down and resisted back at that point twice. This is a pretty good spot of resistance, but we will have to see if the stock market rejects that higher pricing level again today or makes its way back toward 1,900.

Feb 25, 2014

SPX Breaking Through All-Time Highs and EUR/USD at Top

Happy morning. It's pre-market on Tuesday February 25, 2014 and we are checking out some interesting price levels on a few underlying assets. Some recent news includes a security breach for AAPL, the SPX broke to a new all time intra-day high yesterday, and the EUR/USD seems to be at a decent pricing level to begin shorting for those on forex.

Feb 24, 2014

Technical Stock Market Analysis, Weekly Data and S/R for SPX, AAPL, GOOG

Good morning! Here we are on another Monday looking at the markets and seeing some pretty strong technical chart indications of selling off. The SPX has made a double top at the same pricing level that it was stuck at before the most recent correction of 8%. Basically, it just makes for a very strong resistance level technically at 1850. This will be very hard to mentally trade above.

Feb 21, 2014

Do We See A Red Friday in the DOW, SPX, and GOOG?

Well here we are at the end of the week and the stock markets have rallied to fill the rest of their gap down for the end of February. This puts the markets just about even on the year and at the higher end of the sideways trading range. Given all the data and economic outlook indicators, all things point to a return to the channel trend, which at these prices means down.

Feb 20, 2014

Technical Stock Market Analysis: Key Point for U.S. Markets

Well yesterday, February 19, the stock market finally failed to make a higher high after its 8% pull back and bounce back up towards the all-time highs. This means we are in a very good opportunity to get short as the markets are at the upper end of the first major lower high in awhile.

Feb 19, 2014

Is There Going to be Another Stock Market Crash?

Well don't look now but people just can't stop bringing up the 1929 stock market crash. Pro traders and investors know that the future rarely mimics the past exactly, but there could be some fundamental problems in the U.S. economy that help this market sell-off happen. Also, is today going to be the start of it?

Feb 18, 2014

Big Day for Stock Market

Well this is a very important point for the stock market in broader markets today. It's Tuesday and we just came off of an extremely bullish week of trading where markets went up every single day except for Wednesday, which was sideways. Now the correction is over and prices are moving back to the all-time highs. This is especially close on the SPX, but the DOW has a little bit to go.

Feb 14, 2014

Stock Market Topped out and Sideways Movement Seems Likely (U.S.)

Good morning traders. It's quarter to 9 EST right now and the U.S. markets are looking to go sideways as they hit close to the tops of most of the all-time highs. If you bought off the bottom in the recent correction, it's most likely time to sell if you are a trader.

Feb 13, 2014

Some Nice Stock Chart Patterns

Looking at a pure technical analysis of the markets, we are seeing a few very nice chart setups going into the opening bill this morning. As far as yesterday is concerned, I called a 98% chance the markets were closing down and the DOW and SPX both did, but not by a ton. The selling should continue going into today.

Feb 12, 2014

98% Chance Markets Go Down Today

Well looking at what happened yesterday, it is not 5 straight days of higher closes compared to opens and that is very rare. The chances that we get another buy day in the markets is low so if you are trading anything, it could be a good opportunity to look for tops early today and buy puts, sell calls, or do some high/low put binary options.

Feb 11, 2014

Result of Martingale Trading Test and Daily Analysis

Well here is what you need to know about martingale trade. I tried to use the best possible price action analysis and discipline. The result was a failure on only day 3. That means I had more than 3 losses in a row. This is why it was being tested on a demo and now it's important to listen to the data. That strategy is just not sound or viable.

Feb 10, 2014

2nd Week of February - Up or Down for U.S. Markets?

Well this should be a pretty quiet week for the U.S. markets. There is not much high impact news coming and the price action tells us that we could see some drifting in the upwards direction. Wednesday is the 10 yr bond auction and Thursday is retail sales m/m.

Feb 9, 2014

Binary Options Using Martingale

Well I have not done martingale trading since my summer run and it's time to get back into it a little bit. My plan is to just test it out and see what kind of run I can make and how much profit can be made over the next few months.

Feb 8, 2014

January 2014 Passive Income Report

Here we are again with another month in the books. As you may not know since I changed the format of my monthly income reports up, it's only based on passive income, which means making money without directly working on. Trading is not passive so it's not discussed in here. It's also designed to show people what it truly takes to build a successful website. It's not easy and too many people are saying it is just so you give them money by signing up with their affiliate related web hosting provider.

Feb 7, 2014

NON-Farm Payroll - February 2014 - Big Miss

Well everyone trades this number just because they do and today in pre-market there was a big miss in the amount of jobs created. Compared to the 185,000 expected, there were only 113,000. This has U.S. futures just about even after making a big down swing. Most likely it will sell off going into the close of trading today. Also, the EUR/USD swung up about 100 pips before falling back down.

Feb 6, 2014

Major Equities Analysis Before Non-Farm Payroll

Good morning traders. Today is the day before non-farm payroll for February 2014. So far the markets have continued to sell off except for one major tech company. It's the search giant GOOG. With positive outlook and a great earnings beat, people are taking it higher as it appears to be a cheap stock at the moment. Looking at the charts, you see parabolic movement though, which could be a technical indicator of a pull-back in one of the next 2 or 3 earnings calls.

Feb 5, 2014

Large Cap Stock Analysis

Good morning all. We are looking at another great day to make money in the markets. Today we have some interesting pricing levels for major underlying assets and will try to get a good sense of areas where there is strong support and resistance on a daily level.

Feb 4, 2014

AAPL Up, GOOG Down, DOW Sideways

Good morning. We are in for another great day of trading here as the markets are continually trying to figure out a fair price for various underlying assets.

Feb 3, 2014

Will We Start the Week with a Bounce in Stocks?

Looking at a few stocks and the DOW seems to give some good technical analysis based indications that we see a bounce to start off this week. Right now it is pre-market at 5:20AM est and most underlying assets look poised to pop up accept for GOOG.

Feb 1, 2014

What Makes a Good Trader: Stocks, Options, Binary Options

Well since I have been through the ringer with trading, one thing I learned is what a good trader has to have in order to succeed. One of the things is not luck. A bad trader needs lucks. Also, I need to explain something real quick. Investing in a company and trading are different. The type of person that would make a good investor is one that is patient and can wait for their money. It's also a person that has other income streams that fuel their investments.