Mar 31, 2014

This is What Traders Absolutely Hate Doing

What a complete and utter nightmare today. Lost $800 and it was completely preventable. Here is where I now digest the loss and try to move forward. It's my trading therapy time. The AAPL underlying asset did what it did last week with a little quicker turn to the sell side in the morning.

Mar 30, 2014

Starting off the Week with Forex Binary Options Session

Here we go with another strong week. I am just looking at the forex markets here on Sunday evening and mainly trying to find a forex pair that is too far extended from its average price in order to make a good directional signal with an hour expiry. My binary option trading has helped me immensely in speeding the learning process up with equity options trading. It took about 8 months of daily binaries for me to finally come to a point of comfort with regular options.

Mar 29, 2014

March Week 4 Options Trading Stats: $1,436

Well this week was a ramp up. Thing are going great and I am developing a great way to trade options much more profitably and with better risk management. This week had many different happenings. From Monday to Wednesday I was buying put options and profiting as the price actually went up, but scalping allowed for healthy profits.

Mar 28, 2014

How to Make Money in a Sideways Market Trading Options

Well if you ever wanted to know how to trade options intra-day and make money in a completely sideways market, here you go. Today the stock of choice is Apple, ticker AAPL and I was buying the 537.5 weekly expiration put options on the day of expiration.

Fund or Borrow a Personal Loan

Hey guys. Yea I know this looks like I am now becoming a loan shark, but small personal loans can be helpful if used in the right way. The company that offers a unique service to you is called Prosper. I think most loans go for under 7%. This is much better than 25% on credit cards. It works like a basic marketplace where individuals can invest by servicing a loan and collecting payments on it. For them to be able to make money, they need borrows also so that is the premise behind the service.

Mar 27, 2014

Riding the AAPL PUT Train

I literally handicapped myself $390 to start off the day as for the 2nd time in a few weeks I went to add to my position and accidentally closed it out. This morning I thought the market had more room to sell after the first 10m bar drop, but that was wrong as the price of the stock I was trading came up $5 instead of dropping that much.

Mar 26, 2014

Why to Scalp and Chart Pattern (Regular Options)

What is going on. Another wonderful day in the option pits as my morning has produced $200 of profits so far and there is still over $900 left of buying power. Here is a prime example of why you have to be a scalper if you have a small balance that needs to grow. The past 3 days AAPL stock has been in a pretty goo uptrend. Despite that uptrend, I have made over $480 of profit only trading put options. The reason why is scalping and predicting the buyers/sellers action.

Mar 25, 2014

Using Price Action with AAPL Options

Well what another great day for scalping vanilla options. It looks to be a mirror of the previous day, but with much more volatility. That was what my analysis showed in the pre-market and how I traded. For me, the entry was a little early on the weekly 535 puts, but I scaled in more lots at the days peak and it sold off hard from there through the morning.

Mar 24, 2014

Option Pit Battle Today: AAPL

What a day. Went long on this stock early morning as it announced deals with Comcast for some kind of streaming TV content or something along those lines. People bought the crap out of that news. I tried to get in at a bottom, but the market decided to price in the news down from 540 to 535 by lunch hour.

Mar 23, 2014

Weekly Options Trading Results Tracking

This will be short and sweet. To give people an idea of the week to week profit/losses in my options trading, this is where they will be shown. I have just started this new tracking on March 24, 2014 and we'll see how this goes.

Weekly Options Trading Results (All Vanilla Options) +$557.44

Here is my weekly update, which I don't know if it will be kept going or not. If I keep making money on these options every day than it will likely be a normal thing going forward. For now, the goal is to put my trading results all in one place on a weekly basis and keep track of it somewhere in an organized way. It should help me keep track of how I am doing and help viewers learn from the ups and downs of this business as a retail professional trader.

Mar 21, 2014

Scalping Continues to Payoff with Equity Options Trading

Well we have another great morning on weekly options trading with the day of expiration at hand. This means the contracts expire in a matter of hours and the prices go all over the board. My goal for Friday options trading is to buy contracts that are slightly OTM and sell them when they get slightly ITM, which worked great this morning for a $200 profit on the 530 weekly aapl put option contracts.

Mar 20, 2014

Opening Bell Options Trading +$277

Here we sit at another trading day. It's currently 10:02AM on the east coast and I have just blasted another $277 of profit on the weekly options fun. I was looking at my same chart from yesterday morning that gave me the call bias and $240 profit on the same underlying asset. AAPL is killing it for me. This morning it was time to test the lower end of the wedge within the upper regions of a downtrend channel.

Mar 19, 2014

Well +$234 But Should of Been More: AAPL Options

I did some hardcore analysis on AAPL stock this morning in order to determine an options play. After all my charts, it looked to be going straight up to 540 so the plan was to look for a low point in the morning to go long 5 contracts around 1.00. This turned out great. My new charting involves double wedge patterns. Pretty nice way to get trading bias.

Mar 18, 2014

Tough Trading Day, But Must Beat Self Ego

Well so far this week, we were doing great with a $150 Monday. Then I decided to enter some aapl puts on a day where they announced iPad may be introduced to some office market environment or something. I had not yet entered a position at this time yet, but waited for a little bit to see if the price wanted to pop any more from the initial surge.

Mar 17, 2014

How To Trade Options with Quick Directional Analysis

My morning trade was on AAPL PUT options with the weekly 520 strike. It's very important to know where the price is within a given chart because those charts are what most of the other big institutional traders are looking at to determine if they want to buy, sell, hold or do nothing. Right now this underlying asset was at the upper end of a range that was set on the earnings call.

Mar 16, 2014

Nightly Forex Signals Trading: Signals were 2/3 on USD/JPY Uptrend

Tonight was using binary options trading to go with the trend. In order to maximize the chances of success, I waited for an indication that the forex pair, USD/JPY, was in an uptrend and on the first 10m bar breakout at 8:10PM EST it starting moving in the upward direction. It took 1 trade to figure this out though as we had a high/low PUT to start the hour and ended up barely OTM. Then, the final 2 trades (high/low calls) were well ITM on this forex pair as the signals I sent were with the trend and both at bottoms in the newly formed uptrend.

Mar 14, 2014

Making Money Again on Friday Morning Weekly Options Trading

Well here we are yet again on Friday morning with the weekly options expiry on AAPL. It opened down 1% so you know that is good for me. I actually missed the first 30 minutes of market open because I had a nightmare, but still ended up catching the last 0.5% morning downturn on the stock. It's a great feels to get this profit and there is still some buying power left for later in the day. Also, I had some early morning binary options trading with a net of around $44 profit.

Mar 13, 2014

A Little Bit on How to Trade Volatility with Options (AAPL)

It doesn't really matter what underlying asset you use in the stock market to do this. I just like AAPL because it has so much liquidity i.e. a lot of real independent buyers and sellers to make up its market. This morning I successfully trade some 537.50 put options on this stock and made roughly $100 but the important thing was how it was done and this is how any options trader should be thinking.

Mar 12, 2014

What Happens Day After strong Sell-Off in Stock Market?

We had a sideways morning yesterday and then the markets decided to move far South. Tesla (TSLA) went lower after a New Jersey said they may ban the sale of this company's cars so that stock tanked again. AAPL (which I held put options on yesterday) came up 1% but gave up a lot of its gains as the entire market sold off mid-day but it did bounce back upwards in the close to end up higher $5. Now futures are headed down this morning.

Mar 11, 2014

February 2014 Passive Income Report

What is going on. This is where I show what has been up lately on various passive income streams. I don't talk about trading profit here as that is active. You will simply see what income has come in from different sources. Some of it may be affiliate commissions from this site and others might be affiliate commissions from my other niche websites.

Daily Options Trading - AAPL Options - Bins (GBP/USD, EUR/USD)

Well what is going on. It's 3PM and I am finally out of the market with a $50 profit on the day so far. On the price target set by an analyst, AAPL shot up from 530 to 538. I bought the 532.50 strike a little too early and finally got out of it as the evening sell-off ocurred. It was hard to hold onto the position, but patience prevailed and ended up in the green instead of down another $130 on the day. Also, sent out a binary options signal this morning and you can see more below.

Mar 10, 2014

Important Socks and Indices to Look At This Week

Hey, it's March 10, 2014 and we are looking at a few stocks this morning to show pricing levels and potential trading ideas to look for based on a few chart pattern strategies. Also, apparently margin debt is high so the market could be going down.

Mar 9, 2014

$282 Sunday Morning Profit on Binary Options (Tadawul and Tel Aviv 25)

Here is why it's so important to get in at a high if you going put and low if you going call within a range. Some platforms for binary trading make it hard to do this, but you can see first hand in this trading video below how good it can be when you have a line with the current price and flexible charting right besides where you trade up/down.

Mar 8, 2014

Top Way Binary Option Accounts Get Wiped - How to Prevent This

Someone who has seen a little bit about binary options and wants to learn more is probably going to end up opening an account and blowing it. The odds are against you for one reason. It's a problem that all human beings have and the word is emotions. With binary options, you have a very powerful, but very risky system to try and make profit.

Mar 7, 2014

Still Alive with AAPL Drop on Open - Trading Options Live

What a morning. I ended up surviving the week. Even though it was  -$500 week, it ended in a $200 net profit successful trade on AAPL 527.5 weekly expiration put options. I opened up my trading account this morning to see the balance of $140. By 10am it was at $540! so now there is plenty of room to build it next week and get back up to where it needs to be for proper risk management. On Monday the plan is patience and I just want to take a day where there are no entries until after Noon. I feel like it's a bad strategy to try and trade the morning unless you are risking very small % balance amounts because if you don't get the right move, you are screwed until 2PM when volatility picks up again.

Mar 6, 2014

End of Day Signals and Options with AAPL

I finally got back to my main office to do some work today. The past two days have been done remotely for end of day and nightly forex signals as well my own trading. Let me tell you that if you start working in a different area with things as emotionally taxing as day trading options, I would suggest not doing any work at all. My options trading tanked from $1,150 on Monday to $250 at the end of trading today and now I need AAPL to fall to 525 tomorrow to stay alive.

Mar 5, 2014

Trading the Market's Psychology

This morning is about psychology and trading. They go hand in hand as traders try to remove their ego and listen to the markets. Investors are either in for the long hall or out by cutting losses so what we are trying to do this morning is figure out what psychological factors are going to effect the price of stocks today March 5, 2014.

Mar 4, 2014

Day Trading with Derivatives - Analysis, Live Trades, Signals

There is not much going on as far as data in the U.S. markets today so everyone will be trading the news in the Ukraine. It seems to be going better and this has got most underlying assets up about 1% to 1.5% in pre-market and will most likely trade up into the lunch hour.

Mar 3, 2014

Stock Market Analysis with S/R and Ukraine Crisis

Well we are going to start off the week down about 1.2% as futures have dipped ahead of the news in Ukraine. The market was already at inflated levels again and just looking for a reason to sell off. The SPX futures are down about 1% as well as the DJIA futures. There is a very good chance we end the day lower than the open unless somehow a resolution happens of there in Russia.

Nightly Forex Trading Signals Session

Well we are having an average night on the forex markets here on Sunday night. The initial trade was a USD/JPY call that expired at 9PM EST and entered about quarter after 8PM EST was well in the money. This wasn't really the main client signals, but just to get things started for 1 client that wanted a trade early. Since the main goal is to make people money, he got the signal.

Mar 2, 2014

Stockpair Goes for CySEC Regulation

I know this is a little late, but it should be somewhere around here so check it out. Stockpair is one of the more unique binary option brokers because of their expiry times. Since they have gained a lot of popularity, they are now going for the Cypress SEC regulation. It will probably take a month or two for everything to go through, but it means no more U.S. clients will be accepted there. It also means they will not be offering any kinds of a bonus as the CySEC has banned that practice for all brokers.