Dec 31, 2015

How Has Your Trading Changed in 2015?

I think it's good to look back and review your trading over the last year if you are still looking for a sustainable way to trade. For me, it changed completely on top of itself and the best thing I have felt is a change in stress levels.

Dec 30, 2015

Can a Retail Trader Be Risk Free?

Well, that is what I am looking to find out as you see my data gathering over the past few months in index options. The answer is that for a retail trader, there isn't such thing as risk free. However, there is something known as trading safely with a very high chance of success.

Dec 28, 2015

Dec 22, 2015

New Options Arbitrage Position Entry (jan monthlys) and Forex Adjustment

Hey forex and option traders! Well it's Tuesday and as we head into Christmas the forex markets are really thin. Today there were two different things that happened.

Dec 17, 2015

Wrapping Up the Week (closing index options and forex position overview)

Today (Thursday) I finally closed the December monthly spx/oex index options trades that I have been tracking for a few weeks and was able to profit. Also, we have seen a decent size sell-off in the eur/usd and gbp/usd. My positions are pretty large, but still staying balance in the hedges as you will see. I did do some management of 10% of the eur/usd side in hopes to sell it back out higher.

Dec 16, 2015

My Forex Setup Ahead of Fed Rate Announcement

Well I am looking to really put the triangular hedge to the test. If you have watched the previous days' video you will see my position is using a lot of the available margin in my account. However, I have two different sets of 0.01 lot rounds that I can use to manage the margin/cost basis as the market moves.

Dec 14, 2015

Live Forex Trading Example of Why Triangular Hedging is Better than Directional Risk

Ok so if you were watching lately I had one final short in the usd/cad that I thought was free money. As a trader, you know there is no such thing and you have to work for everything you get to keep. The market proved that yet again, but it also illustrated why directional forex trading is so bad and now my account is getting to the point where it's not worth the risk to ever do it again no matter how high the usd/cad goes.

Dec 11, 2015

Forex Profits and Index Options Data

Well I don't have a specific % because after I closed out my triangular hedges in the overnight trade with the eur/usd, eur/aud, and aud/usd my leg short on the usd/cad that I thought was near risk-less whipped up 100 pips in my face.

Dec 9, 2015

Making Good Money in Forex (4.63%)

Well some may say this is good for a yearly return, but I have attained it in one day using the forex strategy. If you have been following along, you know this is basically the second round of profits taken since getting back to the triangular hedging.

Dec 8, 2015


Alright were back baby. Here is the first sweep through of profits since ending the eur/usd long battle that I mistakenly found myself in. So here we see that managing the entire triangular hedge rather than just one of the three optimizes the time you can get in and out of this type of hedge and the amount of profit you can make in a given time frame.

Dec 3, 2015

Finally Ended my EUR/USD Long War with Big Profit

As you know, each of my last few updates at the end of the week have been about staying long the eur/usd day after day. Today the price hit its lowest point in the past month, but then got a bid of almost 400 pips higher. I had some limit orders to take profit that hit and closed some manually.

Nov 28, 2015

Trading Forex and The Options Arbitrage Excitement

Well there has not been a whole lot of updates and I have been sticking to the weekly time frame until this eur/usd death trap I got myself into blows over. It has been good though because it made me open up to a new strategy involving index options.

Nov 20, 2015

This Weeks Forex Business (EUR/USD and USD/CAD) and Options ARB Testing

Well as the U.S. and DXY move higher this week, the eur/usd and usd/cad stayed sideways to down. This has been a pretty monstrous move in foreign currencies against the USD, especially with the eur/usd. Anyway I have not touched a single position and am trying to wait it out for capitulation. As you see in the recent videos I am still sitting down about 30% all week with this 100 pip range we have been stuck sliding around in.

Futures Margin Calculator

I have been working on a tool that futures traders can use to see at what price they would have a margin call. It works for long and short positions as well as any futures product as long as you have the necessary information about buying power requirement and how much of the underlying 1 standard lot controls.

Nov 16, 2015

Happy Monday Forex Trading and Options Arbitrage

I am trying to get back to daily overviews of trading and what is going on in the world of trading as my current positions has had me bogged down now for over 2 weeks without making any adjustments or changes. It's all good though. Right now the worst case scenario is happening and I still have well over 50% margin in forex and have some interesting options stuff going on.

Nov 12, 2015

EUR/USD Finally Rallying Out of its Dark Hole

Well as I was testing a new arbitrage type forex setup with real money I ended up getting myself into trouble and long story short the result was being long way too big in the eur/usd. Luckily it was at such a low and now I am just holding on as it starts to rally back finally.

Nov 6, 2015

This is What Happens When You Start off Imbalanced the Wrong Way (forex trading)

Well here was my mindset on Monday. I thought the eur/usd and gbp/usd were going up. So, I structured my trade where I was long 0.06 eur/usd and short 0.04 gbp/usd and 0.04 eur/gbp. Little did I know that the eur/usd hedged leg would move so much that it really wasn't a mean reverting position and ended up mirroring whatever happened in the eur/usd rather than all 3 sides of the hedge.

Oct 30, 2015

Forex Week 4.95%

Well traders. This is I guess what it takes to make about 5%. I started the initial core triangular hedge last Friday and closed it off this Friday. Did a little management of the split up leg ratio and had about 40% of these profits coming from the usd/cad as I took unlimited risk for myself.

Oct 24, 2015

Thursday Night and Into Friday (2%) EUR/AUD Forex Basket

Well, I told everyone in the last forex trading update that I was going to be out on Friday, but may trade on the mobile platform. That is what happened and I took that EUR/AUD basket off for nearly a 2% gain in a day. It's nice to get the daily turnover and not wait a week.

Oct 22, 2015

Taking More Profits Out of Currency Market: Dual Hedge On

Grinding in some more forex profits. I had a dual  triangular hedge on in the two main pairs that normally hit my watch list. You can see even with a 200 pip move down in the eur/usd and no move down in aud/usd, the eur/aud cross hedge literally moved less than $10 on a total of 0.04 lots for all 3 sides. That is some damn balance if I ever saw it.

Oct 21, 2015

Actively Managing Forex Hedges for 1.72% Balance Return

There is basically one story about this forex trading today. It's that you can have a core triangular hedge on and then scalp the legs for basis improvement to grind out profits even if nothing happens in the overall trade.

Oct 16, 2015

I Like to Make Money...How About You?

Well the post title here is pretty honest, but it's the truth. For me, being able to make money is vital as my finances are just starting to get to the point where I can build a nice cash egg and start a family/get a home. So, naturally making money helps me get to that goal and my mind gives positive emotional feelings when things are done to get closer to that.

Oct 14, 2015

Triangular Hedge Closing for over 2% Intra-Night

Well forex traders we are back at the triangles and this was an awesome overnight profit from Tuesday into Wednesday. It was a simple balanced position using about $60% of my available capital to make the 2%+ overnight gain. Now this is the type of style I like and would use on much larger capital balances. Also, you can see how I left one of the sides of the forex hedge split up so that it could be managed if necessary.

Oct 13, 2015

Ended EUR/AUD Long Battle This Evening for Over 8% Profit

Well this was a big battle. I got myself into a little trouble by trying to take a concept I was using with the eur/gbp forex pair and applying it to the eur/aud. The problem is that the eur/aud triangular hedge moves way more and I got down quick since my hedges were taken off and luckily the pair I left on came back for me. It was scary as hell saying what my position was last Friday going into the weekend, but I did it anyway for all to see.

Oct 9, 2015

Deep in Battle with the EUR/AUD Currency Pair

Well after this I am beginning to think this triangular hedge in the Australian Dollar cross currency with the eur/usd has to be managed much different than the eur/gbp. It is far less mean reverting than the e/g and the moves it makes, even when you are 100% balanced seemed to be gigantic. It was about $7 profit with 0.01 on the b/s/s side of it...but then it moved all the way to over $16.

Oct 6, 2015

Just Over 4% Compounding Forex Profits Through Tuesday this Week

Hey forex traders. What a wonderful day. The sun is shining and profits are rolling in. Now this is probably the most dangerous feeling you can have as a trader, or the best. When your confidence is up you have to rely on what you have been doing to boost yourself up even more. However, getting cocky can cause you to stray from what got you here in the first place and then say goodnight.

Oct 2, 2015

Took All Week, But Closed All Forex Positions (11.4% in 2 weeks)

Wow, this was a wild couple of weeks. I managed everything as perfectly as I could given my entries. So this started off with the eur/aud currency hedge and I added a very small usd/cad short leg to that. The eur/aud side came back for a profit and I closed it, but it left me with the usd/cad short position all the way back from the middle of September.

Sep 28, 2015

Interesting Forex Market With U.S. Market Crashing

Well, today is Monday and if you look at the charts, you will think the market is ready to break down through to their new lows that were reached about a month ago. The market is overbought and there is plenty of room down for the SP's to 1,400. If that happens quickly, there will probably be some big spikes in the eur/usd if you are a forex trader. However, today we see barely any movement in currencies.

Sep 25, 2015

Wrapping up Week in Same Forex Positions

Well it's mid-day on Friday and it has been an interesting week for my personal forex trading. The good part is I never legged out. That means I am learning from my previous mistakes within this triangular hedged trading strategy. However, I am naked short the usd/cad just as an opportunity play against it being at levels from 2003. I am small enough on that position that it isn't really killing my margin.

Partnering with Pure ECN STP Forex Broker

I wish I knew this sooner, but I finally became an introducing broker to Tallinex. They offer clients with small and large account a chance to trade with inter-bank bid/ask rates. The cool thing with them is you can scale up depending on what kind of account you have.

Sep 22, 2015

EUR/USD and GBP/USD Tumbling

Well what a big drop in the eur/usd (300 pips) and gbp/usd (350 pips). Anyone with the sell side basket on is probably enjoying some profits. It shows how mean reverting the markets can be if you are using cross currency hedges. Anyway, for my account I had the wrong side on, but did enter after the first move down on Monday and have been stacking 0.01 lot sides on the entire position as I look to take off the naked usd/cad short.

Managing the Forex Hedge for Profits in EUR/AUD (4.8%)

If you have been paying attention, my eur/aud cross currency hedge or basket as some call it has been a position in my forex account since last Wednesday. I did some safer management techniques on this new trade over the course of the last 5 trading days in order to safely turn a loser into a winner.

Sep 18, 2015

Holding EUR/AUD Hedge into Weekend and Short USD/CAD

Well after FOMC the aud/usd came blazing right back up to where it was sitting yesterday. However, I scalped another $17 with a 0.02 lot short in the usd/cad, which helped me move into profitable territory even though the initial triangular hedge is down about $30 on a 0.04 lot per side. The usd/cad is right back up a little higher than where it was when I sold it yesterday so I re-entered that short.

Sep 17, 2015

Trading Forex Up to and After FOMC with EUR/AUD Cross Currency

Well as you know I am trying to slowly and methodically build my way up to $100k and then $800k within the forex markets. It's possible within a few years if done correctly and worth the work it takes to get there. The basic underlying theme of it is to take profits when they come and manage losing positions in a safe and mechanical way so they become profitable over time.

Sep 15, 2015

Trading Forex for Near Riskless Profits (1.3% Balance Return)

Well I was hoping for another 0.5% of profit return on this position, but it was close enough! I would gladly take the profit and get setup on a new position in a difference cross currency trade. The most recent trade that you see being closed out in the video below was put on back last week on Friday and didn't move a whole lot until today.

Sep 11, 2015

Getting Safe Forex Profits Trading Cross Currency Hedges

Well it was a quicker profit to go into Friday with. I went ahead and traded the entire eur/aud basket for a rough 1.2% balance return profit. This was awesome for only one night and it took near 3.5 days to get that with the eur/gbp basket. However, after trading currencies like this for awhile, you realize that both of those hedges can move quickly on a daily basis so don't read much into it.

Sep 10, 2015

Just Over 1.7% of Profits on the Triangular Hedge Going into Friday

Well you can see towards the end of the video I had to fight my tail off to get that last $1.00 of profit, but was able to and get everything closed out at once. This is why it's important to not have more than 1 scale into the initial risk and that scale should be though of as a little booster to get back to profits quicker without taking any leg risk.

Sep 9, 2015

My Forex View (beware of volatility in eur/usd and gbp/usd)

So this doesn't really have anything to do with my own trading philosophy or current positions but sometimes people like to see what others think about a given market condition or in this case a currency condition. We are talking about the eur/usd and gbp/usd today.

Sep 8, 2015

Forex Longs Came Back Finally: GBP/USD and AUD/USD Were Drivers

Well, the type of trading I have done the past week really meant nothing as far as learning how to trade. It was just me taking a ton of account risk with my smaller account to try and get back to a point where I can do the triangular currency hedges. But, there is a takeaway and it's more ammo for why you should not be buying or selling one currency without being balanced in a hedge.

Sep 4, 2015

Long EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and AUD/USD on Bad NPF Number

Well the market still wants to take these forex pairs lower in value. It seems that despite a bad NFP number the eur/usd, gbp/usd, and aud/usd still don't have all the sellers out. I am holding onto all my longs for a few weeks if my margin can withstand it because there is a very good chance they move higher rather than lower in that time.

Sep 1, 2015

Live Forex Trading Big Profits long EUR/USD and short USD/CAD (takings some big directional risk)

Hey forex traders. It's early Tuesday morning, about 4am EST, and I just finally took off the last big leg that I ever plan to have on. If you have been following along, I have been using the triangular hedging strategy I teach in my forex course to trade profitably for a few months. I went wrong last Monday as the eur/usd went for 500 pips + and I was legged out short that pair as well as the usd/cad.

Aug 28, 2015

Trading Mindset for Long-Term Day Traders (forget about it)

I usually update you with my forex positions and let you know how the compounding is going, but this entire week I have been legged out. I have nearly recovered all the losses from the ridiculous move from Friday to Monday. Today, what I want to focus on for you day traders and investors is what kind of mindset yields the most consistent and long-term profits with the least amount of stress.

Aug 25, 2015

Positions Going into This Week (Forex)

Well I have had a tough break as the usd/cad and eur/gbp as well as gbp/usd sky rocketed higher all at once. I had to close all positions to get smaller in my overall size or the account would have blown. The good news is I have the same positions on right at the tops on Monday morning so the profits are starting to come back.

Aug 21, 2015

Forex Trading Through Big EUR/USD Move Higher

Well I legged out a little bit here and missed the eur/usd final 100 pip leg in the currency markets this morning. However, I did get a hedge on to protect a bit going into the weekend and to start next week off. This was an intense move that should have moved triangular trades one way or the other.

Aug 19, 2015

Forex Profits Today: Nearly Made Profit Goal (0.50) Away on FOMC Day

Well as I progress through the profit compounding schedule I am becoming more and more into keeping positions on basically around the clock. So what happened this morning early was I closed the EUR/AUD basket hedge out for about half of my daily profit and since all I needed was about half I was able to stick to my daily profit schedule of where I was supposed to be today given the 1.7% compounding daily profits. I was short by $0.50 but I'll take it.

Aug 18, 2015

Rolling Forex Profits From Asian Session into U.S. Trading Session

Hey forex traders. We have another great day of profits. I rolled right out of the the U.S. trading session yesterday and got setup to play the overnight session with the EUR/AUD cross currency triangular hedge. As you see in today's video I took off the profits of that trade in the Australian Dollar and put on another trade to play today's moves.

Aug 17, 2015

Day 21-22 of Forex Compounding Profits

Well I had a new position on from Friday afternoon in the eur/gbp cross hedge. It was a scale trade, but not leg scaling. I ended up nearly taking a full day's profits out of it while still being ahead on the profit target schedule. I did take two small 0.01 lot shorts in the usd/cad for a small profit just because that was about the size of the hedge that needed to hedge my triangular position (meaning if my core position went down, the usd/cad short position had a strong chance to show some profit.

Aug 14, 2015

Really Sticking to the Triangular Forex Hedging for Profit

Hey forex traders. Well we are at an end of the week and I just closed my final open position to make a few more % points on an already great week. So it has now been a full 20 days worth of compounding profits and I had already gotten to this market on Wednesday so the last few days have just been spent sitting around on the long eur/usd, short eur/aud, and short aud/usd triangular position. It came in today nicely.

Aug 13, 2015

Day 20 of Forex Compounding Profit Schedule and Still Keeping Up

Well, it's now day 20 of the compounding forex profit schedule. At 1.7% goal a day I am hanging in there tough. That seems to be a nice number and over time it will mean a lot of profit if the train can keep rolling. So it's the middle of the night and I just took off my last trade to get the trading balance to where it needs to be by the end of the week.

Aug 12, 2015

Partnering with New ECN Forex Broker (Tier 1 Liquidity Access)

Hey forex traders. I have been looking for a high quality forex broker for non-U.S. clients for awhile now that was an ECN, had all the proper regulation, and provided liquidity from tier 1 sources such as banks and other financial institutions. So I have finally found a good one called NSFX. They just take a cut of your profits in the commission of the trade and have nothing to do with your actual position.

Got Super Short the USD (Profitable Forex Trading)

Hey forex grinders. Well I started off with a few triangular baskets centered around the eur/usd and aud/usd but ended up adding all kinds of short USD positions by shorting the usd/jpy, usd/cad, and going long the nzd/usd. I kept my free margin all the way down to 10% for a few hours and then back up to 50% to get me through the night.

Aug 10, 2015

Staying Ahead of Schedule on Profit Compounding (forex triangular arbitrage as an indicator)

Well as you know if you have been following along, I am using the same forex strategy I teach in the course to trade my own money with. I have the video of the entry of the trade from last night, but I am out of the house and have to update the closing of the latest set of positions remotely until I can get back. It was pretty good just because I added an inversely correlated pair to the direction of the spread.

Aug 7, 2015

Forex Trading Through NFP Live (Cleaned Up Profits this Week)

Well as I continue on the 1.7% a day goal here with forex compounding the profits keep flowing in. This was an interesting position coming into today as I had the EUR/AUD basket on small and hedged that by going against the biggest losing position with some micro lots in a few forex pairs that were at pricing extremes.

Aug 6, 2015

Risk Management and Trading in the Futures Market (Currency/Commodity/Index)

So this is something hardly anyone ever talks about in the trading and options education world. It's about how to actually know where to start as far as how much to risk per how big your balance is and what types of things that need to go through your head before you make decisions.

Closed 100% of Forex Hedge: 2 Days Ahead of Schedule

Well it has been all week since I had an update and that is because I have been in the trade since Friday afternoon when I caught the big eur/usd and aud/usd spike. So since then I have been short the eur/usd and long the gbp/usd and eur/gbp. I made some adjustments during the week and got it all on video up until the closure.

Jul 31, 2015

Week 18 Trading Room Results: Binary Options and Credit Spread

Hey traders. It's Friday and this is the overview of what happened in the skype trading room for binary option signals and credit spreads. This past week was a bullish one on the stocks at hand and the credit spread was on HPQ as it had very high implied volatility rank with no earnings in sight for the week.

Forex Hedging Strategy: Caught EUR/USD and NZD/USD Spike for Nice % Gains

Well that was pretty awesome. There must have been a ton of pent up demand to buy the eur/usd, nzd/usd, and aud/usd as they all spiked up giant at 8:30am EST. There was not any particular big news, but I think the big money was just waiting for a semi-bad number to come on the USD in order to buy these other currency pairs up.

Jul 30, 2015

How To Close Credit Spreads

If you are trading credit spreads with stock options, there are a few different ways to close them out. I will go over each scenario that happens and how to close the trade in each case.

Jul 29, 2015

Nice, Forex Hedge Made the Daily Profit Compounding %

I have been looking at the 0 exposure hedge with a few different forex hedging baskets. As you will see in the live forex trading video, the triangular arbitrage position ended up getting enough profits to reach the daily goal in our compounding trading account balance schedule. I am now 2 weeks into this.

Jul 28, 2015

Finally Closing Out Final Legs of AUD/USD Forex Hedge for Net Profit

Well, I had to hold this trade since last Wednesday and it was modified a few times. Originally I was short eur/aud, long eur/usd, and short aud/usd. After a day of holding it, I felt I no longer wanted to be short aud/usd and legged out as well as switched the direction in the aud/usd (forcing a take profit). The problem was the market was not quite ready to reverse.

Jul 24, 2015

Week 17 Binary Trading Room Signals and Credit Spread

Hey options and forex traders. As you know I have been building a pretty nice account of trading signals that are given out over skype as well as available through e-mail. We are closing in on 20 weeks. This past week was nice with a 2-0 record on the two binary trades: EUR/GBP forex pair and Apple stock. Also, there was a max winner on a call credit spread.

Jul 23, 2015

Live Forex Trading (aud/usd triangular hedge basket)

Well I had to leg out twice this week, but the first time was just because I didn't want to be short the eur/usd after a 600-700 pip down move and the second was just when I was testing out the aud/usd triangular basket. In forex trading, the goal is to compound your profits and never have big draw downs.

Jul 21, 2015

Having Daily Trading Goals (% return goals) Good or Bad?

Well, this is clearly a subjective question, but I can answer it based on all the experience I have had building trading accounts with binary options on off-shore brokers, using Nadex, using stock options, and using spot forex. The answer is that every time I had a % goal and stuck to it, the profits piled up much quicker and more consistently.

Jul 19, 2015

Is There Value in an Options Trading Course?

First, let me be very specific. The type of options trading course I am referring to is regarding stock options that anyone can go in and trade by using various brokers such as T.D. Ameritrade or Shwaab. This is one big part of the course I offer.

Jul 16, 2015

Ending the Binary Options Case Study (70 days)

Well, it has been 70 days on this binary options case study on Oil and I have had enough of it. Each and every day I have done live video of the trades taken and set the parameters up in the beginning videos. It was always between 9:30am EST and 11am EST. That is one of the parameters of the system. Overall, the results proved something to me that I will use going forward forever.

Jul 13, 2015

1.6% Day in Forex with Hedged Trading Style (great start to week)

Hey traders what is happening!? It's 5:30am EST on a Monday and I finally closed out my first solid profit with the hedged trading style in the eur/usd and gbp/usd without having to leg out. Now, we are going to try and ride this wave all week long.

Jul 10, 2015

Week 15 for Binary Options Signals (Oil and Netflix) 1-1

Hey traders. As you may have been following along, I do run a trading room geared specifically for end of day and end of week binary option signals. I give the trades out in skype by saying the underlying asset, price of entry and direction. It's as transparent as I can possibly make it.

Weekly Overview Forex Triangular Hedging Strategy

Hey forex traders. It's Friday and I am starting to see some of the things that need to be perfected with this hedging strategy. First and foremost, I need to set % limits for where I leg out, if it's needed. For example, today I was long the eur/usd, short gbp/usd, and short eur/gbp. So, the e/u side was the winner and the other two were losses overall.

Jul 9, 2015

Forex Overview Today (Triangular Ratio Hedge in Euro/Pound)

Well I have no new closing trades today so I figured I could give an update on the overview today so you can see what kind of moves happened and what decisions I keep getting faced with.

Jul 7, 2015

Using Triangular Arbitrage in Forex to Leg Out Optimally

Hey forex traders. Well besides binary options, a major type of trading method I am testing with my own money is this triangular arbitrage technique. It took me awhile to get a good feel for what is possible with Oanda and how to implement it in a way that allows for profits to be had regularly. So, today we had a nice leg out of the short eur/usd basket.

Jul 5, 2015

Live Forex Trading: Gap Down on EUR/USD After Greece Referendum Vote for $70 Profit

This is a pure sell because of fear in Greece. Nobody knows what will happen because of the "no" vote. I had a bad fill in a triangular spread back on Friday afternoon. Basically it left me net naked short the eur/usd and I knew it was going to be a wild weekend with all the voting going on.

Jul 3, 2015

Closing Out Forex Hedge for Week (profits)

Alright, well despite being on the wrong side of the market this week, there was still some profits to be had and I have gained some more experience in how this type of position needs to be managed. This was just the first full week and it was a short 4th of July week combined with big news pending out of Greece. Despite all the wild moves that I was against, there was still a decent sized net profit taken with small risk.

Jul 2, 2015

Week 14 Binary Option and Credit Spread Trading Signals (2-0)

Hey traders. As you know I use my various case studies and hedged forex trading interactions to give daily and weekly signals to binary option and option traders. This past week was another 100% record in stocks and currency pairs. It's cool to see the credit spread and binary trades lining up so well for the end of week trades.

Jul 1, 2015

Forex Hedged Trading Strategy on Live Account (cool stuff)

Well as you know I have started preliminary implementing one of the strongest 0 exposure trading strategies for forex. The video below is the culmination of everything from last Thursday to today so far and it was pretty boring until Monday.

Block Compounding for Pro Binary Options Strategy

There is one way to make a ton of money at binary options if you have found a highly accurate system. It's risky, but the system implements certain strategies to help you limit your risk once you start off with a big profitable trade.

Jun 29, 2015

Trading Lessons for Beginners

Here at smarthelping, there is one mantra. Learn to manage risk and forget about direction and getting rich quick. The worst mentality you can have as a trader is trying to double up as soon as possible. Yes, sometimes you will hit big, just like in gambling, but sometimes you will lose if you are trying to hit big. It's never worth the big loss to go for the big gain.

Jun 26, 2015

Week 13 of Credit Spread and Binary Option Trading Signals (2-0)

Hey traders, it's week ending June 26, 2015. As you have been reading, part of the trading course for smarthelping involves being a part of the skype trading room where I will give out end of day and week signals for credit spreads (stock option premium collection) and binary options. So far the record has been able to hold above 70% (all video documented) and this week we boost that accuracy up a bit with a 2-0 record.

Trap Levels for Binary Options to Boost Accuracy

Even though the most sustainable long-term way to trade is without direction, the pro traders are able to use their directionless risk management applied to various trading strategies to try and get an edge on the market that is greater than 60%. One of those strategies is trap levels.

Jun 25, 2015

Finally, Forex Arbitrage Starting Live Today

Alright, well as you can see from the video I am finally implementing the first of 3 steps for non-directional options trading. Right now the data is still being gathered for all the other systems (binary options, credit spreads), but for spot forex I have enough confidence in the way it moves to put my funds their live first.

Jun 23, 2015

Using Binary Strategy to Trade Binary Options Better

Well, this is a pretty significant change to the binary options strategy so it demands a full explanation. In the oil fields strategy, I have set parameters up that are based on a binary signal generation. This fits because binary platforms offer fixed outcomes. You either win or lose and the payout/loss is always the same.

Jun 22, 2015

About Applying Risk Management to Random Trades with Binary Options

Instead of going through the droll of talking about the results of these trading case studies day after day, I would rather talk about the concept behind it and what it means for the regular binary options trader. Don't worry, all the results are still going to be video documented and have links to the videos on the case study pages, but just don't freak out if you stop seeing the daily posts about them.

Day 54 Binary Options Case Study on Oil 60 Second Options

Well, the randomness nature of the market is really taking a toll here with our 2nd 2-3 day in a period of 5 days. That is okay though and we are going to go to 90 days before making a clear judgement on the viability of this system.

Jun 20, 2015

Weekly Binary Options Trading Signals/Credit Spread (3rd week of June 2015)

Hey leveraged traders. This past week was awesome because the record was a very clean 2-0. It might not seem like much, but for a binary options trading using a fixed risk strategy that means a lot of % balance return and 0 draw down.

Jun 19, 2015

Using the Binary Statistical Model on Nadex: Day 14 (1-0-1)

Hey traders doing binary options on Nadex. We have a good result today that gets us pushing forward in the average monthly profit forecast for this model. It's still early, but day after day the risk structure and probability based trade entry seems to be a way anyone can start making slow and steady profits.

Trading Algorithm for Binary Options (Day 53)

Well this trading algorithm or model is based purely on probability and at its simplest state is designed for the spot option binary platforms. As I continue to get strong results in being able to optimize a 50% chance of being itm, the fundamentals of this strategy seem to be able to be applied to weekly stock options as well as Nadex. Those are case studies in their early stages still, but looking very strong.

Jun 18, 2015

Futures Binary Options Case Study on Nadex: Day 13

Hey traders. If you like futures and binary options than this case study is for you. I am testing what kind of data I can produce with the pricing structure in Nadex. The goal is to try and beat a 50/50 rate when managing at 3 trades max and stopping as soon as profit has been made on the day or the trade limit is reached.

Letting the Probabilities Trade for Me (binary options with Oil)

Well, it is day 52 of this case study and after having a big winning streak I knew we were due for a loss of some sort. I kept to the random signal entry and all the parameters to ensure nothing catastrophic happened, but because of that there will be no excess risk taken to get back losses or anything like that. It's just a matter of sticking to what has proven to work.

Jun 17, 2015

Day 12 of Nadex Study, Weekly/end of day Signals, and Strategy

This stuff will help 99% of all traders starting earning consistent profits as you have been seeing from all the live data generation on various forms of binary options and credit spreads. You see how direction is the number one killer of most peoples accounts because they think they have some sort of control over what could happen based on some sort of analysis. That is false and is why 95% of traders lose.

Making a Daily Income from Random Nature of Market (Day 51)

This is really cool and we saw the worst it can get last week and now we are seeing the best the binary options "Oil Field" system can get this week. In the last 8 trades there have been 7 wins. That is truly amazing with the dynamics of randomness applied to a platform such as the one being used in the case study.

Jun 16, 2015

Trade Management for Nadex: Day 11

Wow, I am getting a little test here in the Nadex binary options strategy test as they had me going to the max of 3 trades this morning. The first two were OTM and then we had a nice win.

Forcing Binary Option Traders to Profit (Day 50)

What is going on. Now we have another strong 1-0 day with the max profit and least risk used. These are the gems of the binary options system we have implemented here. It uses 100% probability in order to optimize a 50/50 chance of being itm and jumps it to 60%+ over time.

Jun 15, 2015

Trying to Put on the Weekly Credit Spread in NFLX (642.50/645) Puts

Well, this is another type of options trading tool that is fully regulated and available to traders in the United States so it deserves some attention. The primary hiccup here is with a paper money account I am not always filled at the mid-price. However, as long as the trade is taken with at least 5 days to go there shouldn't be too much of an issue as far as getting the trades filled with an ATM probability outcome and at least a 70% return on total risk including fees.

Day 10: Nadex Trading Directionless (1-0)

Alright, happy Monday morning and as we go through all our binary options testing today we got another great result on the Nadex platform. This 1-0 day gets our record well over 70% now and with the pricing structure the 50/50 trades are based on that means over $450 of profit per month using only 1 lots for 1 hour a day. Not too shabby.

Day 49: Trading Binary Options with Oil and Probabilities

We are really getting into the meat of this trading case study using 60 second options on Oil. The probabilities are playing out as they should and the optimization style management laid out in the parameters are holding tough to prevent losses and capture as much profit as possible.

Jun 12, 2015

Week 11 of Live Binary Option Signals (2-1)

Hey traders. I know I talk a lot about being non-directional, but one of the services here is the live trading room that does include me giving my opinion on certain underlying assets and if I think they are going up or down in a given time frame to help binary option traders make money. I use it to only give trades where I see opportunity and it takes a lot of planning to try and beat the 60% long-term probability rate, but so far I am staying above 66% as you can see in the results.

Day 9: Making Money with Nadex Strategy (69% accuracy selling/buying ATM)

Hey Nadex traders. It's a Friday and I am continuing this case study on this binary options platform so you can get a better understanding of randomness and not using charts to trade better.

Oil Fields Binary Option Strategy: Day 48 (1-0)

What is going on binary traders. You can see our randomness is moving back into normalized probability distribution as we have finished the week off with two 1-0 results, which really helped the overall case study numbers for monthly income projections.

Jun 11, 2015

Day 8: Nadex Directionless Trading Case Study

Ok, if you watched the trading video from today you will see that the 3:52 mark did show this trade was itm at the final second and it goes to show how efficient the pricing is. It was a clear itm with a second to go on the expiry.

Day 47: Anyone Can Now Trade Binaries with Pro Accuracy Rates

What is going on binary options traders and well today we have a 1-0 and that is just the spark to get things moving back in the right direction. We are testing this non-directional binary strategy each and every day live for the world to see.

Jun 10, 2015

Day 7 on Nadex Non-Directional Strategy (1-0)

What is going on binary options fans. We are having some really strong results here for Nadex on the 10am hour for our non-directional strategy testing. We had a nice buy signal come through the random number generator and took it on the Wall St 30 with 10min. to go.

Day 46 Binary Case Study Using Directionless Signal Generation

Man, this is the worst streak I have seen since starting the study. It's just the nature of the market though so over time our probabilities have said we will have a high enough % to make profit.

Jun 9, 2015

Day 6 on Nadex Platform Strategy Optimizing Market Randomness

What is going on binary traders. It's day 6 on this hellish platform (just kidding) and we are having an awesome morning from the random gods. Today's trade was a buy on the Wall St. 30 that went well itm for the entire time.

Day 45 Trading Bins with Probabilities for Income Stream (1-0)

Well, this binary options trading case study was beginning to look tough after the last 5 days, but the probabilities are starting to swing back our way and through the entire history of this we still have been able to maintain a net profitable outcome so that is great.

Jun 8, 2015

Day 5 of Nadex Case Study Using Probabilities

We are still at the very beginning of our binary options case study on the Nadex platform. It's going rough on a Monday morning, but the more important factor to keep in mind is we are testing the viability of this platform given an entry at the money to see if the pricing would work.

Day 44: Option Case Study (binary)

Well, we had another 2-3 day trading Oil this morning. It seems like since locking down 1's and 2's as always being the same direction things have taken a turn for the worst. It's a completely random system, but the numbers are just skewing against us right now.

Jun 7, 2015

How Much Money Can You Make Day Trading

The simple answer is it's up to you. This ends up becoming more of a psychological question rather than a numerical one. We will talk about %'s, market sizes, and the biggest potential daily profits you can make from different types of trading.

Jun 5, 2015

Week 10 For Daily Signals (1-0)

Well, this was a super strong week for binary options signals. It was actually only one signal that was given out on Sunday for an end of week put on Apple at a price of 131. I did it with a call credit spread and sent it out as a binary signal to the room.

Day 4: Nadex Trading Strategy Looking Strong (US Tech 100)

Well we are on Day 5 of this platforms case study and it's looking really good on the 20min expiry times using the major future indices starting at 10am EST. Today was a 100% accuracy record for a clean profit to end the week.

Day 43 for Binary Options Trading Unbeatable System

Well, despite an error on my part and the worst week yet, the system still comes up on top as there was no break below 60% accuracy for the overall record and that is profitable with a fixed risk trading style at any amount so binary options traders that are looking for something sustainable should really look into this.

Jun 4, 2015

Forex Analysis: EUR/USD Headed into Summer Months 2015

Hey currency traders. What is going on? Right now the eur/usd is trying to base and make a run back up from its huge 3,500 pip drop from the end of 2014.

Day 3 of Nadex Strategy Test (1-0)

Well, I am beginning to see more confirmation that this non-directional trading style is able to be implemented on the Nadex platform. We have another profitable result by using 20min expiry times so that is 100% going to be the only expiry used.

Day 42 Trading Binary Options Non-Directionally

Man, this has really tested the limits of this system. I don't know what it is but we have had a really rough trading week's worth of results. It's still well within where we want to be, but another 2-3 day is tough to take. I expect the next few iterations are going to give some 1-0 and 2-1 results based on the probabilities.

Jun 3, 2015

Day 2: Nadex Strategy Test: $43 Profit US 500 and Wall St 30

Alright, we are starting to rack up the data for using random direction within a defined risk system to try and see if we can get a profitable month on the Nadex binary options platform. Today we had a loss, win, win and if you notice, in order for the risk/reward to workout with the system structure, you have to be buying or selling at certain prices for it to make sense.

Day 41 of Binary Options Trading on Oil (2-3)

Well this is what probability trading is. Just like last week we have 4 days where we were 1-0, this week we have two days where we started off 0-1. The key is we are optimizing that result with the parameters of the binary options trading system.

Jun 2, 2015

Preparing for Forex Compounding Strategy

Well, I was working on figuring out the minimum daily % return I was willing to accept based on what seems feasible with triangular arbitrage on the currency market. It seems like it's going to take a full boat of going through the London and NY session in order to capture enough winners to cover a 1.6% daily return.

On Trading Losses and Risk Management for Day Traders

There is one method that can help traders learn to deal with losses if they are trying to day trade no matter if it's options, binary options, forex, stocks, futures, commodities, or whatever. That is practice your system first.

Day 2 (excluded, no longer using 5min expiry times) Nadex Case Study

What is going on traders. Well, I tried to put some more consistent structure around this study on Nadex to make sure it's easy to follow and the results are solid. So, it will happen at 10am EST every day and if for whatever reason I can't trade at that time, then there just won't be results for that day.

Day 40 on Bins Trading Case Study

Since I flip flopped the last 3 trades, this day does not accurately represent what would have happened if I followed the parameters (using the same assigned direction throughout the trade series). It was a brain fart, but it is fixed now that I am only using one direction for 1's and 2's going forward without ever changing it.

Well I really screwed up this morning. I forgot if I was doing calls or puts for the random direction generation because of a brain fart. I went back and looked at the tape (which you will see as I take the first two trades in the video) and I was doing calls on 1's and puts on 2's. After the first two trades I switched it to puts on 1's and calls on 2's. That should not have happened so this does skew the overall results a little form what the numbers actually would be if the parameters were followed exactly.

Jun 1, 2015

Forex ARB Looks Good

Hey forex traders. I have been through the ringer trying to figure out the best way to trade forex at the retail level with There was months and months where I would try and make 5% a day and then everything always ended up going south on one day or another to take out all the profits. So, I have figured out the best way to use forex arbitrage in order to be consistent.

Day 1: Nadex Case Study (1-0)

I have been taking some time to see how the parameters of the spot option based binary options case study would work using the Nadex binary options platform. Theoretically it should give the same results and I did find the pricing was a little bit better...about a 75% return for a slightly itm contract.

Day 39: Case Study with Oil Binary Options

We have another great result today. It was 1-0 on Oil just after 9:30am EST.

May 31, 2015

Calculating Max Loss for Credit Spreads

In advanced stock option strategies, you will come across something called a bear or bull credit spreads. This is when you sell to open a closer strike and buy to open a further otm strike. It's a defined risk trade, but how do you calculate what your potential max loss can be?

Should You Sell the Bid and Buy the Ask in Options Trading?

Just like in every market, the pricing of options is done with a bid and an ask quote. When you go to make trades, there isn't just one singular price no matter if you are buying/selling stock, options, futures, or forex. So what is the significance of this to the average trader?

Stock Options Trading Help

I am building a series of free insights on the stock options market. This is something primarily built for traders within the United States, Canada, and Mexico, but there are some countries considering opening up their borders to equity option markets through various brokers.

Why Trading Engagement is Bad for Options/Stock Traders

This is a topic many traders have talked about, buy many are on the other side of the argument. Most others say it's good to be engaged to the markets and certain underlying assets because it helps you make better trading decisions. However, my argument is it causes traders to make terrible decisions.

May 29, 2015

Live Forex Triangular Arbitrage For Retail Traders on Oanda

What is going on. This is turning into an amazing Friday as I have basically found out how to trade forex, binary options, and stock options all at once by the numbers. I have been able to apply my Oil case study results to any market place as long as a 50/50 opportunity is available and the payout is at least 70% on total potential loss. The returns are nice even in stock options where you can only make trades weekly.

Day 38: 2-3 on Oil For a Risky Friday of Binary Trading

What is going on guys. I was getting a little scared there at the end as we were a fraction away from getting 1-4 for the first time since starting this system. No worries though because that was one of the worst case scenarios as I accidentally picked the wrong trade amount on the first trade and cancelled it (I still counted it since it would have been my first trade theoretically).

May 28, 2015

Figured out How To Implement "Oil Fields" Strategy to Nadex Platform for Consistent Profits

What is up guys. I know a ton of people want to learn how to trade on Nadex profitably. Well, the case study I have been working on for the last 37 days has proven that it is valid and the numbers work on in the favor of the trader if they adhere to the parameters.

What Young People Need to Know About Finance

Do the old ideas of investing have any real weight to young people? The answer is a no for majority. Most twenty-somethings don't want to buy something and hold it forever in the hopes of a 10-15% return. That is mostly because they don't have a ton of money and they want to be active in how they manage their own money.

Today's Biggest Morning Bell Swings for Stock Options (weekly)

Well, I think this is a cool thing that many traders like to see. How much can a weekly stock option move in one day? I don't want to go in depth on how to find these opportunities or use them to build your trading account because that is part of the trading course, but I do want to at least show you what the pricing change was on some of these derivatives on a daily basis.

Day 37: Pushing Past 66% for Binary Options System Anyone Can Use

What is going on traders. It's now day 37 of this case study on probability based binary options trading. The overall record after today's 1-0 broke through the goal rate of 66%. This is a great thing and shows simply by picking a random direction and stopping when you have wins with a max of 5 trades is how you get a statistical edge in this market.

May 27, 2015

Day 36: Make $382/Month Optimizing Market Randomness

What is going on. The trading today was excellent again as we hit our max profit with the least amount of risk possible. That is 1-0 ladies and gentlemen and it was on Oil right around the 10:30 am est hour. The signal was generated randomly and this system is truly becoming something to behold for anybody interested in binary options trading.

May 26, 2015

Importance of Truly Random Signals Over Randomly Trading

This pertains specifically to trading this binary options strategy. It deserves some more information how why the trade is generated using a true random number generator rather than randomly picking up or down yourself. This is a system that anyone can use and it's sustainable.

Day 35 on Binary Options Trading with Probability (1-0)

We ended last Friday with a strong 100% and start Monday with another 100% regarding our binary options trading case study. It uses complete randomness to generate direction and over the years of trading binaries I have found out how to optimize this in order to make consistent monthly profits.

May 22, 2015

Week 8 Live Binary Forex Trading Room Overview

Welcome new and old traders alike. It's Friday and that means another wrap-up of the live skype trading room signals. It was a slower week, but we are about survival here and not recklessness. The overall record was 2-1 and here were the trades this week:

Day 34 of Binary Options Trading Case Study (using randomness)

Nice 1-0 day on Oil as we continue to produce some really amazing results using the only binary options system that is 100% universal, very easy to understand, and has a track record now of 86 trades in 34 days with a 65% accuracy. Every single trade was taken randomly as far as picking up or down.

May 21, 2015

Today London Session Binary Options Signal

What is going on traders. We had a solid hourly put this morning in the London session to bring the weekly record up to 2-1. The trade was a gbp/usd hourly put called at 6:45am EST at a price of 1.56820. It was a full winner as any price between the following :45 expiration, hourly exact, or the 8:00am EST was lower than the entry price.

How Currencies Were Rigged by Banks and What You Can Learn as a Trader

So yesterday I saw a headline that was talking about a bunch of large banks around 4-5 billion dollars for rigging the currency markets in order to profit. It involved simply quoting really bad prices all the way to many banks' traders working together to create advantageous markets for their own profit.

Day 33: Binary Options Case Study Proving Anyone Can Make Money

Well today we had a near 2-1, but had a tie on the third trade so ended up going to the trade max of 5 and a record of 2W and 3L. I figured it was a due day for something less than profitable, but the binary options trading strategy being utilized in this case study still held strong and we didn't see tail risk of 1-4 or 0-5 still.

May 19, 2015

Forex Trading Update (consistent profits)

I have finally come to a point where there is a great ability to use technology in order to make really clean and consistent profits in the forex market. There are very specific things to keep in mind while trading in the way I am now learning, but so far the results are super strong and as you can see in the video there has already been a really high trade occurrence per day with very low draw-down.

Day 32: Binary Options Case Study: 2-1 on Oil

What is going on binary option traders. Well today I started trading a little later, but still well within the parameters of the system and as you will see it was a nice clean 2-1. I almost forgot what direction I assigned to the random number generator tool, but it was fine. It's very important to keep the direction (call or put) the same throughout your entire set for the day.

May 18, 2015

Forex Market Very Predictable Today and Trading Room Signals

When I say the forex market was easy today, it's because I have been short the gbp/usd for the past 3 days and in my head it had nowhere to go but down. That is just what happened for the eur/usd and gbp/usd all day today. I have implemented a new trading strategy that is a bit safer and non-directional so it didn't really matter what happened to anything today.

Day 31 of Pro Binary Options Trading Style Case Study

What is happening binary traders. We are really showing some amazing tools that anyone can use for free in their binary options trading careers. This is the first system of its kind to truly take advantage of the random nature of the markets in order to give a theoretical edge without being insanely risky like the martingale systems.

May 15, 2015

Week 7: Trading Signals Group (Now Doing London/Asian Session)

Hey forex, binary, and stock traders. What is happening? Well, today we do have a new update that might be of interest to those living in the US. Because some clients can't trade during normal work hours, I am implementing at least 1 trade during the London and Asia session combined. That will allow for you to get trades that you normally may bot be able to see because of work schedules.

Day 30: Teaching Anyone to Trade Binary Options Like a Pro

What is going on binary options traders. If you want to know how to trade like a real pro with these platforms and make money month in and month out, than this is the data and strategy that you need to go with. It's because the system is can scale with any account size and it doesn't involve insane risk. Instead, I have got the optimized parameters to used a fixed amount of trading risk per trade and get 66% accuracy over time.

May 14, 2015

Day 29: Monthly Income Potential with Binary Options System

Hey binary options traders. We are continuing to work out the expected profit that can be made on a monthly basis with the random trading style used in the recent case study. Now that we are closing in on a full month's worth of trading days. The cool thing about this is anyone can do it and you never have to worry about blowing your account or having to be right about direction.

May 13, 2015

Today's End of Day Binary Options Signal: Oil Put (Big Winner)

Well I do still run a binary options trading signal group here at smarthelping and share the results daily and weekly with you from what is sent out in the skype room as well as e-mailed out. Today's end of day put on Oil takes us to 2-1 on the week and the winners were both clear and clean winners for anyone taking them on any binary options platform.

Forex Signal on GBP/USD Currency Pair

Well, I feel like I need some good vibes coming my way so here is my current position in the Great Britain Pound currency in my spot fx account. You can use it as a free trading signal or whatever, but if it starts to weaken I believe it will come down 700 pips before re-gaining support.

Day 28: The Only Real Advantage to Binary Option Traders

Whats up traders. This morning was another consistent showing of using randomness to take binary option trades. Since they allow only 1 outcome and 2 possible choices at the start along with a fixed amount of return depending on if it is a win or loss. (hence the term "binary" option), there is an advantage to take here.

May 12, 2015

Day 27: Binary Options System Making Consistent Monthly Profits

What is going on. We are now moving closer to a full month's worth of results with this case study on binary options trading. It stinks that it only works for fixed contract up or down platforms, but all you should be concerned about is being able to get your profits out every month and that means going with the biggest and most trusted platforms.

Forex Winners: 5% Return Per Trade

What is going on forex grinders! Well I nearly escaped alive going long nzd/usd over night from yesterday morning at like 9:00am EST. This was after making 15% on the day as you saw in yesterday's video. I am pissed at myself for trading more, but luckily there was a great opportunity today to close it out with only a small loss.

May 11, 2015

End of Day Signal on TSLA for Trading Room

What is going on binary option traders. Well, today I called out a really nice range bound trading opportunity in TSLA at 1pm EST for an end of day put. This signal was a clear winner at the close with nearly $2 of gap between entry and expiry.

Day 26: Making Money with Randomness

Well here we are, it's now day 26 of the case study and today we had a 3W and 2L result, It started off 1-1, then went to 1-2. From there we had 2 wins in a row to make a small profit with 70% return on money risked. This is the kind of thing you can only do with these binary option platforms and it's purely based on statistics and using a random indicator to enter calls or puts.

May 10, 2015

Engaged Trading Vs. Non-Engagement

This is a pretty common dynamic that happens to most traders. It's the feeling behind when you make a trade and hopefully you are able to avoid this feeling as much as possible, but it does happen. It's the way you engage yourself to an underlying asset. It could be futures, forex, regular stocks, indices, or even options.

May 8, 2015

Trading Room Week 6 Results: 3-1

Hey binary options traders. This is the regular weekly update that I give on how the trading room went. It was a slow start, but strong finish with what looks like a 2-0 Friday. So I will go over each signal that was given for binary options and the result, which you can verify time/direction/price in the video.

Day 25 of Binary Options End All Trading System

What is going on. I have been getting a little more feedback on this binary options system and some of it is good and some bad. What is important to understand is there is not really a right and wrong as far as what the numbers are. They simply are what they are and I am showing the results I generate live in front of you and the factors that go into it.

Importance of Stop Losses in Spot Forex Trading

Well, as you may have read or heard, I have been hinting at yesterday trading day. Basically, I got punched in the mouth....hard. After being up 13%ish on the day, I got greedy and went for one more gbp/usd short. It was up a few times and I could have taken it off the table to get a few more %, but my urge to really bang in the profits had me holding off on closing it. Problem was we had elections in that country yesterday....

May 7, 2015

Forex Directional Trading (7% On Balance)

Well as we continue to try and position ourselves in the spot forex market, the profits keep rolling in. I don't think this week will be a full double up on balance, but it will be a solid 5%/day average, which is about what we had last week. Anyway, early this morning, about 5am est, I was up shorting the gbp/usd and held it just up until 10am EST.

May 6, 2015

10% Balance Return Spot Fx Today...Trading Room Got Even Better

I finally closed my aud/usd short about 30 seconds after the news came out tonight at 9:30 am est. It had doubled my 5% daily goal per the position so it was closed and good thing because just after that it popped right back up. The jobs number was bad for them, but their unemployment rate was unchanged. A bunch of people got short on that so the market tried to stop some of them out as far as what I can see.

For Investors, When To Take Profits?

If you are a longer term investor that has yearly outlooks, how do you know when to sell if you have just bought stock or even real estate? Well, you may never want to sell, but in order to get paid and actually capture the work your money has done, you have to.

Forex Market Analysis (eur/usd, aud/usd, and nzd/usd)

What is going on forex traders, scalpers, and position setters. I feel like my engagement to the forex markets right now is the strongest it has even been and all the research and effort is getting lost so instead of just letting it disappear, I am going to try and keep an ongoing daily update on what I think about the daily moves in the forex market.

Using Probability to Make Money (Day 24)

Well this is the best way I can try to explain the binary options trading system that is being tested in the current case study. The key is to base trading decisions directionally on random chance and then all you have to do is manage the amount of occurrences you do and when to stop.

May 5, 2015

Live Forex Trading Room and Signals (long eur/usd, nflx eod put)

What is going on forex grinders. Lesson I have for you today is always, always, always wait for your levels. If you miss it don't worry, there will always be another opportunity. The market moves 100's of pips every day and it's not shutting down any time soon so you can't afford to make an entry just because you think you will miss a move if you don't. That will kill your forex trading.

How to Never Blow a Binary Options Account (Day 23)

As I continue to trade binary options with this new random directional trade entry strategy, it is becoming really clear that at the very least this will never blow your account if you are managing it correctly. It took me a few years to get to the point where I knew what parameters to put in place to optimize probability of profit on a daily basis, but now you get them all here for free of charge and instead of it taking you thousands of dollars and years of time, you jump to the front of the line.

May 4, 2015

Showing How Anyone Can Make Money with Binary Options: Day 22

Well we are back on track here Monday morning with a 66% outcome (2 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie). This is right where we want to be and you can see that the reason we changed the max trade amount per day from 10 to 5 is because the 3 day's out of 20 that went to 10 basically cleared all the profits from the 2-1 and 1-0 days.

May 1, 2015

Day 21: Binary Options Case Study for 60 Second Options (2-3) and Forex/Signals Update

Hey binary traders. It's early and I won't be around for the regular trading times on Oil so I went ahead and did today's trading on Gold. As you will see, getting away from what was the strongest results has always meant worse results as it should, but today we see how capping things at a max trade size of 5 seems to be the best technique for limiting losses and getting the most out of 1-0 and 2-1 days.

Apr 30, 2015

Day 20 on 60 Second Options (binary) Parameter Change

Hey binary traders. Well, today we have some important results that will now dictate the final parameter setting. It's the max amount of trades. It has been set to 10 for a very specific reason. Today's record was 4-6 marking the third day in 20 days that we have reached the max amount of trades.

Apr 29, 2015

Day 19 of Trading the Probabilities with Binary Options

Well what is going on binary options traders. What an exciting set of results we are getting. Some more people are starting to understand the power of this trading style and how it can help them make money consistently without the risk of blowing the account on any given day. As long as you understand the risk per trade you are doing and when to stop, it's all profits from there.

Apr 28, 2015

Day 18: Binary Options System Probabilistic Trading

Alright, today there is not a ton of time, but for the random entry today we had a 1-0 record using 60 second options on Oil. This is getting really close to the target goal of 66% and maybe even end up having a net probability outcome of 70% as we keep going.

Apr 27, 2015

6.7% Spot Forex (Missed Big Currency Moves, but Managed 20 Pips)

Well my daily goal is to get over 100 pips, but today the big moves evaded me. You can see the best was the gbp/usd as it nearly moved 100 pips down where there were some strong support levels and from there bounced up nearly 200 pips on the NY trading session. This was an example of a place were 1 trade could have nearly doubled the account balance in a few hours.

Live Binary Options Trading Room Signal (big win on usd/jpy)

What's going on trading room enthusiasts. Today was a really nice and clean directional signal on the usd/jpy for an hourly put taken at 9:48AM est and it was 20 pips itm within the hourly time frame and kept falling off from there all the way to 2pm EST.

Day 17 of Trading System Case Study on Oil (1-0) and Tutorial

Well we are continuing along this path of the random trade entry binary options system. It really only works with this type of a platform and it would take a lot of modifications to successfully convert it to some other kind of derivative, but it's possible. Anyway, today we had an awesome 1-0 start.

Apr 24, 2015

Opportunity Based Signals: Weekly Results (2-2)

Well if you have been following along, every week I do an overview of all the binary option and spot forex signals given in the smarthelping trading room. So far we only have binary traders in there, but once it grows you will start to see more diverse trading signals involving spot fx setups. So it was a pretty slow week with only a total of 4 trades and 1 of those was a credit spread.

Day 16 of Statistical Based Binary Options Trading (1-0)

Ok, here we go day in and day out testing this binary options strategy of probability based trading. This is like no other system in development you have ever seen because I just made it up myself, and you can see how it was developed,with the trade histories used to get it going, and the thought process that goes into developing the risk management around a random entry based system like this.

Spot Fx: 186 Pips for 90% Return This Week

What is going on forex grinders. Finishing up Friday with an 18% return. I think I am on to something with the new trading style. It is doing well at helping me capture about 20 pips a trade on average with 10 trades, but the potential is much greater as the holding times could be extended for even more gains. This past week in forex, 186 pips were captures and my risk management allowed me to get a 90% return on balance.

Apr 23, 2015

Spot Forex 16.6% (Streaks Alive as eur/usd Finds a Bid)

Well, I am not doing any new opening forex trades today or the case study for binary options because it's a vacation day for me. Don't worry tomorrow will be right back to normal. So here is what happened since I closed the new position.

Apr 22, 2015

Bins Probability Trading: Day 15 on Oil: 1-0

This is pretty cool guys. Binary options traders have been looking for real strategy help that they can use if they don't have the money to pay for quality trading signals. Here is the best help I can possibly provide and the history is really proving how powerful this system is for new or experienced traders.

Apr 21, 2015

Spot Fx: 15% Balance Return (eur/usd longs)

Having another strong day in spot fx. The difference is simply in going for 3-8% balance returns with 75% margin usage per trade instead of using that much margin to get 0.05% or less. It's too hard to scalp with that small of profits and the markets, at least for now, are moving plenty to capture large daily pips.

Day 14 Binary Probability Strategy Testing 3-2

Well hello there binary options traders. I am beginning to get a greater feel for managing the random nature of the markets and how to best using a binary derivative to make money consistently. So far here are the new and updated findings for today...

Apr 20, 2015

23% Daily Forex Return and Binary Signal 4/20/2015

As I site here and write out the date for today's trading stuff, it appears that today is drug day (4/20)....Anyway, this was a huge day for forex trading with nearly a 23% return on total balance on 2 big trades. Hopefully this will be the norm going forward with this style.

Probability Based Binary Options Strategy: Day 13

Hey binary options traders. If you are following along, this morning marked day 13 of the strategy test that uses probabilities that were discovered based on some back testing with Oil during the NY trading session. So far we are beating the 50/50 theory and have completed over 45 trades.

Apr 18, 2015

Understanding Currency Option Contracts with Big Banks

What you need to understand about this is simply avoid it at all costs. If you are a larger company that makes more than $10 million USD a year with operations in multiple countries and export products around the world, one of your concerns might be currency value fluctuation hurting your profits. Be very very very careful because the road you are thinking about going down is dangerous.

Apr 17, 2015

Day 12 of Binary Options System Test (Randomness with Discipline) 3-2

Well I have been super busy today so getting this last piece out from this morning was tough. It's not the 12th day in a row of using a completely random binary options directional signal generation and I have documented every single day's results. So far it's not as accurate as signals, but for anyone to just do the meaning is powerful.

Weekly Trading Room Signal Results 4-0 (100%)

Hey traders. Here is the weekly update for the smarthelping trading room run through skype. If you want to join, just e-mail me on the contact page or see the 'daily signals' tab at the top on what to expect. Basically, the last 3 weeks total documented record is 11-2 or 85% on all very strong independent trades that were all separate from one another.

Apr 16, 2015

Trading Room for Binary Signals Today (gpb/usd put)

Well I am trying to keep up with the daily overview of what is going on in the daily trading signals room. Yesterday (Wednesday) you will see in the video that there were no trades taken. For today there was only 1 signal given out and it was a clean win on the gbp/usd.

Day 11 of Using Statistics with Binary Options Strategy

Reached the first 2-1 record so far. After about 5 wins in a row in the past two days, I expected to get some sort of result that is close to 66%. So far in the 11 days it has been either 1-0 days, slight losing days and slight winning days. The probabilities played out once again giving us what hasn't happened for awhile. Given the random nature of asset pricing on a minute by minute level the results are proving to hold to what was observed in the data gathering portion of this binary options system case study.

Apr 15, 2015

Day 10 of Binary Trading Case Study and Spot Forex $100-$1,000,000 Update

Hey traders. Another day, another couple of dollars. This has been a really strong morning so far in all trading aspects. We have had the new KIKO options from stockpair, over 10% return in forex trading, and a 1-0 day for the random binary options trading style. It's a great feeling when everything is hitting on all cylinders, but I will tell you it has taken a long time to try and understand exactly how to do this every day.

StockPair Shows Why They Are Best Binary Options Broker with KIKO Options

Stockpair is one of the most unique and innovative binary option brokers out there. Just recently they have added a brand new type of option to trade that has never been available before with any other binary broker. It's all about levels here with something called KIKO options.

Apr 14, 2015

Trading Signals on DOW and USD/CAD 4/14/2015

Well normally I don't have so many trading updates in one day, but things are looking really strong as far as the binary option signals are going so it might be close to a full week at 2-0 so far. This is just an update on what was done in the trading room today.

Day 9 of Binary Options Strategy Test: 1-0

Well look at this. I had a feeling we would see a 1-0 start for the binary options case study I have been working on lately. Hopefully we can get a nice run of these for the next couple of days, but it shows that we are starting to see a good confirmation of the thesis being tested. It states that we are trying to setup a random distribution, but manage it by stopping as soon as we get to break even or go 1-0 for the day. All fixed risk trades.

How Spot Fx Positions Helped with Binary Option Signals

What is going on. It has been awhile since I updated the spot forex stuff and that is because nothing has happened for 4 days as I got short the usd/cad way too early and had to hold it until today to get profit out of it. The good news is that sometimes you can generate strong directional trading signals based on current positions.

Apr 13, 2015

Day 8 Binary Options Case Study (60 Second Switch)

Hey binary options traders from around the world. It's another really nice day here in my neck of the woods and this morning we created a 60% win rate on 10 trades and there was also 1 tie. I changed it up a little bit from 180 second (3 minute) expiry times to 60 second.

Apr 12, 2015

Weekly Trading Room Update for Credit Spreads, Binary, Forex Signals)

What is going on. Well, if you have been watching to see how the smarthelping trading room is going, here are the results. It was a pretty slow week and quiet ending, but the accuracy was strong and I feel good about the credit spread on for next week's expiry.

Apr 10, 2015

Day 7 of Binary Options Random System Test (Oil) 3-2

Well we are finishing up the week with this strategy and it's still proving to give pretty good results given that this involves no direction decision making and all the strategy does is produce random results. The profit potential is up to you based on how you manage the risk, but so far after 100's of trades and then the last week and a half trying to make the system profitable, it's looking promising.

Apr 9, 2015

What a Loss Day Looks Like..Day 6 Bins Trading Test

Hey binary options traders. Today we had our first real off day and ended up going 4-6. That is alright and as a trader you have to accept days where there is a loss. To limit the loss we cap our random distribution to a max of 10 trades. Since I wasn't able to get back to 62% or break even after starting off 0-3, I made it to the full 10 trades.

Apr 8, 2015

Proving Anyone Can Make Money at Binary Options: Day 5

Hey binary options trading fanatics and disciplinarians alike. As you know if you are following along, I am trying to prove a random trade entry (up or down) signal system can work for anyone. This is important because most of the bins community is flawed in their approach at least for how new people should start out trading.

Apr 7, 2015

What Would Fix Economy? Loan Forgiveness

Well I am a 4 year college grad so this is relevant to me. Here is why the government should forgive student loans for individuals or at least reduce them by 75%...

Day 4 of the Binary Options System Test (8-3): Random Distribution

Hey binary option traders! We have another 1-0 day today on Oil so after 4 days it's looking pretty strong as long as we stay within the guidelines. There is one key risk management feature I want to add to this trading strategy so that it's a bit safer.

Apr 6, 2015

Binary Options and Forex Trading (1-0 system test)

What's going on binary options traders. Well this applies to forex traders as well. It's a bank holiday for many of the major forex pairs, but we also had some fairly decent news come out on ISM as well as the NFP number on Friday, which was a day when the entire U.S. stock market was closed. Because of those reasons it seemed reasonable that there would be some forex scalping opportunities and some good conditions to keep testing the binary options strategy of random distribution.

Apr 3, 2015

Trading Room Update for the Week and Spot Forex

What is going on forex and binary options traders. Well this was a successful week in the fact that I was able to recover much of the losses suffered from my USD/CAD short. Not as much as if the position would have been held to today as the DXY sold off nicely this entire week, but owell that is forex. For binary options trading it was a really strong week as you will see in the video.

Apr 2, 2015

1-0 Binary Options Random Distribution Strategy Testing

What's going on binary options traders! Well I am trying to put the random distribution binary options trading strategy to the test and make it profitable. Today is the 2nd true test of this system. I did a preliminary one yesterday in the afternoon session just to see how it would go and used a different underlying asset than normal. It ended up going 5-3, but I was doing it in a low volume time, but I was excited to test it out so I did.

Apr 1, 2015

Back Testing Proves Anyone Can Profit from Binary Options

What is up. So after the first good week of trying to develop this new way to trade binary options, I have gotten almost all negative feedback. Some think it's irresponsible and some just think nobody can do it. Well as you can see in the video below, just by using a random number generator and a fixed risk money management system, anyone could have sat there and pressed up or down each day and had either a profit or break even. ANYONE.

Why to Avoid 15 Minute Expiry Times for Binary Options

Well today I decided to switch up the binary options system testing by doing 15 minute expiry times or basically expiry times that ocurred every 15 minutes around the hour. Many binary options brokers will offer this as a way for traders to enter positions with. In 99% of platforms the % return will be 10%-15% higher profit return than the 60 second to 5 minutes expiry times. Well from the testing today I can see why.

Mar 31, 2015

Weekly Credit Spread is Already 50%+ Winner

Well normally I do the weekly credit spread update every Friday because they usually go until expiry to turn into sizable profits, but today was a little different. Right around lunch today I called a trade short on AMZN to the trading room and entered it on the paper account for credit spread tests.

Mar 30, 2015

Forex Trading (USD/CAD) Short

Well after an awesome Friday I am splendidly short on the usd/cad. I am forecasting we get some good CAD news tomorrow morning on their GDP, but hope to exit this trade well before then for the profit target. I need about 120 pips lower from here.

60 Second Binary Options System Test

Hey binary traders. Today I am still going through some more binary option trading strategies. The system I explain here is based on the 60 second time frame just for the sake of showing how to manage risk in a real time fashion, but it can be used for any time frame.

Mar 27, 2015

Building Binary Options System Using Randomness (Daily Testing)

What's going on binary options traders. For the past couple of days I have spent about 1-2 hours testing out a new possible profitable binary options trading system. It's just in the early stages, but at its heart is randomness. The premise behind it is figuring out the best trading sessions and the best underlying assets that will give a completely even 50/50 distribution of wins and losses with very little deviation (4 or more wins/losses in a row).

Huge Forex Week: Doubled Both Trading Accounts

What an awesome end to forex this week and I am still going at it if usd/cad keeps testing its upper limits. It was a really tough Thursday night as I was long eur/usd, but I made my entry low enough yesterday that I didn't get margined out as the eur/usd forex pair sold off another 100 pips to start the day. From then on out it went straight up and I was able to actually make a profit on that trade after already being up 10% in both account from Thursday's trading.

Mar 25, 2015

Nearly 10% Again From Tuesday into Thursdays Forex Trading

Well I will tell you what. It was so freeken hard to hold my final trade yesterday. I got into a gbp/usd long after it made a perfect hill pattern with three 15 min. bars up and three 15 min. bars down in perfect harmony. Well it didn't go perfect from there. After falling 100 pips it drifted lower for the rest of the day.

Mar 23, 2015

EUR/USD Still Bouncing and Slow Binary Trading Day

Well as you can see the eur/usd is maintaining its bounce starting int he London session and following through to the end of the NY session morning. As you can see taking calls on the dips would have paid off real nicely if you were doing it on every pullback bar with a 15 minute expiry time in the framework of binary options. Spot forex you could have done the same thing scalping and made a ton of compounding interest.

Mar 21, 2015

Using Positive Drift Math with Binary Options

Here is an interesting concept I just learned about from about how the market prices itself. There is a lot of complex jumbo mumbo in there, but it comes down to one thing. There are inherantly more up days than down days, but the down days are more extreme. This has a very important meaning for binary options traders who use indices or forex pairs to trade with.

Price Action Help for Binary Options Traders

Well I know a lot of people trade binary options and struggle with a good technical indicator system. So I figured I would share what is used in our trading room and it might help you become more successful. It's about combining opportunity with large trends and the type of daily candle stick time frames are best for intra-day price action spotting.

Credit Spread Results and E-Mini S&P Analysis

Well the credit spread was a $1 loser this week. I waited until FOMC came out and popped the market up to do some call credit spreads on AMZN. It would have been a few hundred dollar loss on the spread in a 10 lot as premium contracted and the price didn't completely blow through the strike on Friday.

Mar 19, 2015

Binary Option Signals Update for Trading Room (70%)

Whats up binary traders. We are coming to the end of the week and finishing strong for the trading room. I have been so focused on showcasing forex/stock options that I have not had a ton of time to get into this so here are the most recent results.

Mar 17, 2015

Forex Scalping Style - Steadily Building That and Other Income Streams

Well we are up to day 3 of the 5% per day style since stopping that awhile back. I wish I never would have stopped, but at any rate today is solid. There are lots of opportunities in the forex market as all the momentum is to the upside in the eur/usd after the recent dip.

Mar 16, 2015

EUR/USD Bouncing and Daily Gains: 7% and 8%

Alright forex trading was pretty good. I am really focused on sticking to only scalping during major sessions (Asia, London, and NY) without holding my spot forex trades in-between. So the 5% a day is back with a vengeance and as you will see in the trading video my % gains today were solid on all scalps with a 95% win percentage.

Mar 13, 2015

Credit Spread Trading Signals This Week: 2-0 ($1,000 Profit)

Well the smart helping trading room offers directional trades on credit spreads that are based on a paper account I am using right now. This week I closed out the BIDU call credit spread for a 50% of max profit winner (roughly $300 profit) and a 100% winner in AAPL for the week on a call credit spread.

Burned Bad in GBP/USD Forex Losses

Well there were a few good thins this week and one bad thing. The good things I'll focus on in the next post about binary options and credit spread trading. Here we will look at the bad.

Mar 12, 2015

EUR/USD Bounced and I Was Long

To me, after such a deep sell-off, this currency pair was due for a bounce. Especially after everyone and their brother started calling for parity. I held onto my scaled in long Euro position from yesterday and turned the loss into a 4% profit return on balance. The key was how long I waited to go into the next position after being wrong. For me, it was 20-50 pips wide between the entries. Being profitable in this situation gives a lot of weight to my forex strategy.

Mar 11, 2015

Will EUR/USD Go To Parity? (2015)

Well, after the eur/usd broke down lower from it's sideways consolidation, everyone is yelling that it will got o parity, which means it will be at 1 to 1 or 1.0000. Why is this happening? In the longer term yearly outlook, it's because the ECB is doing QE. This devalues the Euro as it puts more of the currency into the market.

Mar 10, 2015

100% Forex Winners Today

Well as I update this trading blog each day, the goal is to try and give some takeaways as well as let people in on the kind of % gains that are realistic with spot forex trading and following signals. Today, for me, was a really strong day with 100% winners and it was done with really good risk management in the forex signal trading account.

Mar 9, 2015

Grinding Back in Spot Forex

Alright, well it was a successful morning as the first day back after suffering significant losses is always hard. Trading is 100% about the mindset. Right now for me it's about just sticking to the primary objective which is creating a place where anyone with any amount of money can come in and join these signals in order to get steady consistent growth over the long-term without hardly any draw down risk.

Mar 8, 2015

Trading Plan Moving Forward (Videos)

Well I talked a little bit about what happened on Friday, but basically I have to change my forex style to fit a more realistic monthly return. 5% a day was pushing it with the type of risks I was taking. So that has changed. Also, there was no binary signals of Friday because the market was too wild and crazy.

Mar 6, 2015

Update on Weekly Credit Spreads

For all those options traders that want to know how the paper money credit spread trading is going, it was a rough week that took nearly $4k in losses on an iron condor credit spread in Baidu. It blew way up through the 205 short strike and I didn't collect nearly enough on the put side either. There was an adjustment to roll up to the 210/212.5 March monthly's, but that will only take in about $700 of premium if this stock closes lower than 210 in 2 weeks.