Mar 31, 2015

Weekly Credit Spread is Already 50%+ Winner

Well normally I do the weekly credit spread update every Friday because they usually go until expiry to turn into sizable profits, but today was a little different. Right around lunch today I called a trade short on AMZN to the trading room and entered it on the paper account for credit spread tests.

Mar 30, 2015

Forex Trading (USD/CAD) Short

Well after an awesome Friday I am splendidly short on the usd/cad. I am forecasting we get some good CAD news tomorrow morning on their GDP, but hope to exit this trade well before then for the profit target. I need about 120 pips lower from here.

60 Second Binary Options System Test

Hey binary traders. Today I am still going through some more binary option trading strategies. The system I explain here is based on the 60 second time frame just for the sake of showing how to manage risk in a real time fashion, but it can be used for any time frame.

Mar 27, 2015

Building Binary Options System Using Randomness (Daily Testing)

What's going on binary options traders. For the past couple of days I have spent about 1-2 hours testing out a new possible profitable binary options trading system. It's just in the early stages, but at its heart is randomness. The premise behind it is figuring out the best trading sessions and the best underlying assets that will give a completely even 50/50 distribution of wins and losses with very little deviation (4 or more wins/losses in a row).

Huge Forex Week: Doubled Both Trading Accounts

What an awesome end to forex this week and I am still going at it if usd/cad keeps testing its upper limits. It was a really tough Thursday night as I was long eur/usd, but I made my entry low enough yesterday that I didn't get margined out as the eur/usd forex pair sold off another 100 pips to start the day. From then on out it went straight up and I was able to actually make a profit on that trade after already being up 10% in both account from Thursday's trading.

Mar 25, 2015

Nearly 10% Again From Tuesday into Thursdays Forex Trading

Well I will tell you what. It was so freeken hard to hold my final trade yesterday. I got into a gbp/usd long after it made a perfect hill pattern with three 15 min. bars up and three 15 min. bars down in perfect harmony. Well it didn't go perfect from there. After falling 100 pips it drifted lower for the rest of the day.

Mar 23, 2015

EUR/USD Still Bouncing and Slow Binary Trading Day

Well as you can see the eur/usd is maintaining its bounce starting int he London session and following through to the end of the NY session morning. As you can see taking calls on the dips would have paid off real nicely if you were doing it on every pullback bar with a 15 minute expiry time in the framework of binary options. Spot forex you could have done the same thing scalping and made a ton of compounding interest.

Mar 21, 2015

Using Positive Drift Math with Binary Options

Here is an interesting concept I just learned about from about how the market prices itself. There is a lot of complex jumbo mumbo in there, but it comes down to one thing. There are inherantly more up days than down days, but the down days are more extreme. This has a very important meaning for binary options traders who use indices or forex pairs to trade with.

Price Action Help for Binary Options Traders

Well I know a lot of people trade binary options and struggle with a good technical indicator system. So I figured I would share what is used in our trading room and it might help you become more successful. It's about combining opportunity with large trends and the type of daily candle stick time frames are best for intra-day price action spotting.

Credit Spread Results and E-Mini S&P Analysis

Well the credit spread was a $1 loser this week. I waited until FOMC came out and popped the market up to do some call credit spreads on AMZN. It would have been a few hundred dollar loss on the spread in a 10 lot as premium contracted and the price didn't completely blow through the strike on Friday.

Mar 19, 2015

Binary Option Signals Update for Trading Room (70%)

Whats up binary traders. We are coming to the end of the week and finishing strong for the trading room. I have been so focused on showcasing forex/stock options that I have not had a ton of time to get into this so here are the most recent results.

Mar 17, 2015

Forex Scalping Style - Steadily Building That and Other Income Streams

Well we are up to day 3 of the 5% per day style since stopping that awhile back. I wish I never would have stopped, but at any rate today is solid. There are lots of opportunities in the forex market as all the momentum is to the upside in the eur/usd after the recent dip.

Mar 16, 2015

EUR/USD Bouncing and Daily Gains: 7% and 8%

Alright forex trading was pretty good. I am really focused on sticking to only scalping during major sessions (Asia, London, and NY) without holding my spot forex trades in-between. So the 5% a day is back with a vengeance and as you will see in the trading video my % gains today were solid on all scalps with a 95% win percentage.

Mar 13, 2015

Credit Spread Trading Signals This Week: 2-0 ($1,000 Profit)

Well the smart helping trading room offers directional trades on credit spreads that are based on a paper account I am using right now. This week I closed out the BIDU call credit spread for a 50% of max profit winner (roughly $300 profit) and a 100% winner in AAPL for the week on a call credit spread.

Burned Bad in GBP/USD Forex Losses

Well there were a few good thins this week and one bad thing. The good things I'll focus on in the next post about binary options and credit spread trading. Here we will look at the bad.

Mar 12, 2015

EUR/USD Bounced and I Was Long

To me, after such a deep sell-off, this currency pair was due for a bounce. Especially after everyone and their brother started calling for parity. I held onto my scaled in long Euro position from yesterday and turned the loss into a 4% profit return on balance. The key was how long I waited to go into the next position after being wrong. For me, it was 20-50 pips wide between the entries. Being profitable in this situation gives a lot of weight to my forex strategy.

Mar 11, 2015

Will EUR/USD Go To Parity? (2015)

Well, after the eur/usd broke down lower from it's sideways consolidation, everyone is yelling that it will got o parity, which means it will be at 1 to 1 or 1.0000. Why is this happening? In the longer term yearly outlook, it's because the ECB is doing QE. This devalues the Euro as it puts more of the currency into the market.

Mar 10, 2015

100% Forex Winners Today

Well as I update this trading blog each day, the goal is to try and give some takeaways as well as let people in on the kind of % gains that are realistic with spot forex trading and following signals. Today, for me, was a really strong day with 100% winners and it was done with really good risk management in the forex signal trading account.

Mar 9, 2015

Grinding Back in Spot Forex

Alright, well it was a successful morning as the first day back after suffering significant losses is always hard. Trading is 100% about the mindset. Right now for me it's about just sticking to the primary objective which is creating a place where anyone with any amount of money can come in and join these signals in order to get steady consistent growth over the long-term without hardly any draw down risk.

Mar 8, 2015

Trading Plan Moving Forward (Videos)

Well I talked a little bit about what happened on Friday, but basically I have to change my forex style to fit a more realistic monthly return. 5% a day was pushing it with the type of risks I was taking. So that has changed. Also, there was no binary signals of Friday because the market was too wild and crazy.

Mar 6, 2015

Update on Weekly Credit Spreads

For all those options traders that want to know how the paper money credit spread trading is going, it was a rough week that took nearly $4k in losses on an iron condor credit spread in Baidu. It blew way up through the 205 short strike and I didn't collect nearly enough on the put side either. There was an adjustment to roll up to the 210/212.5 March monthly's, but that will only take in about $700 of premium if this stock closes lower than 210 in 2 weeks.

Forex Trading Assessment

Well what is going on traders. It's a tough Friday. I will be giving my assessment of trading live forex today as the losses have deepened a bit. Here I will attempt to explain my thought process in the style I have been using and what has to change for consistent growth.

Mar 5, 2015

Took Some Losses Today Forex and Binaries

Good evening traders forex, binary, and stock options alike. It was a rough day for everything. Binary options end of day call in Oil wen OTM and end of day put in Baidu went otm. Also, the eur/usd long that I got myself scaled into yesterday ended up getting closed for a 30% loss on account. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to risk.

Mar 4, 2015

Busy Day in Binary Trading Room: 2-1

Hey binary traders. It was a busy day for end of day signals. I was looking for ideal call opportunities in Oil and eur/usd. They both bottomed out around mid-day and the trigger was pulled. Also, I had a lot of dialogue among the trading room members on different setups. One major setup was possibly taking calls on Alibaba, but the trigger was never pulled.

Mar 3, 2015

Trading Room Manual Signal and Equity Option Monthly Entry

Well after a great morning trading forex there were some activity in the smart helping trading room. I did an Oil call that was well itm. Also, there was a credit spread entered (monthly expiry). The options premium selling signals will be shown on Friday.

Perfect Scalping in Forex Signals Account 5%+

Forex was one of those days you dream about. Nothing insane, but just nice price action that was actionable. That is what we had in the eur/usd and gbp/usd forex pairs this morning as well as my short dxy bias relative to the usd/jpy and usd/cad.

Mar 2, 2015

2.5%...Roughly and it Was Tough Forex Trading Today

What is happening forex guys. Today was great if you got on the ends, terrible if you guessed wrong, and probably caused some anxiety if you were searching for entry points. For me, I had some nice profits coming into the morning and then things went south...