Apr 30, 2015

Day 20 on 60 Second Options (binary) Parameter Change

Hey binary traders. Well, today we have some important results that will now dictate the final parameter setting. It's the max amount of trades. It has been set to 10 for a very specific reason. Today's record was 4-6 marking the third day in 20 days that we have reached the max amount of trades.

Apr 29, 2015

Day 19 of Trading the Probabilities with Binary Options

Well what is going on binary options traders. What an exciting set of results we are getting. Some more people are starting to understand the power of this trading style and how it can help them make money consistently without the risk of blowing the account on any given day. As long as you understand the risk per trade you are doing and when to stop, it's all profits from there.

Apr 28, 2015

Day 18: Binary Options System Probabilistic Trading

Alright, today there is not a ton of time, but for the random entry today we had a 1-0 record using 60 second options on Oil. This is getting really close to the target goal of 66% and maybe even end up having a net probability outcome of 70% as we keep going.

Apr 27, 2015

6.7% Spot Forex (Missed Big Currency Moves, but Managed 20 Pips)

Well my daily goal is to get over 100 pips, but today the big moves evaded me. You can see the best was the gbp/usd as it nearly moved 100 pips down where there were some strong support levels and from there bounced up nearly 200 pips on the NY trading session. This was an example of a place were 1 trade could have nearly doubled the account balance in a few hours.

Live Binary Options Trading Room Signal (big win on usd/jpy)

What's going on trading room enthusiasts. Today was a really nice and clean directional signal on the usd/jpy for an hourly put taken at 9:48AM est and it was 20 pips itm within the hourly time frame and kept falling off from there all the way to 2pm EST.

Day 17 of Trading System Case Study on Oil (1-0) and Tutorial

Well we are continuing along this path of the random trade entry binary options system. It really only works with this type of a platform and it would take a lot of modifications to successfully convert it to some other kind of derivative, but it's possible. Anyway, today we had an awesome 1-0 start.

Apr 24, 2015

Opportunity Based Signals: Weekly Results (2-2)

Well if you have been following along, every week I do an overview of all the binary option and spot forex signals given in the smarthelping trading room. So far we only have binary traders in there, but once it grows you will start to see more diverse trading signals involving spot fx setups. So it was a pretty slow week with only a total of 4 trades and 1 of those was a credit spread.

Day 16 of Statistical Based Binary Options Trading (1-0)

Ok, here we go day in and day out testing this binary options strategy of probability based trading. This is like no other system in development you have ever seen because I just made it up myself, and you can see how it was developed,with the trade histories used to get it going, and the thought process that goes into developing the risk management around a random entry based system like this.

Spot Fx: 186 Pips for 90% Return This Week

What is going on forex grinders. Finishing up Friday with an 18% return. I think I am on to something with the new trading style. It is doing well at helping me capture about 20 pips a trade on average with 10 trades, but the potential is much greater as the holding times could be extended for even more gains. This past week in forex, 186 pips were captures and my risk management allowed me to get a 90% return on balance.

Apr 23, 2015

Spot Forex 16.6% (Streaks Alive as eur/usd Finds a Bid)

Well, I am not doing any new opening forex trades today or the case study for binary options because it's a vacation day for me. Don't worry tomorrow will be right back to normal. So here is what happened since I closed the new position.

Apr 22, 2015

Bins Probability Trading: Day 15 on Oil: 1-0

This is pretty cool guys. Binary options traders have been looking for real strategy help that they can use if they don't have the money to pay for quality trading signals. Here is the best help I can possibly provide and the history is really proving how powerful this system is for new or experienced traders.

Apr 21, 2015

Spot Fx: 15% Balance Return (eur/usd longs)

Having another strong day in spot fx. The difference is simply in going for 3-8% balance returns with 75% margin usage per trade instead of using that much margin to get 0.05% or less. It's too hard to scalp with that small of profits and the markets, at least for now, are moving plenty to capture large daily pips.

Day 14 Binary Probability Strategy Testing 3-2

Well hello there binary options traders. I am beginning to get a greater feel for managing the random nature of the markets and how to best using a binary derivative to make money consistently. So far here are the new and updated findings for today...

Apr 20, 2015

23% Daily Forex Return and Binary Signal 4/20/2015

As I site here and write out the date for today's trading stuff, it appears that today is drug day (4/20)....Anyway, this was a huge day for forex trading with nearly a 23% return on total balance on 2 big trades. Hopefully this will be the norm going forward with this style.

Probability Based Binary Options Strategy: Day 13

Hey binary options traders. If you are following along, this morning marked day 13 of the strategy test that uses probabilities that were discovered based on some back testing with Oil during the NY trading session. So far we are beating the 50/50 theory and have completed over 45 trades.

Apr 18, 2015

Understanding Currency Option Contracts with Big Banks

What you need to understand about this is simply avoid it at all costs. If you are a larger company that makes more than $10 million USD a year with operations in multiple countries and export products around the world, one of your concerns might be currency value fluctuation hurting your profits. Be very very very careful because the road you are thinking about going down is dangerous.

Apr 17, 2015

Day 12 of Binary Options System Test (Randomness with Discipline) 3-2

Well I have been super busy today so getting this last piece out from this morning was tough. It's not the 12th day in a row of using a completely random binary options directional signal generation and I have documented every single day's results. So far it's not as accurate as signals, but for anyone to just do the meaning is powerful.

Weekly Trading Room Signal Results 4-0 (100%)

Hey traders. Here is the weekly update for the smarthelping trading room run through skype. If you want to join, just e-mail me on the contact page or see the 'daily signals' tab at the top on what to expect. Basically, the last 3 weeks total documented record is 11-2 or 85% on all very strong independent trades that were all separate from one another.

Apr 16, 2015

Trading Room for Binary Signals Today (gpb/usd put)

Well I am trying to keep up with the daily overview of what is going on in the daily trading signals room. Yesterday (Wednesday) you will see in the video that there were no trades taken. For today there was only 1 signal given out and it was a clean win on the gbp/usd.

Day 11 of Using Statistics with Binary Options Strategy

Reached the first 2-1 record so far. After about 5 wins in a row in the past two days, I expected to get some sort of result that is close to 66%. So far in the 11 days it has been either 1-0 days, slight losing days and slight winning days. The probabilities played out once again giving us what hasn't happened for awhile. Given the random nature of asset pricing on a minute by minute level the results are proving to hold to what was observed in the data gathering portion of this binary options system case study.

Apr 15, 2015

Day 10 of Binary Trading Case Study and Spot Forex $100-$1,000,000 Update

Hey traders. Another day, another couple of dollars. This has been a really strong morning so far in all trading aspects. We have had the new KIKO options from stockpair, over 10% return in forex trading, and a 1-0 day for the random binary options trading style. It's a great feeling when everything is hitting on all cylinders, but I will tell you it has taken a long time to try and understand exactly how to do this every day.

StockPair Shows Why They Are Best Binary Options Broker with KIKO Options

Stockpair is one of the most unique and innovative binary option brokers out there. Just recently they have added a brand new type of option to trade that has never been available before with any other binary broker. It's all about levels here with something called KIKO options.

Apr 14, 2015

Trading Signals on DOW and USD/CAD 4/14/2015

Well normally I don't have so many trading updates in one day, but things are looking really strong as far as the binary option signals are going so it might be close to a full week at 2-0 so far. This is just an update on what was done in the trading room today.

Day 9 of Binary Options Strategy Test: 1-0

Well look at this. I had a feeling we would see a 1-0 start for the binary options case study I have been working on lately. Hopefully we can get a nice run of these for the next couple of days, but it shows that we are starting to see a good confirmation of the thesis being tested. It states that we are trying to setup a random distribution, but manage it by stopping as soon as we get to break even or go 1-0 for the day. All fixed risk trades.

How Spot Fx Positions Helped with Binary Option Signals

What is going on. It has been awhile since I updated the spot forex stuff and that is because nothing has happened for 4 days as I got short the usd/cad way too early and had to hold it until today to get profit out of it. The good news is that sometimes you can generate strong directional trading signals based on current positions.

Apr 13, 2015

Day 8 Binary Options Case Study (60 Second Switch)

Hey binary options traders from around the world. It's another really nice day here in my neck of the woods and this morning we created a 60% win rate on 10 trades and there was also 1 tie. I changed it up a little bit from 180 second (3 minute) expiry times to 60 second.

Apr 12, 2015

Weekly Trading Room Update for Credit Spreads, Binary, Forex Signals)

What is going on. Well, if you have been watching to see how the smarthelping trading room is going, here are the results. It was a pretty slow week and quiet ending, but the accuracy was strong and I feel good about the credit spread on for next week's expiry.

Apr 10, 2015

Day 7 of Binary Options Random System Test (Oil) 3-2

Well we are finishing up the week with this strategy and it's still proving to give pretty good results given that this involves no direction decision making and all the strategy does is produce random results. The profit potential is up to you based on how you manage the risk, but so far after 100's of trades and then the last week and a half trying to make the system profitable, it's looking promising.

Apr 9, 2015

What a Loss Day Looks Like..Day 6 Bins Trading Test

Hey binary options traders. Today we had our first real off day and ended up going 4-6. That is alright and as a trader you have to accept days where there is a loss. To limit the loss we cap our random distribution to a max of 10 trades. Since I wasn't able to get back to 62% or break even after starting off 0-3, I made it to the full 10 trades.

Apr 8, 2015

Proving Anyone Can Make Money at Binary Options: Day 5

Hey binary options trading fanatics and disciplinarians alike. As you know if you are following along, I am trying to prove a random trade entry (up or down) signal system can work for anyone. This is important because most of the bins community is flawed in their approach at least for how new people should start out trading.

Apr 7, 2015

What Would Fix Economy? Loan Forgiveness

Well I am a 4 year college grad so this is relevant to me. Here is why the government should forgive student loans for individuals or at least reduce them by 75%...

Day 4 of the Binary Options System Test (8-3): Random Distribution

Hey binary option traders! We have another 1-0 day today on Oil so after 4 days it's looking pretty strong as long as we stay within the guidelines. There is one key risk management feature I want to add to this trading strategy so that it's a bit safer.

Apr 6, 2015

Binary Options and Forex Trading (1-0 system test)

What's going on binary options traders. Well this applies to forex traders as well. It's a bank holiday for many of the major forex pairs, but we also had some fairly decent news come out on ISM as well as the NFP number on Friday, which was a day when the entire U.S. stock market was closed. Because of those reasons it seemed reasonable that there would be some forex scalping opportunities and some good conditions to keep testing the binary options strategy of random distribution.

Apr 3, 2015

Trading Room Update for the Week and Spot Forex

What is going on forex and binary options traders. Well this was a successful week in the fact that I was able to recover much of the losses suffered from my USD/CAD short. Not as much as if the position would have been held to today as the DXY sold off nicely this entire week, but owell that is forex. For binary options trading it was a really strong week as you will see in the video.

Apr 2, 2015

1-0 Binary Options Random Distribution Strategy Testing

What's going on binary options traders! Well I am trying to put the random distribution binary options trading strategy to the test and make it profitable. Today is the 2nd true test of this system. I did a preliminary one yesterday in the afternoon session just to see how it would go and used a different underlying asset than normal. It ended up going 5-3, but I was doing it in a low volume time, but I was excited to test it out so I did.

Apr 1, 2015

Back Testing Proves Anyone Can Profit from Binary Options

What is up. So after the first good week of trying to develop this new way to trade binary options, I have gotten almost all negative feedback. Some think it's irresponsible and some just think nobody can do it. Well as you can see in the video below, just by using a random number generator and a fixed risk money management system, anyone could have sat there and pressed up or down each day and had either a profit or break even. ANYONE.

Why to Avoid 15 Minute Expiry Times for Binary Options

Well today I decided to switch up the binary options system testing by doing 15 minute expiry times or basically expiry times that ocurred every 15 minutes around the hour. Many binary options brokers will offer this as a way for traders to enter positions with. In 99% of platforms the % return will be 10%-15% higher profit return than the 60 second to 5 minutes expiry times. Well from the testing today I can see why.