Jun 29, 2015

Trading Lessons for Beginners

Here at smarthelping, there is one mantra. Learn to manage risk and forget about direction and getting rich quick. The worst mentality you can have as a trader is trying to double up as soon as possible. Yes, sometimes you will hit big, just like in gambling, but sometimes you will lose if you are trying to hit big. It's never worth the big loss to go for the big gain.

Jun 26, 2015

Week 13 of Credit Spread and Binary Option Trading Signals (2-0)

Hey traders, it's week ending June 26, 2015. As you have been reading, part of the trading course for smarthelping involves being a part of the skype trading room where I will give out end of day and week signals for credit spreads (stock option premium collection) and binary options. So far the record has been able to hold above 70% (all video documented) and this week we boost that accuracy up a bit with a 2-0 record.

Trap Levels for Binary Options to Boost Accuracy

Even though the most sustainable long-term way to trade is without direction, the pro traders are able to use their directionless risk management applied to various trading strategies to try and get an edge on the market that is greater than 60%. One of those strategies is trap levels.

Jun 25, 2015

Finally, Forex Arbitrage Starting Live Today

Alright, well as you can see from the video I am finally implementing the first of 3 steps for non-directional options trading. Right now the data is still being gathered for all the other systems (binary options, credit spreads), but for spot forex I have enough confidence in the way it moves to put my funds their live first.

Jun 23, 2015

Using Binary Strategy to Trade Binary Options Better

Well, this is a pretty significant change to the binary options strategy so it demands a full explanation. In the oil fields strategy, I have set parameters up that are based on a binary signal generation. This fits because binary platforms offer fixed outcomes. You either win or lose and the payout/loss is always the same.

Jun 22, 2015

About Applying Risk Management to Random Trades with Binary Options

Instead of going through the droll of talking about the results of these trading case studies day after day, I would rather talk about the concept behind it and what it means for the regular binary options trader. Don't worry, all the results are still going to be video documented and have links to the videos on the case study pages, but just don't freak out if you stop seeing the daily posts about them.

Day 54 Binary Options Case Study on Oil 60 Second Options

Well, the randomness nature of the market is really taking a toll here with our 2nd 2-3 day in a period of 5 days. That is okay though and we are going to go to 90 days before making a clear judgement on the viability of this system.

Jun 20, 2015

Weekly Binary Options Trading Signals/Credit Spread (3rd week of June 2015)

Hey leveraged traders. This past week was awesome because the record was a very clean 2-0. It might not seem like much, but for a binary options trading using a fixed risk strategy that means a lot of % balance return and 0 draw down.

Jun 19, 2015

Using the Binary Statistical Model on Nadex: Day 14 (1-0-1)

Hey traders doing binary options on Nadex. We have a good result today that gets us pushing forward in the average monthly profit forecast for this model. It's still early, but day after day the risk structure and probability based trade entry seems to be a way anyone can start making slow and steady profits.

Trading Algorithm for Binary Options (Day 53)

Well this trading algorithm or model is based purely on probability and at its simplest state is designed for the spot option binary platforms. As I continue to get strong results in being able to optimize a 50% chance of being itm, the fundamentals of this strategy seem to be able to be applied to weekly stock options as well as Nadex. Those are case studies in their early stages still, but looking very strong.

Jun 18, 2015

Futures Binary Options Case Study on Nadex: Day 13

Hey traders. If you like futures and binary options than this case study is for you. I am testing what kind of data I can produce with the pricing structure in Nadex. The goal is to try and beat a 50/50 rate when managing at 3 trades max and stopping as soon as profit has been made on the day or the trade limit is reached.

Letting the Probabilities Trade for Me (binary options with Oil)

Well, it is day 52 of this case study and after having a big winning streak I knew we were due for a loss of some sort. I kept to the random signal entry and all the parameters to ensure nothing catastrophic happened, but because of that there will be no excess risk taken to get back losses or anything like that. It's just a matter of sticking to what has proven to work.

Jun 17, 2015

Day 12 of Nadex Study, Weekly/end of day Signals, and Strategy

This stuff will help 99% of all traders starting earning consistent profits as you have been seeing from all the live data generation on various forms of binary options and credit spreads. You see how direction is the number one killer of most peoples accounts because they think they have some sort of control over what could happen based on some sort of analysis. That is false and is why 95% of traders lose.

Making a Daily Income from Random Nature of Market (Day 51)

This is really cool and we saw the worst it can get last week and now we are seeing the best the binary options "Oil Field" system can get this week. In the last 8 trades there have been 7 wins. That is truly amazing with the dynamics of randomness applied to a platform such as the one being used in the case study.

Jun 16, 2015

Trade Management for Nadex: Day 11

Wow, I am getting a little test here in the Nadex binary options strategy test as they had me going to the max of 3 trades this morning. The first two were OTM and then we had a nice win.

Forcing Binary Option Traders to Profit (Day 50)

What is going on. Now we have another strong 1-0 day with the max profit and least risk used. These are the gems of the binary options system we have implemented here. It uses 100% probability in order to optimize a 50/50 chance of being itm and jumps it to 60%+ over time.

Jun 15, 2015

Trying to Put on the Weekly Credit Spread in NFLX (642.50/645) Puts

Well, this is another type of options trading tool that is fully regulated and available to traders in the United States so it deserves some attention. The primary hiccup here is with a paper money account I am not always filled at the mid-price. However, as long as the trade is taken with at least 5 days to go there shouldn't be too much of an issue as far as getting the trades filled with an ATM probability outcome and at least a 70% return on total risk including fees.

Day 10: Nadex Trading Directionless (1-0)

Alright, happy Monday morning and as we go through all our binary options testing today we got another great result on the Nadex platform. This 1-0 day gets our record well over 70% now and with the pricing structure the 50/50 trades are based on that means over $450 of profit per month using only 1 lots for 1 hour a day. Not too shabby.

Day 49: Trading Binary Options with Oil and Probabilities

We are really getting into the meat of this trading case study using 60 second options on Oil. The probabilities are playing out as they should and the optimization style management laid out in the parameters are holding tough to prevent losses and capture as much profit as possible.

Jun 12, 2015

Week 11 of Live Binary Option Signals (2-1)

Hey traders. I know I talk a lot about being non-directional, but one of the services here is the live trading room that does include me giving my opinion on certain underlying assets and if I think they are going up or down in a given time frame to help binary option traders make money. I use it to only give trades where I see opportunity and it takes a lot of planning to try and beat the 60% long-term probability rate, but so far I am staying above 66% as you can see in the results.

Day 9: Making Money with Nadex Strategy (69% accuracy selling/buying ATM)

Hey Nadex traders. It's a Friday and I am continuing this case study on this binary options platform so you can get a better understanding of randomness and not using charts to trade better.

Oil Fields Binary Option Strategy: Day 48 (1-0)

What is going on binary traders. You can see our randomness is moving back into normalized probability distribution as we have finished the week off with two 1-0 results, which really helped the overall case study numbers for monthly income projections.

Jun 11, 2015

Day 8: Nadex Directionless Trading Case Study

Ok, if you watched the trading video from today you will see that the 3:52 mark did show this trade was itm at the final second and it goes to show how efficient the pricing is. It was a clear itm with a second to go on the expiry.

Day 47: Anyone Can Now Trade Binaries with Pro Accuracy Rates

What is going on binary options traders and hopefuls...lol well today we have a 1-0 and that is just the spark to get things moving back in the right direction. We are testing this non-directional binary strategy each and every day live for the world to see.

Jun 10, 2015

Day 7 on Nadex Non-Directional Strategy (1-0)

What is going on binary options fans. We are having some really strong results here for Nadex on the 10am hour for our non-directional strategy testing. We had a nice buy signal come through the random number generator and took it on the Wall St 30 with 10min. to go.

Day 46 Binary Case Study Using Directionless Signal Generation

Man, this is the worst streak I have seen since starting the study. It's just the nature of the market though so over time our probabilities have said we will have a high enough % to make profit.

Jun 9, 2015

Day 6 on Nadex Platform Strategy Optimizing Market Randomness

What is going on binary traders. It's day 6 on this hellish platform (just kidding) and we are having an awesome morning from the random gods. Today's trade was a buy on the Wall St. 30 that went well itm for the entire time.

Day 45 Trading Bins with Probabilities for Income Stream (1-0)

Well, this binary options trading case study was beginning to look tough after the last 5 days, but the probabilities are starting to swing back our way and through the entire history of this we still have been able to maintain a net profitable outcome so that is great.

Jun 8, 2015

Day 5 of Nadex Case Study Using Probabilities

We are still at the very beginning of our binary options case study on the Nadex platform. It's going rough on a Monday morning, but the more important factor to keep in mind is we are testing the viability of this platform given an entry at the money to see if the pricing would work.

Day 44: Option Case Study (binary)

Well, we had another 2-3 day trading Oil this morning. It seems like since locking down 1's and 2's as always being the same direction things have taken a turn for the worst. It's a completely random system, but the numbers are just skewing against us right now.

Jun 7, 2015

How Much Money Can You Make Day Trading

The simple answer is it's up to you. This ends up becoming more of a psychological question rather than a numerical one. We will talk about %'s, market sizes, and the biggest potential daily profits you can make from different types of trading.

Jun 5, 2015

Week 10 For Daily Signals (1-0)

Well, this was a super strong week for binary options signals. It was actually only one signal that was given out on Sunday for an end of week put on Apple at a price of 131. I did it with a call credit spread and sent it out as a binary signal to the room.

Day 4: Nadex Trading Strategy Looking Strong (US Tech 100)

Well we are on Day 5 of this platforms case study and it's looking really good on the 20min expiry times using the major future indices starting at 10am EST. Today was a 100% accuracy record for a clean profit to end the week.

Day 43 for Binary Options Trading Unbeatable System

Well, despite an error on my part and the worst week yet, the system still comes up on top as there was no break below 60% accuracy for the overall record and that is profitable with a fixed risk trading style at any amount so binary options traders that are looking for something sustainable should really look into this.

Jun 4, 2015

Forex Analysis: EUR/USD Headed into Summer Months 2015

Hey currency traders. What is going on? Right now the eur/usd is trying to base and make a run back up from its huge 3,500 pip drop from the end of 2014.

Day 3 of Nadex Strategy Test (1-0)

Well, I am beginning to see more confirmation that this non-directional trading style is able to be implemented on the Nadex platform. We have another profitable result by using 20min expiry times so that is 100% going to be the only expiry used.

Day 42 Trading Binary Options Non-Directionally

Man, this has really tested the limits of this system. I don't know what it is but we have had a really rough trading week's worth of results. It's still well within where we want to be, but another 2-3 day is tough to take. I expect the next few iterations are going to give some 1-0 and 2-1 results based on the probabilities.

Jun 3, 2015

Day 2: Nadex Strategy Test: $43 Profit US 500 and Wall St 30

Alright, we are starting to rack up the data for using random direction within a defined risk system to try and see if we can get a profitable month on the Nadex binary options platform. Today we had a loss, win, win and if you notice, in order for the risk/reward to workout with the system structure, you have to be buying or selling at certain prices for it to make sense.

Day 41 of Binary Options Trading on Oil (2-3)

Well this is what probability trading is. Just like last week we have 4 days where we were 1-0, this week we have two days where we started off 0-1. The key is we are optimizing that result with the parameters of the binary options trading system.

Jun 2, 2015

Preparing for Forex Compounding Strategy

Well, I was working on figuring out the minimum daily % return I was willing to accept based on what seems feasible with triangular arbitrage on the currency market. It seems like it's going to take a full boat of going through the London and NY session in order to capture enough winners to cover a 1.6% daily return.

On Trading Losses and Risk Management for Day Traders

There is one method that can help traders learn to deal with losses if they are trying to day trade no matter if it's options, binary options, forex, stocks, futures, commodities, or whatever. That is practice your system first.

Day 2 (excluded, no longer using 5min expiry times) Nadex Case Study

What is going on traders. Well, I tried to put some more consistent structure around this study on Nadex to make sure it's easy to follow and the results are solid. So, it will happen at 10am EST every day and if for whatever reason I can't trade at that time, then there just won't be results for that day.

Day 40 on Bins Trading Case Study

Since I flip flopped the last 3 trades, this day does not accurately represent what would have happened if I followed the parameters (using the same assigned direction throughout the trade series). It was a brain fart, but it is fixed now that I am only using one direction for 1's and 2's going forward without ever changing it.

Well I really screwed up this morning. I forgot if I was doing calls or puts for the random direction generation because of a brain fart. I went back and looked at the tape (which you will see as I take the first two trades in the video) and I was doing calls on 1's and puts on 2's. After the first two trades I switched it to puts on 1's and calls on 2's. That should not have happened so this does skew the overall results a little form what the numbers actually would be if the parameters were followed exactly.

Jun 1, 2015

Forex ARB Looks Good

Hey forex traders. I have been through the ringer trying to figure out the best way to trade forex at the retail level with Oanda.com There was months and months where I would try and make 5% a day and then everything always ended up going south on one day or another to take out all the profits. So, I have figured out the best way to use forex arbitrage in order to be consistent.

Day 1: Nadex Case Study (1-0)

I have been taking some time to see how the parameters of the spot option based binary options case study would work using the Nadex binary options platform. Theoretically it should give the same results and I did find the pricing was a little bit better...about a 75% return for a slightly itm contract.

Day 39: Case Study with Oil Binary Options

We have another great result today. It was 1-0 on Oil just after 9:30am EST.