Aug 28, 2015

Trading Mindset for Long-Term Day Traders (forget about it)

I usually update you with my forex positions and let you know how the compounding is going, but this entire week I have been legged out. I have nearly recovered all the losses from the ridiculous move from Friday to Monday. Today, what I want to focus on for you day traders and investors is what kind of mindset yields the most consistent and long-term profits with the least amount of stress.

Aug 25, 2015

Positions Going into This Week (Forex)

Well I have had a tough break as the usd/cad and eur/gbp as well as gbp/usd sky rocketed higher all at once. I had to close all positions to get smaller in my overall size or the account would have blown. The good news is I have the same positions on right at the tops on Monday morning so the profits are starting to come back.

Aug 21, 2015

Forex Trading Through Big EUR/USD Move Higher

Well I legged out a little bit here and missed the eur/usd final 100 pip leg in the currency markets this morning. However, I did get a hedge on to protect a bit going into the weekend and to start next week off. This was an intense move that should have moved triangular trades one way or the other.

Aug 19, 2015

Forex Profits Today: Nearly Made Profit Goal (0.50) Away on FOMC Day

Well as I progress through the profit compounding schedule I am becoming more and more into keeping positions on basically around the clock. So what happened this morning early was I closed the EUR/AUD basket hedge out for about half of my daily profit and since all I needed was about half I was able to stick to my daily profit schedule of where I was supposed to be today given the 1.7% compounding daily profits. I was short by $0.50 but I'll take it.

Aug 18, 2015

Rolling Forex Profits From Asian Session into U.S. Trading Session

Hey forex traders. We have another great day of profits. I rolled right out of the the U.S. trading session yesterday and got setup to play the overnight session with the EUR/AUD cross currency triangular hedge. As you see in today's video I took off the profits of that trade in the Australian Dollar and put on another trade to play today's moves.

Aug 17, 2015

Day 21-22 of Forex Compounding Profits

Well I had a new position on from Friday afternoon in the eur/gbp cross hedge. It was a scale trade, but not leg scaling. I ended up nearly taking a full day's profits out of it while still being ahead on the profit target schedule. I did take two small 0.01 lot shorts in the usd/cad for a small profit just because that was about the size of the hedge that needed to hedge my triangular position (meaning if my core position went down, the usd/cad short position had a strong chance to show some profit.

Aug 14, 2015

Really Sticking to the Triangular Forex Hedging for Profit

Hey forex traders. Well we are at an end of the week and I just closed my final open position to make a few more % points on an already great week. So it has now been a full 20 days worth of compounding profits and I had already gotten to this market on Wednesday so the last few days have just been spent sitting around on the long eur/usd, short eur/aud, and short aud/usd triangular position. It came in today nicely.

Aug 13, 2015

Day 20 of Forex Compounding Profit Schedule and Still Keeping Up

Well, it's now day 20 of the compounding forex profit schedule. At 1.7% goal a day I am hanging in there tough. That seems to be a nice number and over time it will mean a lot of profit if the train can keep rolling. So it's the middle of the night and I just took off my last trade to get the trading balance to where it needs to be by the end of the week.

Aug 12, 2015

Partnering with New ECN Forex Broker (Tier 1 Liquidity Access)

Hey forex traders. I have been looking for a high quality forex broker for non-U.S. clients for awhile now that was an ECN, had all the proper regulation, and provided liquidity from tier 1 sources such as banks and other financial institutions. So I have finally found a good one called NSFX. They just take a cut of your profits in the commission of the trade and have nothing to do with your actual position.

Got Super Short the USD (Profitable Forex Trading)

Hey forex grinders. Well I started off with a few triangular baskets centered around the eur/usd and aud/usd but ended up adding all kinds of short USD positions by shorting the usd/jpy, usd/cad, and going long the nzd/usd. I kept my free margin all the way down to 10% for a few hours and then back up to 50% to get me through the night.

Aug 10, 2015

Staying Ahead of Schedule on Profit Compounding (forex triangular arbitrage as an indicator)

Well as you know if you have been following along, I am using the same forex strategy I teach in the course to trade my own money with. I have the video of the entry of the trade from last night, but I am out of the house and have to update the closing of the latest set of positions remotely until I can get back. It was pretty good just because I added an inversely correlated pair to the direction of the spread.

Aug 7, 2015

Forex Trading Through NFP Live (Cleaned Up Profits this Week)

Well as I continue on the 1.7% a day goal here with forex compounding the profits keep flowing in. This was an interesting position coming into today as I had the EUR/AUD basket on small and hedged that by going against the biggest losing position with some micro lots in a few forex pairs that were at pricing extremes.

Aug 6, 2015

Risk Management and Trading in the Futures Market (Currency/Commodity/Index)

So this is something hardly anyone ever talks about in the trading and options education world. It's about how to actually know where to start as far as how much to risk per how big your balance is and what types of things that need to go through your head before you make decisions.

Closed 100% of Forex Hedge: 2 Days Ahead of Schedule

Well it has been all week since I had an update and that is because I have been in the trade since Friday afternoon when I caught the big eur/usd and aud/usd spike. So since then I have been short the eur/usd and long the gbp/usd and eur/gbp. I made some adjustments during the week and got it all on video up until the closure.