Sales Tracker: 12 Month Budget vs Actual

 I don't do these that often, but here is a free template that was built in Google Sheets. It is not very complex, but I do believe it is effective and really simple to use.

You can access the template here (be sure to hit File and Make a Copy):

Sometimes a templates worth is based on how much people use it or if they can use it. You don't need any spreadsheet skills to effectively use and understand this monthly sales tracker. It has input cells in yellow and the user just enter their expected sales (or budget / forecast / goal) in each month of the year. Then, as each month closes, you can enter your actuals sales in the other column.

The visual will show a bar for the actual sales and a bar for the budgeted. You obviously want to make your actuals reach or surpass the budget when the year is completed, but more importantly, you can see how close you are at each month and if it appears to be on pace or not.

I did build a simple % to budget calculation that shows how close the actuals are to the YTD sales goal / budget.

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Article found in Accounting and Finance.