Feb 15, 2017

Billable Hours Performance Tracking for your Firm

The idea here is to create somewhat of an environment of competition in your firm as well as accountability tracking among your consultants / employees. This excel template is very easy to use, has no macros to worry about, and offers straight forward analysis within a 52-week time-frame.

*After purchase, the model will be e-mailed to you.

What you get:
  • 52-week annual pace for billable hours
  • Total hours in the period by consultant
  • Average weekly hours in the period
  • Ranking 1 - 100 of billable hours based on average weekly hours
  • Visual to show the top 25 consultants
  • Hours by client per consultant
  • Current function for 100 consultants and up to 100 clients
The use of this excel performance tracking / management tool is designed to be really easy. Each week you can enter the hours, week #, employee, and customer reference. All of those fields are controlled in one spot and they propagate throughout the tracking system when changed.

Note that there is a lot of options and flexibility if you need something built from this that fits your specific situation. For that, I simply charge my $40/hr rate on top of the purchase price of the model.

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